Is European Censorship of the Internet an overture to a Third World War?

Back to the Eu copyright reform law  with upload filter provisions and link tax in the new year.  I am not a professional but I use the internet many hours a day and search extensively the scientific materials, so I know the publishers use copyrights and I cannot access such articles without buying them. Or they give me access to 3 of them per months. The same is with an art work, sometimes I can download them, sometimes I cannot. Or I download them into my folder and they expire in one months. Websites themselves have their own policies which I as a user have to comply with.   The access to the internet is already heavily regulated compared to 2008-9 so this just another step to isolate Europe from many influences and information out of which one can form an independent opinion.   I was brought up in socialism so I am used to censorship but after tasting freedom of the internet this is quite revolting. How come people do not massively revolt? All former socialist countries should be screaming! All old democracies should do the same, yet when I look at the spreadsheet how our representatives voted in the Parliament, I cannot believe my eyes. Is it because most of them are already a young generation, who did not experience the censorship? There is something very dangerous in our contemporary climate of fake news.  When we had capitalism vs socialism we knew that ‘all lies were true on both sides’ but now we have only democracies with truths being called  fake news and fake news being called truths so the public gets confused.  Some humorous voting there:

I might be pessimistic on this but if we look at the current situation, where we have human experimentations going on, directed energy weapons in the form of  smart phones being used on civilians as a profitable hunting business, climate change/weather control equation, transhumanistic megalomaniacs turning the planet upside down and all that wrapping up into 5G,  further censoring seems dangerous to me. Especially when I read that the whole project is in hands of someone, who ‘implied that E.Snowden had endangered innocents’ lives and potentially collaborated with terrorists as well as the Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies.[1′ What would he be thinking about Julian Assange and Wikileaks?

I watched a documentary video recently and there was a classroom full of kids. The teacher was explaining something to them and after that she asked who agreed with it. All hands went up except one of the boys. The teacher was still smiling, finishing the class and then looked at the boy and her tablet with a red button. She pressed it. The kids did not seem to be shocked. Humanity can go up or down on an evolutionary scale, can reach the ABOVE or descend to the lowest below, man as the only animal in Nature was given such a choice. So let’s be careful.

Somebody mentioned the custom of  Tibetan monks to create colour sand mandala. It takes several days of concentrated attention to the details to accomplish such task, just for the sake of creation, not identifying with the act itself, however beautiful to the eyes. After finishing it they go and destroy it with complete detachment. It just came to my mind that perhaps we in the West could get gently inspired by their approach to creation regarding our obsession with copyrighting everything we come across…after all, we got all necessary things for free originally, had not we?





“Imagination and reality that follows”

has been basically a global algorithm for planning our earthly affairs by those atheists who in their totally egoistic perception of the Universe imagine being  Gods  themselves and having almost unlimited human, financial, scientific and repressive resources only their imagination is a limit. Easy to fix by hiring condors but nowadays it is easier, they just let ai read humanity’s minds and extract what seems to be productive in one way or another. By watching Jessica to stub out her cigaret into the egg yolk it became clear to me that planning is done even decades in advance and were I those who deal with such matters I would take recent  cartoons as future reality scripts for covert murders. It is the same with the current circus, they have set up some date in the next years and we are just filling the time.

Considering the scientific discoveries which indicate  our physical bodies are in reality electric and magnetic fields, connecting all humanity as the waves of the ocean not just with the Earth but with the whole universe, the planetary geopolitics look like a product of dinosaurs who by their nature cannot understand the underlying universal principles of CREATION. You cannot run the planet in the third millennium  the same way you have done so far. It reminds me a comparison of humans to airplanes, which have been used  as cars on highways.

The biggest danger for our planet presents our overuse of  electricity,  we ourselves are  run by electricity and not only humans but everything living and existing as well! Each planet has allocated certain amount of electricity, all planets are interconnected and the law of equilibrium keeps the balance between them. Each disturbance has to be dealt with. And there is another aspect,  I am not a scientist but the scriptures state: ‘Man’s destruction of electricity during its use’. What does it mean? That we could use it without destroying it? How? What our orthodox science actually knows  about its essence?  “They named the totality or the separate parts of this substance, sacred just for them, differently at different periods, and at the present time they name the result of the blending and the mutual destruction of two parts of this omnipresent substance “electricity“. BT 3.vol, G.I.G.

This knowledge has been available to all defense departments for over 100 years and they must have been aware of the possible dangers, but extraction of electricity from the atmosphere not just for  their scientific experiments does not correspond with slightest level of care.                                                                                                                                      Has humanity been told about electricity? No, There are over 7 billion people and we in the West  act as if  electricity was unlimited. Ordinary people have no idea that they themselves are run by electricity similarly to their cars which  they often park with the motor on without giving a damn about the energy waste and I cannot expect them to behave otherwise because they do not know, nobody officially told them.

Yesterday I was listening to the presentation of a quantum particles scientist, talking about the electric and magnetic fields of which we are all part and he was suggesting many questions to be answered in the future and I was thinking about this absurd situation, where the esoteric knowledge, not even hidden from humanity, could lead these exquisite minds the way which would bring them to the answers. There is a trick to it, our current moral and ethical level is such that we transform every new discovery into the self-destructive technologies first, bringing suffering upon the planet. The word esoteric meant originally the inner circle of humanity, spiritually the most developed beings, where the full knowledge was concealed, protected from any possible misuse and misinterpretation. The atheistic science does not respect any such limitations so we ended up with covert walking concentration camps experimentations, yet the spiritual dimension is clearly detectable by the level of vibrations which can be measured by nowadays technologies. Maybe the next generation will pick it up if we survive  5G.






Do you see the psychology of mechanical reactions?

Something with quite far-reaching consequences is announced as being prepared to be discussed by the delegated authorities, the press of the left and the right may even pay attention to it on the third page after all scandals and sport matches of the day. The alternative and activist media warn us. Few weeks or months later it results in a new law, we get upset and then go along with it.

It is a pattern, proved to be efficient to keep us in the imagination that democracy is  securely  established in the political structure of western society.

Eight years ago my case shaked Czech Republic, I was put officially unofficially by the global martial law under the 24/7 public surveillance which included not just internet  live broadcast of every place I happen to be including my home, but even reading of my thoughts or subliminal thoughts of the ai to which I am remotely connected.

Wikileaks brought attention to such alphabets’ practices  worldwide which effectively cut Mr Assange of the Sun’s rays for years to come.

What has the world learned from it?  Almost everything. What has the world done to protect itself from such path? Nothing. The world totally missed to understand that such cases are not about the concerned protagonists who even deserve such treatments for threatening the security of conscientious  defence departments (who use human experimentation, humiliation and torture as revenge),  but about the social system, which has no moral nor legal barriers whatsoever against implementing the new 21 century technologies that enslave lives of seven billion people  in a previously unprecedented way. You all got used to it, it became mechanical. I even saw a document about young people, who voluntarily pioneer to have chips inserted into their bodies for convenience. Who would voluntarily exchange the  loving CREATOR of the universe for an ai sado/macho psychopath as a communicator? Naivety of people in times of nano technologies is unbelievable.

Fwe months ago  at the UN premises there was a discussion about regulating the production of killer robots. As hideous, absolutely revolting, subhuman idea it is,  despite of many oppositions from the press and public, the decision  was postponed for another year. The industry knows that next year  public will be used to it and will not give them too much opposition.

The same thing is happening now with the social credits.  I feel deeply sorry for all Chinese and see quite clearly that in one two years you all will get so used to the idea that when it comes to you, the discussions will  be not about yes/no but about how many categories you should  have. This is not about the external features of your bodies, your faces, your fingerprints, it is about the revolting invasion of your internal organism, your mind and inner core of your being by the most primitive, unforgiving and unconscious force of the universe, prying unceasingly in your consciousness as well as subconsciousness to catch you in some hidden agenda you know nothing of or you had overcome long ago by your own life effort, just to make you feel guilty.  It is a monster and in majority of people it will automatically develop conformism,  hypocritical features and fear of expression or a deep revolt, having nothing to do with ethical understanding. When removed people will return to the original level of their being.  In those 8 years I have been on such program I have not improved absolutely anything in myself, on the contrary, I dropped well below the pre-period and learned the thinking processes which were foreign to me and which I deeply despise. And I have been quite fortunate not to experience any horrors.

So from the depth of my heart I warn you. Do not take this path, there is a spiritual way which will self regulate a human being through his/her conscience. The management of the planet is due to introduce it.




Social Credit vs Conscience

I got used to the huge garbage trucks obstructing my ways to the church so I am not surprised that Chinese people’ access to the Almighty is conditioned by their social credit, the idea originates from the same source I believe.

But to do it on a nationwide and obviously even global scale is really a profoundly diabolical enterprise. The governments love the idea, can you imagine all of those who oppose your political, economic, scientific or religious stands would get socially in debt and could do nothing about it, even could not eat as there will be no factual money and their account could be shut down in a second,  as their social websites.

But all that is nothing compared to losing the most fundamental universal birthright humans got from the CREATOR – freedom to choose between good and evil.  I was taught that morality is  subjected to time and geography, as opposed to conscience, buried deeply inside all of us, based on the objective laws of the universe, and when activated, it unmistakably guides us to choose good over evil.

When you introduce an external forceful system, literally the police force into your body and mind, you may eliminate certain level of crime, but it will be based on hypocrisy and mechanical, cunning calculations, not on activating the objective conscience.  The moment the military/police force is stopped or removed for whatever reason, all those mechanically trained people will get back to the good/evil scenario according to their level of understanding.  Would you expect people to use  their smart phones as directed energy weapons to sexually and otherwise  torture  women and in live broadcast to the whole world?  Of course not. Yet they do because they are protected by the governments, military, police, juridical and medical authorities.  What can be deduced from it? Only one thing, they do not use their conscience. What a waste of life as it is the only thing we can take with us on the next journey.

Taken on a global scale, combined with our smart gene alterations our future  cannot have many options.


On Justice of the Great Lawgiver

“But while one portion of the human race is judging and condemning the other without mercy, the Great Parent of the universe looks upon the whole of the human family with a fatherly care and paternal regard; He views them as His offspring, and without any of those contracted feelings that influence the children of men, causes “His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” He holds the reins of judgment in His hands; He is a wise Lawgiver, and will judge all men, not according to the narrow, contracted notions of men, but, “according to the deeds done in the body whether they be good or evil,” or whether these deeds were done in England, America, Spain, Turkey, or India. He will judge them, “not according to what they have not, but according to what they have,” those who have lived without law, will be judged without law, and those who have a law, will be judged by that law. We need not doubt the wisdom and intelligence of the Great Jehovah; He will award judgment or mercy to all nations according to their several deserts, their means of obtaining intelligence, the laws by which they are governed, the facilities afforded them of obtaining correct information, and His inscrutable designs in relation to the human family; and when the designs of God shall be made manifest, and the curtain of futurity be withdrawn, we shall all of us eventually have to confess that the Judge of all the earth has done right.”


To the US/Nato


Everyone who sees, reads,  thinks and feels understands that the state of affairs on our planet is unsustainable. I do not have access to all information as you have but from what I have been experiencing I can quite clearly deduce that for one reason or other you decided to bring this planet to the verge of moral, mental, political, ecological and spiritual collapse. You are using me as a tool to degrade humanity to its lowest denominator so that you can assure yourself that we are animals or more precisely sheep with whom you can do whatever you want. Well it seems correct, with your directed energy psychotronic technologies on hand you can really do almost anything without ever being caught by the secular laws. You are fooling the whole planet and those who see through it you persecute quite mercilessly. I was hoping that the real intelligence which knows the laws of the universe would try to elevate the masses as the builders of the Gothic cathedrals did, navigate them to the  truth, beauty and cosmic order, imprinted in Nature’s works. How naïve I was. Every day I see the  military endeavours of some kind, eventually always creating tension on the international scene so that your global military industrial complex is flourishing, while women and children are raped, tortured, dying of starvation, the species get extinct in an alarming rate and the countries cannot cope with the consequences of your imperialistic planetary weather control. Your own country is subject to some of the most shocking geoengineering experimentations, visible by eyes; cruel neurological and physical and psychological experimentation to which  millions of human beings worldwide are exposed has been going on secretly for decades, without any law whatsoever to protect them from you. 70 % of them are women and you made them subjects to remotely conducted sexually driven hunts via smartphone technology. You gave humanity literally directed energy weapons into their hands when you must have known they would not be able to resist the offer of free sexual hunt supported by financial incentives. Such irresponsibility I would not expect from somebody who strives to be a leader of the planet. You cannot get respect by force. You just get fear based servile diplomatic reactions or resistance. And resistance is growing with number of military terrorists attacks and their victims.

The transhumanistic agenda and 5G technology have not been explained to 7 billion people in any meaningful way for them to  understand the future consequences of such direction.  Nobody explained to them that genetic modifications most likely stop the possible spiritual processes in a human body, that biorobots literally indistinguishable from humans do not have souls but can replicate. When  they mate with humans, will the offspring have souls?

How can such conversations proceed when you keep masses in delusion that the universe is binary, atheistic and we are possible subjects to evil extra-terrestrial  predators?

You know that I know that the SUN mystery has two dimensions and you keep hiding from humanity both,  knowing that by revealing just the first one with planetary science would be enough to bring us all down to knees and we would change the course of history for better. But that would mean the end to your star wars, training of terrorists, reciprocal destruction, religious hatred; transhumanism would transform itself from the pursuit of the external to that of the internal, of which our wildest  dreams are just a reflection and we would return the weather back to Nature’s hands.

You will never do it voluntarily will you….

I am under the martial law so I have no possibility to talk to anybody unless I expose them to heart attacks or some other misfortunes, but I certainly object from the depth of my heart to what you have been putting Mr Assange through. He is a publisher and journalist who informs the public about such  matters and by publishing the materials which were sent to him he attracted more attention to them  than I could have ever done myself. My past is a totally separate issue which he has nothing to do with and  it is extremely unfair that it influences his already difficult position. I consider it disgraceful and not worthy of intelligent human mind, rather resembling the “digital dementia” scenario. Please think about your place in the history.

Yes, I have missed the commandments many times, so have you. The Newton’s third law is our supreme judge.

Two choices

Basically we have a choice  either to continue to have  democracy  secured by Nato army which uses marshals laws and  directed energy abuses and torture to implement its globalist goals or finally reveal the scientific truth which will secure democracy by people who can finally orientate themselves by universal objective laws in this purposely created chaotic world. Which one do you want?

Diwali inspiration for the West


Series of lights   as knowledge and consciousness

Mantra   “From untruth  lead us to TRUTH

From darkness lead us to light

From death lead us to immortality


As the name of Kali is connected with some festivities and refers in some aspects to goddess of death/darkness from which everything originates, it reminded me of what The Holy Science of Sri Jukteswar  states, that Kali Yuga age of the mental virtue (which ended in 1894) is characterized by “only partially developed mind. The human intellect cannot comprehend anything beyond the gross material of the ever changing external world. ”

Since 1894 we have progressed technically  into the following stage of Dwapara yuga, “where the human intellect can comprehend the fine matters or electricities and their attributes which are the CREATING PRINCIPLES OF THE EXTERNAL WORLD.”  Comprehend we can quite quickly, we have used them to develop the most efficient military nuclear and directed energy weapons  and kill each other successfully with no intention to change our minds being still in Kali yuga.  If we survive this nightmare which should last for 2000 years, we will be fine, as then we will comprehend “the divine magnetism, the SOURCE OF ALL ELECTRICAL FORCES ON WHICH THE CREATION DEPENDS FOR ITS EXISTENCE”.                                                                        Nobody taught me at school that “there are five sorts of electricity, corresponding to the five properties of cosmic electricity” yet this info was written already in 1894. When I combine this knowledge with the esoteric counterpart in the West, I cannot but realize that we need a common language to think. Would not be wise to take electricity as the main life supporter of species rather then only as a commodity?

Yesterday I was watching a video where the scientists talked about a Korean study, which found that kids’ brains exposed to digital technologies show overdevelopment of the left hemispheres and underdevelopment of the right hemispheres. They call it digital dementia.  Good on you Koreans, we might need to come to your country one day to learn what is empathy.

ref: The Holy Science, Sri Jukteswar  Self-Realization Fellowship




Human vs ai

A while ago I saw on video a testimony of Mr J Comey  at one court hearing, where the judge attracted my attention by very  strange emanations which suggested the possibility of being a robot, but it was not explicitly expressed to the viewer or at least I did not notice that. The judge’s questions and responses were sharp, precise, logical and there was certainly no reason whatsoever to intimidate him. Yet I picked up  slight patronising  from the witness at certain moments so the judge probably was a robot. I could not find the video later.   After seeing the Chinese news presenter who looks just like a human (perhaps because of the  larger distance from the camera or a fake robot or Chinese are better in the production or the Americans do not want to show the best examples for political reasons ) I really wonder why we in the “West” are not directly addressing this robot issue in the main stream media with its overwhelming consequences not just for humanity but for the whole planet? ? With all respect to Sophia she is just another cover up for what is in front of us. Are we mentally so retarded that we cannot handle the fact that the managers of our planet decided to go the way of replacing the majority of humans by robots? Continue reading “Human vs ai”


What a madness to live in. I have no access to the news rooms so I just watch and use my odd reasoning.  There is an old -perhaps flemish?- painting of a room with many people around a table, watching one man who keeps their attention by showing them something. In the meantime a petty thief  steals the money out of their pockets. After a further observation one’s attention is led to some sign at the bottom of the picture and from there one can find a tiny dog under the table, hidden from the sight of all.

It reminds me the current horror of Jamal Khashoggi.  If I decide to stage a murder of a known journalist at the embassy in a foreign country, with a death squad arriving in  special plains with saws to dismember the body, I must be either complete nuts or  have a specific plan in mind. I cannot but expect the international outrage, global attention, political theatre because politicians have to react and how can you react when I recently made a huge arm deal with you and other international  businesses are on the way? You will be in fire from all sides including the public. What do I gain? Disdain from all international partners and  I will attract hate of all planet at myself. Am I so strong to show the world I can do whatever I want? I could have killed him somewhere quietly without any drama.

I did not like the news. I somehow felt that it is an intentional, cold blooded warning to somebody who is prepared to talk or show sanity in this insane environment.

Or taking the attention of the planet off something which needs to be done? Or just another experiment of  intel scientists for their ai systems?  I don’t know.

I was listening to the Russian president yesterday, he was asked several times about this incident. He uses diplomatic language but one could perhaps imagine certain hints….





To be a president

of the most powerful nation on earth means he can certainly know what happened at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul. He does not have to rely on anybody’s testimony, he has the best spying satellite on earth which “sees” through every solid matter. Who does not know that?

A River

I am the one who cannot be mentioned directly or even indirectly  by anyone on this planet who is not prepared to loose his life, to go to prison, to be locked up somewhere,  to leave the country, to loose his social websites, his professional positions and be character assassinated just to name few consequences.

But there are many piggy cowards who will use the photo puddles to make their  universal sleazy points rather than face me with their surely pure conscience. Those are safe.

There is nothing to hide. I said  my story few times on the internet to complement the video cuts of my life,  made by the United States over the span of 60 years, that is about time they have been recording  everything that moves  on this planet by x raying it from their satellites.  In 2010 they passed the tape of my life to  Czech authorities and Czech authorities handled it to the media. That way the video collages of the most picante moments of my life ended up  on the internet and you can watch them somewhere. Why all this?

To get to Australia in 1985 for purely personal reasons I had to trespass the law of two countries and I could not hide it before their intelligences. I explained my situation to the Czech agent and eventually humanness sorted things out.

The most publicised video of my intimate contact with him in 1984 was sold to the internet market in 2010 I believe so basically all my sins are on the palms of your hands and you have had  the privilege to judge  me for 8 years and hunt me sadistically not with the stones but by electronically targeting different parts of my body with various intensity according to your financial dispositions I believe, reflected in the level of my agonies.

Personally I have never been officially contacted by the Australian intelligence but I understood I could have been suspected of being a spy, although I had no intention of doing that and both sides must have realized that.   I did not sign any agreement about the collaboration with any of them, although I signed a paper that the flat of my grandmother could be occasionally used by the Czechoslovak intelligence. It was more or less a formality as she lived there. I am a typical woman who says what she knows so I assume that the court authorities could prove I was a poor cousin of Mata Hari, but I have a friendly nature and none of these two countries could say I intended to harm them.

I have no problem with accepting responsibility for what I have done in the past. There were people suffering under the regime and I got myself out in a shameful way. I owe the apology to the people and I take my current situation as some sort of karma,  but there are millions of others who got into the same situation innocently without the moral garbage of mine. The moment I stand for the breach of human rights my garbage is used as sort of justification and reflects on those innocent targets – they must have done something bad as she did. That’s how the masses react, nothing can be done about it and I have to keep that in mind.

On the other hand to personally witness constant cruelty in many forms of remotely controlled human experimentation creates anger in me and I do not consider you, who perform it, ethically superior  at all. I’ve done what I’ve done, I pay for it but when I see that you react exactly the same way as we did under the socialism and call it democracy, I get sarcastic.

You know that climate change which affects the whole planet is an issue, mixing conveniently two entirely different topics- raising of temperature and sea levels over a long period of time, and planetary weather control, causing droughts and flooding and so called natural disasters by the use of psychotronic technologies. The later has been suppressed in discussions by all participating parties so under such circumstances there is no possibility of solving anything on states’ nor international level. Just usual circus. The planet will react sooner or later. Only a dummy can joke about it.

Do we know the  purpose of humanity’s existence? No. Do we know that Mr Darwin’s theory of evolution is not exactly the most correct scientific explanation of the origins of species? No. Do we know that our Sun does not light? No.  Do we know that our Sun does not heat? No. Do we know what consciousness actually is? No. Do we know that there is no death as such? No. Do we know that Ariadne thread connects us with the Sun Absolute? No. Do we know that life on earth has been created as a  transmitting station of cosmic forces? No. Can we be sure that your 5G will not jeopardize the transmitting of cosmic forces? No. Do we know that the birth rate is regulated not by the Gates but  by our mother Nature? No. Do we know that it is affected by the spiritual quality of vibrations we create? No. Do we know that the lack of quality of vibrations must be compensated by the quantity of vibrations therefore by birth rate increase? No. Can synthetic, transhumanistic body transmit cosmic forces? Not beyond Matrix.  Do we know that human body is designed in such a way that apart from procreating  another physical body it can create the astral/spiritual body? No. Does Church know? No.  Can atheistic science understand the inner octaves of species? No. So can atheistic science create genetic modifications without affecting these creative processes in species? Hardly. It cannot even reproduce the taste nor scent of vegetables&fruits. Can we trust the genetically modified vaccines or chemical drugs? How could we. Do we know there is Heaven? No. Do we know there is GOD? No.

So do you understand that my position creates frictions everywhere for everybody, regardless of nationality, geography, political party, religion or race.

Tortured Solutions: Ecuador, the UK and Julian Assange’s Fate

What can be done in a history time, where one empire has so much power over an individual as well as over the masses including the entire planet’s processes that it can blackmail ruthlessly anybody and any country? The magnificent Seven get silenced with precision, when they have all gone, the kingdom of sleep will take over, just like in the Sleeping Beauty only with Gmo Beauty, so not even million princes will be able to wake anybody up….

Source: Tortured Solutions: Ecuador, the UK and Julian Assange’s Fate

What? “Experts” negotiating killer robots on the premises of the United Nations??? Do they have windows there?

Seriously, I have been raped by electronic technology 50 times a day for the amusement of the whole planet and I am more or less patiently waiting till you wake up to the horror of what you are doing not just to me but to other millions of people on this planet with full knowledge and blessings of all governments, global defence departments and the famous United Nations. I wrote to all of them and they have done nothing to stop you to this day and you enjoy these bodily massacres with sadistic pleasure, totally ignoring the fact that I am trying to protect you from what your governments are hiding from you. Now they have prepared for you the killer robots, totally unnecessary device to  degrade your humanness to zero and to show you what they think of you.  You could stop this revolting act by  massive protests. But  “they”know you will not. They know you will rather follow me with your smart phones and an aluminium cans which will cause you  Alzheimer  and dispose yourselves of fluids at Charles Bridge.

So good luck in the future.

Our planet


The current situation on this planet is unsustainable. I have no idea what the masters of the house are  waiting for but it does not look good to me at all.

Those who follow my case know that I have one major message for the whole planet:

The Universe is theistic and there is real  HEAVEN. You can cut off my head on this.

The majority of the science is orthodoxly atheistic and I consider it extremely dangerous  in times where the Universal Laws have been broken by the very fact of total ignorance and arrogance of the scientists who do not even suspect their existence. The consequences fall on the heads of all species of the earth, including humans.

The situation is even more complicated by the fact that the military science is way ahead of the orthodox science and of course its main concern is keeping the power over the masses and its adversaries so we got ourselves into the position of being totally enslaved by clandestine psychotronic technologies physically as well as psychologically when a need arises for it, and we have been kept almost one hundred  years in ignorance about the most vital scientific discoveries of our times.

The main stream media empires –  no matter how powerful they seem to be – are just the same puppets as everybody else, they cannot tell the truth and have been used to bring down or even destroy  those who  attempt to architect the changes.

So what can be done under such circumstances?

There are 7 billion people who live in blissful ignorance and my case serves only as some gladiators’ game for masses to keep them occupied while the top is heading us all toward some planetary disaster by the sound of it.

The future is predetermined by the presence so if we lie,, torture and kill today which we do, we cannot expect tomorrow to be different. Just the basic Law of action and reaction.

You know I studied for many years one esoteric system, which proved to be right from its every aspect I explored. For that reason I pay respect to all true religions and other esoteric systems as they contain knowledge the secular science cannot grasp yet, mainly due to its famous vanity.

I learned  there about different densities of matter and vibrations, so when reading the articles about the genetic modifications of species, crossing the natural barriers between them I got so upset. Can you understand that pig, no matter how sweet it can be, has different vibrations to a human being? Wouldn’t you ask a question like what effect will its genes  have on the psychological make up of a human being? Would I want to have transplanted genetically modified heart from a pig? No, because I know I was created as a human being, with a special gift  of The Creator  allowing me to participate in sacred mysteries of creation.  The pig vibrations will halt such processes, as a matter of fact any genetic modifications on this level of knowledge and understanding will have the same effect.

The identical measures apply  to the genetic modifications of plants we eat. People hate to eat fruit and vegetables with seeds and do not understand that by their genetic modifications they lose the very divine substance which serves as one of the food for growing  internal astral bodies in ourselves. Their unmistakable signature is reflected in the loss of taste and scent.

How can this information get into the minds of atheistic scientists? It cannot. So  the common sense of people is needed, who understand that tomato coming from the seed of the creator tastes divinely, while the genetically modified tomato is more suitable for Tomatino.

That esoteric system stated that we do not originate from apes,  that by some planetary  disaster one gender of humanity happened to get geographically isolated and apes are the result of crossing the species, those of humans and animals.

Our genetic science has  already decoded the genom of species  so  some scientists somewhere know exactly what type of animal species had been involved in the ape mystery of  human evolution. We are waiting for correction of  Mr Darwin’s subjective  theory  but that vanity  vanity vanity of scientists….  Those  among them, enlightened  by intelligent design  suffer the usual consequences like professional / character assassinations. But Mr. Darwin is the Achilles’ heel of the whole mess on this planet and is provable by any biological researcher.

The next secret knowledge I learned in my esoteric studies was that the Sun gives no heat nor light to our Earth. This fact must have been proven by the first flight of any racket above the atmosphere of our planet and  taking into the consideration the conspiracies of the Moon and the South Pole, one gets closer picture of what might be the military industrial complexes researching behind the scene of weather warfare and their missile defence shield.

The myth of free energy – that was the first thing I wanted to warn public about and I sent out the whole excerpts from the books to explain, that life on earth was created for a specific purpose of transforming the cosmic  energies. Electricity participates in this transformation and has a specific function in life and death mysteries and in creation. I am not a scientist but I understood that our excess usage of electricity destroys it and precludes the coating of so-called human souls not just in our planetary system but also in the neighbouring systems according to the Law of Equilibrium, existing even  among the inter-planetary formations. We were seriously warned about the consequences of our scientific ignorance which would result in a major planetary disaster.

So apparently the energy is not for free at all as anything in the Universe, including us.

Looking at it with the eyes of the current sacred cow of artificial intelligence, I ask the masters of the planet a question inspired by the Roumanian  conductor Celibidache:

“If everything in the universe is a vibration, it must have the central reference system” Where is our Central Reference System and how does the AI relate to that?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

“ Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your bodies.”

A hidden dog?

I am looking at the picture of quite decent looking men, with a round seal in the middle: the seal has  a classical pyramid on it, with a chopped off top that is  replaced by the SUN ABSOLUTE, illuminating the whole Universe by light and love. In the middle of the SUN is a triangle with a single eye, not the God’s surveilling eye but a single eye of a seeker, who managed to climb up the mountain/pyramid, reach the  highest level of consciousness and see everything at once as a whole, as opposed to being fragmented by thousands of usual  little I’s of ordinary states. That way he/she finally gets home, illuminated by the LOVE of our CREATOR.

Any real student of any real esoteric school will understand that, if not more.
He cannot get there by chopping off people’s heads. It is an internal process.
What I miss in  professional reporting is actual practical knowledge of esotericism as such, which makes it hard for people to realize what is kept hidden from them.
I cannot see how we can get out of this planetary mess without it.  We need to unite and how can we unite when there is no common language and the orthodox science even does not recognize different states of consciousness and people themselves do not know that they are “unconscious” most of the day. The shift of consciousness is not an automatic process, it is a hard work as any adept of this endeavour is aware of.

I’ve just read a thoroughly analyzed subject of psychopathic behaviour

via Psychopaths in Sheep’s Clothing 

and having gone through such situation personally in the last two weeks I might use it as a practical demonstration:

I have been on 24/7 global surveillance since 2010, which includes  live broadcast not just of my physical appearance anywhere I go but also public broadcast of my mind/thoughts, exposure to various psyops as well as to targeting of my body by different directed energy weapons. One of the most favourite features my country fellow-men use is to hunt my body electronically via their smart phones from their cars, passing by 100 km/hour through the street I live in or on the contrary, they  stop their cars, run their motors totally oblivious to “the Climate Change” and wait till my reproductive organs start to respond to the electronic cruelty sometimes hardly distinguishable  from torture.

Our western democracies cannot officially admit the existence of such inhuman practices as it would  bring the whole democratic system to the verge of  total collapse so those people like me (and there are millions of us across the globe) we are left to mercy or to ruthlessness of the global citizens. The Police are quite useless institutions as they join the parties and steal the phones just for fun to anonymously hunt human bodies  via the satellites.

Over the years I have learned to withstand this unheard cruelty but the innovations and degrees of attacking have risen to unprecedented levels so I was pushed over the limits and 3-4 times  when cruelty reached the torture  level I took an axe and went down the street and politely asked the driver either to switch the motor off or to leave, otherwise I would hit his car with the flat part of the axe. I do not have a hammer, if I had, I would use that.

I do not kill even a fly, there is no way I would harm a human being even if he wanted to kill me. But being electronically pushed to rage  with attacks at the most sensitive place in a human body one has the right to protect one self.  Unlike millions of people I do not have a revolver so what is the difference? As a women I could hardly kill anything with the axe, the revolver would be far more sufficient.

By the way isn’t it crime to torture people to such extend that it evokes rage in them?        Isn’t it shocking that we have no laws which would protect us against such technologies in hands of criminal citizens?                                                                                                      Isn’t it revealing the level of bestiality in us that we do such atrocities simply because the global Police and Military got rotten to the core of their souls?

Two weeks ago in the evening I took the axe and went down the street to ask the 2m tall guy to stop the car or leave, threatening him with smashing his car;PDF cerna_040 he threatened me with calling the Police,  I could have left, there was time to do so but I thought about it and agreed, at least there would be a record of him and things could get official, not just the usual street theatre. I was NOT running on the streets with the axe. I stood quietly, waiting for the Police. In a few seconds there were at least 3 police cars, blue lights fleshing, many police members in black uniforms, screaming at me to put the axe down,  the classical example of an exaggerated  over- reactions….   You cannot win in such situations. They took me to the Asylum hospital without my consent,  without notifying my father, without allowing me to take any personal items. I was not allowed to phone him even the next day.

After two weeks of patient behaviour l was released on terms of being diagnosed as delusional because in reality there are no gangstalkers who would follow me and target me with their smart phones to the point of rage, nor could there be the technology able to read my mind to 7 billion people.  I was passed on to the further psychiatric treatment of an appointed psychiatrist while there is  a simultaneous court case proceeding. I was accused of several previous police interventions which is a lie, I was never  stopped by Police, a simple request would reveal that. I was also classified as a dangerous person.

I understand the law is on the side of the 2 m tall, law-abiding citizen who does not trespass any criminal law. God bless his righteousness.

Do I consider myself a victim or a perpetrator? No, just straightening the facts re dumbo feather.

PDF cerna_040




Pre-truth era

It is so easy to get identified with the bones thrown at us from the lesser above.

We chew and chew the Russiagate, time passes by and your favourite 5G is about to get underground. Will it be safer there for you or will it sterilize you and create more cancer the same way the “above the ground” facilities do as frequent analyses suggest?

I have a problem with all the current theatre. It is hiding the crimes against humanity, which have been going on since the last century.  Yes, we are human beings and trespassing the laws is a part of an evolutional process for someone like me.

But there are limits, which must be respected, as beyond those is the realm of the unconscious which always attracts universal denying forces, that bring humanity to the point of mutual reciprocal destruction. And we crossed those limits. I don’t know if we can get out of it either without that mutual reciprocal destruction or without the denying forces we attract from above. I have been telling you about the natural law of the equilibrium,  I am quite sensitive to it so when I see how the director of this global show pushes endlessly the script one way and then the other, I go the opposite way. It takes only a week to change completely the public opinion, sometimes not even that long, one good speech followed by a right question can do the job in 10 minutes.

So, seeing the on going insane Russiagate I cannot but add few things together.

I am not blind to the fact that the global military industrial complex divided the world into several sections and supplies them with their production, so from that aspect the protagonists are equal and the wars are in their interests, so it is obvious that politics are not run by any political party as none of them have enough money to finance trillion dollars enterprises. Those behind the curtains do not give a damn which party wins, it’s just a show for us the masses. But in that show one can observe several indisputable facts: The western governments can be characterized by unprecedented mendacity on several  issues, the most criminal one is the human experimentation and torture going on on this planet since the Second World War, despite of the Nuremberg trials, which seemed to bring only few cosmetic changes, the rest of the scientific platform was  just  re-located to the research centres in overseas.

With the progress of new electromagnetic and psychotronic technologies  military scientists have nowadays an incredible advantage of having 7 billion people at their disposal for clandestine human experimentation , backed up by governments, scientists, medical associations, juridical systems, military,  police,  human rights organisations even the United Nations and some main stream media “bitches”  which have no guts to tell the truth, or rather have no idea what and where the truth is and by their venomous derisions only paralyze those who try to alert the public about what’s on the horizon. By the way Russian president is the only president on Earth who protected his citizens against the psychotronic weapons by law. So if journalists  consider the 2016 election  “the story of the century”,  this must be the story of the millennium and only a partial one.

The global weather control covered up by the climate change scheme is  another criminal scandal of international proportions; hiding the origins of humanity and the  purpose of its existence in the Universe by taking the transhumanistic direction is bringing the planet and its people close to a disaster and not revealing its source of light and heat hinders the evolution of science as well as humanity.

So if we look at Julian Assange &Wikileaks from this aspect, yes one could say they got  into the trouble by themselves simply by deciding that such info should be available to humanity.

Looking at it from the historic point of view, I recall a scene from the film about A. Lincoln. When there was voting going on about the abolishing of slavery in the Us, the judge himself stood up for voting, saying something like he wanted to take part in writing the  history.

Well few hundred years later we have become slaves as never before, not just our bodies but our minds, thoughts and psyche have been hacked and the Universal Reference System called the ABSOLUTE SUN or GOD stolen. The global military uses the martial law to suppress the truth,  total disinformation of the masses has been  almost accomplished,  journalists, whistleblowers, activists scientists doctors and people who dare to speak the truth get ostracised and frequently murdered, and this state of affairs is called “the post- truth era”

Well maybe it is just another “flat earth” misunderstanding and we are in the pre-truth era…. why do we have to wait for? For a slaughter?



Mr President,

The original idea of the nuclear weapons was that it would lock all protagonists into their territories and the world would be safe because none of the parties could use them  without destroying the planet as well.

But what looks like happening is that the superpowers want to  keep the exclusive rights to their nuclear arsenal as well as having almost an absolute control over every human being of this planet via the electromagnetic and psychotronic technologies, enabling you to control the Nature’s processes on a planetary scale as well. Because of the  UNIVERSAL LAW OF EQUILIBRIUM I cannot believe it is sustainable for very long.

So why not to  concentrate first of all on the re-establishing of the UNIVERSAL CENTRAL REFERENCE SYSTEM our ancestors called GOD so that all  our “machines” could get synchronized to ITS frequency?  Then the real creativity could deal with our inherited    destructive tendencies.

There is too much of ancient knowledge in Iran to be destroyed by the barbaric forces of the military. We might need it.

To the President of The United States

To The President of The United States

The White House                                                                                                                                    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                                                                              Washington, DC 20500


Mr President,

Addressing the inherited  critical issues to you is not the most just act to do, but please try to comprehend what I am aiming to express.

We have this absolutely unacceptable situation of the biggest breaches of human rights in history of our current civilization but its merit  reaches far beyond that, and the whole world of leaders and msm seems not to understand that by officially  ignoring it you are all indirectly jeopardizing our civilization that  I consider extremely irresponsible and clearly criminal in its nature. Perhaps it springs from not understanding that  military science has reached the point of crossing the threshold of life and death mysteries and in accordance with their power- loving features they use such knowledge for the global domination and  man’s total physical as well as psychological enslavement,  where anybody with the access to population’s unique biocodes can remotely  command all bodily functions of any citizen on our planet in the absence of laws which would first admit such capabilities and then protect people against their sadistic implementation by those in power.

Mr President I am not talking about some billionaires, trying to influence presidential elections by financing few idiotic photographs. I want you to understand, that your defence departments read all our thoughts even before they formulate themselves in our minds,  you and your family will be hardly spared and  the same certainty applies to all government’s officials.

It is not a matter of  whistleblowing or threatening the security of any country, it is about the globally centralized military power, that violates the most basic Law of the Universe, the FREE WILL of man, without which we are not capable of fully  transforming all  cosmic energies – our primary function we were created for in the first place. And  due to the transhumanistic technologies we, as the only species of this planet that were given by the CREATOR the possibility to tune our subtle energies to higher frequencies , are loosing such unique privilege out of sheer ignorance.

Your defence departments have had  such  esoteric  knowledge at their disposal  for  100 years, how come they misuse it for devastation of our planet, spying  and inhuman experimenting with mind control and suffering of masses instead of using it for lifting up our consciousness?

That is a clear abuse of Nature’s laws. According to them the leaders’ imperative should be

“The striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, up to the degree of self-individuality.”

I see nothing of that kind coming from the planetary marshals. On the contrary, they seem to be arrogantly engaged in street theatres and  research of deceiving: “ to elucidate the conditions necessary for collective deception to evolve, and since no better paradigm exists  – to do so within a neo Darwinian, behavioural ecological framework”

Mr Darwin’s subjective theory of evolution has nothing to do with the objective knowledge and science of genetics must be able to prove it by now. The global defence departments are withholding vital information from 7 billion people about the Earth’s mysteries, that is unheard of since the flat Earth times.

It has many foreseen consequences for our planet because if they know for instance that we do not originate from apes and that the Universe is theistic yet they hide it from public, the new coming generations of scientists will direct their researches towards transhumanism as their main attraction and will omit research of finer properties of subtle energies, connected with what is called the soul. They would discover that electricity does not run only motors but its 5 variations keep the planetary bodies of species alive and would want to know how it participates in coating of our souls without torturing us as military does, instead of attacking  the global electrical circuit  with  5G technologies.  Your Native people’s seven generation principle   of the impact of their work on  our descendants is largely  overlooked already for the present generation.

By that same act they are also stopping the unique possibility of connecting all religions through  scientific foundations which would greatly reduce  endless wars and  hatred, based on sheer misunderstanding.

I had learned esoteric science in Australia and being  surveyed 24/7 by your defence departments for decades, (since 2010 even publicly in the reality show with the shocking effect of  the ethical degradation of human nature), I got  few insights into the clandestine work of global intel. I am very well aware of the limited exposure of such topics to wider audience and their possible incomprehensibility or misinterpretation. Nevertheless, I feel very strongly about their political aspect which I believe covertly affects other parties like Wikileaks and Mr Assange. I consider it insane that truth can be denied as a fake news  in the face of 7 billion people for so long, basically we are all under the global martial law and those who expose the planetary dangers have to face denying forces, are persecuted, even tortured or forced to exiles.

Any sensitive observer must come to a conclusion that the Universal Law of Equilibrium will sooner or later manifest itself in one way or another to compensate this enormous imbalance of power over the individual.

Please could you address these issues to the Pentagon. Your country has so many professionals and scientists, who can rightly advise you on these matters that I do not see any reason, why the most powerful country on Earth needs to enter the textbooks as the biggest oppressor of civil rights and Universal laws of Nature in the history of mankind in times, when the conscious, loving Universe is opening its doors to us.

With kindest regards,

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy sent to The American Embassy in Prague, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague, to the NATO HeadQuarters.

13000 Prague 3                                                                                                                                     Czech Republic


The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

Dear Prime Minister,

Spy catching affairs do happen even nowadays and I have been seemingly involved in one of them for decades since my arrival to Australia in 1985 although I have never had any intention of being a spy and your beautiful continent set me rather on the soul catching affair.

Nevertheless, I ended up on the global black list of terrorists and spies and I have been on it since 2010 after my return to Czech Republic, including 24/7 public surveillance, thoughts reading and mind & body control psyops, breaching all possible human rights one can come across.

Without any trial, without any contact from any authorities be it Australian, Czech or American except for Ai on the other side of the “line”.

As a protector of free speech and debate you could certainly argue about the security reasons and breaches of commandments in which I was involved, but ultimately you would arrive to realization, that the main reason for such counter action was my concern about the planetary taboos of the Us military weather control, psychotronic directed energy weapons and pandemics. All governments are lying to their citizens about these issues and when by accident my research texts were sent to Wikileaks, the needed publicity supported all those brave scientists, whistle blowers, military and government employees, who risk their lives and carriers to inform the public, what is going on behind the scene. I was taught in Au an esoteric system which helped me to unveil the Universe beyond the visible one, perhaps with participation of certain psyop intel operations which I was not aware of at that time. So, my outlook at what is happening on our planet differs greatly from most of the population.

With that in mind, I would like to express an unshakeable conviction, that my case affects your citizen Mr Julian Assange and I consider it extremely disloyal from the country not to stand behind him and even refuse to renew his passport. The United Nations Court decision was clear, Swedish authorities dropped the allegations (which were just usual “standard procedures” in the first place anyway), so the British authorities really have an ongoing problem with breaches of human rights. But as I said, there are planetary issues involved and it is unfair that his own country betrays him for something he exposed which is in the interest of the whole planet, including Australia.

Please help him, the level of lies we are globally subjected to is beyond normal measure and it has an immense harmful effect on us all.

Yours faithfully

Dagmar Palmerova

To all speculations on any topic of our past 60 years  I have one fact to remind: If you can have all my life on the palm of your hand, so you can anyone’s else on our planet.

“Pokud opravdu chapes, nemuzes nesouhlasit”

Byla veta, kterou jsem chapala rozumove, ale teprve cas mi postupne odhaluje jeji hloubku. Slysela jsem ji v Australii  pri studiu jednoho psychologickeho systemu kde jsem se seznamila s dvema mne velmi blizkymi dusemi – jedna pochazi z Kypru a ta druha z Armenie. Jejich pohnute osudy raneho detstvi se me hluboce dotkly, i jejich schopnost se casem ubranit identifikaci s minulosti.   A zivot jakoby nitkami protkava minulost s pritomnosti, ten zmineny psychologicky system, ktery nas svedl dohromady a jehoz koreny jsou krestanske, byl zrekonstruovan i s pomoci sufismu, jedne odnoze islamu. Pamatuji si na magicky koncert v Sydney Opera House, kde vystoupil turecky sbor dervisu a vsechny nas mesmerizoval svou posvatnosti….

Takze kdyz ctu v Praze o komore soudcu, stojicich pred emocionalnim dilemma, rekla bych, ze rozumim obema stranam. Na rozdil od modnich robotu propadame emocim a kdyz dosahnou urciteho stupne, vyjadrime je. Jestli tomu dobre rozumim, slo o soukromy nazor v konfrontacni situaci, coz za demokratickych principu neni protizakonne, at uz s nim souhlasim nebo ne.

Na druhou stranu to, ze tzv demokraticke staty rozbouravaji Stredni vychod a okoli planovite uz desetileti je znamo kazdemu, kdo se podiva na list invazi. Kam prijdeme, tam zanechavame spoust vcetne masivnich exodu a zvysujeme zisky ze zbrojniho prumyslu.

Pouzivame tajne zbrane tzv rizenych energii nejen na nich, ale i na nasich obcanech, kteri jsou nepohodlni a kdych se jako jedna z nich rozhodla vzit Spojene staty a Nato k soudu, soudni komora by me musela na zaklade jejich instrukci odsoudit k psychatrickemu leceni, jak jsem se dozvedela prave od inkriminovane kancelare, ktera se mnou jednala zcela uprimne a s nesmirnym etickym porozumenim.

Pokud obe strany uplatni princip chapani,  naleznou smirci notu.

Pokud obe strany uplatni princip chapani,  naleznou smirci notu.

The Biopolitics


The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

Dear Prime Minister,

Spy catching affairs do happen even nowadays and I have been seemingly involved in one of them for decades since my arrival to Australia in 1985 although I have never had any intention of being a spy and your beautiful continent set me rather on the soul catching affair.

Nevertheless, I ended up on the global black list of terrorists and spies and I have been on it since 2010 after my return to Czech Republic, including 24/7 public surveillance, thoughts reading and mind & body control psyops, breaching all possible human rights one can come across.

Without any trial, without any contact from any authorities be it Australian, Czech or American except for Ai on the other side of the “line”.

As a protector of free speech and debate you could certainly argue about the security reasons and breaches of commandments in which I was involved, but ultimately you would arrive to realization, that the main reason for such counter action was my concern about the planetary taboos of the Us military weather control, psychotronic directed energy weapons and pandemics. All governments are lying to their citizens about these issues and when by accident my research texts were sent to Wikileaks, the needed publicity supported all those brave scientists, whistle blowers, military and government employees, who risk their lives and carriers to inform the public, what is going on behind the scene. I was taught in Au an esoteric system which helped me to unveil the Universe beyond the visible one, perhaps with participation of certain psyop intel operations which I was not aware of at that time. So, my outlook at what is happening on our planet differs greatly from most of the population.

With that in mind, I would like to express an unshakeable conviction, that my case affects your citizen Mr Julian Assange and I consider it extremely disloyal from the country not to stand behind him and even refuse to renew his passport. The United Nations Court decision was clear, Swedish authorities dropped the allegations (which were just usual “standard procedures” in the first place anyway), so the British authorities really have an ongoing problem with breaches of human rights. But as I said, there are planetary issues involved and it is unfair that his own country betrays him for something he exposed which is in the interest of the whole planet, including Australia.

Please help him, the level of lies we are globally subjected to is beyond normal measure and it has an immense harmful effect on us all.

Yours faithfully

Dagmar Palmerova

One copy for Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague

Lekarske komore

Dagmar Palmerova


Lekarska komora                                                                                                                      Lekarska2/291                                                                                                                                15000 Praha5

Vazena Lekarska komoro,

peclivym studiem globalne dostupnych vedeckych informaci a osobnimi zkusenostmi jsem objevila, ze uroven vyzkumu ruznych lekarskych instituci vojenskeho charakteru se neda ani omylem prirovnat k oficialnim lekarskym centrum vyzkumu a  dochazi v nich k nejodpornejsimu porusovani nejzakladnejsich lidskych prav teto planety  od dob lidskych experimentu  v koncentracnich taborech Druhe svetove valky. Continue reading “Lekarske komore”

When the global cabal (whatever it means), which set up  sexual trafficking business around the planet, wants to persecute for sexual offences one of the Representatives of THE CREATOR on Earth who happened to be in charge of Vatican’s finances, the  first thing which comes to my mind is what did He uncover there as such procedures are reserved for political dissent.

Sexually motivated processes and punishments are their  unmistakable landmark, they officially hide from the whole world  the directed energy weapons, which they use extensively for human experiments not just on dissent but on millions of ordinary citizens, yet  they set up the live broadcast of it! The question: as you politicians, police, military, juridical system of prosecutors and msm all know about it yet  do nothing to actually change the unheard of breach of human rights, are you in a position to prosecute somebody on exactly the same premises of complying with the rules of the day “from above”?

“The one – UN-missing of you BEFORE-most THE STONE ON LET BE CASTING

Kitchen story


I want to stress that no matter what and how I say it is not going to change the mind of the global military if they have no plan to  stop this demented show.

While I was cut of the internet I watched the main stream media and realized, how diametrically opposed the news are to the alternative press.

Full on game by reporters and politicians themselves. I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes now.

The military army can walk through the walls, you know from my story that they use something called synthetic telepathy. They  read all minds of all people on this planet, feeding their quantum computers with mega data’s, which form the bases for the Artificial intelligence – the future master to be of humanity. From what I read I assume that this technology is available to the West as well as to Russia,    and the East has a long history of natural telepathy which is far superior to the synthetic one as it is accompanied by spiritual advancements.

So if the defense departments use either of those, they all mutually know what is going on behind the most hidden doors of this planet. That’s why I am the last person willing to watch this outrageous vaudeville.

The Universe is obviously spiritual, science knows it already yet for some political, religious and  strategic reason  the scientists cannot or are not allowed to add two and two together to officially adjust  Darwin’s evolutionary concept. So we are all waiting  for  the Event. In the mean time my kitchen stories help to fill the days.

In the eighties of last century I broke the laws of two countries while trying to get to Australia for utterly private reasons. It was a cold war era, the intelligence on both sides were paranoid the same way they are today and I ended up having an intimate contact with a Czech intelligence officer, we became friends and he helped me to get out.  I had lived in Australia for over 20 years. The tape of our  intimate contact   was released in 2010 on the internet I believe and it created the basis for setting me up as a spy, terrorist suspect and the enemy of the United States.  I self-deported myself to Prague in November the same year. I do not know the background  as no  authority either Australian , American or Czech  has  approached me despite putting me on  24/7 public surveillance which includes broadcasting of thoughts across the planet. Also the tape of my whole life was released  as the United States constantly  x-ray the whole planet since the fifties last century and every human being has its own electronic bar code through which his  life can be retrieved.

I cannot dwell on details if I do not want to get ferocious about the  human rights issues.

Such treatment with some spectacular theaters  followed after  my internet investigations about the planetary issues of fake climate change, weather control, directed energy weapons and  biowarfare activities including  vaccination.            As I learned, the character assassination  is a ‘ standard procedure’ of punishment and I was an easy target with my bohemian youth. The rest you know by watching me live.

Since 2010 I have been  targeted by directed energy weapons in different ways in different times but almost always pumped out of life force energy and regularly sensitized to the point of rage.

I am a subject to the US and global military psyop operations, which clearly demonstrate to you all, what it means to live in 21st century with Intel  scientists and public having full access to your body so that all your functions can be altered  in a desired way, be it torturous, cruel, sadistic,  psychological, psychic, emotional, even educational. Additionally my electronic bar code was given  to the global mafia by the Us Intel which  can anyone connect via satellite systems and experience personal raping through the emotional response shown on the internet.   I get electronically raped by the gangstalkers as well as by public  multiple times a day.

There is no  institution on this planet, which could stop this process, actually if humanity functioned properly, we would not even need any because we would use our conscience but that is not the case so the situation is quite insane. Anyone can rape us freely  without worrying about being punished as  there is no law on this planet  except Russian, which would prevent at least some individuals from doing so and the Us and Nato either delegated or gave their blessings to such activities. They are not responsible for public actions but the electronic means in people’ s bodies belong to the military that has full control over their   activation/deactivation, so the collaboration of public with the military works efficiently, exactly according the fake Zion plan.

What I am trying to express  is that while the masses are mesmerized by sex   money, fame and by a confused tale of external increase of  planetary consciousness,  the manager of the planet  has succeeded in  using science for  enslaving the human body  We need to mobilize ourselves and  stop it but you are not even clear on what consciousness is  and when  you have it or rather have not. So how can we expect to win this battle and the battle it is….the battle of spirit over the matter and we cannot loose.

The artificial intelligence recognizes when we are conscious and when not,  if I get to that state in rare moments of the day, the computer targets my life force point, so I know ‘it’ knows. It knows that we are trapped in biological computer-like bodies with different programs and that we let them mechanically  run the shows for us most of the time, so we are totally predictable and all the Ai needs to do is to adjust the  programs to make sure the play  always proceeds according to the script without us interfering with the process. The surest adjustment is sex as you see all over the place. How ironic, I am the one to tell you that.

And the soul is the one who gets the bill.

To the global alphabets in power

Dear Sirs,

This situation is obviously unacceptable and unworthy of our human existence so please could we deal with it intelligently? I can say with clear conscience that the programs you put me on are completely sexually deviated, sadistic and beyond comprehension to any sane mind. Whoever is in charge of them should be put on the same programs  himself to experience sheer horror of it.

To deal with such level of science means the scientist must have very high security clearance and know at least partial mysteries of the Matrix, so inevitably he will be a so called 33 Freemason or of other esoteric origin. But the problem with such connection is that real Freemasons would never engage in sexual rituals and torture, on the contrary, sexual energy is sacred to them and they withhold it for the soul purposes as I more or less did before your institution assigned me to the bay of pigs.

They know that it is our connection to the most powerful force in the universe, which is both creative and destructive. But your departments  certainly chose its destructive  aspects and because we let your earthly powers  to become unlimited, humanity finds itself in a position of being totally terrorised by the most beastly creatures on the planet. I see it everyday in front of my eyes.

Because of your whistle-blowers it is at least partially  known who in your hierarchy is committing   hideous crimes against humanity. Certain sections of your departments are clearly misusing their mental capacities on clandestine research, which would be eligible last century for Nuremberg processes. Please understand that the spiritual laws are far more  unforgiving than their human counterparts.

I have to stress that you, by your utterly  illegal experimentations and tortures of millions of people on this planet, are attracting the universal evil forces, which will materialize sooner or later in some major planetary disaster unless you stop these programs immediately.

You have been asked to do so by so many national as well as international institutions and by so many victims of your crimes that one wonders if you are all real human beings or just products of your artificial intelligence, totally lacking the feeling and being functions.

One of the basic Universal laws is “ As above so below” which applies to all levels, be it  astral or  physical, galactic or planetary. If I  look at the state of our planet, its almost collapsed atmosphere and  biosphere, and the torturous sexually deviated programs  imposed involuntarily on millions of people who are trying to point this out, which you financially  valorise by selling their agony feelings to the global mob who’s weaknesses you will exploit for future blackmail in front of the whole world, what degree of bankrupsy is that? I cannot but come to a conclusion that this planet is in the wrong hands and its management will be removed one way or another by universal forces. The question is, how many lives will have to be lost for such evilly orientated endeavours?

This planet is a titanic where everybody in ignorance  enjoys your  global, seemingly virtual reality show and you know that. You know our bodies are machines and behave in certain habitual ways and instead of trying to wake us up to such reality you calculate with it according to you power orientated deeds.  But you are forgetting you are the same machines on the same boat. If not, I cannot see it.

The external is a reflection of the internal.                                                                        People on the street even in governments have no idea what is going on although they think they have. I cannot  blame them.                                                                        But I blame you. Just as Mr  Smith did..


Consciousness as a state

When I think about what has been in the play on our planet, I ask myself what can I do in this situation, being cut off the normal communication with people yet been on  24/7 ….You all seem to expect from me some heroic reactions to what is happening and I understand that, but I do not have any.

The most sensible thing I come to is to repeat what I am thinking and saying all the time as many others do in their own ways:

We are at the threshold of the new history  if we do not partially blow ourselves up, which is quite possible and even probable by the sound of the total disinformation across the whole media spectrum.

Whatever those up there with the access to the psychotronic  technologies are really aiming for is a puzzle to me, so I will keep myself with what I certainly know by my own experience and what I think  should know every human being on this planet, because it is our birthright, it has been confirmed by Quantum Physics and  not knowing it allows those, who do exploit those, who do not in the most outrageous ways.

Our physical bodies are biological machines with the exact hardware to fulfill certain cosmic purposes. This function is not negotiable, if it does not proceed consciously in us it proceeds mechanically in us,  so from that aspect our external endeavour to create new transhumanistic species is quite useless as we would cease to absorb and transfer needed cosmic energies and create interplanetary imbalances, which according to the law of equilibrium would have to be reconciled with dramatic consequences for the planets.

We ourselves, trapped in our physical bodies also have  a purpose, a divine purpose:

While serving  nature we can use our physical bodies not just for procreation, but also for the creation of special – let’s call it astral –  bodies within our physical bodies, which would allow us to get out of the infamous Matrix and move eventually back home.  We do not die, there is no death as such.  I consciously exited from my body so I can join those who say the same thing.   Consciousness is not permanently attached to the brain.

There are many  different ways how to approach this mystery of the Universe. Our ancestors  left us all necessary information in symbols, because the powers, connected with unlocking the mysteries are under  normal conditions beyond our ability to handle them safely. We can clearly see it in different military alphabets’ programs to which targeted people are exposed.

The psychological and spiritual  preparation is necessary. Western religions unfortunately do not teach it directly anymore, that creates enough confusion on its own, but all true  so called secret societies have quite extensive knowledge at hands.

They can be  heavily infiltrated by different  military intelligence and  defense departments, so one has to be careful not to get lost or discouraged in his search.

But all existing ways should bring us to realization we behave like machines and  we are not aware of it most of the time. We are asleep. This statement has been reflected in all ancient scriptures, in art, in poetry, we use it frequently nowadays, we even understand that daydreaming or nobody home has something to do with it, but only a close examination will uncover the horror of the situation:

I am asleep almost all day, except for few seconds or minutes if I make a special effort. And I had been in a school which was waking me up for 20 years!!!!  Quite hopeless. The answer to why we are in such a mess. There are 7 billion sleeping machines. Do you think we would be targeted by the American and Nato alphabets if they were really awake? Of course not. Do you think the hunt around us would exist if the hunters were conscious? Of course not. They would be deeply ashamed.

The real consciousness happens by giving an object the two way attention.

  1. A) I sit in front of a wall. I watch the wall. I see only the wall. Actually there is only a wall, I do not enter into the process, I do not remember myself.
  2. B) I sit in front of a wall. I watch the wall. I see the wall and at the same time I am aware of myself sitting on the chair, breathing in and out. So in this second case there are two of us, me and the wall. In other words, confirmed by the attached study, I do not exist in the world of subtle energies  till I remember myself

I appear and disappear, as my attention of myself comes and goes.

I do not realize I am not conscious of myself till I become aware of it. Consciousness is a state, not a mental process. Each human being experiences that in fleeting moments. Capture those moments to taste them. Once they are recognized,  evoke them as frequently, as long and as deep as possible.

People can ask why is it so important? For many reasons, one of them – when I remember myself  I withdraw certain substances from the air by breathing,  which participate in creation of the mentioned astral body. When I do not remember myself, they stay in the air and I “work” for nothing. . It is called “ being a good star worker”.

This has been the whole trick  to enslave humanity with low level of consciousness .  But as I understand, we have come to the point where its rise  is required from us and survival of humanity depends on it…

For that reason I consider the psychotronic experiments with  our planet, its atmosphere and  civilians utterly irresponsible and jeopardising the very existence of our civilization. The genetic manipulation with species implies the same effect as our atheistic science does not have a clue whatsoever what is doing.  This knowledge has been available to the superpowers since the beginning of last century yet they keep  humanity in darkness till the last moment. In the mean time new generation of atheistic scientists is brought up to engage in transhumanistic visions and harvesting free energy from the air, the very energy our existence depends on.

Further scientific research in Quantum Physics and Holy Science would instead  unveil the wisdom of the internal  universe, hidden behind the external one and take us on a journey to our eternal home  of which all scriptures, myths and fairy tales talk about.

RadinPhysicsEssays2013 secret of humanity to be or not to be

P.D Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous       






Soul catching

This business of soul catching is like from a kindergarten.

Somebody discovers America and a soul catcher is borne.

Yes, we, human beings, also serve as food for something else, as every species in the Universe. What did you think, that the Universe created the whole planet  just for our pleasure? So that you could walk on Earth, shoot women’s vaginas with your smart phones and after leaving your physical body just  continue  to do so in other solar systems? Export your famous star wars? No , they are not interested in that, trust me.

There is a Matrix and you can get out of it anytime you want, as long as you have a body to do so.  But it’s a special body, of very fine energies. You get  it only through a special kind of suffering, your own suffering, not the one you inflict on others – in that case the soul catcher will catch you and send you back  Be sure of that. The creator is all forgiving, but the souls catcher is  not. We pay for everything to the last penny unless we make peace among ourselves. That’s why “as we forgive those who trespass against us.” So wouldn’t be about time  to find out what this mystery of the Universe is all about? Before this chance is taken away from us as unprofitable servants to the most loving creator of the Universe, who happens to be our Father?


The Earth Comedy

To read any media, either the mainstream, alternative, conspiracy or tinfoil hats is an excellent exercise to realize the extend of disorientation, confusion and frustration the readers must necessarily endure from the state of current affairs.

I am at the end of the line in the bay of pigs, here it is strait forward, sex, money and plastic, the basin of the Babel tower. But as one goes higher, the differences sharpen and confusion of tongues messes any reasonable expectation of at least elemental understanding. Continue reading “The Earth Comedy”

NATO will suppress protests in Poland

I have no clue whatsoever about what is going on in Poland. Typically nothing can be understood from msm and I would like to know, if the juridical system is going to reflect the most hideous crimes against humanity which are happening in Poland as well as in every country of this planet, shamelessly  and sadistically blessed by all Nato allies. As the covert military psychotronic technologies which are used to torture civilians by no touch remote control are practically undetectable, the medical establishment diagnoses the victims as delusional and the court system sends them to the asylums. This is absolutely criminal, considering the fact that  two decades ago Eu & UN have objected to their application.  The Polish defense minister as first in the world recently publicly promised to investigate such claims on Polish territory.

So where stands the Polish government,  the Eu,  the Usa and Russia in connection to this on going Nazi gangstalking hunts, broadcast live to the global amusment?



On May 18th, 2016, the well-known Polish politician Mateusz Piskorski was arrested on charg-es of spying for “third countries.” Shortly before, he wrote an article that predicted the beginning of mass political repressions against

Source: NATO will suppress protests in Poland

Cisarovy nove saty

Vazeny pane budouci predsedo vlady,

nevim, do jake miry se k Vam dostavaji informace ohledne prekracovani lidskych prav, ktera nespadaji do Vaseho oboru. Nicmene se na Vas obracim v zalezitosti tzv gangstalkingu, jenz byl vyvinut obrannymi slozkami Spojenych Statu za ucelem vytvareni noveho typu civilni “armady” z rad obyvatelstva celeho sveta, kterou ovladaji prostrednictvim satelitnich technologii a s pouzitim “recursive incentive mechanism” jimi zajistuji sledovani a psychologicke ci fyzicke utoky na urcene osoby. Co zacalo jako zdanlive nevinny, zabavny experiment obrannych slozek statu prerostlo v globalni hon na cloveka, ktery postihuje miliony lidi po cele planete a prorusta celymi populacemi jako rakovina, proti ktere se neda branit a jeho soucasti je tzv dalkove targetovani ruznych casti lidskeho tela prostrednictvim elektromagnetickych, mikrovlnnych a sonickych zbrani, mezi nez patri diky nejnovejsim technologiim i smartphones. Continue reading “Cisarovy nove saty”

5 Electricities?

Our science seems to be rather in the middle ages to me. In The Holy Science Swami Sri Yukteswar writes there are 5 types of electricities which our science does not know about yet. Minding myself it was written in 1894.
I found two types- “static electricity and current electricity. The static electricity is generated by rubbing two or more objects causing to build up friction.”
If we substitute the objects with people and watch how friction rises between us, it is more than obvious that there is an immense amount of energy created. So it must be a sort of electricity, am I right? It dissolves by itself eventually, we “calm down”, but if one does not get negatively identified with the event, he/she has this energy at his/her disposal. What for?
Do orthodox scientists think this way? Because I must take into the consideration the possibility that their colleagues in the Intel’s highly covert research centres are far ahead of them. And that ‘s a worry to all of us.
What if they discovered, that this energy comes from an unknown type of electricity and is used for specific purposes humanity forgot about long ago? Could that explain the eminent interest they have taken in all so called secret societies and their members? Stealing all knowledge available and then infiltrating them with their agents often for not so friendly aims?
I have some answers but not all so in order not to create more confusion in this already confused subject I follow The New Testament’s advice about the weeds and wheat.
When the world is in confusion like now, we  tend to identify with negativity towards everything we do not understand. Yet very often it is exactly that, which can help us to get out of it.
The old symbols everybody seems to despise so much actually hold the key to our destinies as a human race. To know them all is one thing and to understand them another, understanding comes only through practicing them, which automatically  prevents one from misusing them and I believe that here lies the whole problem of confusion. The global Alphabets got to them by copying the brains of the seekers and with their highly advanced technologies and highly underdeveloped being are able to use them in all sorts of black operations, experimenting with unsuspected population. I know that from my own experience. On the other hand I also have to take into the consideration that there must be the real seekers among them with conscience, who are in contact with conscious circle of humanity. It cannot be otherwise in our dualistic world.
So if I read about Illuminati, Freemasons & the rest, I remember the word Illuminate or the architecture of Gothic Cathedrals.
The infiltration has nothing to do with the core message.
We do not originate from apes, we were designed for specific purposes of the Universe and as the only species on Earth we also were given the privilege of being able to create, not just pro-create. To create can be understood on many levels and expressions, but by the supreme act of creation is considered the ability of each of us to create in us our higher being bodies, which are immortal and allow us to enter into other dimensions. The word androgynous refers to the fact that this type of the body we  create  solely on our own, by our own internal spiritual  processes and efforts. The whole Ecosystem of The Earth and its species is delicately tuned for  allowing this mystery of creation to happen yet we have developed  bio technological means to disrupt this process in the name of an immortal physical body.  Yes, a soul catcher technologies.
If we do not stop now, we will be stopped as were the previous civilizations.

To msm


sent to The Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian and Tass

Dear main stream media,

If I understand, in the United States, freedom of the press is protected under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Under the First Amendment the government is not allowed to censor the press. The government does not have the right to try to control what is published and cannot prevent certain things from being published by the press.

So what or who is exactly stopping you from  informing the public about crimes against humanity and the planet Earth itself, which  are  happening  to such a degree that it is well beyond the boundaries of any civilized society? You have been contacted endless times by the victims and human rights organisations about this matter, yet you do not react.

There are literally millions of people who are attacked every day  with directed energy weapons including smart phones.   You all know that, my case has been  broadcast in front of your eyes 24/7 since 2010 including my THOUGHTS and you  still cannot recover from the news our emails are  read by Intel.

You know that Intel has created and pays literally an international army of gangstalkers across the world in joint venture with local citizens, who just love money and hunt regardless of  the source.  They terrorize targeted people in thousands, my street is an excellent prove of that, yet Governments, Police, human rights organizations nor you do absolutely nothing, with the exception of an occasional article or documentary, where the orthodox psychologists  proclaim us as delusional, in front of the world that is watching  every night this absolutely degrading lascivious reality show, reminding the Roman Empire games before the total collapse.

In other words, you are making us, them and yourselves total idiots for the amusement of the chess players.

Who and how on Earth is  going to explain that to me? Trust me, utterly impossible.   Don’t you want to throw up?  I do, believe me.                                     But I am not important, this has never been about me. This is about the whole humanity.

Why don’t you get in contact with all journalists across the world and say THAT IS ENOUGH, we go on STRIKE!!!????????,                                                                     instead of engaging yourselves in stupid second rate Zoo stories.  There would be at least  millions of targeted people who would  go out  to support you.

The world is in such a state that we need you to intelligently report about what is going on !!! The alternative press is followed only roughly by 10% of the population,  the rest is in your hands, do you understand your responsibility?

Do you understand all our brains have been scanned, including yours?

We all have Morgellons in our bodies,

the new born  of our planet are welcome with  injections  of heavy metals, nanochips, crystals, gene edited substances  and pathological matter  of unknown origins,

the underground bases have cloning centres with  black operations of such kind that your blood would  freeze in your veins from horror,

our atheistic intel science has uncovered a partial mystery of life and death and misuses it for its power games with transhumanism, where humanity will be the looser for recycling.

Look at people now, everybody I meet on the street or in the public transport is immersed totally in their smart phones. What about the moment new technology brings into their brains virtual reality of unlimited possibilities? They will be totally lost and that is exactly the plan you are supporting now.

What about the psychotronic military systems, attacking with electromagnetic beams not just people but the planet itself,

no reports of unceasing Haarp&co  radar activities across the whole globe, which itself is wrapped in a blanket of heavy metal particles, chemicals and patological organisms from biowarfare experiments on populations,

total weather control, called Climate change, using the planet itself as a weapon against the nations without an access to such technologies,

implementing different weather patterns according to superpowers political, social and economic needs, including the artificially evoked earthquakes, drought, flooding, tsunamis and other “natural” disasters,

the weather market, which bets on artificially evoked earthquakes,

and you have the nerves letting scientists and politicians parroting their CO2 stories?

Where is the limit humans actually stop themselves realizing they are not human anymore?

Or just straight to cannibalism?

Can you realize how painful it is to be aware of all this and having to watch parrots instead?

There is something called the law of appearances, the Plato’s boat. It brought some pretty impressive spectacles with many dead bodies in recent decades, is that what we are waiting for again? This time it would have to blow off a half of the world to divert the attention.

Please realize that with the current mind control technology the crowds are not in any control of themselves, all is carefully staged according to a plan, so anything which goes against that plan the crowds will not support, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

No. You do not.

But I had to say it anyway.

With regards,

Dagmar Palmerova

Prague Czech Republic


to humanity which does not need to be impressed

If we have The United Nations where there are only 4-5 members playing their deadly chess with the rest, why the rest does not create its own United Nations????? There would be far more of them, would not need so much money to satisfy their needs and we could finally create power balance, based not on torture of the people nor on torture of the entire planet.

Sin against the Holy Ghost

All sins shall be forgiven, except the sin against the Holy Ghost; for Jesus will save all except the sons of perdition. What must a man do to commit the unpardonable sin? He must receive the Holy Ghost, have the heavens opened unto him, and know God, and then sin against him. After a man has sinned against the Holy Ghost, there is no repentance for him. He has got to say that the sun does not shine while he sees it; he has got to deny Jesus Christ when the heavens have been opened unto him, and to deny the plan of salvation with his eyes open to the truth of it; and from that time he begins to be an enemy.[20]
Mr. Smith


To major spiritual centres across the planet  regarding certain taboos, which should be addressed to all the people but are not so.

This planet and its habitats are facing several threads to their existence. Some visible, some invisible, but they are all closely connected. You certainly know about the so-called Climate Change, which is caused as a side effect of our new advances in the Military technologies and their application in the atmosphere. But I would like to bring to your attention one, which is probably the most difficult to address as it affects the emotional believes/disbelieves about our origins, yet I cannot see any other way to get out of  the current situation on our planet without some major disaster unless all available information is considered.

Are you aware of the fact, that military scientific centres succeeded long ago in separating the light body from its physical structure and that they practice it on unsuspecting individuals?

I know it because I am one of those, who went through such experience.

It is the unquestionable prove of the dominance of the spirit over the matter, yet we do not hear directly anything from the scientists, let alone the military. That is totally irresponsible and unacceptable.

Considering the speed with which the biogenetic scientists are uncovering the mysteries of creation, I am literally horrified of those with an atheistic approach,  totally disregarding the possibility of having the purpose of our existence and by doing so, closing our doors to higher realms, which do exist and could and will be scientifically proven in time (being we do not ruin such future).

You know all true religions have the same roots and the human’s real purpose of being, apart from serving Nature, is to develop his/her soul if he wants, in other words, to develop his higher spiritual bodies within the current physical one. And if not succeeding in this life, one has to return back.

Why are people not told about that in the West?  The early Christian church accepted the doctrine of reincarnation, yet  declared it a heresy in A.D. 553 by the Second Council of Constantinople. There is exact knowledge in your libraries and  it should be available to humanity if we are to evolve to our true destiny. We need that spiritual knowledge to protect ourselves against our selves.

The time has come for the Church to reconsider its position on the issue as the science is  heading us to the abyss, not just by creating an utter mess among genetic codes of species as if they were just Lego cubes to play with, but also by its ignorance of deeper atmospheric functions of particles in our atmosphere , which play the significant role in assisting us in our spiritual endeavour.

The military geoengineering processes involve bio-warfare, named by conscientious scientists “the worst crime against humanity”, as they aim to create transhumanistic, totally controlled beings, perhaps with enhanced features, but  within  the  binary system , so  lacking the third, spiritual force as a representative of our humanness.

I have been on 24/7 remote mind control surveillance for 7 years and so know very well, how destructive it is to the communion with the Higher.

The electromagnetic properties of Nature have been exploited violently and used not just against the Earth itself, but also against people, who object to such activities. The so called psychotronic or exotic weapons torture us remotely, covertly due to their invisible nature. The internet is full of testimonies of such atrocities, of course the individuals feel hatred towards the defence departments across the world and the energy must negatively affect our planet on a deeper level.

The Governments comply with the Military, the main stream media cannot report the truth directly, so the general public is mislead heavily, not to mention the intentional disinformation in so called conspiracy fields, which are actually mostly correct and which mention Vatican as the Deep State (?).

But the most disturbing are the black PSYOP operations, deploying literally black magic dangerous to the souls of the victims as well as theirs and in the long run it can bring only some disaster upon us. How would you feel being taken out of your body by some specific remote stimulation of your Solar Plexus Area and the brain, with totally unpredictable results as we are standing at the threshold of another dimension.

So far people with such  experiences end up very often in the asylums. Neither the science nor military can be stopped because of total secrecy, so who can actually do something about it on this planet?

I cannot judge how well you are informed, but once you know, you cannot be oblivious to it. So far your Church failed completely  in giving us any guidance even for such circumstances where our minds are invaded by monstrous electromagnetic technologies and there is literally no place to hide from them and it is only the beginning.  Even if I overlook the millions of affected around the globe, there is the future of all humanity at stake and you, with all other Churches on our planet have the responsibility to do everything in your power to  help to reverse this process, regardless of different politics, powers or fear.  80% of human race is not atheistic. The Universal law as well as the Absolute or God are on our side, so if you approach your audience with heart and sincerity, it must move the mountain and repel Evil, even within the Church itself . That’s also the law.

I have  total trust.









To G7 at the summit

Dear Ms. Palmerova:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence regarding Canada’s climate strategy.

Please be assured that your comments have been carefully reviewed. As this issue is of particular interest to the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, I have taken the liberty of forwarding your email to her. I am certain that Minister McKenna will wish to give your views every consideration.

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.

M. Bredeson
Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister’s Office
Agent de correspondance
de la haute direction pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

>   From : Dagmar Palmer      Received : 15  May  2017 09:34:41 AM   >>>

>>>   Subject : G7 Summit in Taormina   >>>>

Dear G7 Leader,

The whole world is going to watch your conscience and political/diplomatic skills in addressing the critical issues of so-called Climate change in G7+1 Summit in Taormina.

I would like to ask you in advance, as a citizen of this planet, how you can expect to come to any productive agreement unless you finally admit, that Carbon dioxide is a scam to cover up the global scientific military exploitation of the atmospheric space and highly profitable weather market economy where only very few dominant countries benefit locally in short term at the expense of the rest of the planet itself and its 7 billions habitants?
Scientists and politicians with conscience will never agree with such scenario.

So how can the 43.meeting have any significance but a diplomatic social gathering in  beautiful surroundings unless the truth is revealed?

You as a representative of your country, elected by your people,  have a duty to truly inform your citizens about the issues, profoundly affecting their lives,  lives of other nations, as well as the Earth itself on which wellbeing depends the existence of the whole life on Earth.
So please act accordingly.

Yours faithfully

Dagmar Palmerova

To the spiritual centres across the planet


His Holiness The Pope The Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City

Your Holiness,

I have decided to contact major spiritual centres across the planet  regarding certain taboos, which should be addressed to all the people but are not so.

As an old person  who finally  understands there are two purposes of life, one to serve nature and the other one to raise above it which is our birthright,  I want to express my worry that we, in our state full of arrogance and  vanity, are on the way to destroy that possibility not just for ourselves but for the future generations as well, if we do not change the planned course of  life.

Do you know the science has come to the point of recognizing there is no death as such? Continue reading “To the spiritual centres across the planet”

“Never will he understand the sufferings of another  who has not experienced them himself though he may have divine Reason and the nature of a genuine Devil”

Mulla Nassr Eddin

Happy Easter

I have no idea where you all are going, probably to the Moon.

I am tired, bored with all this utter stupidity around the world, where no one is allowed to say that black is black and white is white, but is allowed to state that black is white and vice versa.

If you want to play this game, fine, but why then  you get on high  by titillating the “animal”?  Are you  so cowardly to stand up for your own truth, which is right above your head and in front of your eyes? The psychotronic weapons are already  in your neighborhood, the whole military systems are set up to read your minds and alternate your emotions, you are doing it to me publicly so how can you imagine it is just my problem? If the Alphabets allow you to do it, cannot you comprehend that you are the targets as well?

Like millions of others, I am trying to explain  that humanity is in danger. That you are not told the most advanced  discoveries in neuroscience, which would certainly re-evaluate  many scientific, religious and political approaches to our future.

The Defense Departments are due to tell you that their research centres are able and do separate the physical part of human body from our consciousness. The obvious implications concern the atheistic approach to science and religious approach to such discoveries. As these phenomenons have been achieved not by its own, proper internal development but through deaths and  immense sufferings of countless human beings around the world, one cannot leave out the question of  our level of being. If it’s so far below the animal’s, do we have rights to proceed with changing the very DNA structure of human kind and close thus ourselves the possibility of future exit from these horrors of amusing ourselves by mutual killing and torturing?


Who is actually a real Christian?

“The majority of those present here call themselves Christians. Practically all are Christians in quotation marks. Let us examine this question like grown-up men.
Dr. X., are you a Christian? What do you think, should one love one’s neighbor or hate him? Who can love like a Christian? It follows that to be a Christian is impossible. Christianity includes many things; we have taken only one of them, to serve as an example. Can you love or hate someone to order?
Yet Christianity says precisely this, to love all men. But this is impossible. At the same time it is quite true that it is neces- sary to love. First one must be able, only then can one love. Unfortunately, with time, modern Christians have adopted the second half, to love, and lost view of the first, the religion which should have preceded it.

It would be very silly for God to demand from man what he cannot give.
Half of the world is Christian, the other half has other religions. For me, a sensible man, this makes no difference; they are the same as the Christian. Therefore it is possible to say that the whole world is Christian, the difference is only in name. And it has been Christian not only for one year but for thousands of years. There were Christians long before the ad- vent of Christianity. So common sense says to me: “For so many years men have been Christians—how can they be so foolish as to demand the impossible?”
But it is not like that. Things have not always been as they are now. Only recently have people forgotten the first half, and because of that have lost the capacity for being able. And so it became indeed impossible.
Let every one ask himself, simply and openly, whether he can love all men. If he has had a cup of coffee, he loves; if not, he does not love. How can that be called Christianity?

In the past not all men were called Christians. Some members of the same family were called Christians, others preChristians, still others were called non-Christians. So in one and the same family there could be the first, the second and the third. But now all call themselves Christians. It is naive, dishonest, unwise and despicable to wear this name without justification.

A Christian is a man who is able to fulfill the Commandments.
A man who is able to do all that is demanded of a Christian, both with his mind and his essence, is called a Christian without quotation marks.

A man who, in his mind, wishes to do all that is demanded of a Christian, but can do so only with his mind and not with his essence, is called pre-Christian.

And a man who can do nothing, even with his mind, is called a non- Christian.
Try to understand what I wish to convey by all this. Let your understanding be deeper and broader….”

From “Views from the Real World” G.I.Gurdjieff

Morality vs Conscience

Drops of wisdom from our ancestors:

Morality differs according to time, geography and opinion.

Conscience is something we get born with, all of us regardless of race, time, geography  and beyond opinion.  It is uncorrupted as it has been buried deeply in us. It can be reached ONLY by inner work on one’s negative emotions.

According to morality Mr Snowden and Mr.Assange can be considered either   traitors or   heroes.

According to conscience they are among so many  human beings, who see that world leaders are heading us on the road to the  utter slavery and try to stop the process  by the means available to them while there is still time.

According to morality the fact that the path to the utter slavery is literally covered by broken eggs can be seen as heroic necessity to make future omelets or   NAZI human experimentation resulting in unheard of suffering.

According to conscience our humanness is literally dying in this process as we are cutting ourselves off the source of life in order to become highly sophisticated immortal decimals for the price of our inevitable destruction as we won’t be able to fulfill either of our universal roles, which cannot be altered the way we want.