A letter to the UN

Dagmar Palmerova
130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic

6.4. 2020

Her Excellency Madam Michelle Bachelet
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneve 10

Re: G/SO 215/51 CZE(GEN)

Your Excellency,

I would like to address my case to the United Nations for the impact it has had on the whole planet including Mr. Assange, who is in jail on my behalf while completely innocent and courageous to stand up for the rights of human beings, who have become oppressed by the authorities in one way or the other for testifying certain facts in the public interest.
I collected certain facts of public interest over the internet while living in Sydney and when self-deported to Prague for the crimes of theft,  fraud, spying, terrorism and other deficit of character and morality,  by the course of circumstances these facts of public interest were sent from Prague to Wikileaks and published.
Since then his life has been gradually reduced to the space of 4 walls of the Prison Belmarsh waiting to be extradited on my behalf to the US and mine brought the planet to substantial chaos, after being put under the 24/7 public and residential surveillance including mind control and psyops.
This situation has lasted for 10 years and as no one is allowed to mention my name in the media directly, the collection of symbols and other people’s lives have become the bearers of my life stories with many public misunderstandings.

The current coronavirus scenario has escalated the whole situation where the Czech Republic and Australia were ordered directly I believe to lustre publicly and even medically all citizens who have ever come in contact with me down to their ancestors line which suggests that there is something seriously wrong with our perception of human rights in a democracy. Such humiliation and total degradation of the privacy of thousands of innocent people is a feature of public psychological abuse that is explicitly stated in your latest torture report.

While I could not dispute the majority of the accusations if I were presented with them (no authority has yet responded to my requests over 10 years), the Five Eyes reactions appear rather mysterious to the crimes I had committed. To any human experimentation, there has to be the subject’s consent, and although I take it as a part of my esoteric debt, I did not give my consent to it. I have been prepared to face the world and its authorities for 10 years.

My case may serve as a testimony to the existence of no-touch directed energy technologies, used by the governments and the private sector for their convenient characteristics of rays‘ invisibility and anonymity in their remote control. They employ them as ‘not so lethal crowd control weapons‘, capable of manipulating the psychology of not just the individuals but of humanity on a large scale. Their profound misapplication in human experimentation violates the most basic human rights of all international treaties we have ever created.
While they stay covert, there is no possibility of creating new laws that could protect human beings against their misuse and if the masses were equipped with bio-sensors in their bodies (like ID2020 via vaccinations for instance),  their psychotronic properties might be easily deployed as the means of mass depopulation.

This situation undoubtedly belongs to your hands as an international institution that was created by our grandparents for protecting ourselves from ourselves when our desire for absolute power disturbs viable peace. The current circumstances suggest that such a level of hidden power has never been reached in peace times before and, according to Revelations, is unlikely to be sustained.
I am very well aware that this longstanding problem far overreaches the competences of single governments and is rooted in the global battle of conscious vs unconscious futuristic plans for our civilization. As we have moved from the realm of physical science perceived by senses to the world of electric and magnetic properties of psychological character, we are in desperate need of ‘metanoia’.  The general lack of knowledge and understanding of the highest esoteric science is the main cause of all turmoil as no one is systematically teaching how to use scientific discoveries in accordance with the Objective laws of the Universe. The Universe is spiritual, the original ‘secular’ science meant that the adepts of scientific studies always learned in a controlled manner from other persons of science in accordance with the ethical and moral development of their ‘being’ that guarded scientific discoveries against harming people and the planet itself. That has changed, yet all planetary superpowers have access to such knowledge and time has come to introduce it to humanity, it has been long overdue and it will bring the ‘third reconciling force’, necessary to see what needs to be corrected on a global scale without usual reciprocal elimination of ourselves. Life on Earth was created for specific cosmic purposes and I am convinced we need to know our roles predestined for us by our CREATOR ENDLESSNESS.
What platform would be more suitable for such an introduction than the United Nations?

I am reminding that this situation and the way we all approach it will set a precedent for future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova
A copy sent to the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs in Prague


To the medical & co establishment:

If I had to choose between for example lifelong herpes, lifelong diabetes, lifelong multiple sclerosis, life long autism, life long learning disabilities, cancers, microchips &  sensors for new human slavery and staphylococcus treatable by herbs, I would choose the latter.

I was just thinking on the way from my walk, how the young generation’s reality has been replaced with virtual reality. Observing them day by day, I am not so sure if it is better. We at least were brought to a point where we could not but ask that burning question: what is the purpose of human life and why we are here. And we found the answers and wanted to pass it to you and say “behold you originate from REAL HEAVEN”, you are a spark of GOD that strives to re-blend with its original source, perhaps in the wrong way but essentially with right intuition  and your artificial intelligence, ignorant scientists  and ‘who’ do everything to prevent you from getting there.”
It somehow got lost in warp time of obscene.

A shortcut to coronavirus

To orientate oneself in this pure madness a shortcut might help.
The coronavirus has at least three layers of the meaning. The most obvious is the virus itself which is no more deadly than other viruses of such kind.
The second layer is the fact that by researching its origins one comes to the family of viruses with the history going back to different warfare laboratories and their experiments with sexually transmitted diseases with the aims of reducing the number of that population which does not comply with the moral standards of the ape descendants.
That is connected with my case where I was diagnosed a decade ago positive to a streptococcus of which I was not aware at all so I did not care because the medicine treats it with antibiotics that destroy our etheric substances.
Now in 2020 when the real planetary problems are mounting for solutions the whole globe is exposed to the search for everyone who has had an intimate contact with me over the 67 years of my existence and the same ordeal applies to them, it affects my friends and even everyone who has ever met me talked to me or even sat next to me for more than 5 or 10 minutes.
Nobody can escape to it as there is the tape of my entire life taken by satellites and so everyone is known.
The third layer might be the cover-up for human experimentation programs like the one I have been exposed to in front of your eyes from 2010 through some type of bodily sensors.

There is a real reason why we are all exposed to this unprecedented treatment. I am sure the scientific super-elite has the answers to it for you if you survive the streptococcus. My explanations cannot permeate their renowned ‘intellectual integrity’.

The trial

It is very hard when the majority of the earth’s population’s centre of gravity is below the waist. It colours the stuff above that so it becomes invisible or at least irrelevant. It has been used to manipulate emotions of all sides since 2010 and it will most likely take us to cop 21 as pre-planned….or am I wrong?
My letters to the officials of three countries involved – Au, the Czech Republic, and the US asking for my extradition to the US to face their charges for espionage & unsuccessful trials to break into the government’s websites have been overlooked, and instead all my private liaisons since Adam are under the global public and intelligence scrutiny.
I am 68 this year so it might continue till  Noe’s Ark.
I thought that people would understand that there is  Knowledge indispensable to the survival of humanity in the long term, Knowledge which contradicts the transhumanistic course towards the human/artificial intelligence merger almost everybody is so fond of and that they will start to read it, verify what it teaches and apply it into their lives, utterly independently of me and my history.
Well, I was wrong. My history took over and has been used as deterrent against that Knowledge of divine origin.  The only thing people actually grasped was the ape story, yet even that without the right connection to their existence.
I must remember the lemon tree.


Man’s evolution

When reading the court proceedings of a case that is political, one thing comes across one’s mind. The juridical foundation is built solely on Power according to the Old testament. But we live in the third millennium, our science reached the level of knowledge where we begin to understand that human existence is interlinked electromagnetically not only with all life on our planet but with the entire Universe and the blockages in one region affect the whole system, be it a human body, a family, a country or the whole planetary ecosystem. So if one country causes some sort of blockages, it evokes consequently corresponding reactions somewhere else, perhaps of seemingly accidental nature. It is a manifestation of an Objective universal law that we named  Newton’s first law.
The whistleblowers are a very good example of that. We call them adversaries, but in reality, they are the embodiment of the first Newton’s law.
The true evolution is characterized by the rise of human consciousness. So far we kill each other unlawfully and then lawfully, just not long ago we slaughtered ourselves mutually in so many millions that it finally horrified us and we managed to protect ourselves by declarations of human rights and freedoms of speech to move our reconciling processes to a more civilized level of Reasoning between ourselves or in courts. Yet not even a century later we disregard them completely for refusing to comprehend the existence of not just the most fundamental objective law of the Universe but also to mentate on the fact that for 2000 years we have not been able to grasp the significance of the New Testament for our further evolution, which is firmly expected of us by the whole galaxy.
So what is your Reason suggesting?

Days of our lives

I am not allowed to put it in video form.

This situation is a classical product of sleeping humanity. That is how we act and react to the external stimulus. You will be re-living the segments of my life journey feeling superior in your moralistic purity and somehow will overlook that you have been watching for 10 years the human experimentation live, 24/7, you have seen that human body and mind with some form of biosensors can be controlled remotely through directed energy devices according to the whim of a doctor or a police officer at the other end, you have seen real suffering physical as well as psychological, you have seen the psychiatrists and doctors to deny it, you have seen the police to deny it, you have seen the governments ignore the letters, you have seen the videos of victims in total despair for what was happening to them through the application of directed energy weapons and you have seen the mainstream media’s inability to report it directly.
The technology is hardly going to disappear because you will never give up your wi-fi smartphones voluntarily nor will the militaries dismantle their psychotronic systems around the entire planet, therefore you and the following generations will be exposed to these technologies the same or similar way.  It would be wise to protect yourselves at least by acknowledging their existence so you would not end up drugged as delusional in psychiatric institutions on the top of suffering from the microwave or sonic radiation.
Then the juridical domain could create the laws which would make such attacks on private citizens illegal.  Up till now  it is legal, so are the murders and destructions of properties and lands caused by the use of directed energy weapons.
These technologies have the ability to interfere with the natural electromagnetic circuit of the Earth with which all life on earth is synchronized, including us humans. Here originates your real cause of  weather change and  also your physical and mental slavery because by exposing the planet artificially to different electromagnetic frequencies you can be manipulated to whatever psychological reaction the planetary leader chooses without your knowledge unless you pay attention to yourselves
But you pay attention to my private life and to carbon dioxide, so we cannot move anywhere except to quarantines against your coronavirus.
When you are all so courageous heroes, why don’t you put me on whatever trial those up the top need to keep political appearances and help the human rights fighters to free Mr. Assange, who understood the difference between the elephants and flies and published it?
I understand it as well but your lasting obsession with the last judgment made it quite irrelevant.

The Last Judgement of the atheists

After this Last Judgement of yours to which you have no legal nor Universal rights whatsoever,  you are all the whitest lilies of the valleys so there is no karmic reason not to move out of this mess.
The Zero step: Please free Mr Assange, Ms Manning and all those who are trying to inform you about the global dangers
The first step: Please finally inform the rest of humanity what some of your ancestors knew right from the beginning – that humanity does not originate from apes but apes originate from the accidental crossing of a human genome with that of an animal. You have the scientific proof of that yet you are concealing it with horrible consequences for the whole planet.
The second step- The life on Earth as on any other planet has been created as a part of the Ray of Creation which originates from the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE. I testify its existence as is expressed in Tabula Smaragdina.
Planets themselves are actually stars, the Earth is not an exception so we get  the natural light and heat by splendid reflections. I hope that the Nasa hotels will be booked years in advance by visitors who will want to observe this universal mystery, of which we have been deprived for so long so unjustly.
Some enlightened, morally pure, articulate scientists with good command of English have to come forward and explain on the international platform the purpose and the aim of human existence and the ways how to fulfill them. Such persons will need to understand that we all originate from the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE as everything else which breaths,  be it fauna or flora and that we are connected with OUR CREATOR residing on the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE through the special apparatuses in our bodies which are designed to tune to its frequencies, permeating the whole universe but the Absolute the Firm.
Without such information, you will keep killing each other via robots in the name of freedom, democracy, terrorism, and transhumanism until this time the ‘Most High Commission’ gets angry.  Then we will be carrying the freaking out jokers on our shoulders if we are still around.

The burning questions of the day like human experimentation, military ‘CO2’ weather control, 5G, vaccinations, genetic modifications of every kind, or geopolitical wars will be easier to deal with as we will all have the psychological uniting Universal GPS,   beyond the reach of any cyber-attacks of artificial intelligence, no matter how advanced.

Apes as ancestors? No, dogs.

My dad got a new ID which has already an electronic chip in it. There is a very short step between IDs and our bodies. The media have been preparing our psyche for such an event for a long time, our love of easiness and speed ironically supports it and compulsory chipping of all dogs in the Czech Republic has not created any controversial reactions as people ‘understand’ the advantages. I went for my morning walk the other day and saw a dog ahead of me in the park. It was alternately lifting one leg after another while standing at the same place. It looked to me like being remotely controlled, a pretty repulsive thought indeed. Do we actually ponder over this chipping industry? Do we understand that our bodies can be remotely controlled not just physically as this dog but psychologically and emotionally as well? Once it is officially empowered, then your freedom as such will be lost. Your temper or anger can be raised, your habits altered, your voting preferences or decisions changed without even knowing it, remote ai judging you according to the level of being of its programmer which is perhaps the most insulting experience of all human experimentation, but it does far more damage on a subconscious level, where you want to either please the program out of fear not to lose the points or sneak around it or rebel against it just to name few….then what is considered ‘good’ in one country is considered ‘bad’ in another;  it corrupts one’s nature, it does not wake up the united objective conscience inbuilt in us all by our COMMON CREATOR as a conscious link between HIM and us while granting us at the same time the freedom of choice between good and bad…We are replacing a conscious teacher with an unconscious policeman. The moment the person knows he/she is off it, they will go back to their original state. Personally, I wonder how facial recognition cameras alone, regardless of their sensitivity can monitor billions of people 24/7. They must be traceable by GPS, how? That is certainly not the way of “evolution” but dark ages hypocrisy. And the story continues, in Europe, your chipped passports are going to be linked to your vaccination records within one or two years so your movements will be most likely highly restricted or even stopped (like in Iceland) unless you comply with the vaccination schedules. (Just to demonstrate our associative thinking: ‘vaccination passport’ has been proposed, modeled on the successful pet passport system which helps to record immunization histories of pets moving within Europe. The pet passport system has significantly improved the immunisation rates of animals.)

Drones to be or not to be

I have a problem with your unsustainable drones and ai replacing sustainable humans. I referred several times to the esoteric facts, stating that electricity is a limited substance of the atmospheres and planets, sacred to all three-brain beings of the entire Universe including humans as it participates in arising and declining of every form of existence.
Your science has proved that every cell of the human body is run by electricity. Is it so difficult to mentate on this information with being Reason and with the precautionary principle taken into account conclude that perhaps you save a lot of money by replacing humans with efficient machines, but you will lose them all when those “unprofitable machines” will end up in the Universe 25  and you and your drones alone will not be able to fulfill the task, appointed to us by the Ray of Creation?
Shall you not explain to humanity first what is the real purpose of our existence and the ways how to fulfill it so that people could orientate themselves in this mess?

North Korea

The nuclear disarmament of North Korea would be a very desirable act for the whole humanity if it were a reciprocal planetary act, based on an understanding of the objective laws of the Universe. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Despite the fact that defense departments are traveling across the world to clear their names the whole world is witnessing the most abusive and primitive misuse of power – enslaving of a human body in a state of its unconsciousness so it cannot defend itself. This has been happening across the world for decades, I am not the only person who can testify to that so if the repressive activities of the police states into which we have transformed our democracies are degraded to the state lower than that of animals, what solution to such scenario there is?
How can you imagine that GOD would bless such management of the planet?
Yes, I see you are building a distant future, but you are building it on sand so it will fall apart in colossal destruction.

I am ready to face your court procedures and prisons and do not need any lawyers.
Merry Christmas to all participants.

Universe 25

The sempiternal identification of science with Darwinian survival of the fittest brought me the thought connected with the Ray of Creation. According to it, life is constructed for the transformation of energies and the transformation is secured on the principle of the struggle, which creates the energy. Taking the Roden experiments – everything was supplied to them in abundance. First, they prospered and multiplied and then died out. Could it be because they stopped to fulfill their function for which they were created? To transform the energies as everything living? No struggle for survival. On that Darwinistic level. So their existence was not necessary anymore.
The laws are the same for everything in the Universe, meaning we also have to transform the energies, but the rats are what is called two brain beings and humans are three brain beings, the only animals with the privilege of having the intellectual centre, which works on the struggle between yes and no, so what if our survival actually does not have to depend on the animalistic fittest principle but on the bases of qualitatively higher exchange of energies? If that were so we could, after all, restructure life on Earth accordingly, as it is in Heaven.


I do not know who is responsible for the electronic sexual tortures so many people are exposed to including myself.  Who is involved “just” in sex trafficking apart from governments, global intelligence, police, army, lawyers,  doctors, mafia and the actual smart phoners and who is “just” usurping a monopoly on karma executions, exorcism and ‘soul’ creation via hidden sadistic sexual drives?  I had been involved in REAL esoterism of the West and East for over twenty years and students were actually strongly discouraged from sex. I have never come across anything, which would suggest that 24/7 electronic masturbation with peaks leading to the point of madness and despair could lead to the growing of spiritual “wings and horns”. If anyone believes that, just look at the state of our planet and check on the intimacy of my life since I started the esoteric studies.  What would be your conclusion?

The first step?

I do not know where you are heading, it looks like towards the Lord of the Rings or you are following that “zionist” pamphlet. In both cases again to the reciprocal destruction, exactly the same pattern as always.
That pamphlet is a puzzle to me, I read it many times over the years and it is pointless to pretend it does not resemble our present situation in several characteristics. I even have to agree with many of its observations of human nature if I want to be sincere. But what is chillingly clear that whoever the author(s) was/were, they did not understand the most fundamental essence of the entire Universe: The Universe is created from the HOLY CENTRE   and that Centre is LOVE,  the force so powerful that it literally “moves the stars”. How they cut themselves off that force is a mystery to me. It must have been the case of st. George becoming a dragon himself.
I understand that to keep in a balanced state 7 billion sleeping people who intentionally have not been  educated about the real purpose of their existence although our forefathers knew it just one hundred fifty years ago is a task that might appear impossible without the dictatorial manners in a velvet gloves of democracy but the time has come when the Universe is demanding of us quantum leap in consciousness and for such task we need conscious advisers.
First, we need to know that we are asleep
Second, we need to know what it means
Third, we need to know the difference between the second and third state of consciousness
Fourth we need to realize that we cannot sustain the third state of consciousness for more than 2 minutes if untrained.

For that, we need to wake up first the psychologists and psychiatrists, probably by connecting them for a moment to the psyop programs they have created so they would understand what they have done.
That would be a good start. The first half of the task was actually created for them by the more enlightened quantum physicists. By applying pure logic, they can finish it.

The abortion ban

Unwanted pregnancy for whatever reason has always been an inseparable part of life on the earth throughout the history of humanity. So have been wars killing women and children without a blink of an eye and lately, the vaccine caused mortality of newborns or the silent war techniques …men can be very hypocritical… what percentage of unwanted pregnancies are caused by them? When a woman/girl is happy in a relationship most likely she would not want to terminate the pregnancy. Besides, it is she who has to bear all the consequences for the rest of her life. The ban will only transfer the termination from the professional environment of the hospitals to the illegality of backyards with risking her life. Who wants that? She needs to have an option. But it is true that we live in the Universe where the objective law of cause and effect is in operation and they might end up like me, with no children.  So the precautionary principle and knowledge of the purpose of the Creation are much recommended and wished for…


In 1992 a girl had her speech on the international platform about the environmental state of the planet and the way we as a society behave which leads to such disastrous consequences. Well 27 years later we behave even worse than before, we create autistic children in unprecedented numbers,  we have surrounded the planet with an electromagnetic grid which is raising the cancers and other health issues well above the ability to deal with it politically socially or economically. We have used the esoteric knowledge to make the puppets out of people and play the global theatre with them to amuse some of us who can afford the tickets.  We selected for gradual elimination those among us not worth to be called a man according to our standards and we are replacing them as unprofitable meat with efficient robots. The rest of the sheep we plugged into the giant quantum computers that control not just all our physiological movements but our thoughts as well and eventually decide if we are worthy of getting on a tram or not.  We use them as guinea pigs to experiment with hybridization of species if for example combining the spider DNA with human DNA gives us a spider man or a spider monkey. Those who can see through it and object against it publicly we throw into the jails via the jurisdictional puppet shows or/and fry their brains and bodies with directed energy radiation. To keep the illusion of democracy we must allow the underground movement but we direct, infiltrate and limit it by all possible means to ensure it does not spread over the appointed boundaries.
27 years ago we at least listened to children who were able to see the external impacts of our activities. Today we criticize their autistic appearances and show the world that the head of the militarily most powerful nation on Earth is more than an autistic child.  What the third girl down the treck will look like? Or rather will there be any raising their voices?

Yes, this is called a strong identification. But you cannot solve the problems unless you specify what really causes them.

When you unite your efforts in stopping something for good of humanity like 5G for example, you have the Universe on your side. The effects are visible.


The birthright to choose

I do not know the case of Lynda Thyer.  But I lost so many friends treated with chemo/radiotherapy that I would rather leave my body than use them as a treatment.
I learned that the chances of survival  for the alternative and orthodox are similar; but they differ greatly after 5 years, beyond which statistics usually do not refer to.
And there are factors entering into the process of which we know very little like faith. Confirmed by science, we know by now that the Universe actually is spiritual (to be revealed in Zero Day?) and so the righteous perhaps could take into the consideration, that human beings were born free in certain respect and in that exact respect they have the right to choose whatever treatment they want, provided they do not jeopardize life of someone else.  No jurisdiction of this planet has objective right to put into jail someone who attained positive results in treatments, where the orthodox failed. It reminds me Dr. H Clark  and ironically her work used the same physical laws as the inventors of DEW.
We need an intelligent approach here.  The statistics clearly state that the average rate of success in the the orthodox treatment is around 50%, so why do we create such an outcry when someone comes  up with an alternative?  Am I so helpless that I cannot choose for my body (which I know better than anyone else) the treatment, based on my life long observations? Majority of people will follow doctors’ instructions, that is normal. But I would expect them to tell me all pros and againsts, all risks and possible gains of the orthodox & holistic approach and then it is up to me to decide, which way to go, taking  full responsibility for the choice I made and its consequences.
Who has the right  to deprive me of such possibility?


God’s energy

“God is consciousness, God is energy. He is ever responding to us.
The vibration of his thoughts, sent forth, requires energy.
The energy manifests as sound (principle of dew)
Talking means vibrating . In the vibration of his cosmic energy He is talking all the time.
He has become the Mother of creation that materializes Herself in terms of visible forms.
What is matter? Nothing but a particular rate of vibration of God’s cosmic energy. No form in the universe is really solid. That which appears so is merely a compact or gross vibration of his  energy. He is talking to us through vibrations.
So how to communicate with him?  The vibrations of different languages originate in the cosmic vibration. What is language? It is a certain vibration. What is vibration? It is a certain energy. And what is energy? It is a certain thought.
God, being the cosmic vibration, knows all languages.”

So where is the problem? Why do we have to be chained to the artificial intelligence computers and the internet of things when our bodies alone are the universal internets, able to communicate with the CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE?

Dopis Ministerstvu spravedlnosti


Paní Mgr. M. Benešová
Ministryně spravedlnosti
Ministerstvo spravedlnosti
Vyšehradská 424/16
128 10 Nové Město

Vážená paní ministryně,

Devět let je dost dlouhá doba na to si oficiálně připustit, že Česká republika je prvním státem na světě, ve kterém byl na lidskou osobu uvalen (zdá se globálním stanným právem) veřejný 24/7 dohled, který monitoruje nejen každý její pohyb a myšlenky, ale zároveň ji dálkově zapojuje do tzv. vojenských ‘psyop‘ operací, které ji vystavují nejrůznějším fyzickým, psychologickým i psychickým nátlakům jak externího, tak interního charakteru.
Jsou k tomu používány vládami celého světa prozatím utajované, dálkově ovládané technologie přímých energií, které jsou navíc neviditelné, takže je prakticky vyloučené lokalizovat jejich uživatele.
Sice je vše pod veřejným dohledem, ale nikomu z Vás na naší planetě není dovoleno o tomto sci-fi experimentu mluvit a tak si média po devět let vymýšlí různé symboly, pomocí kterých o něm referují.
Nedávná návštěva našeho pana premiéra a ředitele Bezpečnostní informační služby v Langley ve mně vyvolala dojem, že tato absurdní situace konečně vyústí ve smysl dávající cíl, bohužel mylně.
Protože jde o mou osobu a mediální pozornost ve skrytých formách vyvolává extrémně negatívní reakce veřejnosti, které považuji nejen za škodlivé, ale přímo nebezpečné ve svých možných důsledcích, ráda bych přispěla ke konečnému řešení, do kterého se vládě nechce nebo to má zakázané. Continue reading “Dopis Ministerstvu spravedlnosti”

Z kuchyne pred prazdninami

Protoze nemam absolutne zadnou kontrolu nad svym telem ani mysli, ani nad medialnim obrazem, ktery me representuje 24/7, jsem si vedoma ohromne manipulovatelnosti ktere jsem vystavena. Navic nemam moznost zadne opravdove komunikace a pohyb na socialnich sitich, na ktery jsem odkazana mi pripada jako zaminovane pole, ktere muze vybuchnout ve kteremkoliv okamziku.  Tento zpusob zivota je nenormalni a ohromne nebezpecny, protoze zneuziva nebo si zahrava s nejmocnejsi silou Universu a ten, kdo vse vede nemuze vyhrat, jedine muze privest tuto planetu ke katastroficke situaci, na kterou vsichni doplati a on sam nejvice v podobe budoucnosti v case.

Moje role je nepochopitelna, ja bych v teto hre  vubec nemela figurovat protoze muj pohled na svet se diametralne lisi od vas vsech a nase vecna nedorozumeni jsou toho nazornym dukazem. Vas svet je plny lzi, nemuzete rici pravdu, musite pouzivat symboly a ode mne se ceka, ze jim porozumim a ze vas nejak smirim. Ale v momente kdy pristoupim na vasi hru, tak se stanu jednou z vas a budu svazana stejnou masinerii jako vy a to ja odmitam. V poslednich dvou dnech jsme videli, ze pozitivni energie je nakazliva stejne jako ta predchozi negativni a ze je optimalnejsi s nimi zachazet vyrovnane. Napsala jsem lidsky dopis G20 s uprimne minenym nazorem, co je treba udelat abychom se dostali ze soucasne etapy do te nasledujici. Nemam pristup ke vsem faktorum, ktere ji ovlivnuji, ale kdyz vecer otevru zpravy a ctu ze pod zastitou Evropske Unie se porada v Bruselu Globalni konference o ockovani  na nejvyssi urovni s politickym kontextem a vim, ze vedecke analyzy ockovacich latech vykazuji  geneticky modifikovane substance neznamych zivocisnych i syntetickych druhu, krystaly a  nanocastice tezkych kovu, nemajicich s targetovanymi nemocemi vubec nic spolecneho, neco takoveho si na sve svedomi odmitam vzit, nezlobte se. Tento scenar se opakuje jiz devet let, vsichni vime, ze jde o ritual, kterym se zabiji cas az do momentu, ktery nekdo nahore stanovil nebo do mziku oka, kdy nam uplyne cas, vyhrazeny Universem.

Protoze jsem si vedoma toho, ze vse je spjato se vsim a strhnout dum z karet jsme se behem minulych tisicileti sice naucili dokonale, nicmene se soucasnymi  vojenskymi prostredky si nejsem vubec jista kdo by si byl schopen poradit s nasledujici etapou, (pokud by vubec nastala), davam prednost rozumovemu pristupu. Dovedu oddelit pritomnost od minulosti kdyz je to v zajmu budoucnosti, ale kdyz vidim arogantni minulost ve skutecne  roli minulosti v  pritomnosti, okamzite se vzepru. To jen vysvetluji princip sveho chovani, ktere je absolutne predvidatelne.

A letter to the White House

Dagmar Palmerova
The Czech Republic

12.6. 2019

Mr. Donald J. Trump
President of The United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

Mr. President,

When I wrote to you last year about the biggest, yet unnecessary oppression of human  rights in the history of our civilization, I did not expect that one year later you would want to extradite Mr. Assange to the US and charge him with the 18-count indictment of the Dark Ages Espionage Act, totally disregarding the First Amendment, which was created by your enlightened predecessors exactly for such purposes like this- to protect him. The way the US manages the planet leaves unforgettable marks over the whole earth as well as over the bodies of its habitats who happen to survive it. Some people simply cannot watch it without resisting it which is perfectly normal and according to the objective Newton’s law of action and reaction. The mirror reflection they mediate is not an expression of hostility but a reminder of our dualistic nature and were it taken as such,  we would be on a different road to higher consciousness, not on a virtual star war paradigm path.

Our obsession with the new technologies of the new Dwapara Yuga age of electricities caused us to entirely overlook, that such age implies additional objective laws we are under, not applicable to the evolutionary lesser Kali-yuga of Dark Ages out of which we moved over hundred years ago. The building block of the Universe is not DNA but the force of LOVE, your most advanced scientists already know it. Why is it not reflected in your endeavors, be it military, political, economic, social or one of the human rights? Were it, life on Earth could reflect that of Heaven, as it was originally designed by OUR CREATOR THE  SUN ABSOLUTE. We inherited his capabilities of ‘creating’ and what have we created? Artificial copies of ourselves enhanced physically and mechanically.

One of your many wise teachers told me that the planet is like a living body, with continents being its parts, each with its unique, irreplaceable function yet all interconnected. The planet was sustaining us for millennia, adjusting itself only to our reciprocal destructions.

But now we took over its processes without grasping the Universal laws and obligations life on Earth poses on us as its inhabitants.

You can jail, mutilate or silence all dissent and make out of the internet ‘another TV channel’ for the time being, but you cannot hide the skies, nature nor the physical and mental devastation of species.

Mr. President, we all originate from the Absolute and we will return there as soon as we ‘get it’ right.

This way we will never get it right, trust me on that.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova




I copy sent to the US Embassy in Prague

I copy sent to the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic

A question about the sacred national security

for the whole planet:

Let’s say that there is a rising empire, spying on the whole planet and finds out that some groups of highly developed  humans are possessors of  ancient  knowledge, highly surpassing the empire’s scientific achievements and guarded by their superior  ethical standards against its possible misuse. The empire steals it and by further decades long intensive scientific research and human experimentation develops the most powerful technology, capable to direct from the distance invisible energies into the bodies and minds of  all humanity and influence their organs’ functions emotional states.  It  is selectively and covertly used on millions of people across the globe and brings much suffering and hatred to our planet and inspires competition in this field among other states as well.

The conscientious press leaks  it out and is jailed and accused of jeopardizing the empire’s national security under the Dark Ages Espionage act.

What do you think  is more beneficial to you in the third millennium,  the leak or the espionage act of the second millennium?

What matters and what does not

For nine years my entire personal life, recorded by the US government since the fifties as a part of the global satellite’s x-ray screening program has been scrutinized by the whole planet in symbolical ways as the global martial law prohibits anyone to mention my name.

If it affected only me, it would be fine, I take it as a last but one judgment before the final one. But it is not so, it affects not only all people with whom I have interacted, but totally innocent people who have never met me like Mr Julian Assange, who through his active conscience stood for the human rights of my case in 2010-11 and for the materials I had collected over the internet about the burning issues that our planet and its entire species including humanity faces.

He as a publisher and journalist, who’s ability to connect with the young generation and explain to them the pitfalls of technologies as the possible means to substantially eliminate not just their freedoms but to enslave their bodies and minds as well is greatly missed. He is kept silent in the prison, I sit here in the kitchen and have to watch for almost a decade how the judgments destined to me are addressed on his head; I find it extremely  cowardly and despiteful from the public figures who  themselves are not ready to compromise their carriers for the topics endangering our civilization.

He IS a journalist, I am not, the dirty socks are mine not his,  it just represents the level of understanding we are dealing with.

I have no intention to talk about my private life, I am deeply convinced it is none of people’s business when the 2/3 of the species have disappeared from our planet, when every genetic modification, performed on the current level of understanding  is condemning us to the eternal Matrix, when the weather control and 1-5G is depriving us of the possibility to increase our consciousness, when humanity in the third millennium is not able to reconcile its differences without wars, human experimentation and torture and when they do not know the Universe indeed IS spiritual, that has absolutely nothing to do with me. There are legal ways how to condemn a citizen if the constitutions of the world are applicable. So why are we using the illegal ones, penalizing not just a person but its whole country like in my case?

Our own mechanicality as the means to our enslavement

Amazon and Facebook to read (reading?) not just thoughts but human emotions – just another application of technologies, that work on one simple recognition that we, humans, are contained in literally biological, computerised bodies that have certain programs and can and do  run our lives independently of us. Neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists found out that long time ago and Intel uses it accordingly. Eventually such knowledge gets passed down to the private sector and we end up with screening of our emotions by our ‘smart’ guys and being used for different political, social and economic purposes.

So what can be done about it? To stop it? How could it be stopped? There are millions of companies across the whole world, working one way or another on such technologies! Hardly possible and hardly likely by ordinary means.

Under such circumstances I would take a different approach. First few questions should be asked: How come, that  out of 500 of my strokes on a keyboard Google is able to predict with ca 90% accuracy my  behavioural profile, habits, tastes, choices, preferences? Only because I behave mechanically according to a certain pattern.

So if I behave utterly mechanically, 90% of others  must be mechanical as well. Is everything in me mechanical? That is a question every adept of real  esoteric studies is asked to find out. I wish I could say no, but approximately 2 years of sincere self observations will prove otherwise. Clear reference to the classical ‘Know thyself’ first.

Yet what is not mechanical is the rare awareness of it. That awareness, which can come only by separating one’s attention into two – the observer and the observed and which is characteristic for the third state of consciousness. The process called waking up out of a hypnotic sleep, self realization, self remembering are different names for the same thing and only without that the smart  guys can predict our behaviour. But such states rarely come on their own and people do not know they are the most precious moments in their lives,  hard to artificially evoke among the endless identifications of each day and the hardest of all –  to sustain them in frequency, length and depth.

What if the smart guys enrolled into some real esoteric workshops for few weeks? Maybe then this generally omitted  knowledge, available to us since the beginning of time, would be  reinvented, hopefully applied to life and this current technological progress of enslaving human machines would be redirected towards the awakening  of humanity.

Or am I too asleep to see the  Mount Everest climbers….

The controversial questions

Is the leading manager of the planet  ready to announce to 7 billion people how the planet receives  light and heat?

Is the science ready to announce that the Universe is spiritual?

Is the science ready to announce that  Mr. Darwin was a subjective scientist, created by objective science and so were we?

Is the church ready to accept that our Lord Jesus Christ is not GOD but his SON?

Is the church ready to call off  reincarnation/recurrence as heresy?

Are the churches  ready to announce that all religions originate from one source?

Are the intel scientists ready to inform their ‘lesser’ orthodox colleagues that there are different states of consciousness as their ‘sleeping beauty’ programs confirm?

Is humanity to be explained that we live in the second state of consciousness which produces wars, hatred, transhumanism and artificial intelligence instead of rediscovering techniques to reach the third and fourth states as the ways to exit from  the Matrix?

Are the superpowers ready to stop covert human experimentation and torture going on with directed electromagnetic and sonic energy on a global scale and protect the bodies and minds of their citizens against unheard of loss of privacy?     Is the psychiatric establishment ready to do the same?

Is the US ready to face the fact that the analyses of vaccines suggest they are not composed of the most favorable ingredients for the tiny bodies of the newcomers to this world?

Are the superpowers ready to stop manipulating with Nature’s natural processes and give back to her the main control over the planetary weather?

Do we know for certain 5G will not blow off a half of our planet and possibly other  neighbours?

Today a twitter message led me to a clever picture in a book, representing an ancient way how to wake up and I discovered  Tassili National Park for the first time. To my surprise I saw the slim mountains,  looking like the towers of cathedrals, very similar to those risen after big bang in my dream few years ago.  I could not eliminate a possibility of a fake dream sent to me via advanced neural technologies to make mickey out of me or for some other reason as happens every day, but its extraordinary content speaks against it. When I am thinking about it now, the thought of warning  us about what happened thousands of years ago seems more realistic.

These are the main questions that I believe complicate Mr Assange’s case and mine as well.






Meanings within the meanings

To hear intelligent objective thoughts nowadays one has to go back in time. I repeat very often that  the military and intel alphabets have been spying/searching  such materials for over hundred years and so when there is much confusion on the internet about what those up  behind the scene  are doing (apart from blackmailing presidents as usual  for whatever reasons) one can come across some hints in the old sources.

By now it is known to majority of those following this line of thoughts that human life serves a Great Cosmic Purpose, that we were not created by accident and life was not given to us for ourselves only.  The current military science is coming to terms with it, judging by the level of human experimentation they conduct on targeted people. To label all ‘secret’ symbols as satanic work does not help at all, so actual knowledge is far the best way to approach this domain before it overtakes humanity in a wrong way.  There is  a well known document called Tabula Smaragdina. It explains in symbols the mystery of the Universe, the lower one within the higher one or the other way around depending how we look at it. The lower one, the origin of the Earth’s moon and sun shine  was chosen for the emblem of Cia at the entrance of their US headquarters, that scientific mystery which has been hidden from us insanely for one hundred years, till Year Zero perhaps…. Obviously they are conducting experiments with the atmosphere connected to the Matrix.  We know about the on going geoengineering and ionospheric activities, the real causes of  the weather change, but what if there is another layer of experiments, connected with cyclones? Today I heard that they have been doing them since 1947. The esoteric literature available to them speaks about the sphere of general Nature which often has ‘repeated reciprocal exchange of substances between various great cosmic concentrations’  through a certain process, a part of which we call  cyclone. It allows drops of water to evolve to the next higher concentrations. Of course it has other levels of meaning as well, as always in this field. I think the defence departments enjoy such style as it gives them the power of knowing what others do not comprehend. Yesterday I was reading some Wikileaks materials and saw the structure of Cia. AIB caught my attention- automated implants branch. “Malware injections, implant drops (Nsa jargon) called fires, as if a weapon being fired. However the analogy is questionable.”                                           I know it refers  to computers, but I immediately connected it with targeting humans. It happens to me sometimes, I walk on the street, a stranger passes by or a car and  within a minute hardly bearable pain explodes inside my body. It is clearly a different technology from the usual Smart targeting. So my intuition would be inclined to consider the Wikileaks analogy as correct, another  meaning within a meaning…


The common language

If all of you on the side of humanity took the most basic works of the 4th Way and ‘just’ read it not out of curiosity but with an open mind, without prejudice, vanity and ego saying I know better, you would understand not just the core of the planetary situation, for which the military and alphabets must have the highest clearances, but it would also give you the map and the common language to communicate with each other through your knowledge you have already acquired and which perhaps needs to be corrected at some places. It would create a strong base for the reconciling force needed to combat the Golem.

Leadership according to the being

According to the Tales the other planets of the Universe have leaders-kings, usually one each. The Earth was not an exception, just  had several  of them. But they succeeded by their blood lines,  contrary to the rest of the Universe where they succeeded by their level of being. The difference is that one you  inherit, the other one you must earn by your own work; the first  have to defend themselves against the enemies by armies, the second  have natural authority, to which the rest submits voluntarily, like in Nature.

In the third millennium we do not have ruling kings anymore with few exceptions, we have democracy as the best option of governing the planetary affairs and we are facing the biggest extinction of species in the history of mankind due to our sheer ignorance of the objective laws of the Universe. We have elections every 4 or so years, half elections in between and all connected with eventual  impeachments and endless reports, clearly an impossible environment to govern anything but petty cash minors. And those invisible unelected,  who have the possible environment to govern wisely from behind present their level of being via complete lies, hatred, terror, wars, 5D’s, 5G’s, Dew tortures, censoring and prosecuting free speech in the main stream media.

We cannot continue the same way much longer because we are violating the universal laws and we will be stopped by their reaction. So either you somehow invite professionals with a higher level of being than yours as advisors to sort this mess of yours out and show some sensible planetary leadership by acknowledging first the sovereignty  of the rest of the world, which is non-existent at present, or will we  just ‘simmer’ to  the Newton’s  first?

The crap

There is a fundamental difference between the Accuser and Jesus Christ. The principle of the first is “Name and shame” and the principle of the second is “Go and sin no more” ( sin=that which is unnecessary). The second is really the approach needed in the present  situation on Earth to avoid another act of mutual planetary self-destruction. But we have twisted it into “go on and do unnecessary things covertly”  and “name and shame those who found out about it”. So those who sincerely are interested in the change rather than seeking bloody revenge cannot but fall back to the old pattern which evokes denying force and the wheel is turning uncompromisingly.

I was taught that to really change anything first metanoia is needed, a new way of thinking; it is available to us, so who is going to apply it in the right context to the general public? Burning the roofs of cathedrals by directed energy weapons and bringing terror to  other sacred places is hardly metanoia, specially in the time of history, when we know by the scientific and so provable way that our planet is a star as the other planets are and that there is a Central Universal Place, from where all affairs are directed, including our insignificant sphere. Only our endless egoism and vanity prevent us from admitting that we are not alone in the universe and that the others are not interested in our “distinguishing mama from papa”  with its  infantile star wars at all when the adult universe needs hands for the real work.

So when will you, analphabets of the Earth, face the music you have been broadcasting for so long? When will you stop teaching new generations that lying, misleading, cruelty and virtual reality is the most profitable way how to approach life, that came to existence only by an accidental coincidence?

Or do we really have to keep participating in these deadly Days of our lives  and listen  to that embarrassing  crap of Russia and North Korea gates till the next elections?



Up till today I still do not know what colour is associated with what political party, I simply do not consider human beings from such angle, it is totally irrelevant to me. I look at them from the point of view of their ability to manage state and worldly affairs in such way that it results in  the wellbeing of their citizens. Historically proven fact says that military endeavours are the most expensive and destructive ways to lead any country. So naturally one must wonder how to deal with this unsustainable situation where the most power seeking nation on earth exercises the infantile bullying methods against its adversaries to evoke frictions and potential war conflicts  on every continent and its representatives do not realize how painful it is to watch that outrageous display of  self-righteousness  which totally disregards the most obvious facts, contradicting  their perception of truth. They evoke in their listeners total confusion about what is true and what is just a despotic abuse. In the previous centuries it was not so critical because our technologies were not jeopardising the existence of life itself but they do now and it makes me angry when I see such an arrogant manifestation of power blackmailing the whole planet simply because the smaller nations do not have access to such scientific advances and cannot protect themselves against such impact on their territories, economies and citizens. It creates an environment of fear, corruption, political  servility, helplessness, anger, rebellion and denial, preventing real prosperity and close communion between the nations of all continents, built on mutual trust, the most natural human impulse we were born with as we can see in little children.

Simply Golem.

Our crossroads

I am not sure what is a socially and morally  correct behaviour under the circumstances our planet is right at the moment,

But my common sense is telling me, that the situation is heading towards the fulfilment of the biblical  prophecies, in agreement with  several more recent predictions. I am not an alarmist at all but what I experience in my body is clearly the breach of the most basic human rights and also a reflection of what is happening to our Mother Earth on a global scale.  The fact that I do not frequently talk  about electromagnetic  and microwave attacks over the  internet does not mean, that I would give my consent to them at all, no, I am bringing attention to the reality of what is happening on this planet on a daily bases,  in front of 7 billion people to millions of other human beings under the military command/ consent and what  the militaries do to our atmosphere and the Earth as well,  by bombarding it with electromagnetic, microwave,  hypersonic  laser or other radiation beams in order to gain total control over the planetary processes which they cannot understand in their complexity for the lack of required scientific knowledge of higher dimensions. Such  knowledge of the higher order and corresponding  objective laws is remarkably missing in the current state of affairs and is reflected on literally every level of planetary management, it is actually frightening in times of  accelerated  speed of new discoveries in every field of science while there is no or very little communication between them… and the earth is sending us  clear messages which nobody can hide anymore, so we are developing the systems of censorships.

I have been pointing it out for nine years from this Czech  bay of pigs to which the US and Nato assigned me 9 years ago, yet everything is getting worse, not better. I am still a dangerous spy and a terrorist  jeopardising the existence of humanity, who under the global martial law cannot be contacted on this topic since 2010, yet is a subject not just to 24/7 public surveillance, mind reading and  military experimentation but also to the global  mafia sex-trafficking,  surely with Nato blessing because such business depends on satellite facilities which are all under the total control of the military. Looking at it from the American point of view it might seem insignificant in comparison with the scale of their worldly power games but disregarding myself there are hundreds of thousands  of other people targeted by directed energy weapons  and  globally it must create such an unprecedented level of negative energy, that it cannot but  manifest sooner or later in one way or the other. I have been saying that we are violating the most powerful force of Nature out of sheer ignorance and there are objective laws operating in the entire universe to which everything living is a subject and we know nothing about them.

This morally degrading game corrupts the souls of every generation and specially the young one  as it trains them in thinking that a human body has no value whatsoever, can be replaced by artificial silikon versions and causing cruelty to another living being can be pleasurable to them. What emotional bases will that create for their future families?  The  psychological games from the most gross to the most subtle  that I and other targeted people across the world notice every day,   suggest  the sadistic nature of the master of the game; it is indeed a game of fun for the crowds and agony for  those  participating with their bodies. I do not know the end but I do not trust it- simply  for that fundamental universal law which says that the effects of a cause must always re-enter the cause.

You all know my history and I am the last person who would want to pretend something or blame others for my failings. But that cannot stop me from addressing the issues that I believe jeopardise fulfilling of the sole purpose of human existence.

There are certain long forgotten mysteries of creation,  forgotten by the Churches in the West or  reduced to procreation,  and we have been left only with fragments of ancient teachings, which deal with life and death phenomena, and with sacred processes of coating  the human souls or so called astral bodies.  I studied them for many years and I  know that the alphabets were spying on such schools  therefore they have a very extensive knowledge in this domain, far exceeding that of the orthodox science. They know how to separate consciousness from the physical body for example,  I was taken  through such process and crossed the time line, so I can confirm with certainty that the physical brain  is not necessary for our consciousness to exist;  apparently the esoteric science calls us ‘three brain beings’, suggesting we could create another two independent bodies of finer energies within us.  The  energy connected with reproductive organs participates in such processes and so does the emotional centre; so what good can come out of the violent dew attacks, when the concerned have no idea what is going on or disagree with it and take  it as torture?  Totally wasted unnecessary suffering that lacks the third force, the sacredness, which is absolutely necessary for the completion of blending of the 3 universal forces. Otherwise the wrong type of crystallization might proceed.   Mr. G used to say- they can get to the third, even to the forth room, and they may find it empty.  I know very little, but over the years of esoteric studies I have not come  across any experimentations with such energies. We were asked to abstain from it if possible  and just  by following the rules I experienced the Heavenly place of the SUN  ABSOLUTE, described in the scriptures including the Bible.  So I rather do not consent to any experimentation of this kind and I am asking the military to stop this non consensual experimentation on all people at once, while there is time as it attracts misfortune to us all and deviates the most sacred impulse of love that indeed moves the stars as Dante rightly expressed.

From the same esoteric materials one can deduce how our so far clandestine directed energy weapons  came into existence.  There are many other scientific discoveries I learned about, which have been kept unofficial for over one hundred years and give the bases for conspiracy theories of the wildest imagination. You would have to have the highest  clearances to have access to them in the military. Here lies the core of the  majority of  fake news, unwillingness to tell  humanity the truth which would make them fall to their knees in front of such Glory and bring finally the Will of the CREATOR on Earth.

As a global citizen I strongly object to it because we have come to the point in history,, where science took the unprecedented position of dictating the direction to humanity without acknowledging that the Universe is spiritual, that we do not originate from apes and that the Genesis is actually scientific description of the Earth mystery, already documentable to humanity for many decades.

By not revealing it –  thousands  of new scientists have been taught the Darwin’s theory of evolution and gotten engaged in transhumanistic plans for the future of humanity, based on artificial intelligence and genetic modifications of species, encouraging enormous financial investments from the public and private sphere without suspecting the existence of the ENDLESSNESS LOVING CREATOR OF EVERYTHING LIVING and the different role HE assigned to us all without any discrimination whatsoever.

Why are we considered so stupid, that we cannot be told what people knew just two hundred years ago? Or is it because we are not willing to say that the emperor is naked?

Well the emperor is naked.

Reciprocal Maintenance as the Objective Law of the Universe

Reciprocal maintenance is one of the objective laws of the Universe. By simple observation of Nature we see that everything is interconnected, feeds and is dependent on something else. Our science has proved that everything living is run by electricity and emits a certain type of vibrations. . The vibrations of fauna and flora are set by Nature, with one exception – homo sapience. Humans have the privilege to change theirs if they want and know how. The vibrations are of quantitative and qualitative character. The qualitative vibrations are expected of humans and required from our planet for higher cosmic purposes at this stage of its evolution. When we do not produce them, Nature has to take different measures and adjust itself to quantitative ones by increasing the number of the population, which is reflected in the current population numbers. Continue reading “Reciprocal Maintenance as the Objective Law of the Universe”

In our Father’s house there are many mansions

I went for a Walk this morning and was stopped in the park by the results of some night activities, which took half an hour to put into the bags. It is like in life. One gets born to the light room or to the mud room and by living finds out that not everything in our Father’s house is a light room and not everything is a mud room. And at one point he/she can choose, where actually they want to live. It does not mean that they would want to deny their previous existence in the mud room or the light room, not at all, it means that they have experienced both and now have freedom of choice. And perhaps they want to share that knowledge with others. The mud room is at the basement, to get to the light  room  one has to use the steps and take off the shoes. That way mud cannot get to the  light room in any way. They do not mix.


A tale

I must be the biggest sinner on our planet, who’s intimate sexual details of 66 years have been circulating for a decade in one form or another on the internet.

It became a source of all possible inspirations, conspiracies and hoaxes and gave intelligence agencies, scientific centres,  all possible authorities and  main stream media  excuses to experiment on my body and my mind in the most cruel ways anyone of you can imagine.

Not everyday of my life I sinned 24 hours a day but that is kept secret not to alter  the evil image the general public has securely imprinted in its mind of me over the last 9 years.. I will not disturb anybody’s  conscience, I accept the treatments as part of whatever payment has to be made for sinning.

My biggest sin happened when I was a child and by some accident I experienced an orgasm. I have no idea how, it must have been in the bathroom with the shower. It was an overwhelming experience and I wanted to share it with my closest girlfriend, we knew each other since we were 3-4 years old, growing almost together at the country side, I really loved her, we were climbing up our special tree in the forest, playing with other kids,  just normal usual stuff. She was 2 years older, she could have said no. I was not interested in any abuse, I had no idea about the existence of such nature’s force and the adult’s world certainly did not prepare us for it in the right way.  I did not consider it evil as I had no concept of evil till IT visited me at night, right after falling asleep. IT was an evil living force, always coming from the left which penetrated my whole body including the bones and wanted to destroy me.  I was screaming with horror even after I woke up. My girlfriend did not have  such experiences so we stopped. It had absolutely nothing to do with any sado/maso I see around my self all the time. When people watch Amarcord, they laugh, when they watch me, it is a global outcry. Well I understand that with the current technologies you can create pretty strong collages and people like to watch porno, even those morally pure so it is not hard to imagine the impact it has had on you all.

Several years later I lost sight of her as her family moved out of the area and have not seen her till cca 15 years ago on my visit from Au.  We were smiling, she reminded me of that experiment with laughing, I totally forgot about it. We wanted to see  each other again.

Looking at it from now, all I can say is that it is up to her and God to judge me and I accept whatever it takes to pay for it.

All  sexual electronic abuse of the mob that has been following me 24/7 for  nine years I somehow reconcile at the end of each day, hoping that there will come time when you  must get to the point when you realize enough is enough.

So that was just the beginning of my life. Do you understand that it is simply convenient to concentrate on me, because it generates big business worldwide, it keeps masses’ attention exactly were it is needed, it is used for different political and social deeds and the topics, for which I got such unheard of treatment, can be kept under the carpets.

So is that enough to stop at least the most wild imagination of the public? There is so much to do… otherwise  this planet will really  “puff and blow”.

By the way I do not collect nor wear jewelry and I keep certain principles.


Kitchen story thoughts written down last year in the middle of  frantic reactions – cars passing by, slamming doors, breaking and throwing  bottles, the usual  regular stuff:

Calm all down, 40 Hz is pretty high so we all react accordingly….when two planets come closer to each other, temporary tension is created, as with some people, that is transmitted to the Earth and psychologically influences its habitat. Our ancestors knew how to protect humanity against it,  they neutralized the negative vibrations by increasing the level of consciousness and safely overcame the  harmful influences. Our civilization lost such knowledge so we had been left with the periodical reciprocal destruction means of balancing the negative vibrations.

With the progress of science and some discovered esoteric knowledge I believe the top military is conducting covert experiments with artificially induced frequencies and collects data about our behaviour.  I was telling you to check the frequencies we were exposed to before I learned about the Schumann Resonance. The msm media or scientists are not allowed to mention that its normal resonance of 7.8  has more than doubled, sometimes up to 40 which is really high so I assume it must be artificially created.

I have been waiting for  competent authorities to come forward with such knowledge so that we could start to revive the practices of our ancestors, but the old scenarios of military solutions are just deeply rooted in the planetary marshals, as we can see right now…

So the best what can an ordinary person do is not to get identified with the current madness, knowing it is coming from an  external source and to watch its own irritation, anger and other negative emotions, which are played on him/her the same way as on the rest of the world. By turning inwards one realizes the trick which is played on him and negativity can be neutralized, with pure energy as a bonus on hand to be used for soul purposes.. There are 7 billion of us, 80% religious in one form or another, so we could handle such forces without destructive results, could not we?

Social credit – doing “good things for wrong reasons”


I have been following this topic not only because it is just an overture to its world wide application but also being a participant myself in the psyop operations system for at least a decade I know their “mind” very intimately and  I disagree with them wholeheartedly. The Chinese level is perhaps not directly interacting with a human body, just psychologically blackmailing it, but still we are talking about  an external imperative imposed on a free willed person. Yes we do not want to have anarchy and we must have certain rules and laws in order to avoid mutual cruelty or genocide, as we are not capable of withholding such impulses without them, but there has to be freedom of choosing between good and evil in order to pass life lessons for which we were created. The Creative Force of the Universe  is not interested in an ants hive, he could have created us in such a way but he did not. He is interested in human beings who themselves figure out the principles of his objective laws and live in accordance with them so that they could one day helpfully participate in his miraculous creation. Star wars, ai robots and biowarfare are hardly what he had originally in his mind.

By such mechanical control we will be subjected to equally mechanical response, meaning we will automatically start to do the right things for wrong reasons, we will submit to the police power who will be able to terrorise us with no backlash. The good habits will be recorded in the wrong parts of our minds and with the first accidental  “liberation” we will return back to where we were before the application of social credits.

Our emotional centres will stay intact and  “the trustworthy will roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”

Yet it is precisely the emotional centre which could stop me from mechanical wrong/correct doing and HEAVEN make to roam:

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety-nine just persons, which need no repentance.



via https://www.lidovky.cz/svet/miliony-lidi-s-nizkym-skore-nesmi-nasednout-do-vlaku-ci-letadla-cina-zablokovala-23-milionu-listk.A190302_104122_ln_zahranici_zdp

Three lines of Work

People generally have very little understanding what it means to Work on oneself not for self-calming and well-being purposes but for one’s inner development.

There are many schools with many different approaches so that everybody can choose the one corresponding to their “type”. Or it is rather the other way around, they choose us.

But most of them have the Work divided into the three lines of Work so that when life interferes heavily with such aims on one or two of them, the third is available to overcome the intervals of the others.

  1. Work on one self.
  2. Work with other “students”
  3. Work for the School, connected to the HIGHER, for the  good of the future of humanity

With just a little effort we can distinguish the third line of Work from the first.

…so mighty an Earthquake and so great…

Everyone who connects the dots must come to a conclusion that our technologies are going to destroy our civilization as such. The “technocrats” have no understanding of the Grand Cosmic Plan that is based on higher consciousness. To implement forcefully digital morals  is just the unconscious continuation of the Old World Order with the New World Technologies and that is not what is required of us at this stage of development of our Solar System.

With all  high IQs available to humanity we have not figured out that planets with the moon “are living beings, having definite ages, a definite period of life and possibilities of development and transition to other planes of being.”  I will quote from ISOM: “The  Moon is a planet at birth, at initial stages of development, which had not yet reached the degree of intelligence possessed by the Earth. But it is growing and one day possibly will attain the same level as the earth. Then, near it a new moon will appear and the earth will become their sun. At one time the sun was like the earth and the earth like the moon. The intelligence of the sun is divine but the earth can become the same, only of course it is not guaranteed and the earth may die having attained nothing. There is a definite period for a certain thing to be done. If, by a certain time, what ought to be done has not been done, the earth may perish without having attained what it could have attained.”

I followed this system and it proved to be correct in everything I pursued on that line so I have absolutely no reason to doubt about this theory. Especially when I see where some of our contemporary science leads humanity and the whole planet.

Nasa commented few years ago that everything in the Bible is correct. So let’s take the revelations 13 and 16:

13:15   ….and he had power to give spirit unto the image of the beast…..I know from my own experience that our research centres work on and with separating consciousness from the physical body, they use directed energy to activate certain nerves. I went through this process, not knowing then it was artificially induced. Other very strange experiments with transferring consciousness to subhuman entities do happen.

13:17….and he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand… and that no men might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name.  The language does not express the science of 21.century, but cash is unfortunately not a preferred form of payment for the public any more. The same day we abolish it we will expose ourselves to total tyranny or blackmail as the digital technology can close access to our accounts anytime for whatever reason and we will not be able to buy even a piece of bread.

16:18…..and there were voices and thunders and lightnings and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an Earthquake, and so great.  I had a dream few years back, two great masses of clay  collapsed into each other with immense bang and transformed themselves into something resembling a clay cathedral

16:20 …..and every island fled away and the mountains were not found.

The prophecies do not mean to create panic and do not want to be fulfilled, they simply warn and our planetary situation corresponds with some of them so perhaps deep contemplation before deciding on behalf of all humanity and its surrounding  Universe is not such an insane thought…….

Do we understand that it is not a question of  star wars and ai robots vs divine intelligence of the sun,

it is divine intelligence of the sun vs nothing.












I am not a sage but when I see videos and articles about the secret societies, devils of all kinds with horns, sexual torture, pyramids and all-seeing eye on the top, presented in sarcastic, disdainful manner, a testimony of the utter ignorance, I would never get involved in this circus as it has marks of a disaster all over the place. But I am in the middle of it and have no choice of  stepping  out so I will repeat again few basics as they have completely escaped the attention of the masses totally identified by my occasional waist down life in the last century.

That “secret” school I was studying was a psychological school based on ancient Christianity which was only for those people who understood they were asleep and wanted to wake up. And that was precisely what we were doing there. Trying to wake ourselves up as often, as long and as deep as possible. The ALL  seeing eye ordinarily does not enter into the picture on this level as our usual garbage prevents us from reaching higher vibrations needed for the communication with the Higher. But once I happened to stand in front of OUR COMMON CREATOR so I know ALL SEEING EYE may be misused for as many human atrocities as we are capable of, but do not get befouled by anybody about HIS non existence and  were I you I would rather fall to my knees as our conduct on this planet is literally  attracting two most powerful forces of the Universe and your hypersonic systems might not have even time to be mutually activated.



I fail to understand what has my accidentally risen non violent childhood’s experiment with Nature’s forces to do with the planetary issues jeopardizing humanity’s existence? I am not a politician, I have no intention to be a public person and the most important thing which I  wanted to do even in Australia but knew I could not, due to my past, I have done after all – to tell the world that the Universe is spiritual, that the scriptures are correct,  that we all have our COMMON FATHER CREATOR and one day we will return back to him.  The rest are just details and “stating the obvious”, however horrendous. I am available to any question the world has. But imagination is safer, is it not?

The global military knows that, so what the hell they are doing is a mystery to me.

Lego cubes not according to Nature

This is exactly what you get when you hide from humanity that the Universe is spiritual. We have realized that the physical world is composed of lego cubes so only the imagination and an accident is a limit in how we put them together. Our ancestors observed long ago, that Nature put them together in a way that everything is mutually connected one way or another. We disregarded such observations and ended up with the bills for cleaning up the planet, what do we do with all that plastic? When you get to Stanfords it is too late. Any sane leader would make the Great Law of the Iroquois compulsory right from the beginning of the teaching system. How do you want to stop this insanity?

Isn’t humanity ready for the scientific truth?

Mrs Doris Lessing used the expression “the pool of consciousness”, in a sense that we are  interconnected energetically and psychically in time; the thoughts, ideas once arisen continue to exist so from the metaphysical point of view it is rather childish and naive in the 21.century to use such suppressive methods for stopping the truth to come out. I learned that in childhood, the end was always far worse.                                                                         If the old Masters leave you the legacy of scientific discoveries of the previous civilizations, your scientific technology is well advanced to prove their truth to you and you try to hide it from humanity when so many people are waking up, can you expect less than humor in the form of flat earthers?

I am extremely opposed to the psychological experiments on masses.  We are all deeply asleep, we have no idea what we are doing and when some “high iq”s open most likely by accident a key to the next door, not knowing what that room is for, what to do there and what is far worse -how to get out of that room as there is no way back,  the undesirable future’s silhouette is getting quite clear if the presence is not dealt with wisdom.

So where is the wisdom? Certainly not by giving different keys to different parties  and prohibiting them by the global martial law to report directly on what is found behind the doors, only in symbols.  The inevitable result has been total mutual confusion, misinterpretation, superiority/patronization, naivety, egoistic arrogance, anger, well sort of what Cia director W. Casey aimed in 1981 when answering President Reagan’s question about Cia’s future aims:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.

Not quite there yet worldwide but getting close.

(after reading about the youtube’s censoring of conspiracies at lightonconspiracies)

Is European Censorship of the Internet an overture to a Third World War?

Back to the Eu copyright reform law  with upload filter provisions and link tax in the new year.  I am not a professional but I use the internet many hours a day and search extensively the scientific materials, so I know the publishers use copyrights and I cannot access such articles without buying them. Or they give me access to 3 of them per months. The same is with an art work, sometimes I can download them, sometimes I cannot. Or I download them into my folder and they expire in one months. Websites themselves have their own policies which I as a user have to comply with.   The access to the internet is already heavily regulated compared to 2008-9 so this just another step to isolate Europe from many influences and information out of which one can form an independent opinion.   I was brought up in socialism so I am used to censorship but after tasting freedom of the internet this is quite revolting. How come people do not massively revolt? All former socialist countries should be screaming! All old democracies should do the same, yet when I look at the spreadsheet how our representatives voted in the Parliament, I cannot believe my eyes. Is it because most of them are already a young generation, who did not experience the censorship? There is something very dangerous in our contemporary climate of fake news.  When we had capitalism vs socialism we knew that ‘all lies were true on both sides’ but now we have only democracies with truths being called  fake news and fake news being called truths so the public gets confused.  Some humorous voting there:


I might be pessimistic on this but if we look at the current situation, where we have human experimentations going on, directed energy weapons in the form of  smart phones being used on civilians as a profitable hunting business, climate change/weather control equation, transhumanistic megalomaniacs turning the planet upside down and all that wrapping up into 5G,  further censoring seems dangerous to me. Especially when I read that the whole project is in hands of someone, who ‘implied that E.Snowden had endangered innocents’ lives and potentially collaborated with terrorists as well as the Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies.[1′ What would he be thinking about Julian Assange and Wikileaks?

I watched a documentary video recently and there was a classroom full of kids. The teacher was explaining something to them and after that she asked who agreed with it. All hands went up except one of the boys. The teacher was still smiling, finishing the class and then looked at the boy and her tablet with a red button. She pressed it. The kids did not seem to be shocked. Humanity can go up or down on an evolutionary scale, can reach the ABOVE or descend to the lowest below, man as the only animal in Nature was given such a choice. So let’s be careful.

Somebody mentioned the custom of  Tibetan monks to create colour sand mandala. It takes several days of concentrated attention to the details to accomplish such task, just for the sake of creation, not identifying with the act itself, however beautiful to the eyes. After finishing it they go and destroy it with complete detachment. It just came to my mind that perhaps we in the West could get gently inspired by their approach to creation regarding our obsession with copyrighting everything we come across…after all, we got all necessary things for free originally, had not we?





“Imagination and reality that follows”

has been basically a global algorithm for planning our earthly affairs by those atheists who in their totally egoistic perception of the Universe imagine being  Gods  themselves and having almost unlimited human, financial, scientific and repressive resources only their imagination is a limit. Easy to fix by hiring condors but nowadays it is easier, they just let ai read humanity’s minds and extract what seems to be productive in one way or another. By watching Jessica to stub out her cigaret into the egg yolk it became clear to me that planning is done even decades in advance and were I those who deal with such matters I would take recent  cartoons as future reality scripts for covert murders. It is the same with the current circus, they have set up some date in the next years and we are just filling the time.

Considering the scientific discoveries which indicate  our physical bodies are in reality electric and magnetic fields, connecting all humanity as the waves of the ocean not just with the Earth but with the whole universe, the planetary geopolitics look like a product of dinosaurs who by their nature cannot understand the underlying universal principles of CREATION. You cannot run the planet in the third millennium  the same way you have done so far. It reminds me a comparison of humans to airplanes, which have been used  as cars on highways.

The biggest danger for our planet presents our overuse of  electricity,  we ourselves are  run by electricity and not only humans but everything living and existing as well! Each planet has allocated certain amount of electricity, all planets are interconnected and the law of equilibrium keeps the balance between them. Each disturbance has to be dealt with. And there is another aspect,  I am not a scientist but the scriptures state: ‘Man’s destruction of electricity during its use’. What does it mean? That we could use it without destroying it? How? What our orthodox science actually knows  about its essence?  “They named the totality or the separate parts of this substance, sacred just for them, differently at different periods, and at the present time they name the result of the blending and the mutual destruction of two parts of this omnipresent substance “electricity“. BT 3.vol, G.I.G.

This knowledge has been available to all defense departments for over 100 years and they must have been aware of the possible dangers, but extraction of electricity from the atmosphere not just for  their scientific experiments does not correspond with slightest level of care.                                                                                                                                      Has humanity been told about electricity? No, There are over 7 billion people and we in the West  act as if  electricity was unlimited. Ordinary people have no idea that they themselves are run by electricity similarly to their cars which  they often park with the motor on without giving a damn about the energy waste and I cannot expect them to behave otherwise because they do not know, nobody officially told them.

Yesterday I was listening to the presentation of a quantum particles scientist, talking about the electric and magnetic fields of which we are all part and he was suggesting many questions to be answered in the future and I was thinking about this absurd situation, where the esoteric knowledge, not even hidden from humanity, could lead these exquisite minds the way which would bring them to the answers. There is a trick to it, our current moral and ethical level is such that we transform every new discovery into the self-destructive technologies first, bringing suffering upon the planet. The word esoteric meant originally the inner circle of humanity, spiritually the most developed beings, where the full knowledge was concealed, protected from any possible misuse and misinterpretation. The atheistic science does not respect any such limitations so we ended up with covert walking concentration camps experimentations, yet the spiritual dimension is clearly detectable by the level of vibrations which can be measured by nowadays technologies. Maybe the next generation will pick it up if we survive  5G.






Do you see the psychology of mechanical reactions?

Something with quite far-reaching consequences is announced as being prepared to be discussed by the delegated authorities, the press of the left and the right may even pay attention to it on the third page after all scandals and sport matches of the day. The alternative and activist media warn us. Few weeks or months later it results in a new law, we get upset and then go along with it.

It is a pattern, proved to be efficient to keep us in the imagination that democracy is  securely  established in the political structure of western society.

Eight years ago my case shaked Czech Republic, I was put officially unofficially by the global martial law under the 24/7 public surveillance which included not just internet  live broadcast of every place I happen to be including my home, but even reading of my thoughts or subliminal thoughts of the ai to which I am remotely connected.

Wikileaks brought attention to such alphabets’ practices  worldwide which effectively cut Mr Assange of the Sun’s rays for years to come.

What has the world learned from it?  Almost everything. What has the world done to protect itself from such path? Nothing. The world totally missed to understand that such cases are not about the concerned protagonists who even deserve such treatments for threatening the security of conscientious  defence departments (who use human experimentation, humiliation and torture as revenge),  but about the social system, which has no moral nor legal barriers whatsoever against implementing the new 21 century technologies that enslave lives of seven billion people  in a previously unprecedented way. You all got used to it, it became mechanical. I even saw a document about young people, who voluntarily pioneer to have chips inserted into their bodies for convenience. Who would voluntarily exchange the  loving CREATOR of the universe for an ai sado/macho psychopath as a communicator? Naivety of people in times of nano technologies is unbelievable.

Fwe months ago  at the UN premises there was a discussion about regulating the production of killer robots. As hideous, absolutely revolting, subhuman idea it is,  despite of many oppositions from the press and public, the decision  was postponed for another year. The industry knows that next year  public will be used to it and will not give them too much opposition.

The same thing is happening now with the social credits.  I feel deeply sorry for all Chinese and see quite clearly that in one two years you all will get so used to the idea that when it comes to you, the discussions will  be not about yes/no but about how many categories you should  have. This is not about the external features of your bodies, your faces, your fingerprints, it is about the revolting invasion of your internal organism, your mind and inner core of your being by the most primitive, unforgiving and unconscious force of the universe, prying unceasingly in your consciousness as well as subconsciousness to catch you in some hidden agenda you know nothing of or you had overcome long ago by your own life effort, just to make you feel guilty.  It is a monster and in majority of people it will automatically develop conformism,  hypocritical features and fear of expression or a deep revolt, having nothing to do with ethical understanding. When removed people will return to the original level of their being.  In those 8 years I have been on such program I have not improved absolutely anything in myself, on the contrary, I dropped well below the pre-period and learned the thinking processes which were foreign to me and which I deeply despise. And I have been quite fortunate not to experience any horrors.

So from the depth of my heart I warn you. Do not take this path, there is a spiritual way which will self regulate a human being through his/her conscience. The management of the planet is due to introduce it.




Social Credit vs Conscience

I got used to the huge garbage trucks obstructing my ways to the church so I am not surprised that Chinese people’ access to the Almighty is conditioned by their social credit, the idea originates from the same source I believe.

But to do it on a nationwide and obviously even global scale is really a profoundly diabolical enterprise. The governments love the idea, can you imagine all of those who oppose your political, economic, scientific or religious stands would get socially in debt and could do nothing about it, even could not eat as there will be no factual money and their account could be shut down in a second,  as their social websites.

But all that is nothing compared to losing the most fundamental universal birthright humans got from the CREATOR – freedom to choose between good and evil.  I was taught that morality is  subjected to time and geography, as opposed to conscience, buried deeply inside all of us, based on the objective laws of the universe, and when activated, it unmistakably guides us to choose good over evil.

When you introduce an external forceful system, literally the police force into your body and mind, you may eliminate certain level of crime, but it will be based on hypocrisy and mechanical, cunning calculations, not on activating the objective conscience.  The moment the military/police force is stopped or removed for whatever reason, all those mechanically trained people will get back to the good/evil scenario according to their level of understanding.  Would you expect people to use  their smart phones as directed energy weapons to sexually and otherwise  torture  women and in live broadcast to the whole world?  Of course not. Yet they do because they are protected by the governments, military, police, juridical and medical authorities.  What can be deduced from it? Only one thing, they do not use their conscience. What a waste of life as it is the only thing we can take with us on the next journey.

Taken on a global scale, combined with our smart gene alterations our future  cannot have many options.


On Justice of the Great Lawgiver

“But while one portion of the human race is judging and condemning the other without mercy, the Great Parent of the universe looks upon the whole of the human family with a fatherly care and paternal regard; He views them as His offspring, and without any of those contracted feelings that influence the children of men, causes “His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” He holds the reins of judgment in His hands; He is a wise Lawgiver, and will judge all men, not according to the narrow, contracted notions of men, but, “according to the deeds done in the body whether they be good or evil,” or whether these deeds were done in England, America, Spain, Turkey, or India. He will judge them, “not according to what they have not, but according to what they have,” those who have lived without law, will be judged without law, and those who have a law, will be judged by that law. We need not doubt the wisdom and intelligence of the Great Jehovah; He will award judgment or mercy to all nations according to their several deserts, their means of obtaining intelligence, the laws by which they are governed, the facilities afforded them of obtaining correct information, and His inscrutable designs in relation to the human family; and when the designs of God shall be made manifest, and the curtain of futurity be withdrawn, we shall all of us eventually have to confess that the Judge of all the earth has done right.”


To the US/Nato


Everyone who sees, reads,  thinks and feels understands that the state of affairs on our planet is unsustainable. I do not have access to all information as you have but from what I have been experiencing I can quite clearly deduce that for one reason or other you decided to bring this planet to the verge of moral, mental, political, ecological and spiritual collapse. You are using me as a tool to degrade humanity to its lowest denominator so that you can assure yourself that we are animals or more precisely sheep with whom you can do whatever you want. Well it seems correct, with your directed energy psychotronic technologies on hand you can really do almost anything without ever being caught by the secular laws. You are fooling the whole planet and those who see through it you persecute quite mercilessly. I was hoping that the real intelligence which knows the laws of the universe would try to elevate the masses as the builders of the Gothic cathedrals did, navigate them to the  truth, beauty and cosmic order, imprinted in Nature’s works. How naïve I was. Every day I see the  military endeavours of some kind, eventually always creating tension on the international scene so that your global military industrial complex is flourishing, while women and children are raped, tortured, dying of starvation, the species get extinct in an alarming rate and the countries cannot cope with the consequences of your imperialistic planetary weather control. Your own country is subject to some of the most shocking geoengineering experimentations, visible by eyes; cruel neurological and physical and psychological experimentation to which  millions of human beings worldwide are exposed has been going on secretly for decades, without any law whatsoever to protect them from you. 70 % of them are women and you made them subjects to remotely conducted sexually driven hunts via smartphone technology. You gave humanity literally directed energy weapons into their hands when you must have known they would not be able to resist the offer of free sexual hunt supported by financial incentives. Such irresponsibility I would not expect from somebody who strives to be a leader of the planet. You cannot get respect by force. You just get fear based servile diplomatic reactions or resistance. And resistance is growing with number of military terrorists attacks and their victims.

The transhumanistic agenda and 5G technology have not been explained to 7 billion people in any meaningful way for them to  understand the future consequences of such direction.  Nobody explained to them that genetic modifications most likely stop the possible spiritual processes in a human body, that biorobots literally indistinguishable from humans do not have souls but can replicate. When  they mate with humans, will the offspring have souls?

How can such conversations proceed when you keep masses in delusion that the universe is binary, atheistic and we are possible subjects to evil extra-terrestrial  predators?

You know that I know that the SUN mystery has two dimensions and you keep hiding from humanity both,  knowing that by revealing just the first one with planetary science would be enough to bring us all down to knees and we would change the course of history for better. But that would mean the end to your star wars, training of terrorists, reciprocal destruction, religious hatred; transhumanism would transform itself from the pursuit of the external to that of the internal, of which our wildest  dreams are just a reflection and we would return the weather back to Nature’s hands.

You will never do it voluntarily will you….

I am under the martial law so I have no possibility to talk to anybody unless I expose them to heart attacks or some other misfortunes, but I certainly object from the depth of my heart to what you have been putting Mr Assange through. He is a publisher and journalist who informs the public about such  matters and by publishing the materials which were sent to him he attracted more attention to them  than I could have ever done myself. My past is a totally separate issue which he has nothing to do with and  it is extremely unfair that it influences his already difficult position. I consider it disgraceful and not worthy of intelligent human mind, rather resembling the “digital dementia” scenario. Please think about your place in the history.

Yes, I have missed the commandments many times, so have you. The Newton’s third law is our supreme judge.

Two choices

Basically we have a choice  either to continue to have  democracy  secured by Nato army which uses marshals laws and  directed energy abuses and torture to implement its globalist goals or finally reveal the scientific truth which will secure democracy by people who can finally orientate themselves by universal objective laws in this purposely created chaotic world. Which one do you want?

Diwali inspiration for the West


Series of lights   as knowledge and consciousness

Mantra   “From untruth  lead us to TRUTH

From darkness lead us to light

From death lead us to immortality


As the name of Kali is connected with some festivities and refers in some aspects to goddess of death/darkness from which everything originates, it reminded me of what The Holy Science of Sri Jukteswar  states, that Kali Yuga age of the mental virtue (which ended in 1894) is characterized by “only partially developed mind. The human intellect cannot comprehend anything beyond the gross material of the ever changing external world. ”

Since 1894 we have progressed technically  into the following stage of Dwapara yuga, “where the human intellect can comprehend the fine matters or electricities and their attributes which are the CREATING PRINCIPLES OF THE EXTERNAL WORLD.”  Comprehend we can quite quickly, we have used them to develop the most efficient military nuclear and directed energy weapons  and kill each other successfully with no intention to change our minds being still in Kali yuga.  If we survive this nightmare which should last for 2000 years, we will be fine, as then we will comprehend “the divine magnetism, the SOURCE OF ALL ELECTRICAL FORCES ON WHICH THE CREATION DEPENDS FOR ITS EXISTENCE”.                                                                        Nobody taught me at school that “there are five sorts of electricity, corresponding to the five properties of cosmic electricity” yet this info was written already in 1894. When I combine this knowledge with the esoteric counterpart in the West, I cannot but realize that we need a common language to think. Would not be wise to take electricity as the main life supporter of species rather then only as a commodity?

Yesterday I was watching a video where the scientists talked about a Korean study, which found that kids’ brains exposed to digital technologies show overdevelopment of the left hemispheres and underdevelopment of the right hemispheres. They call it digital dementia.  Good on you Koreans, we might need to come to your country one day to learn what is empathy.

ref: The Holy Science, Sri Jukteswar  Self-Realization Fellowship








Human vs ai

A while ago I saw on video a testimony of Mr J Comey  at one court hearing, where the judge attracted my attention by very  strange emanations which suggested the possibility of being a robot, but it was not explicitly expressed to the viewer or at least I did not notice that. The judge’s questions and responses were sharp, precise, logical and there was certainly no reason whatsoever to intimidate him. Yet I picked up  slight patronising  from the witness at certain moments so the judge probably was a robot. I could not find the video later.   After seeing the Chinese news presenter who looks just like a human (perhaps because of the  larger distance from the camera or a fake robot or Chinese are better in the production or the Americans do not want to show the best examples for political reasons ) I really wonder why we in the “West” are not directly addressing this robot issue in the main stream media with its overwhelming consequences not just for humanity but for the whole planet? ? With all respect to Sophia she is just another cover up for what is in front of us. Are we mentally so retarded that we cannot handle the fact that the managers of our planet decided to go the way of replacing the majority of humans by robots? Continue reading “Human vs ai”