The first step?

I do not know where you are heading, it looks like towards the Lord of the Rings or you are following that “zionist” pamphlet. In both cases again to the reciprocal destruction, exactly the same pattern as always.
That pamphlet is a puzzle to me, I read it many times over the years and it is pointless to pretend it does not resemble our present situation in several characteristics. I even have to agree with many of its observations of human nature if I want to be sincere. But what is chillingly clear that whoever the author(s) was/were, they did not understand the most fundamental essence of the entire Universe: The Universe is created from the HOLY CENTRE   and that Centre is LOVE,  the force so powerful that it literally “moves the stars”. How they cut themselves off that force is a mystery to me. It must have been the case of ST George becoming a dragon himself.
I understand that to keep in a balanced state 7 billion sleeping people who intentionally have not been  educated about the real purpose of their existence although our forefathers knew it just one hundred fifty years ago is a task that might appear impossible without the dictatorial manners in a velvet gloves of democracy but the time has come when the Universe is demanding of us quantum leap in consciousness and for such task we need conscious advisers.
First, we need to know that we are asleep
Second, we need to know what it means
Third, we need to know the difference between the second and third state of consciousness
Fourth we need to realize that we cannot sustain the third state of consciousness for more than 2 minutes if untrained.

For that, we need to wake up first the psychologists and psychiatrists, probably by connecting them for a moment to the psyop programs they have created so they would understand what they have done.
That would be a good start. The first half of the task was actually created for them by the more enlightened quantum physicists. By applying pure logic, they can finish it.

The abortion ban

Unwanted pregnancy for whatever reason has always been an inseparable part of life on the earth throughout the history of humanity. So have been wars killing women and children without a blink of an eye and lately, the vaccine caused mortality of newborns or the silent war techniques …men can be very hypocritical… what percentage of unwanted pregnancies are caused by them? When a woman/girl is happy in a relationship most likely she would not want to terminate the pregnancy. Besides, it is she who has to bear all the consequences for the rest of her life. The ban will only transfer the termination from the professional environment of the hospitals to the illegality of backyards with risking her life. Who wants that? She needs to have an option. But it is true that we live in the Universe where the objective law of cause and effect is in operation and they might end up like me, with no children.  So the precautionary principle and knowledge of the purpose of the Creation are much recommended and wished for…


In 1992 a girl had her speech on the international platform about the environmental state of the planet and the way we as a society behave which leads to such disastrous consequences. Well 27 years later we behave even worse than before, we create autistic children in unprecedented numbers,  we have surrounded the planet with an electromagnetic grid which is raising the cancers and other health issues well above the ability to deal with it politically socially or economically. We have used the esoteric knowledge to make the puppets out of people and play the global theatre with them to amuse some of us who can afford the tickets.  We selected for gradual elimination those among us not worth to be called a man according to our standards and we are replacing them as unprofitable meat with efficient robots. The rest of the sheep we plugged into the giant quantum computers that control not just all our physiological movements but our thoughts as well and eventually decide if we are worthy of getting on a tram or not.  We use them as guinea pigs to experiment with hybridization of species if for example combining the spider DNA with human DNA gives us a spider man or a spider monkey. Those who can see through it and object against it publicly we throw into the jails via the jurisdictional puppet shows or/and fry their brains and bodies with directed energy radiation. To keep the illusion of democracy we must allow the underground movement but we direct, infiltrate and limit it by all possible means to ensure it does not spread over the appointed boundaries.
27 years ago we at least listened to children who were able to see the external impacts of our activities. Today we criticize their autistic appearances and show the world that the head of the militarily most powerful nation on Earth is more than an autistic child.  What the third girl down the treck will look like? Or rather will there be any raising their voices?

Yes, this is called a strong identification. But you cannot solve the problems unless you specify what really causes them.

When you unite your efforts in stopping something for good of humanity like 5G for example, you have the Universe on your side. The effects are visible.


The birthright to choose

I do not know the case of Lynda Thyer.  But I lost so many friends treated with chemo/radiotherapy that I would rather leave my body than use them as a treatment.
I learned that the chances of survival  for the alternative and orthodox are similar; but they differ greatly after 5 years, beyond which statistics usually do not refer to.
And there are factors entering into the process of which we know very little like faith. Confirmed by science, we know by now that the Universe actually is spiritual (to be revealed in Zero Day?) and so the righteous perhaps could take into the consideration, that human beings were born free in certain respect and in that exact respect they have the right to choose whatever treatment they want, provided they do not jeopardize life of someone else.  No jurisdiction of this planet has objective right to put into jail someone who attained positive results in treatments, where the orthodox failed. It reminds me Dr. H Clark  and ironically her work used the same physical laws as the inventors of DEW.
We need an intelligent approach here.  The statistics clearly state that the average rate of success in the the orthodox treatment is around 50%, so why do we create such an outcry when someone comes  up with an alternative?  Am I so helpless that I cannot choose for my body (which I know better than anyone else) the treatment, based on my life long observations? Majority of people will follow doctors’ instructions, that is normal. But I would expect them to tell me all pros and againsts, all risks and possible gains of the orthodox & holistic approach and then it is up to me to decide, which way to go, taking  full responsibility for the choice I made and its consequences.
Who has the right  to deprive me of such possibility?

God’s energy

“God is consciousness, God is energy. He is ever responding to us.
The vibration of his thoughts, sent forth, requires energy.
The energy manifests as sound (principle of dew)
Talking means vibrating . In the vibration of his cosmic energy He is talking all the time.
He has become the Mother of creation that materializes Herself in terms of visible forms.
What is matter? Nothing but a particular rate of vibration of God’s cosmic energy. No form in the universe is really solid. That which appears so is merely a compact or gross vibration of his  energy. He is talking to us through vibrations.
So how to communicate with him?  The vibrations of different languages originate in the cosmic vibration. What is language? It is a certain vibration. What is vibration? It is a certain energy. And what is energy? It is a certain thought.
God, being the cosmic vibration, knows all languages.”

So where is the problem? Why do we have to be chained to the artificial intelligence computers and the internet of things when our bodies alone are the universal internets, able to communicate with the CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE?