Spirit over the matter

Spirit over the cia, nato, the alphabets, spirit over the torture, spirit over the corrupted doctors, psychiatrists, scientists, spirits over the corruption in religions…
When will you reveal what you have stolen a hundred years ago? When will you get back the ALL MIGHTY GOD to humanity in a scientific way worth of the Man of the 21st century?
It is time to stop this pandemic insanity, artificially created to cover the most hideous crimes against humanity and enslave it to puppets shows. The humans are literally reduced to cattle and they behave as cattle, not realizing they do not have to. People can say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
There are 7.8 billion people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The deep state cannot lock 7.8 billion people.
Start to create little islands with thinking people. You will come up with the alternatives, how to go around. You have to pay the bills, so create new companies that will not require inoculations.
GOD does not play chess. HIS Universe is spiritual and loving. Always was and always will.

A Day for freedom and democracy in the Czech Republic, celebrated by the rape in the unconscious state

We celebrate it by illegally harvesting life force from human beings against which they cannot protect themselves and when they fall asleep to regain the life force back, they are raped in the unconscious state, against their will, electronically, without any protection.
All that under the 5 Eye surveillance of 12 years, There are perhaps millions of people in such electronic slavery called Havana syndrome, guarded by military, police, psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, politicians, and the informed public, served to him as a primary entertainment in the form of the reality show with rapes and dying of the elderly.

On the scale of objective justice – is the emptiness more than anything else, whatever that be?
You are a total disgrace to humanity.

Halleluiah. Be blessed all.

A basic formula:

Give back to humanity its CREATOR which you took away almost 200 years ago.
Respect the most fundamental law of the esoteric science: what you discover, pass it down to others so that all humanity can progress to a higher standard. So far the knowledge is getting increasingly protected by “elite” clubs and the rest of humanity is run by the lowest denominator as is clearly visible in my case.

Stop the climate change overnight by giving the weather back to Nature. Yes, it will get half a degree warmer, nothing major as the history of the real climate change suggests. Nature is adjustable, it is her profession. Besides, the overheat is mainly originating from the exploitation of the ionosphere by your directed energy weapons for whatever reasons.

Stop raping our MOTHER NATURE with your directed energy weapons; you made out of her a pokemon target in the same way as millions of other human beings

Do not mutilate but communicate with DNAs and RNAs

Govern this planet according to the objective laws of the Universe, not according to your greed and obsession with megalomaniac power over others. The Universe is built on reciprocal maintenance and the effects always have to come back to their origins.
On all scales. What you have been performing over the years is an utter disgrace and willful force to turn humanity away from its CREATOR towards the most idiotic artificial intelligence of the entire Universe. Far more stupid than your ape story. A simple food diagram from the esoteric science would help you realize that but once this science gets into the hands of those who are after the red pills, not after the being that precedes it, we end up where we are.
Then revelations are never static, they can be converted into their opposites if knowledge and wisdom took their place.
But that is obviously lacking on this planet with all your superior artificial intelligence leadership.

So we have become ants, waiting for jabs or locked up trains. Congratulations you sparks of the MOST MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE

The technocratic transhumanism on the horizontal line of time is The Makropulos Thing.

The psychological evolution of man on the vertical line of eternity is like ET go home.

I am not after cheap bagatellization at all. In these unknown territories, a lot of misinterpretations and misleading intellectual unverified information can be passed down. With the emotional interpretation, it is much safer. When ET was released, all “social classes” were deep down touched the same way.

For G20 in Rome

For kings, and all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and gravity. I Timothy 2:2

This planet was leased to humanity for free, provided we behave and take care of it according to the objective laws of Nature and by doing so we transform certain cosmic energies, required for the growth of the Ray of Creation, including us. Not such a bad contract if the immense grandeur of Nature and its resources are taken into the consideration.

But the rainbow contract has been reduced to the graphic symbols on the warplanes, the objective laws bypassed or replaced by the subjective ones, the Nature with its abundant resources have been mutilated and patented as originals and the precedented transformation, for which the proverbial splendor was created, deviated into a technocratic race for highest speed and efficiency on timeline.

What do we do when our contracts have been violated? Yes, so what is stopping us to reverse the gear while there is still time?

The 21. st century science knows that the Universe is Theocentric and can prove it. Yet the Earth ship is navigated horizontally instead of vertically and the secular politics follow the line.

Mainstream humanity itself – the last entity to be told anything serious and truthful concerning its existence, despite the fact that all burdens resulting from the effects of such governance are and will be on its shoulders- can hardly orientate itself in the overpowering avalanche of information. Especially when at first glance it is almost impossible to distinguish the correct from false.

According to the lawful structure of the Universe, the below is as Above, so any peaceful type of change to take place on this planet has to be based on mutual understanding of all. And the most important thing that should be understood is that nothing fruitful can be born from the broken contract with the CREATOR.

G20 summit in Rome is the meeting of the secular planetary powers at the place of the historically ecclesiastical powers. Let the latter lift up the vibrations of the first so that the summit will be written in the history books as the turning point in the existence of human civilization.

Luna park

This planet was leased to humanity for free provided we behave and take care of it according to the objective laws of Nature and by doing so we transform certain cosmic energies, required for the growth of the Ray of Creation. Not such a bad contract if the immense splendor of Nature and its resources are taken into the consideration.
But the rainbow contract has been reduced to the graphic symbols on the warplanes, the objective laws bypassed or replaced by the subjective ones, the Nature with its abundant resources have been appropriated by our ape’s mentality, and the original transformation, for which the proverbial splendor was created, deviated into the arising of luna parks, accessible only by purchasing the taxed tickets. 
What do we do when the contract has been violated?

Fortunately, our Creator takes responsibility for his Creation, the same way most parents do, unlike our celebrated scientists, who have taken over his Creation, patented its mutilations, and sell it as the originals in the luna park’s market, with the hope to export it one day to the celestial one. At the moment we are dealing with the clandestine consequences of it.
Yet we are still here, gossiping about the next reality show in luna park … though with the scales excessively leaning to one side. Historians, would not it be useful to take notice of the presence for a change, to make the future history slightly different?

The ppapers

If you want to report on your neighbour, you inform his authorities. If you want to grass on your neighbour you choose someone else and make La baruffe chiozotte.
For me the private letters about private matters were always private, not to be considered civil, under any circumstances.
For such mistake I deeply apologize and take full responsibility for it.

The state of affairs in silly season

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzB5SIp8A1E in Czech, adapted for English
In English, there is a very convenient word ‘thick’, which has many expressions. One is for people who behave like me when they do not know or understand what is happening around them.
I understand that I am part of a reality show that aims to inform society about what is officially taboo so that the final revelation of the truth is not such a shocking surprise. And it has two sides, one that is related to my life and the other that is related to what is happening on our planet.
So all of you already know my life and its dark sides, but not everyone knows and understands the problems of the planet, which are on the other side, and which I have explored in later years in Sydney.
And here I don’t know what is expected of me. My free lifestyle brought me consequences in the form of an infection that I honestly didn’t know about, and I passed it on to other people if I understand correctly. I’ve been living with it for 30 years and I had not noticed anything, so I look at the thousands of crosses in the Old Town Square with horror and I don’t understand. On that occasion, I note that officially staphylococcus has been a part of life on earth since the 19th century and can be treated naturally, as long as the herbs have not undergone your genetic modification, which is unfortunately common. But perhaps some wild variants can still be discovered. In esoteric sources, herbal treatment was combined with a regular hot dry sauna for similar purposes.
The covid pandemic is an officially live planetary exercise that addresses many concurrent hidden issues that could not be resolved under normal conditions. But for the masses, it is a variant that ought to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which are the result of my immoral approach to life. But this has nothing to do with Covid as such, which is caused by abnormal electromagnetic conditions in a particular environment or atmosphere. Last night you could have seen what it did to my heart.
According to all available scientific materials, solving the situation by means of lock-downs, repeated testing, vaccinations and masks is illogical and automatically raises the question of what lies behind these steps.
Eugenics certainly comes into play first, hand in hand with the digitization of all mankind.

The next – experiments with the human species as such, with their genomes in order to create genetic modifications that would be more resilient and intelligent than our current version. The problem is that genetic change is being passed on to the next generation, and in our current stage of being and knowledge we cannot create anything higher than we are, so we are actually threatening what is created by our CREATOR for purposes we know nothing about.
As I read the history of eugenics, which is essentially a rational endeavor, I searched in vain for information that would explain that in the process of the modern Darwinian approach to world creation, the esoteric essence of the existence of the universe and its life had disappeared.

First of all, we clearly confuse evolution with involution, because we reject the concept of the hierarchy of the universe, where the involution process takes place from ABSOLUTE’s highest vibrations downwards to our stage in the form of solid matter. Evolution is the opposite direction, a return to the highest vibrations of ABSOLUTE, and this is achieved by a psychological process, not by a physiological process. In other words, higher vibrations are achieved by one’s inner work on oneself, gradually increasing the degrees of one’s consciousness, which is always individual and internal work. Schools and teachers are usually necessary for this because the hypnotic power of life is an immense dissenter of evolution, to which the individual himself is subject, with a few exceptions.
This leads to further information, that is lacking in genetics, that the external forms are only the manifestations of the internal forms that determine them. So when we consider a genetic modification, be it of plants, animals or humans, we must take into account that by altering the external forms we must necessarily change the internal forms that determine them, otherwise, we create the imbalance that will sooner or later cause undesirable consequences due to the law of equilibrium.
And our secular science usually knows nothing about it. It does not know or refuses to take into account the fact that there is the matter on one side that arises and disappears – I am dust and I turn to dust and on the other side its inner nature, which does not disappear, only separates at certain time from the physical matter to which it is attached. With the inner qualities it has.
So when I look at eugenics from this point of view and think about sterilization and extermination, I have to look at the matter comprehensively. Let’s say I eliminate half of the people who do not correspond to the desired standard. Dust turns to dust, but those inner essences will be released into the astral sphere and will return back to earth in one form or another. Can the secular person grasp this ancient concept?
So logically we have to conclude that working on the inner nature of man will achieve incomparably better, lasting and qualitative results than gene editing.
In addition, the rule is that when the smallest part of the watch mechanism changes, it will stop working. The human body is not a watch, but a much more complex mechanism, and when secular scientists know nothing about the possibility of the birth of souls from the germ that is given to us by the CREATOR, let alone what parts of the body participate in such process, it can degrade that mechanism to such a level that it will prevent its inner essence from self-realization in the evolutionary process.

And vaccines or inoculations make permanent interventions in our mechanism.
I rely on human common sense. Thanks to him, humanity has survived for millennia and without vaccines. Bur what I see around myself is everything but common sense.

The next- you all know that we have a global problem with psychotronic technologies that can control both humans and planetary weather, and my example clearly shows the results of their application.
You would not want to be in positions of people who are attacked by them for scientific and military research, for police cruelty or just for monetary or psychopathic gains of ordinary human beings.
So I would advise everyone who participates in this activity to stop while there is time. Every atack is registered and you can be blackmailed or loose your position in the society by such conduct years later. My grandmother used to say God’s mills mill slowly but surely.

On a social scale, it is a very serious matter. It concerns many branches of the neuroscience, army, intelligence and police that use them, medical professions, which must hide their undeniable existence under the symbols such as Havana or Sudeck syndrome and the deniable one under delusions and schizophrenia. And the Court system closes its eyes to it because it is a secret technology, so secret that it is making billions of dollars to the military industrial complex and causes the climate changes on our planet.
So a huge number of different disciplines are cooperating here, and revealing such a reality will cause a big bang.

All this unfortunately affects the case of Mr. Julian Assange. The longer it lasts, the more dangerous it is for his life. My court case has been going on for 11 years, about me without me. It seems I will be released to the public not before the ZERO day and before the great reset.
Or when the god’s helmets finally succed to grow big wings on my shouldas and horns on my head.

A letter to the Czech government

There is a strong resistance on my part to deal with the world because I am kept in one way communication and blackmailed by deaths of people either close to me or taking stands for the oppresed and/or the elephants. At the same time I am the universal reality show whore and as if this would not be enough for the confusion of toungues, I have to deal with woke people, who know everything about the sleep of others but cannot make peace with their own adversaries. Yes it is not an easy task, even impossible if one cannot acknowledge a good attempt of the opposite camp without being labeled a prostitute. But if I have on hands more than one hundred years old secrets, inherited from generation to generation, that are not known but to a selected circle of people, I cannot judge objectively who is responsible for the current mess. It is a conglomerate of historical, philosophical, religious scientific and geopolitical conditions at the successive crossroads of time. Much wisdom and objective knowledge is needed to sail this boat.
I am not a sailor, nor have I knowledge and wisdom. But I have my experiences. With those I can orientate myself in the psychopatic landscape of the present time. I wrote a letter to the Czech government asking for the separation of my criminal personal life, subjected to court procedures, from the political aspect of my case, connected with the incorrect use of esoteric science for the secular power games.
With no response.
Covid 19 and vaccinations are the global hypnosis. I cannot help anyone with this, except read the alternative scientific papers and literature on electricity.


26.7. 2021

Úřad vlády ČR
nábřeží Edvarda Beneše 4,
118 01 Praha 1

Milá vládo České republiky,

po 11 letech konstantního dozoru by snad mělo být všem psychologům i Vám zřejmé, že sice mohu vypátrat, co naši předkové zatajili v biblických překladech a co Vy zatajujete lidem, což je někdy lidské a někdy politické, ale nedovedu přijít na to, jaký smysl má pandemické a atmosférické vydírání všech vlád naší planety. Veřejné opakované promítání mojí morálně, zdravotně, právně a duševně členité minulosti na přeskáčku je používáno jako jeden z prostředků vydírání, a tak mám na svědomí 7.8 miliardy lidí, kteří jsou zcela nehorázně nuceni k nošení roušek a k očkovacím sérům nebo lépe řečeno k inokulacím, jejichž složení by se mělo stát předmětem výzkumu všech médií, nezávislých laboratoří, nezávislých vědců-lékařů a kriminální policie. Místo toho slyšíme konstantní „jsou bezpečné a účinné“.
Z informací ze všech možných médií jsem usoudila, že jde o situaci, ve které vlády, zdravotnictví a obyvatelé musí zaujmout doporučené pozice. Pokud odolají, výskyt covidových případů začne eskalovat s následnými úmrtími, což vytvoří tlak veřejnosti, pod kterým politici většinou kapitulují a nastolí zmíněná ‘doporučení‘.
Protože jde o mnohavrstevnou cibuli, kterou málokdo prokoukne až do středu, tak je těžké soudit danou situaci objektivně.
Ale já nejsem politik, takže mohu s čistým svědomím stát za tvrzením vyšší esoterické vědy, potvrzené stále větší částí ortodoxní vědy, že vakcíny jsou v dlouhodobém měřítku zločinem na lidstvu a zvedám svůj hlas proti nim. Dost často posílám vědecké materiály médiím, zdravotnictví i ministerstvu vnitra, aby nikdo nemohl říci po Zero dni, že se o nich nevědělo. Za minulého volebního období jsem poslala dopis na toto téma i všem politickým stranám.

Druhou vrstvou cibule jsou tzv. psychotronické technologie přímo řízených energií, které se skrývají jednak za současnými názvy Havanský a Sudeckův syndrom v rámci stále oficiálně tajené esoterické experimentace s trpěním člověka a jednak za tzv. klimatickými změnami, ve skutečnosti způsobenými umělým řízením počasí „vojenskou alchymií“ jak se vyjádřila Sestra Dr. Roselie Bertell ve své knize Planeta Země: Nejnovější zbraň války již před 20 lety. Zvířeckost – jinak se takový plán nedá charakterizovat – dosáhla takového stupně, že týrat civilní občany anonymně na dálku elektronickou cestou bylo umožněno každému, kdo má smart telefon či počítač.
Když jsem před dvěma roky informovala presidenta Mezinárodní krasobruslařské unie o dálkovém používání těchto technologií na sportovcích při olympijských hrách v Pyeong Chang a Mistrovství v Miláně, tak mě nenapadlo, že byla již naplánovaná strategie vytvoření pandemie, při které se zakáže obecenstvu přístup na sportovní utkání. To sice současné olympioniky chrání před útoky diváků se smart telefony, ale vůbec se tím dlouhodobě neřeší etická a právní otázka oficiálně tajené existence těchto technologií, které jsme využili typicky k zotročení všeho živého pod názvem ‚crowd control weapons‘ – zbraně pro ovládání davu- a každý stát si je přeje, protože jsou dálkově ovladatelné, zdroj je neviditelný a za normálních okolností, bez přístupu k satelitním informacím, neprokazatelný.

Tyto technologie nezmizí. Budou používány více a více nejen státními výkonnými složkami, ale především privátním sektorem. Již nyní existuje armáda vyškolených profesionálů, kteří je perfektně ovládají a používají pod názvem ‚non-lethal crowd control technologies for political control‘, schválené samotnou EU. https://www.statewatch.org/media/documents/news/2005/may/steve-wright-stoa-rep.pdf

Zároveň jsme přišli na jejich mírové využití: odčerpávat jimi lidskou energii z člověka bez jeho vědomí a proměnit ji na burzovní kryptoměny. Tu energii, která by mohla sloužit k duševním cílům bytí.
Jsou připraveni psychiatři, psychologové a lékaři? Policie a armádní složky? Soudy, zákony a soudci? Zatím díky oficiálnímu utajení jsou lékaři povinni podobná sdělení diagnostikovat jako duševně chorá. Tím pádem policie nemusí nic řešit, pouze odvážet problematické případy na
psychiatrické kliniky a soudy jen potvrzují lékařská doporučení.

Z mého případu lze logicky usoudit, že světové veřejnosti je kontrolovaně představována existence těchto energií i jejich aplikace na člověka, přírodu i atmosféru.

Ale v podstatě dochází k porušování toho nejzákladnějšího práva člověka, nároku na soukromí jeho vlastní mysli, která je biblicky chrámovým místem STVOŘITELE k setkání s člověkem, takže člověku de fakto nepatří. Toto právo není ani zahrnuto v žádné mezinárodní listině práv, protože si žádný její tvůrce nedovedl představit, že by člověk ve své bezmezné touze všechno egoisticky ovládat mohl proniknout i do chrámu STVOŘITELE. A novodobé listiny práv jsou tvořeny sekulární společností, která chrámové místo považuje za obrazný mýtus, čímž nevědomě opomíjí objektivní princip stvoření člověka k obrazu BOŽÍMU.
A tady si opět dovoluji protestovat, protože vlastně dochází ke klamání společnosti jak vědou, tak církví v době, kdy se vědecký pokrok ubírá nebezpečným sekulárním směrem.
Naprosto nechápu současnou divadelní hru, kde všichni víte, o co jde, už i děti si ze všeho dělají legraci, ale vše pokračuje naplánovanou technokratickou cestou, ani slovo o duševním principu Stvoření. Protože je můj případ politicky zneužíván pro všechny možné účely, stávám se nedobrovolně jejím účastníkem a na tom odmítám mít jakýkoliv karmický podíl.
Bohužel nevím, jak tuto situaci ukončit, zdá se, že bez soudního procesu jsou všechny dopisy i internetové protesty jen mouchami, které se odeženou mávnutím ruky a politici nemají potřebné informace.
Je tedy třeba se obrátit na vojenské ‚manažery‘ této planety a konfrontovat je jejich účastí na utajování pravdivosti Genesis, na vědomém porušování objektivních kosmických zákonů Paprsku Stvoření, na vpravdě ďábelském zneužívání esoterické vědy pro egoistické, megalomanské cíle technokratického transhumanismu, který přivádí tuto planetu k biblickému Zjevení a na zatajování lidstvu jeho pravý účel existence. Neuvádím nic, co by nepocházelo z publikovaných pramenů esoterického křesťanství, které je ověřené věky. Odtamtud také vím, že planetární vojsko by v 21. století mělo vědět, že je zastupitelem Vojska Nebeského. Předchozím civilizacím to bylo známo.
Jako soukromý občan se k žádnému mezinárodnímu soudu nedostanu bez předchozího procesu ve své vlastní zemi a moje vlastní země se zabývá mou minulostí. To je zákonité, ale moje minulost slouží jako důvod k zakrývání výše uvedených skutečností, které jsou významově srovnatelné s dudy a nebem.
Vzhledem k historickému významu Pádu bych předpokládala, že stát mi přinejmenším oznámí, co musím udělat, abychom mohli můj případ od něho oddělit. Nejsem jediná, která ví, o co jde, lidí s čistým štítem je u nás víc než dost, ti se mohou tohoto řekněme poslání ujmout.

S úctou k odpovědným pozicím Vás všech,

Dagmar Palmerová

Dear Government of the Czech Republic,

after 11 years of constant supervision, perhaps it should be clear to all psychologists and you that I can find out what our ancestors hid in the Bible translations and what you hide from people, which is sometimes human and sometimes political, but I can’t figure out what is the point in pandemic and atmospheric blackmailing of all the governments of our planet. The public re-screening of my morally, medically, legally, and mentally fragmented past is used as a means of blackmail, and so I am responsible for the 7.8 billion people who are blatantly forced to wear masks and get vaccinated, or rather inoculated. The composition of its substances should be the subject of research by all media, independent laboratories, independent scientists-doctors and the criminal police. Instead, we hear constant “they are safe and effective.”
From different media sources, I concluded that this is a situation in which governments, health care, and the population must take the recommended positions. If they resist, the incidence of covid cases will escalate with subsequent deaths, creating public pressure, under which politicians usually surrender and accept the ‘recommendations‘.
Because it is a multi-layered onion, which few people look through into the core, it is difficult to judge the situation objectively.
But I am not a politician, so I can with a clear conscience support the claim of higher esoteric science, confirmed by an increasing body of orthodox science, that vaccines are a crime against humanity in the long run, and I raise my voice against them. Quite often I send scientific materials to the media, health care, and the Ministry of the Interior so that no one can say after Zero Day that they were not known. During the last parliamentary term, I also sent a letter on this subject to all political parties.

The second layer of the onion is the so-called psychotronic technologies of directly controlled energies, which hide behind the current names Havana and Sudeck syndrome in the still officially secret esoteric experimentation with human suffering, and the so-called climate change, actually caused by artificially controling weather with “military alchemy” as Sister Dr. Roselie Bertell called it 20 years ago in her book Planet Earth: The Newest Weapon of War. Bestiality – otherwise such a plan cannot be characterized – has reached such a level that torture of civilians anonymously at a distance by electronic means has been made possible for anyone with a smartphone or computer.
When I informed the President of the International Figure Skating Union two years ago about the remote use of these technologies on athletes at the Pyeong Chang Olympics and the Milan Championships, it never occurred to me that a pandemic strategy was already planned to ban audiences from accessing sports matches. While this protects today’s Olympians from attacks by viewers with smartphones, it does not address the ethical and legal issue of the officially secret existence of these technologies, which we typically used to enslave everything alive under the name ‘crowd control weapons’. Every state wants them because they are remotely controllable, the source is invisible and under normal circumstances, without access to satellite information, unprovable.
These technologies will not disappear. They will be used more and more not only by the state executive but above all by the private sector. There is already an army of trained professionals who mastered their use under the name ‘non-lethal crowd control technologies for political control’, approved by the EU itself. https://www.statewatch.org/media/documents/news/2005/may/steve-wright-stoa-rep.pdf

At the same time, we came up with their peaceful use: to use them to drain human energy from a man without his knowledge and to turn it into stock-market cryptocurrencies. The same energy that could serve to increase the being of man.
Are psychiatrists, psychologists, and doctors ready? Police and military? Courts, laws, and judges? So far, thanks to official secrecy, doctors are obliged to diagnose such messages as mentally ill. Thus, the police do not have to deal with anything, only to take problematic cases to
psychiatric clinics and courts only confirm medical recommendations.

From my case, it is logical to conclude that the world is controlled by the existence of these energies and their application to man, nature, and the atmosphere.

But in essence, there is a violation of the most basic right of man, the right to privacy of his own mind, which is biblically the temple of the CREATOR for meeting with man, so de facto it does not belong even to man, let alone the government bodies. This right is not even included in any international charter of rights, because none of its creators could imagine that man, in his boundless desire to control everything selfishly, could penetrate into the temple of the CREATOR. And modern charters of rights are formed by a secular society, which considers the temple site to be a figurative myth, thus unconsciously neglecting the objective principle of the creation of man in the image of GOD.
And here again, I dare to protest because in fact society is being deceived by both science and the church at a time when scientific progress is moving in a dangerous secular direction.
I do not understand the current theatrical play, where you all know what it is about, even children make fun of everything, but all continue in the planned technocratic way, not a word about the spiritual principle of Creation. Because my case is being politically misused for all possible purposes, I involuntarily become a participant in it and I refuse to have any karmic part in it.
Unfortunately, I do not know how to end this situation, it seems that without a lawsuit, all the letters and internet protests are just flies that are waved away and politicians do not have the necessary information.
It is, therefore, necessary to turn to the military managers of this planet and confront them by their participation in concealing the truth of Genesis, deliberately violating the objective cosmic laws of the Ray of Creation, the truly devilish misuse of esoteric science for selfish, megalomaniacal goals of technocratic transhumanism that lead this planet to biblical Revelation and to conceal from humanity its true purpose of existence. I do not mention anything that does not come from the published sources of esoteric Christianity, verified by ages. From there I also learned that the planetary army is a representative of the Heavenly Army. The previous civilizations knew about it.

As a private citizen, I cannot go to any international court without a prior trial in my own country, and my own country deals with my past. This is lawful, but my past serves as a reason to obscure the above facts, which are semantically comparable to bagpipes and heaven.

Given the historical significance of the Fall, I would assume that the state would at least tell me what I need to do to separate my case from it. I’m not the only one who knows what this is about, there are more than enough professional people with a clean shield who can take on this, say, mission.

With respect to the responsible positions of all of you,

Dagmar Palmerova

Milá republiko,

ozvěny ze zahraničí reflektují naše sociální sítě, které se již 11. rokem zaobírají mou neslavnou minulostí.
Když pominu fact že se 7.8 miliard lidí vrhne na něčí život, který je jim poprvé v historii naší civilizace dán do rukou ve skutečné délce a pitvají ho veřejně do nejmenších detailů, tak stále zůstává otázka, kolikrát tím ustavičným retrem musíme procházet? Do kolika generací? Podle sociálních sítí nyní převzali montechristovskou mentalitu již vnoučata za své babičky. O dědečcích se nikdo nezmiňuje.
Dneska jsou naštěstí všude jen šťastné manželské páry a muži se chovají podle desatera, což mě upřímně těší a uvědomuji si, že v takovém scénáři je moje přítomnost poněkud pumprdentlich.
Ale když uvážíme, že je mi pomalu 70 let, že vím, že jsme všichni spící “autopiloti” jinak bychom nikdy nepřistoupili na “live exercise” ani na CO2, že vím, že pocházíme z HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE který je naším domovem ale návrat do něho je podmíněn zrozením spirituálního těla a to se rodí pouze za vědomého stavu, ve kterém téměř nikdy nejsme, tak mně připadá, že moje minulost bude jednoho dne překlenutelná. Kdy nastupuji do vězení?

Is the cost of stopping climate change higher than making it?

Let’s take the worst projection of $50 trillion over 20 years.
We can reduce it at least by half straight away because that is a cost to get ‘that stuff’ up the atmosphere without the price of ‘that stuff’ itself.
Then the actual cost of damage caused by the intentional or unintentional climate-changing procedures will mount to $408 billion/year in direct household costs, power infrastructure, and transport. So taking off $8 trillion over 20 years.
Next, there is the agriculture field. The price of direct and indirect crop response on the food market. The losses of human life. The subsequent migration crises and health crises. The ecological crises. It goes on and on.
If the militaries were to stop what they do in the atmosphere, we would end up in trillion dollars of surpluses that could be used to teach ourselves to be more “profitable” to the CREATOR than to the stock exchange.


How much electricity do we spend by climate changing the planetary weather in comparison to Nature?

When I calculated the cost of getting all that stuff up the atmosphere I got over a trillion dollars /year without calculating the cost of that stuff itself and the cost of petrol, just hiring the plains and keeping them up by personnel.
When ‘Vichy’ is taken into the account, what part of GWP or ‘life matter’ does it represent per year?

“Facing the music”

Dagmar Palmerova
130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic

2.12. 2019

The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister,

When I wrote to you a while ago on behalf of Mr Julian Assange, I had no knowledge of the situation, where you actually hold power to extradite me from the Czech Republic to the United States. Unbelievably I have been held in this total absence of communication since my self-deportation from Sydney in 2010 and the innuendos surrounding me have become a part of an absurd, psychopathic game which I often do not understand at all and consider it dangerous for its enormous scale.

So if my conclusion is correct, I am kindly asking you to give permission to extradite me to whomever wants it to end this insane global circus and to free Mr. Julian Assange before he passes away in the HM Prison Belmarsh for acting according to his conscience and standing up for journalistic duties to report about the issues of public interest.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Dagmar Palmerova

Are we suicidal?

Where we are going: – What is this world without a further Divine purpose in it all? W. Whitman (dagmarpalmerova.com)

Last year we were looking at the circles of WEF and most of us got overwhelmed by the interconnection of everything. As the economic plan has not changed much in its direction regarding the so-called fourth industrial revolution, I was looking at it again and the blue emphases made me wonder, is it an announcement of the fact to us or a warning to do something about it? As it is, we are heading towards “mass extinction” via oceans and such a statement comes from the organization that is the main upholder of the cause. Are we suicidal? Or is it just a “live exercise” like all the rest?

Genetic elimination of the species for discussion

Release of genetically altered mosquitoes

via https://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/progeny-2021-06-20

Studying the esoteric systems offers other dimensions to the topic. The Ray of Creation is built on the fundamental principle of reciprocal maintenance, meaning that it is created in such a way that everything serves a purpose in the given scheme of interconnectedness and all together mutually depend on someone else’s existence. We observed the main scientific facts about the interdependency of mosquitoes’, but what about the thought of suffering?
Some teachings call the Earth the pain factory where everything living must produce a certain amount of energies that are obtainable by suffering., both from the plant’s as well as animal kingdoms. Millions of mosquitoes create a lot of suffering for the animals, they cannot cover themselves as humans can. So if you eliminate millions of mosquitoes, you will eliminate a lot of suffering from animals and partially from humans, but someone will have to supply that suffering and it might be us, in a different and more concentrated form. The Creation is easing our life by transferring part of suffering to the rest of nature. We were given the privilege of a special suffering, voluntary suffering, created by the struggle between yes and no. So why would we put ourselves under the involuntary suffering that Nature supplies herself? (Apart from destroying the Creation). Just a thought from beyond.

To all G’s


The whole Universe is polarized yet functions in complete harmony, we can exactly predict the movements of heavenly bodies far ahead of time, there is very limited space for things of accidental nature. The Ray of Creation is built on the same laws, from the ABSOLUTE down to the suns and moons.
What is wrong with humanity that we cannot apply this miraculous pattern of Creation to life on Earth?
Why cannot we create Heaven on Earth by using the most basic principle of the Law of Three when it is possible?
There is an ancient scientific system, that gives us the tools, how to do it. It is applicable in the East as well as in the West, but it needs both to “materialize” it, the same way as the Earth needs its moon and the moon needs the Earth. and men need women and women need men and all need the sun. That is the missing link, the reconciling force between them, the HOLY GHOST our sacred scriptures talk about.
If I apply the same principle of three to our planet and know that the West is mind orientated, the East emotionally orientated and the biggest country connecting them together is half and half, and see that there are the same laws for the whole Ray of Creation, my planetary approach to planetary issues will be very different from those we have had so far, will not?

What does it mean to be intelligent?

Quo Vadis? On the way of involution. The secular scientists seem to refuse to accept intelligent design yet do not mind stealing knowledge from the esoteric science and take credits for it, while still insisting on Darwin¨s subjective theory of evolution. I will remind the fundamental Objective law of effects returning to their causes, independently of time. The esoteric school gives very wise advice: Put yourself into the shoes of the other and you will be rarely mistaken. Thinking about the planetary situation – there are 7.8 billion people having different opinions just about everything and everyone, so nothing constructive has been achieved under the global martial law, only filling time till the Zero-day.
A little reasoning with the help of esoterics: the planetary live exercise is probably in hands of artificial intelligence, Golem. Esoterics says that no one can create anything higher than is his level of being. We obviously did not create ourselves we are products of a different formula, but we created Golem. Similarly thinking “it” did not create itself so it cannot possibly create anything higher, more intelligent than we are, correct? Intelligent from the esoteric point of view – intelligence is the consciousness of matter. and the speed of vibrations of a matter shows the degree of intelligence of the given matter. The denser the matter is the less conscious and less intelligent it is, while the higher density of the vibration means more conscious and intelligent matter. The vibration of your ‘It must be presumably lower than that of humans. Then likewise the vibrations of men should be higher than the vibrations of primates. What about the vibrations of these poor creatures, will they be higher or lower than their original fathers and mothers? It would not be surprising if lower. The same way people with transplanted organs, grown in pigs, how will that affect their intelligence, their consciousness? That is a tragic aspect of the secularity of the science of genetics. It keeps some of the most advanced minds on the way of involution instead of researching how the biological internet can participate in the way of real evolution.
The most obvious and easiest way how to unite ourselves would be to demand the results from the Human genome project, which was partially financed from public sources. It must have shown that primates are accidental crossings of humans and quadruplex animals. If we all know that and golem prohibits us from officially admitting it, perhaps golem needs to be removed from its position? Being less conscious, ‘it’ can perfectly direct our unconscious states, but never the conscious one. It is our birthright to officially know our origins before we unintelligently close the door to higher dimensions.
Ref: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2226490-exclusive-two-pigs-engineered-to-have-monkey-cells-born-in-china/
Beelzebub’s Tales G.I.Gurdjieff

Zkratkou Hurvajse

Planety jsou hvězdy, míněno Slunce je uvnitř planet a vyzařuje energii, která se odráží od satelitů, v našem případě slunce/měsíce jako zrcadlo zpět na planety ve formě světla a tepla, jak jsem pochopila z esoteriky. Když ponecháme stranou militaries tak každý bude souhlasit s myšlenkou že přece musí existovat nějaký způsob, kterým bychom mohli část této obrovské energie použít jako obnovitelný zdroj čisté energie pro celou planetu. Tím bychom mohli zastavit těžby fosilních zásob Země i její elektřiny z atmosféry, které způsobují netušená nebezpečí pro celý život planety.

Primárním důvodem hrozby je naše utilitární pojetí její funkce, aniž bychom si uvědomovali, že jde o kosmickou substanci, pro člověka dokonce posvátnou, která se účastní procesů vzniku, udržování a konce (u člověka i pokračování) života všech existenčních forem. Z tohoto nedorozumění pramení i destruktivní způsob jejího využití, což má ekologický i zdravotní dopad na život planety, u člověka viditelný na extrémním nárůstu neuróz a úzkostí všeho druhu.

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AP Article Filled with Outright Lies & Ad Hominem Attacks

. the heirs of modern materialism will look for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy,’ that is, make its constitution such that this body no longer talks of such rubbish as soul and spirit, but takes a ‘sound’ view of the forces which live in engines and in chemistry and let planets and suns arise from nebulae in the cosmos. Materialistic physicians will be asked to drive the souls out of humanity.” Rudolf Steiner 1917

Different levels of knowledge and being bring different levels of understanding. Time is the supreme judge.


2 Corintians 5:19
That is, in Christ GOD was reconciling the world to himself, not counting the tresspasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.

I Corintians 6:5
Toward abandonment to you I am saying thus not is in you wise one not yet one who shall be able to true judge up midst of the brethren of him.

If 11 years was not enough to solve D-Mess, how do you want to solve the E-MESS? Please let the innocent and courageous get out of prisons before we have more historical crimes on our hands and let me face your music so that the world can move on from this unbearable heaviness of your artificial being.

An apology

There are many shameful aspects of me that I fully admit, deeply regret, and sincerely apologize to all, who have been deceived by me. The opening of the Pandora box, my public, 24/7 residential surveillance since 2010, and human experimentation psyop programs I was put on have been partially the punishment for my trespasses, crimes, and disgraces. The financial aspects of my shameful acts have been acknowledged and I will deal with them to the best of my abilities as soon as I am able to do so. Specifically, I would like to apologize for my disgraces to Mrs. Harbour, whom I sincerely consider to be an angel, who inspired me in many ways and left a garden that is alive and bears fruit in several ways. Without her introducing me to the Eastern spiritual path I would not have realized the frame of the Universal scheme, indispensable for understanding of the existence and future of the whole mankind.
When everything passes, this will stay.


An excellent example, how to cleverly turn the eso into exo-exo and end up in the totally opposite direction. Well done guys. this way we will stay safely asleep till the Revelations wake us up.
Wikipedia has an impressive history of the usage of this expression in exo-exo, but one of them hit the nail:
“Let me tell buddy:
Waking up is a damn sight harder than going to sleep, but (by trying) we stay woke up longer.”

Under attack


Dear Ms. Whyte,
the world management decided several decades ago that man had become the main enemy of the planet and so decided to undertake certain procedures to restrict humanity from expanding.Those procedures have become largely successful and the latest data show a very significant reduction in population growth. Naturally, none of them are friendly to people themselves nor to Mother Nature, so the present situation is becoming unsustainable in terms of the chemical pollution of the entire planet. People themselves are getting so sick that the medical expenses are skyrocketing and overall they burden the governments’ spending budgets. It costs your own country over 3 billion dollars/year to také care of vaccine-related learning disabilities and chronic diseases. And such trend is rising every year worldwide. The lives of many people get negatively affected by cancer and most of them do not survive 5 years periods. I watched my friends passing away, frustrated that they did not consider the option of an alternative, natural treatment. Mainly because orthodox medicine refuses to see a man as a complex, spiritual being, closely connected with Nature and it is hard to find a doctor, who is courageous enough to recommend it. So if public speakers like Ty and Charlene Bollinger decide to bring the light on conventional and alternative approaches to health and let medical professionals from the whole world speak about the successful treatments, documented by patients’ testimonies, the impact of such knowledge reaches beyond the US borders and most likely will bring inspiration and contribute to new, not yet discovered treatments of sicknesses. How could public integrity be compromised in such a case? If you really wanted to examine genuinely public integrity, you would have to consider first the financial rewards of doctors for vaccinating children and for prescriptions of the conventional treatments of cancer. Please do not undermind the good work of Americans when they serve humanity.
Would you dispute the truth that a human body is not a property of the state but a property of his CREATOR, designed in his image, with the best autoimmune system that has enabled humanity to survive millennia?

Yours faithfully

Dagmar Palmerova
Prague 3
The Czech Republic


Na své životní pouti jsem přišla na to, že svět je stvořen hierarchicky,, že v něm existují přesně stanovené zákony, které když se nedodržují, tak vyvolávají reakce, se kterými si člověk mnohdy neumí poradit tak, jak by se slušelo a tvrdě na to dříve nebo později doplácí.
Ale také jsem zjistila v momentech, kdy jsem nedřímala, že Univers, jehož jsme součástí, je nesmírně laskavý a člověka vede k situacím, ve kterých může objevovat plno skrytých moudrostí, pokud je vnímavý, a ukazovat mu jeho slabosti ne ze škodolibosti, ale s úmyslem na ně posvítit, aby si jich všiml a tím je postupně deaktivoval. Není třeba vysvětlovat, že je všeodpouštějící, pokud se toho nezneužívá.
Takže ta naše milovaná evoluce opravdu existuje, pouze ne v rovině obecné fyziologické, ale v osobní psychologické a psychické, což naší filosofii a vědě postupem času nějak uniklo. Protože můj případ hýbe světem z mnoha důvodů a ne všechny jsou právě nejetičtější, bylo by spravedlivé si posvítit na mé slabosti v kontextu této evoluce, abychom nečinili již tak obtížnou situaci ještě nemožnější.
V minulosti jsem nerada konfrontovala problémy. Buď jsem je odsouvala nebo obcházela nebo hledala nejsnazší řešení. Ale na tom je založen I váš veřejný život, ne? Jinak bychom nemohli mír J. Assange v Belmarsh, Kyoto protokol v Paříži, Dew symptomy v kukaččích hnízdech a inteligentní design šplhající po stromech. Styk s esoterikou člověka nemění, ale rosvítí světlo a nastaví zrcadlo.
Takže tendence jsou stálé, ale naše 24/7 surveillance je udělala irelevantními.
Můj život jste všichni prolustrovali do takového stupně, že by pan Cibulka zbledl závistí. Že by svět mohl ukrást i myšlenky člověka, o tom se nesnilo ani Gestapu. Pokud se dostanu k soudu, budeme mít masakr, při kterém odmítnu odpovídat na ty části, které se týkají mého soukromí a soukromí těch s ním spojených. Šlo o dva různé společenské systémy v době, kdy byly vůči sobě paranoidní. Nyní jsme ve stejném společenském systému a ještě více paranoidní. Podstata věci Makropulos, kterou nejumělejší inteligence nezmění.
Mezinárodní stanné právo a veřejná elektronická prostituce, ke kterým jsem byla odsouzena před 11 lety je něco, co si musí vyřešit demokratické právní systémy samy. Mé tělo, protkané mikročipy a sensory všech možných druhů stejně jako statisíce či miliony těl targetovaných lidí po celém světě zatím nelze posuzovat soudně, protože Západ je teprve u Havanského a Sudeckova syndromu.
Soudní cesta se také neslučuje s esoterickým aspektem případu, , který nelze charakterizovat jinak než posvátným. Ovšem Sofie, coronavirová pandemie a dějiny stafylokoku se o posvátnost postaraly, takže tu můžeme přenechat budoucím generacím. Současná generace by se měla vypořádat se skutečností, že moje generace byla vychována atheisticky a desatero se k nám dostávalo prostřednictvím Dekameronu a Amarkordu. Na druhou stranu jsme nepořádali hromadné sexuální elektronické hony na bezbranné čaroděje a čarodějnice. Pravda, nelze jim upřít sterilnost, jak fyziologickou, tak emocionální.
V tom je asi ten nejzásadnější kámen úrazu. Já lidmi neopovrhuji, spíš se je snažím přesvědčit o alternativním pohledu, když to jde. Za aktivistku jsem se nikdy nepovažovasla, ani za novinářku, ani za veřejnou osobu, ani za zbožného jedince, když pominu fakt, že se snažím deset let světu vysvětlit, že má stvořitele, o kterém mluví všechna skripta a náboženství a že náš soudobý trend sekulárního transhumanismu, umělé intelligence, očkování, genetického inženýrství a přímo řízených energií mobilizuje destruktivní sílu Paprsku stvoření, protože jsou v rozporu s jeho objektivními zákony.
Proč jste vy etičtí hrdinové ještě nevysvobodili pana Juliana Assange? Má všechny atributy, které mně chybí. Dostaňte ho ven než umře a on celou současnou agendu promění ve smysluplný scénář, který této planetě vysloveně chybí, když pomineme morbidní vajgly ve vajíčkách. . Já si budu vyřizovat všechny své dluhy s afabety, dokud BŮH uzná za vhodné.

Evolution vs natural evolution

Just to read this collection of opinions, generated by so many fields of different expertises gives one a good picture of the state of affairs on our planet.
The 4th Way and SRF explain everything scientifically and empirically yet the planetary institutions cannot comprehend the lines of creation and evolution, confusing their essences because the Western mind does work with the objective laws of descending and ascending octaves.

If I use the most trivial way to express their original meanings before the subjective theories of Mr. Darwin and others entered the scene, the line of creation is a descending line from the Absolute, which is becoming more and more mechanical with the further distance from its source. There is a law that states that creation on every level corresponds with the level of being of that force and cannot be of a higher order than itself. In practical terms, what humans create corresponds to their level of being. That is quite self-evident is it not. Transhumanism, robotization, genetic modifications and directed energy technologies and weapons are just the most obvious examples of our level of being, the adversary to the universal law of reciprocal maintenance as we see from Nature’s reactions. For preventing such a scenario there is the line of evolution. The original meaning of evolution is connected with the possible psychological evolution of men and their souls. Nature had not required such evolution, but it is a priviledge given to humankind by our CREATOR for those who desire that and make a personal effort for it. With such evolution comes an increase of consciousness, higher being, and subjection to fewer universal laws.This possibility has been concealed from humanity in large and time has come to introduce this idea to the general public in a scientific way. Fortunately, military science has advanced so far that it can prove to us that Genesis is actually the exact description of the Ray of Creation. It will only demonstrate the truth, contained in the old esoteric schools and their scriptures. It will eventually reconcile the religions with the esoteric circles, who will hopefully become the psychological schools, helping people to develop their latent possibilities to become MEN in the real sense of the word. It will change our behaviour towards nature and everything in it. It will change politics. It will unite religions. It will save life on this planet.Anything will be better than what we are heading towards right now.

I do not mind you took off clothes of my body and threw me to the “mob”, that pays off my karmic debths, what I do mind is that I do not understand how you can reconcile the fourth industrial revolution with Revelations. The only explanation my simple mind can come up with is that the Bible does not make sense to you with the no-sense making passages. Is it wise under such circumstances to lead the whole humanity to the abyss?

A thought to Mr. Gates

Dear Mr. Gates,          

Your name is so painfully often connected with death that I must assume that  either you are an eugenicist or you do not understand the impact of your vaccine mission  undertaken in goodwill.
As both cases spring from the fact that over thousands of years the top management has not learned yet how to lead humanity without the cyclical “reset”  of human and financial resources, I will again repeat for the peace of my mind what I have learned in the esoteric school that proved to be correct and far ahead of the knowledge of contemporary science.  I will overlook the things like the c-word, primate story and the STAR of David and I will mention only that there is a close correlation between the life of the planet and human behavior in it. The Universe is spiritual, each planet has a specific purpose of its existence – to transform the cosmic energies for further universal effects. That transformation is safeguarded by Nature according to the particular needs of time and evolution of the planets. The number of the population on the planet Earth is regulated by her according to the way humans transform the energies. If they do it by a qualitative way as they are supposed to do, their number decreases. If we fail to do that, she is forced to increase the number of the population, which goes hand in hand with the higher demands on natural resources. A simple observation of the graph of the population levels over the centuries is the easiest indicator where we got it wrong.
Mr. Gates, by reducing the population levels, we are dealing only with the consequences, not with the causes and we will burden the planet’s karma for the next generations, can you understand that?

The electricity issue is an electricity issue only because the relevant authorities fail to explain it is a sacred substance, that participates in animation of everything existing. If they did, we would not have robotization, because people would understand that both need electricity, but robots do not transform the cosmic energies.
And the amount of electricity used for keeping the entire atmosphere charged is a matter of conscience, is it not?
Instead of bringing the fear of death, why not to introduce to humanity knowledge of how to transform the cosmic energies qualitatively? This knowledge has been available to us for over 100 years and planetary management is oblivious to it. Why?
You all know that the Universe is spiritual, that there is the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE, our CREATOR.
What a little faith you have in our COMMON FATHER.

Spirit over the matter

Dagmar Palmerova

PS: Staphylococci is not a virus nor a killer unless recombined in biowarfare laboratories and does not transmit via air. Coronavirus is a question of ethics I would say.

Za socialismu bylo celkem jednoduché se vyznat v tisku, černé bylo bílé a bílé černé, pokud se jednalo o politické dění této planety. Šedé zóny byly jakýmsi neutralizačním elementem.
V dnešní době je situace nesrovnatelně komplikovanější, protože obyvatelstvo tzv. rozvinutých demokracií žije v naivním domnění, že jejich politický systém je zárukou svobody tisku, ačkoliv „Five Eyes“ stíhá a vězní vydavatele a novináře pana Juliana Assange  již deset let za to, že uveřejnil zprávy, které svědčí o existenci úzkého spolku vyvolených, hrající vabank s celým lidstvem.
Globální stanné právo nad mým digitálním covidovým případem je natolik šokující a tím vyvolávající reakce všeho druhu, že ho prostě ignoruji, ale protože je úzce spjaté s vlnou očkování proti koronaviru, který nemá nic společného se stafylokokem, chtěla bych vznést svůj protest proti tomu, že lidé nedostávají pravdivé informace o složení vakcín.
Slučuje se zde několik agend. Především jde o zcela nový typ genetického inženýrství, používající elektroporaci. „Nevýhodou elektroporace však je, že po procesu může být ovlivněna genová exprese více než 7000 genů. To může způsobit problémy ve studiích, kde je třeba kontrolovat genovou expresi, aby byly zajištěny správné a přesné výsledky.“   
Jenom šílená mysl si nebude klást otázku, jaké následky se mohou dostavit od časem neověřených subjektivních  experimentů  ‚vědy‘, která je ještě v plenkách. Moudrost našich předků, zachovávajících princip předběžné opatrnosti pro 7 dalších generací  vznikla na základě zkušeností, proč je naše soudobá vědecká civilizace tak zpupná a arogantní? Noemova archa je pro ně jen hloupou báchorkou, kterou slýchávali, když ‘ještě’ lezli po stromech.
Nakolik tím bude ovlivněn duševní vývoj člověka v těle, jehož vibrační pole bude negativně alterováno, na to se nikdo ze sekulární vědy neptá.
Nedílnou složkou vakcín zdá se být ‚globally unique identifier‘, který umožní kompletní digitalizaci lidského těla a tím i jeho externího ovládání,  jak je patrné na mém případě.
Snahy o depopulaci lidstva se ani neskrývají, lékaři se svědomím upozorňují na vakcíny coby Trojské koně, jejichž nano substance mohou být aktivovány  psychotronickými technologiemi a spustit řetězové reakce pandemického rozsahu.
Když pominu problém rekombinantů, (mimochodem identifikovatelných  satelity pomocí vibračního pole), který musel být předvídán již v zárodku prvotní myšlenky, kdo může za těchto okolností s čistým svědomím doporučit očkování?
Volba Sofie.

UBI – Something for nothing?

That goes against the law of the Universe on just every level one can think about.
Just by observation of Nature I will come to the realisation that there would be many hidden dangers. The first one which comes to my mind is The Universe 25.
The second is simply our human nature, in the socialist regime the societies had an almost equal income regardless of the professions and highly professional people did not like it, many of them left the country not for the political, but the economic reasons. How long would it take for those, who have very developed working habits to start to despise those, who have not? Besides the society has to be very rich to be able to afford it. At the moment each country is experiencing enormous financial burdens because of lockdowns of economies due to covid19. Just let’s use the logic, please. Where would the money come from to cover the expenses?
From the companies that replace people by robots? They do it for saving the money.
So it would have to originate from the planetary sources and that would certainly come with some sort of conditioning, like the central planetary evidence, confiscation of private properties, compulsory vaccinations, social credit systems, total interference in your private lives and so on. So under the current conditions I do not trust such idea at all. It really seems like a calming effect for the upcoming transitional period, a new name for social security cheque.

Yes, by all means it makes people feel secure, but life is not about security, life is about the spiritual growth and there is not a word about the fact that the Universe actually is spiritual and that our 4th industrial revolution disregards it utterly. If I saw that the planetary leaders want to bring humanity to the higher level of consciousness that would be a different story. In the sixties and seventies there were spiritual communes created across the world where people did not own anything, did not earn anything, yet had lived and worked there for free, creating the whole environment literally out of nothing, just using the spirit of brotherhood. It did not last, mainly due to the external infiltration, but it brought the testimony to humanity, that the materialistic approach to life is not the only form of existence for humankind.
So if there was a leadership, that would support the localities, where the ancient ways of spiritual living could be regenerated for larger audiences, that would be a totally different story. There would be experienced teachers, offering the scientific knowledge unknown to the general public and when the right environment needed for the processes of verifications of such knowledge would be available, new forms of sustainable possibilities for human existence, worth of a man of the 21th century, would certainly be born. In accordance with the objective laws of the Universe, not in their contradiction.
Why not to develop such projects? There is one ideal locality with the ancient history that is a subject of powers conflicts, I cannot imagine a nobler solution for such region. It would bring blessings and reconciliations instead of hatred. Peace instead of historically endless wars and fears. Why not to try something different?

No cashless society.

I will try again. The Earth was created according to Genesis. If we take into the consideration the time table of different cosmoses, the Earth ‘mystery’ visually provable by the military scientists and the genomes of species, testifying indisputably the CREATOR’s touch, it will be hardly possible to keep the secular position on the intelligent design of the Universe.

P.D.Ouspensky ISOM

We cannot go digital, “understand?”

The trees

“Must learn from Nature. Man is also organism. Nature makes many acorns, but possibility to become tree exist for only few acorns. Same with man – many men born, but only few grow. People think this waste, think Nature waste. Not so. Rest become fertilizer, go back into earth and create possibility for more acorns, more men, once in while more tree-more real man…..must understand fertilizer necessary to Nature. Possibility for real tree, real man also depend just this fertilizer.” F. Peters Boyhood with G


Luke 17:27


It is known that sacred scriptures are written in parables to avoid the mistranslations and incorporate different layers of meanings for different levels of understanding.
The Greek-English Bible seems more exact and in such turbulent times we have right now it would be wise to mentate over some passages, certainly when we encounter the field of biogenetics and have not had yet a clear idea about our own origin or of the purpose of our existence. The atheistic approach of science is having quite serious impact on the whole planet and crispr techniques suggest that the current level of our knowledge and understanding of the objective laws that govern the entire Universe are very limited, if existing at all. Otherwise we would not be thinking of growing human organs on or inside of non-human species or injecting vaccines with non-human, or synthetic, DNAs into the human bodies, both children and adults. The 4th Way literature offers very serious warnings and explanations what consequences crossing species boundaries has on life. All species were designed for specific purposes on the principle of General Reciprocal maintenance of everything existing, where all classes of external forms mutually support each other while sustaining the law of common cosmic harmony. Looking at our planet, anybody with a genuine interest will see that we have disrupted the harmony of Nature beyond the acceptable level and to relax about it and expect no consequences is very naive. The so called Climate Change can be easily reversed by returning the control of the weather back to Nature, but biogenetics are jeopardizing the human existence. The expression “they out-marryized” must be understood not only in the literal sense, but also as an indication that by changing & crossing the genomes of species they became unsuitable for the purposes of the Ray of Creation and as such they were destroyed.

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Ten nekonečný koloběh přírody

Situace v naší ulici se dávno vymkla z rukou všech normálně myslících bytostí. Já nemám nic proti splácení osobní karmy, ale když je jeden člověk vystaven napospas 7.8 bilionům lidí a ti si s ním mohou díky smart technologiím dělat prakticky všechno, zcela beztrestně elektronicky na dálku střílet z auta do intimních částí lidského těla, při zásahu vydat vítězný pokřik a tv komentátoři všech možných stanic smíchy řvou “je to tam” za davového šílenství, docela se obávám následků karmy pro celou společnost, která něco takového praktikuje již 10 let. Vy soudíte mě, dějiny budou soudit vás. Ten nekonečný koloběh přírody….

WordPress blocks very reliable scientifically orientated websites from sharing

You  have observed that freedom of information in the West is not exactly according to one’s expectations, but I would like to point out that it resembles times  in the socialist countries of the Cold War era.  I do not use hate speech, I am not politically, nationalistically, religiously or racially identified, but I want to understand what is happening to this planet and its habitats and that is extremely difficult without the special keys and symbols, usually inaccessible to the general population. Mainly due to the unshakable trust in msm reporting and lack of need for their own independent opinion, based on their research.
Once the main symbols are known, the rest is easier to deal with provided people get access to different relevant opinions. After all the logic is quite a reliable tool to detect a hidden riddle.
There are very trustworthy, scientific sources of such information and I pass it on to this web &social sites. But since this month WordPress is blocking them, regardless of their content which I find very offensive, unintelligent, opportunistic and so short sighted that I would not expect any leader to undertake such step.
A “leader” keeps in mind an ancient rule of three questions:
“Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”
Let’s say there is a rumor the vaccines contain ID substances and foreign DNA/RNA’s. That is a very serious rumor and if true, it can have unprecedented consequences not just for every citizen of this planet but for the future of humanity. So finding scientific analyses of the vaccines can confirm or eliminate such rumor. Would I want to be on the side that denies that? Is it necessary? Well if the whole humanity faces mandatory vaccination and there are pig’s and male’s DNAs in it and over a half of the vaccine’s content is unidentifiable , would any parent want to give it to his sons and daughters? Perhaps yes but I believe everyone should know the analyses in advance.
Is it kind? To lie to people in the first place and then ruin their bodies mandatorily? No.
What price social platforms get for complying with the orders from below?

Jmenuji se Dagmar Palmerová (videová forma textu nepovolena)

Můj případ je planetárně známý, jsem v neustálém přímém přenosu jak fyzicky tak i mentálně prostřednictvím psychotronických technologií, které dovedou odečítat myšlenky. Jde o součást planetárního experimentu v přímém přenosu, k němuž patří i současný covid19 se  všemi svými podvrstvami, ke kterým je třeba mít správné klíče aby jim šlo rozumět a když chybí byť jediný, nelze opravdu porozumět tomu, co a proč se děje a vysvětlit si správně některé váhavé kroky vlád. Takže v tomto smyslu nesoudím.

Jsem vystavena psychologickému a fyzickému postihu, který lze brát opět z několika rovin stejně jako covid19. Ten nejzákladnější je následkem kriminality a morálních poklesků, jichž jsem se ve svém životě dopustila ať již vědomě či nevědomě. Přenos Stafylokoku byl upřímně nevědomý a za ten se hluboce omlouvám. Jen opět připomínám, že úmrtí, způsobená přenosem chřipek jsou nepoměrně častější než ta, způsobená stafylokoky. Jestli  je postih zákonný či nezákonný, to pro mě až tak nehraje roli protože vím, že existují objektivní zákony Universu, nezávislé na lidských, k nimž patří i objektivní spravedlnost a té se zcela podrobuji.

Ale ve stejné ba mnohem horší situaci jsou statisíce možná miliony nevinných lidí, takže
další rovina je  obecná a ta se musí brát zcela odděleně od mého případu jako manifestace technologií, které jsou až do tohoto momentu zákonné protože nejen že neexistuje zákon, který by jejich používání na civilistech zakázal, ale není vůbec připuštěna jejich existence, která zároveň předpokládá nezákonnou digitalizaci těl targetovaných osob. Takže když chce společnost vykonávat roli soudce, je třeba vytvořit prostředí, které by minimálně v náznaku připomínalo objektivní justici. Slyšela jsem, že členské státy Nato se zavázaly ve svých smlouvách s touto organizací, že budou zmíněné technologie přímo řízených energií utajovat, snad kvůli tomu, že jsou na jejich principu založeny zbraně ke kontrole mas a civilních jedinců.. Nevím, jestli je to pravda, ale skutečnost, že psychatři a psychologové po celém světě musejí diagnozovat veškeré stížnosti obětí na následky radiací jako bludy a  schizofrenii a odsuzují občany  k povinné, tělo ničící neurochemické léčbě, přikláním se k její pravdivosti. Zejména v porovnání s faktem, že parlament Ruské federace která není součástí Nata uskupení rozšířil  zbrojní zákon země o zákaz používání  všech předmětů vyzařujících přímo řízené energie, včetně sonických, na civilistech již v roce 2001.
Protože ze své vlastní zkušenosti vím, jaké utrpení tyto technologie člověku způsobují po celém světě a nevidím ve svém okolí žádné morální zábrany v jejich používání, protože nejsou postihovány  zákonem, a také vím, že je nereálné pro normálního člověka zjistit, odkud přicházejí díky své neviditelnosti a anonymitě jejich dálkového ovládání, – pokládám za naprosto vitální, aby nastoupený věk pěti druhů elektřin byl doprovázen adekvátním duševním vzděláváním, bez kterého se jinak jako lidský druh zničíme. Noemova archa,  Atlantis a řecké báje by nám měly být nikoliv jen mýty praotců, ale konkrétním varováním, že nejsme první civilizací, která dosáhla vysokého stupně vědeckého poznání bez adekvátního vývoje své psychiky, nutné k dokonalému pochopení principu stvoření celého vesmíru, jehož nedílnou součástí jsme a vždy budeme.
Tady odkazuji na posvátnou vědu staré Indie, která zcela jasně vysvětluje pohyb slunečních soustav kolem centrálního absolutna a závislost poznání a chápání žijících bytostí na pozici jejich planet. V pravidelně se opakujících cyklech 24000 let dosahuje intelekt bytostí  minimálního a maximálního stupně chápání tvořivých principů externího světa.
My zcela očivině stojíme již přes 100 let na jejich prahu a s naším Darwinovským pojetím vědy jsme došli přes největší masakry k našim rekombinacím.

Já klidně budu sloužit za vašeho psího šaška a pokusného králíka  jak dloho to moje tělo a mozek vydrží a jak dloho uzná objektivní univerzální justice za nutné, ale nakonec se budete muset podívat planetární realitě do očí bez symbolů. A k tomu potřebujete esoterickou vědu s jejími objektivními zákony a myšlením,     a učitele, kteří zprostředkují  klíče k jejímu porozumění.

Soudobá Technokratická cesta prolínání umělé inteligence s lidskou a její ekologické následky jsou jen přirozeným výsledkem Newtnova I. Zákona, které nelze řešit na stejné úrovni myšlení, jak je vidět z vývoje rámcové úmluvy OSN o klimatických změnách z roku 1992.

Já osobně se jdu cvičit v tom, jak fungovat jako perpetum mobile pro klientelu všech mobilních  magnátů na společenských kreditech.

When I want to get a sail out of the harbour what do I need…IF I know where I am going I need a map, a compass, food, water and the Light House to get safely to the harbour. If I do not know then it does not matter, just food and water and knowing how to sail.

My history teacher  in high school was a university professor,  misplaced from his original position after Prague Spring. He was indeed a character, we all loved him, we never knew when and where the historic act took place but we knew all details about every participant including the menu, sort of covid19.
He had his own philosophical perception of history, confirmed by his experience which he compounded into one sentence, frequently repeated to us: “My dears when I plough with horses, I see a farrow. When I plough with you I see nothing.”
50 years later  I know the feeling.

To the “directors” of the day

I do not know who came up with the idea of broadcasting across the whole planet private lives of all my friends including mine. If that is not illegal, c’est la vie but the sections connected with sacred dances and workshops are sacred.
Definition of sacred
1adedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity
a tree sacred to the gods
  bdevoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose)
      a fund sacred to charity

2aworthy of religious venerationHOLY
  bentitled to reverence and respect

: of or relating to religion : not secular or profane
//sacred music

archaic ACCURSED
bhighly valued and importantsacred responsibility

It would be wise to behave accordingly when inspired by such themes for  comics scripts so that it ought not to fit into the category of pearls in the animal kingdom.

Průzkum veřejného mínění

V dnešní době by bylo dobré „zoom out“ a zamyslet se nad tím, jestli „víme co chceme“?

Chceme nelegální, veřejně přenášený, dálkově ovládaný otrocký elektronický sex za účelem sadistického týrání, degradace osobnosti, energetického a finančního zisku, který demoralizuje celou planetu?

Chceme totální ztrátu svobody prostřednictvím digitalizace našich těl?
Chceme dát vědcům a státům totální nadvládu nad naší myslí, tělem a tím i životem prostřednictvím neviditelných, dálkově přímo řízených radiací?
Chceme jít až na konec technokratické ulice transhumanismu, která je slepá?
Chceme zavádět 5G navzdory tísícům vědeckých i lékařských studií, varujících lidstvo před jeho devastujícími účinky na všechny živé organismy?
Chceme si nechat alterovat naše genetické kódy syntetickými DNA/RNA nebo je předesignovat křížením jiných druhů, aniž bychom přemýšleli o arše Noemově?
Chceme se nechat synchronizovat s Quantum AI nebo s resonancí celého vesmíru?
Chceme se stát nesmrtelnými i po dosažení všeho, co jsme chtěli?
Pokud ano, proč investujeme do vědy na horizontální linii Makropulos – času, a ne na vertikální linii nekonečna?

Jak se můžeme stát nesmrtelnými na vertikální linii nekonečna?
Kdo vlastně jsme a proč existujeme?
Proč nemůžeme oficiálně vědět, že planety jsou hvězdy a život na nich nevzniká podle přirozeného vývoje, když to již všichni víme?
Proč nemůžeme vědecky dokázat, že všechna náboženství mluví  různými způsoby o tom samém?
Proč nemůžeme ještě ani po tisíciletích pochopit, že války a vraždění nejsou v plánu Universu, že je to jen přežitek velmi primitivního  rysu  civilizace naší planety, kterého se lze zbavit pomocí trinárního, ne binárního vedení lidstva?
Proč nevíme, že množství populace naší planety není náhodné, ale nepřímo úměrné kvalitativnímu způsobu života, jaký vedeme, jinými slovy když klesá, příroda ho musí kompenzovat vzrůstajícím objemem populace a naopak? (Dějinně extrémní vzrůst nápadně koresponduje s časem, kdy jsme přišli na to, že jsme nebyli stvořeni, ale vyvinuli se přirozeně selekcí.)

Chceme, aby se zavírali do vězení nakladatelé a novináři, kteří mají odvahu informovat lidstvo o těchto tématech?

Kdo si vezme na svědomí historické vystavení obyvatelstva planety 5tiG a povinnému ID očkování kvůli nepravé pandemii?

Otázky pro každého člověka naší planety, bez rozdílu ras, náboženství, společenských systémů a geografie, ale hlavně pro ty, kteří investují do naší budoucnosti a kteří ji řídí.

Life teachers

We come to this world and make an imprint, some times good, sometimes not so good but the overall is what counts and what counts is what we leave behind that others can benefit from one way or another.. I benefited from almost everyone I met but there were remarkable “life” teachers, without whom I would not be what I am. My deepest gratitude and prayers to them.

In God We Trust

Rev. M. R. Watkinson,
Minister of the Gospel from Ridleyville, Pennsylvania,
November 13, 1861
to Secretary Chase

Dear Sir: You are about to submit your annual report to the Congress respecting the affairs of the national finances.One fact touching our currency has hitherto been seriously overlooked. I mean the recognition of the Almighty God in some form on our coins.

You are probably a Christian. What if our Republic were not shattered beyond reconstruction? Would not the antiquaries of succeeding centuries rightly reason from our past that we were a heathen nation? What I propose is that instead of the goddess of liberty we shall have next inside the 13 stars a ring inscribed with the words PERPETUAL UNION; within the ring the allseeing eye, crowned with a halo; beneath this eye the American flag, bearing in its field stars equal to the number of the States united; in the folds of the bars the words GOD, LIBERTY, LAW.

This would make a beautiful coin, to which no possible citizen could object. This would relieve us from the ignominy of heathenism. This would place us openly under the Divine protection we have personally claimed. From my hearth I have felt our national shame in disowning God as not the least of our present national disasters.

To you first I address a subject that must be agitated.

As a result, Secretary Chase instructed James Pollock, Director of the Mint at Philadelphia, to prepare a motto, in a letter dated November 20, 1861:

Dear Sir: No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.

You will cause a device to be prepared without unnecessary delay with a motto expressing in the fewest and tersest words possible this national recognition.

How beautifully written…could we think in such ways nowadays, with digital currencies just about to take over the history of mankind? We have quite humorous features, first, we get rid of GOD (as if we could really get rid of gravity) in one part of the world, then the second part gets inspired and becomes communistic, in the meantime, the first one brings GOD back in the design of its currency. After a while, the second one realizes that it cannot get rid of gravity and that ALMIGHTY had been in its cultural heritage for centuries so it re-installs it in its constitution while the first one is getting rid of HIM for the second time, by going digital, inspiring the third part of the world.
We still have that insignificant problem with gravity but I am sure we will conquer that with covid vaccine.

Chytré měření

Na dveřích našeho bloku bylo oznámení o výměně elektroměrů. Když slyším elektroměr, okamžitě se mi vybaví doba, kdy jsem se dozvěděla o úskalích chytrých měření a řekla si že je vždy odmítnu.
Nový elektroměr vypadá jako chytrý elektroměr, ale firma uvádí, že chytré měření je možné odmítnout a vrátit se zpět k normálnímu zpětnou výměnou elektroměru. Takže to beru jako uklidnění, že nemáme chytrý elektroměr.
Ale časy se rychle mění a někdo by se mohl ze dne na den rozhodnout, že je starý způsob neefektivní a povinně zavést chytrost jako součást evoluce.
Tak jsem vybrala 2 články s touto tématikou, jeden náš, který se na chytré přístroje dívá běžným odborným technicko-ekonomickým pohledem  a druhý ze zahraničí, beroucí v úvahu jejich dopad na zdraví lidí, kteří je používají a na ekologii celé planety. Oba by podle mého názoru měly být v povědomí každého občana této planety.

Physicians for safety
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„Inteligentní“ metry pro „inteligentní“ mřížku

Provozovatelé ve všech státech nahrazují desetiletí staré, ale stále dokonale fungující analogové měřiče takzvanými inteligentními měřiči v domovech lidí za účelem bezdrátového čtení spotřeby elektřiny vysíláním vysokofrekvenčních signálů do sousedních domů, které jsou poté zasílány do místních uzlů a poté do místní elektrárny. To vytváří nepřetržitou pokrývku elektromagnetického záření „Smart Grid“ v sousedství za účelem účinného bezdrátového přenosu dat o spotřebě energie do hlavní nosné sítě pro fakturaci a analýzu dat. Měřiči již nejsou potřební k přímému čtení měřidel. Ačkoli je to výhodné a levnější pro veřejné služby, objevilo se mnoho problémů hlášených v oblasti soukromí a zabezpečení, vážných zdravotních účinků a požárů. Mnoho obyvatel se celonárodně organizovalo, aby vzdělávalo ostatní o těchto rizicích a přijímalo právní předpisy, které obyvatelům umožní odhlásit se od inteligentních měřičů. Pohodlí nebo nebezpečí?
Umístění inteligentních měřičů se zdá být skvělým pohodlím, ale tyto měřiče využívají mikrovlnné záření 2,4 GHz (a 900 MHz) pro komunikaci, kterou používají naše mikrovlnné trouby, Wi-Fi routery a další bezdrátová zařízení. Inteligentní metry jsou funkční 24/7. Přestože konzultanti vyzařované elektromagnetické záření průměrují, neberou v úvahu výzkum, který ukazuje, že pulzní vysokofrekvenční záření je škodlivé i při nižším výkonu. Poškození buněčných struktur způsobují hroty pulzní energie a ne průměrná hustota energie. Kromě toho bylo shledáno, že dlouhodobé kumulativní expozice jsou škodlivé a při zavádění těchto zařízení se neberou v úvahu. Inteligentní měřiče mohou pulzovat až 190 000 krát denně. Frekvence bezdrátové technologie 2,4 GHz pulzují rychlostí 2,4 miliardy cyklů za sekundu. Vyvinuli jsme se v zemské přirozené rezonanci nízkého magnetického pole 7,83 Hz (7,83 cyklů za sekundu) a nyní jsme vystaveni téměř ve všech prostředích – doma, v práci, ve škole a ve firmách – nepřetržitému mixu umělých mikrovlnných frekvencí. Continue reading “Chytré měření”

Digital health passports

“…..Firstly, the user downloads the app and enters key information such as name, address, age and verifies their identity using their fingerprint or a facial scan.

They then take a Covid-19 test, administered by an authorised healthcare professional, and the results are scanned into the Covi-pass. They can then use the digital health passport to authenticate their health status to enable “a safe return to work, life, and safe travel””.
It includes “relevant health information”.

This is my problem with the current affairs. I know from the life observations, that when something unpopular, (usually taking very restrictive measures on personal freedoms of different kinds) is to be implemented, it is introduced first as an optional step for the public. Often it is introduced in an emotional coating, where the underlying aspects of responsibility and conscience come to play, with fear calming and benefits it will bring to society. The idea is sown, the testing of the idea is measured and time is given to its germination, while the “contracts” have been made and even announced.
The health passports have been around for a very long time in the vaccination domain, it started with the planned vaccine schedules for the newborn and developed into a similar idea for all citizens of the planet. Due to the stronger anti-vax movement it has not received sufficient public support but it might get into the picture indirectly via the coronavirus health passport.
You must remember that once you accept the idea of the health passport, governments will implement it universally and it will eventually restrict your movements in the unprecedented ways, let’s say there will be a list of health conditions, restricting you from participating in many activities, you might be required to have your liver testing done to purchase alcohol in the bar or a lung test to get the life insurance. Anything is possible at this stage of the planetary condition.
We are not suicidal by Nature and taking some precaution is wise so if we are informed about certain conditions, many probably would consider personal testing of their bodies for the presence of viruses or bacteria, but a human body is a property of The CREATOR, not a liability of a state so the privacy of any testing is imperative. Our civilization has survived for thousands of years without health passports, forced vaccinations, and synthetic pharmacology. It will survive even this transitional period with the help of at least some degree of consciousness.

The UN Convention against Torture

Complaint Form

For communications under:

  • Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • Convention against Torture, or
  • International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Please indicate which of the above procedures you are invoking:
Convention against Torture…

Date:   …15.5. 2020……….

I.         Information on the complainant:

Name: …Palmerova……                               First name(s):  Dagmar    

Nationality:    Czech………                          Date and place of birth:     xxxx 1952 Prague……….

Address for correspondence on this complaint:         …xxxxxx  130 00 Prague   The Czech Republic…..

Submitting the communication:         

On behalf of all people of this planet being targeted with the psychotronic directed energy technologies. I do not have their authorization but they have all been exposed in various degrees to human experimentation via these technologies and they have the same aim – to stop their clandestine application on human beings.

II.        State concerned/Articles violated

It is a global issue, none of the states can officially acknowledge the use of directed energy technologies on civilians except Russia. Russia prohibited their application in 2001 by adopting the Article 6 of the Federal Law of Russia on Weapons: “Weapons and other items, damaging effect of which is based on the use of EM, light, thermal, infrasound radiation.”
NASA’s ‘Future Strategic Issues’ document from 2001 characterises directed energy technologies as ‘legal’.

Articles of the Covenant or Convention alleged to have been violated:

In accordance with article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Being Subjected to Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 1975,
these articles of Convention could be violated if the application of directed energy technologies were admitted:

-Article 1 Protection against torture or any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind,

-Article  16:
1. Each State Party shall undertake to prevent in any territory under its jurisdiction other acts of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment which do not amount to torture as defined in article I, when such acts are committed by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. In particular, the obligations contained in articles 10, 11, 12 and 13 shall apply with the substitution for references to torture of references to other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

-The additional articles may apply to individual cases like Mr. Julian Assange’s.

III.      Exhaustion of domestic remedies/Application to other international procedures

Steps taken by or on behalf of the alleged victims to obtain redress within the State concerned for the alleged violation – detail which procedures have been pursued, including recourse to the courts and other public authorities, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:  …………………..

Within the last five years I wrote the letters to all relevant authorities in the Czech republic, in the US, in Australia, in the UK, in the Vatican and to the UN. Only OHCHR replied to me that the issue was not covered by the UN Treaty body. Please find the attached copies of several of them.

Have you submitted the same matter for examination under another procedure of international investigation or settlement (e.g. the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, or the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights)? 

I sent letters to the European Court of Human Rights and to the International Court of Justice (attached).
But I do not have any official documentation which could support my case. although there is innumerable evidence across the globe due to my 24/7 public surveillance and legal electronic hunt of my body. The government and the majority of citizens of the Czech Republic are the witnesses but without the authority and rights to speak about it directly, the rest use the legality of the hunt for their personal or professional gains.

If so, detail which procedure(s) have been, or are being, pursued, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:   ditto

IV.       Facts of the complaint

Detail, in chronological order, the facts and circumstances of the alleged violations. Include all matters which may be relevant to the assessment and consideration of the particular case. Please explain how you consider that the facts and circumstances described violate your rights.


The facts:
Science of 21st century reached such a high level of cognition of the external world on a subatomic level, that it is able to manipulate and actually direct remotely every external form of being, be it a plant, insect, animal, a human being as well as the geological or atmospheric processes of Nature due to the interference with the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth.
The technologies used for such manipulation are called psychotronic and one of their functions is the amplification of man’s psychic energies by electronic devices. Their users can remotely modify the physical, psychological, emotional, and psychic behaviour of humans and animals by psychic means.
This very technology has been used by all governments under the name of ‘crowd control weapons’  (you used to call them ‘less-lethal weapons’ last century) for very obvious reasons, they allow control of variable lethality, they are very precise, cheap, invisible and accommodate asymmetric threat. What is grossly overlooked is their possible long-lasting psychological effects on the targets. 
With the arrival of ‘smart’ technologies, their application was introduced to the private sector and the new industry of mutual electronic hunting of civilians was added to the intel/defense neurological research.
Since 2010 I have been under the police and public 24/7 ‘residential surveillance in a designated location’ for crimes I committed in the past although not officially charged with any of them. The surveillance includes mind reading and psyop operations, visually and aurally accessible to the public as ‘live’ proof of the existence of such technology, which denies all human dignity,  usurps the power to control physiological and mental processes of other human beings on a large scale and reduces them to the states’ and public commodities. From the extensive literature of different neurological patents and from my own experience it can be assumed that there are many types of programs, some are more concentrated on the physiological aspects of human nature, others are purely psychological and if the subjects are found to be responsive to psychic energies, then the experimentation proceeds on this line as well.
It automatically anticipates the clandestine presence of the militaries’ micro/nanochips or sensors in the bodies of targeted people, yet such suggestions are diagnosed as delusional.

The governments, police, judiciary, and the medical establishment either want to or must pretend they have no knowledge of such technology being used on civilians in different degrees, therefore no international laws have been created to stop this breach of human liberty.

No one can deny  the most evident violation of the Nuremberg Codes:
     -the absence of informed consent to human experimentation,
     – the absence of formulated scientific experimentation
and no one can disaffirm that in the principle a human body in the third millennium has been used the same way as the body of slaves in antiquity.

But I want to address the broader aspect of this matter, which needs to be considered.
OHCHR’s  Convention’s articles themselves do not reflect the anonymous remote electronic targeting, where it is virtually impossible to locate the attackers without access to satellites’ data. But even when they are actualized, it will not be sufficient because these technologies do not affect only a certain amount of selected people who have been microchipped and used for human experimentation or punished for exposing or investigating the controversial planetary issues. They have been increasingly incorporated into the various IT devices and applied across all sectors of human activities for lucrative businesses and total control of humanity through the digitalization of our bodies.
I understand that the social credit systems and coronavirus pandemics are the convenient ways to keep humanity under control, but they deprive us of free will to exercise the choices between yes and no, our fundamental inheritance from our CREATOR, granted to us for very specific purposes of perfecting of our being. Our disregard for them is futile and very naïve as we can never succeed in the long term, but we could attract our classical reciprocal destruction as is suggested in Revelations. It is like standing on the bridge and watching the ship approaching the iceberg and doing nothing to stop it.
My past has been used to prevent me from communication with other human beings, which I respect, but at the same time those who put me under the martial law are not willing to inform humanity about the most important facts of  the entire human existence and such secrecy only inhibits the urgently needed solutions.

1. There is exact scientific evidence to be found in the genetic material of species that humans do not originate from primates. Perhaps our mental retardation is so severe that we cannot admit to ourselves what our forefathers knew without having the genomes of species in their hands.
Such knowledge has always been accessible through the esoteric science, with the protective measures of psychological training that leads humanity to a higher state of consciousness and safeguards the knowledge from being exploited for egoistic and power-seeking aims. We took the inspiration from its science, discarded the protective measures in exactly the same manner as we did with the natural cell barriers, and ended up on the path of singularity, failing to understand the most fundamental objective principles on which the Universe is built.

2. Electricity is a sacred cosmic substance (allocated in definite quantities to every planet) that participates in the creation and the maintenance of life of all species in the entire Universe. Without such recognition, we have created electric technologies of which application often breaches the majority of human rights and unsustainably consumes this sacred substance, instead of introducing to humanity the sustainable objective self-governing principles that would eventually  “secure the blessings of liberty for all” living beings on the planet Earth.

3.The planet Earth is a star, another ancient ‘secret’, which ought to be revealed to humanity long ago to direct its path away from unconscious egoistic pursuit of power and immortality on the Time line and pursue the evolution of one’s being on the eternal line as the rest of the Universe  apparently endeavors.

4. The Universe has been created exactly according to the Ray of Creation, with the Most Holy SUN ABSOLUTE being its central system. I had a vision of it so I know that all genuine scriptures and fairy tales of the East and the West speak the truth in the languages and symbols of their time and geography and our orthodox science ought to re-connect the dots in a different ways and between its different fields to prove it scientifically.

For that, a ‘common’ language is needed for all parties concerned and such language is available through esoteric science, often greatly misunderstood and so rejected for many reasons by both orthodox science and religion, in sharp contrast to the military and defense departments of all superpowers, who have gained  superior knowledge through it.
I am aware that this information falls outside the scope of OHCHR, but the current global situation can give rise to unpredictable circumstances and I am unshakably convinced that whatever happens, this knowledge will help humanity to orientate themselves in the right direction and the UN should know about it. The esoteric knowledge will help to reinstall human rights on the solid bases of objective justice that will restrain jurisdiction from  persecuting   publishers and all who point to the matters of public interest  in contradiction with the political climate of the times.

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy sent to the minister of the Czech Foreign Affairs

If you cannot handle David ICKE, how do you want to deal with the rest?

I understand that to reveal all my private mud of 68 years with all possible connections is a colossal project that helps to transform the flies into the elephants and the elephants into the flies. What I do not understand is that the seemingly high intelligent global professionals force masses of people to accept the most deceitful information and get unfriendly towards those who actually use their own intellect to ponder about it.
The position of epidemiologists vs medical doctors on deaths due to  “covid virus” :
-“Epidemiologists’ biggest concern is how much and how uniform is the undercoating”.
-Medical doctors’ biggest concern is their restricted freedom to diagnose the cause of death to their best ability and how much and how uniform is the forced overcounting.
Sparks of sanity in the darkness: “the death certificate is not ‘an opinion document’.”
Not indeed. Rather a reminder to “apply our hearts unto wisdom”.


The higher states of consciousness require conscious efforts

“It has been explained before that in ordinary conditions of life we do not remember ourselves; we do not remember, that is, we do not feel ourselves, are not aware of ourselves at the moment of perception, of an emotion, of a thought or of an action. If a man understands this and tries to remember himself, every impression he receives while remembering himself will, so to speak, be doubled. In an ordinary psychic state, I simply look at a street. But if I remember myself, I do not simply look at the street; I feel that I am looking, as though saying to myself: ‘I am looking.’ Instead of one impression of the street, there are two impressions, one of the street and another of myself looking at it. (divided attention). This second impression, produced by the fact of my remembering myself, is the ‘additional shock.’ Moreover, it very often happens that the additional sensation connected with self-remembering brings with it an element of emotion,”

Efforts to remember oneself, observation of oneself at the moment of receiving an impression, observation of one’s impressions at the moment of receiving them, registering, so to speak, the reception of impressions and the simultaneous defining of the impressions received, all this taken together doubles the intensity of the impressions….”

……the highest matter can be “produced by the organism from air, that is, from the second kind of food. This, however, is obtained only by making a conscious effort* at the moment an impression is received. …. “It is necessary to understand what this means. We all breathe the same air. Apart from the elements known to our science, the air contains a great number of substances unknown to science, indefinable for it, and inaccessible to its observation. But exact analysis is possible both of the air inhaled and of the air exhaled.
This exact analysis shows that although the air inhaled by different people is exactly the same, the air exhaled is quite different. Let us suppose that the air we breathe is composed of twenty different elements unknown to our science. A certain number of these elements are absorbed by every man when he breathes. Let us suppose that five of these elements are always absorbed. Consequently, the air exhaled by every man is composed of fifteen elements; five of them have gone to feeding the organism. But some people exhale not fifteen but only ten elements, that is to say, they absorb five elements more. These five elements are higher ‘hydrogens.’ These higher ‘hydrogens’ are present in every small particle of air we inhale. By inhaling air we introduce these higher ‘hydrogens’ into ourselves, but if our organism does not know how to extract them out of the particles of air, and retain them, they are exhaled back into the air. If the organism is able to extract and retain them, they remain in it. In this way, we all breathe the same air but we extract different substances from it. Some extract more, others less. “In order to extract more, it is necessary to have in our organism a certain quantity of corresponding fine substances. Then the fine substances contained in the organism act like a magnet on the fine substances contained in the inhaled air. We come again to the old alchemical law: ‘In order to make gold, it is first of all necessary to have a certain quantity of real gold.’ ‘If no gold whatever is possessed, there is no means whatever of making it.’ “The whole of alchemy is nothing but an allegorical description of the human factory and its work of transforming base metals (coarse substances) into precious ones (fine substances).”
Excerpts from P.D. Ouspensky ISOM

*Conscious effort to divide attention between what we do (the object of our attention) and our physical body at the same time, to bring attention to it as well (like noticing my own breathing). The car’s autopilot (e.g. daydreaming) can be switched off, I may take control of driving, concentrate attention fully on speeding, be in the moment, yet identifying with it, not being aware of my physical body behind the wheel, only one-way attention.

The effort to control one’s emotions to save the expenditure of energy needed for conscious effort:
the practice of not expressing unpleasant or negative emotions, doubt, fear, anger, irritation, self-pity, etc….
of not ‘identifying’ with every nonsense, of not considering inwardly (what others think of me) but externally (what needs to be done) …..