A question about the sacred national security

for the whole planet:

Let’s say that there is a rising empire, spying on the whole planet and finds out that some groups of highly developed  humans are possessors of  ancient  knowledge, highly surpassing the empire’s scientific achievements and guarded by their superior  ethical standards against its possible misuse. The empire steals it and by further decades long intensive scientific research and human experimentation develops the most powerful technology, capable to direct from the distance invisible energies into the bodies and minds of  all humanity and influence their organs’ functions emotional states.  It  is selectively and covertly used on millions of people across the globe and brings much suffering and hatred to our planet and inspires competition in this field among other states as well.

The conscientious press leaks  it out and is jailed and accused of jeopardizing the empire’s national security under the Dark Ages Espionage act.

What do you think  is more beneficial to you in the third millennium,  the leak or the espionage act of the second millennium?

What matters and what does not

For nine years my entire personal life, recorded by the US government since the fifties as a part of the global satellite’s x-ray screening program has been scrutinized by the whole planet in symbolical ways as the global martial law prohibits anyone to mention my name.

If it affected only me, it would be fine, I take it as a last but one judgment before the final one. But it is not so, it affects not only all people with whom I have interacted, but totally innocent people who have never met me like Mr Julian Assange, who through his active conscience stood for the human rights of my case in 2010-11 and for the materials I had collected over the internet about the burning issues that our planet and its entire species including humanity faces.

He as a publisher and journalist, who’s ability to connect with the young generation and explain to them the pitfalls of technologies as the possible means to substantially eliminate not just their freedoms but to enslave their bodies and minds as well is greatly missed. He is kept silent in the prison, I sit here in the kitchen and have to watch for almost a decade how the judgments destined to me are addressed on his head; I find it extremely  cowardly and despiteful from the public figures who  themselves are not ready to compromise their carriers for the topics endangering our civilization.

He IS a journalist, I am not, the dirty socks are mine not his,  it just represents the level of understanding we are dealing with.

I have no intention to talk about my private life, I am deeply convinced it is none of people’s business when the 2/3 of the species have disappeared from our planet, when every genetic modification, performed on the current level of understanding  is condemning us to the eternal Matrix, when the weather control and 1-5G is depriving us of the possibility to increase our consciousness, when humanity in the third millennium is not able to reconcile its differences without wars, human experimentation and torture and when they do not know the Universe indeed IS spiritual, that has absolutely nothing to do with me. There are legal ways how to condemn a citizen if the constitutions of the world are applicable. So why are we using the illegal ones, penalizing not just a person but its whole country like in my case?

Our own mechanicality as the means to our enslavement

Amazon and Facebook to read (reading?) not just thoughts but human emotions – just another application of technologies, that work on one simple recognition that we, humans, are contained in literally biological, computerised bodies that have certain programs and can and do  run our lives independently of us. Neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists found out that long time ago and Intel uses it accordingly. Eventually such knowledge gets passed down to the private sector and we end up with screening of our emotions by our ‘smart’ guys and being used for different political, social and economic purposes.

So what can be done about it? To stop it? How could it be stopped? There are millions of companies across the whole world, working one way or another on such technologies! Hardly possible and hardly likely by ordinary means.

Under such circumstances I would take a different approach. First few questions should be asked: How come, that  out of 500 of my strokes on a keyboard Google is able to predict with ca 90% accuracy my  behavioural profile, habits, tastes, choices, preferences? Only because I behave mechanically according to a certain pattern.

So if I behave utterly mechanically, 90% of others  must be mechanical as well. Is everything in me mechanical? That is a question every adept of real  esoteric studies is asked to find out. I wish I could say no, but approximately 2 years of sincere self observations will prove otherwise. Clear reference to the classical ‘Know thyself’ first.

Yet what is not mechanical is the rare awareness of it. That awareness, which can come only by separating one’s attention into two – the observer and the observed and which is characteristic for the third state of consciousness. The process called waking up out of a hypnotic sleep, self realization, self remembering are different names for the same thing and only without that the smart  guys can predict our behaviour. But such states rarely come on their own and people do not know they are the most precious moments in their lives,  hard to artificially evoke among the endless identifications of each day and the hardest of all –  to sustain them in frequency, length and depth.

What if the smart guys enrolled into some real esoteric workshops for few weeks? Maybe then this generally omitted  knowledge, available to us since the beginning of time, would be  reinvented, hopefully applied to life and this current technological progress of enslaving human machines would be redirected towards the awakening  of humanity.

Or am I too asleep to see the  Mount Everest climbers….

The controversial questions

Is the leading manager of the planet  ready to announce to 7 billion people how the planet receives  light and heat?

Is the science ready to announce that the Universe is spiritual?

Is the science ready to announce that  Mr. Darwin was a subjective scientist, created by objective science and so were we?

Is the church ready to accept that our Lord Jesus Christ is not GOD but his SON?

Is the church ready to call off  reincarnation/recurrence as heresy?

Are the churches  ready to announce that all religions originate from one source?

Are the intel scientists ready to inform their ‘lesser’ orthodox colleagues that there are different states of consciousness as their ‘sleeping beauty’ programs confirm?

Is humanity to be explained that we live in the second state of consciousness which produces wars, hatred, transhumanism and artificial intelligence instead of rediscovering techniques to reach the third and fourth states as the ways to exit from  the Matrix?

Are the superpowers ready to stop covert human experimentation and torture going on with directed electromagnetic and sonic energy on a global scale and protect the bodies and minds of their citizens against unheard of loss of privacy?     Is the psychiatric establishment ready to do the same?

Is the US ready to face the fact that the analyses of vaccines suggest they are not composed of the most favorable ingredients for the tiny bodies of the newcomers to this world?

Are the superpowers ready to stop manipulating with Nature’s natural processes and give back to her the main control over the planetary weather?

Do we know for certain 5G will not blow off a half of our planet and possibly other  neighbours?

Today a twitter message led me to a clever picture in a book, representing an ancient way how to wake up and I discovered  Tassili National Park for the first time. To my surprise I saw the slim mountains,  looking like the towers of cathedrals, very similar to those risen after big bang in my dream few years ago.  I could not eliminate a possibility of a fake dream sent to me via advanced neural technologies to make mickey out of me or for some other reason as happens every day, but its extraordinary content speaks against it. When I am thinking about it now, the thought of warning  us about what happened thousands of years ago seems more realistic.

These are the main questions that I believe complicate Mr Assange’s case and mine as well.






Meanings within the meanings

To hear intelligent objective thoughts nowadays one has to go back in time. I repeat very often that  the military and intel alphabets have been spying/searching  such materials for over hundred years and so when there is much confusion on the internet about what those up  behind the scene  are doing (apart from blackmailing presidents as usual  for whatever reasons) one can come across some hints in the old sources.

By now it is known to majority of those following this line of thoughts that human life serves a Great Cosmic Purpose, that we were not created by accident and life was not given to us for ourselves only.  The current military science is coming to terms with it, judging by the level of human experimentation they conduct on targeted people. To label all ‘secret’ symbols as satanic work does not help at all, so actual knowledge is far the best way to approach this domain before it overtakes humanity in a wrong way.  There is  a well known document called Tabula Smaragdina. It explains in symbols the mystery of the Universe, the lower one within the higher one or the other way around depending how we look at it. The lower one, the origin of the Earth’s moon and sun shine  was chosen for the emblem of Cia at the entrance of their US headquarters, that scientific mystery which has been hidden from us insanely for one hundred years, till Year Zero perhaps…. Obviously they are conducting experiments with the atmosphere connected to the Matrix.  We know about the on going geoengineering and ionospheric activities, the real causes of  the weather change, but what if there is another layer of experiments, connected with cyclones? Today I heard that they have been doing them since 1947. The esoteric literature available to them speaks about the sphere of general Nature which often has ‘repeated reciprocal exchange of substances between various great cosmic concentrations’  through a certain process, a part of which we call  cyclone. It allows drops of water to evolve to the next higher concentrations. Of course it has other levels of meaning as well, as always in this field. I think the defence departments enjoy such style as it gives them the power of knowing what others do not comprehend. Yesterday I was reading some Wikileaks materials and saw the structure of Cia. AIB caught my attention- automated implants branch. “Malware injections, implant drops (Nsa jargon) called fires, as if a weapon being fired. However the analogy is questionable.”                                           I know it refers  to computers, but I immediately connected it with targeting humans. It happens to me sometimes, I walk on the street, a stranger passes by or a car and  within a minute hardly bearable pain explodes inside my body. It is clearly a different technology from the usual Smart targeting. So my intuition would be inclined to consider the Wikileaks analogy as correct, another  meaning within a meaning…