Meanings within the meanings

To hear intelligent objective thoughts nowadays one has to go back in time. I repeat very often that  the military and intel alphabets have been spying/searching  such materials for over hundred years and so when there is much confusion on the internet about what those up  behind the scene  are doing (apart from blackmailing presidents as usual  for whatever reasons) one can come across some hints in the old sources.

By now it is known to majority of those following this line of thoughts that human life serves a Great Cosmic Purpose, that we were not created by accident and life was not given to us for ourselves only.  The current military science is coming to terms with it, judging by the level of human experimentation they conduct on targeted people. To label all ‘secret’ symbols as satanic work does not help at all, so actual knowledge is far the best way to approach this domain before it overtakes humanity in a wrong way.  There is  a well known document called Tabula Smaragdina. It explains in symbols the mystery of the Universe, the lower one within the higher one or the other way around depending how we look at it. The lower one, the origin of the Earth’s moon and sun shine  was chosen for the emblem of Cia at the entrance of their US headquarters, that scientific mystery which has been hidden from us insanely for one hundred years, till Year Zero perhaps…. Obviously they are conducting experiments with the atmosphere connected to the Matrix.  We know about the on going geoengineering and ionospheric activities, the real causes of  the weather change, but what if there is another layer of experiments, connected with cyclones? Today I heard that they have been doing them since 1947. The esoteric literature available to them speaks about the sphere of general Nature which often has ‘repeated reciprocal exchange of substances between various great cosmic concentrations’  through a certain process, a part of which we call  cyclone. It allows drops of water to evolve to the next higher concentrations. Of course it has other levels of meaning as well, as always in this field. I think the defence departments enjoy such style as it gives them the power of knowing what others do not comprehend. Yesterday I was reading some Wikileaks materials and saw the structure of Cia. AIB caught my attention- automated implants branch. “Malware injections, implant drops (Nsa jargon) called fires, as if a weapon being fired. However the analogy is questionable.”                                           I know it refers  to computers, but I immediately connected it with targeting humans. It happens to me sometimes, I walk on the street, a stranger passes by or a car and  within a minute hardly bearable pain explodes inside my body. It is clearly a different technology from the usual Smart targeting. So my intuition would be inclined to consider the Wikileaks analogy as correct, another  meaning within a meaning…


The common language

If all of you on the side of humanity took the most basic works of the 4th Way and ‘just’ read it not out of curiosity but with an open mind, without prejudice, vanity and ego saying I know better, you would understand not just the core of the planetary situation, for which the military and alphabets must have the highest clearances, but it would also give you the map and the common language to communicate with each other through your knowledge you have already acquired and which perhaps needs to be corrected at some places. It would create a strong base for the reconciling force needed to combat the Golem.

Leadership according to the being

According to the Tales the other planets of the Universe have leaders-kings, usually one each. The Earth was not an exception, just  had several  of them. But they succeeded by their blood lines,  contrary to the rest of the Universe where they succeeded by their level of being. The difference is that one you  inherit, the other one you must earn by your own work; the first  have to defend themselves against the enemies by armies, the second  have natural authority, to which the rest submits voluntarily, like in Nature.

In the third millennium we do not have ruling kings anymore with few exceptions, we have democracy as the best option of governing the planetary affairs and we are facing the biggest extinction of species in the history of mankind due to our sheer ignorance of the objective laws of the Universe. We have elections every 4 or so years, half elections in between and all connected with eventual  impeachments and endless reports, clearly an impossible environment to govern anything but petty cash minors. And those invisible unelected,  who have the possible environment to govern wisely from behind present their level of being via complete lies, hatred, terror, wars, 5D’s, 5G’s, Dew tortures, censoring and prosecuting free speech in the main stream media.

We cannot continue the same way much longer because we are violating the universal laws and we will be stopped by their reaction. So either you somehow invite professionals with a higher level of being than yours as advisors to sort this mess of yours out and show some sensible planetary leadership by acknowledging first the sovereignty  of the rest of the world, which is non-existent at present, or will we  just ‘simmer’ to  the Newton’s  first?

The crap

There is a fundamental difference between the Accuser and Jesus Christ. The principle of the first is “Name and shame” and the principle of the second is “Go and sin no more” ( sin=that which is unnecessary). The second is really the approach needed in the present  situation on Earth to avoid another act of mutual planetary self-destruction. But we have twisted it into “go on and do unnecessary things covertly”  and “name and shame those who found out about it”. So those who sincerely are interested in the change rather than seeking bloody revenge cannot but fall back to the old pattern which evokes denying force and the wheel is turning uncompromisingly.

I was taught that to really change anything first metanoia is needed, a new way of thinking; it is available to us, so who is going to apply it in the right context to the general public? Burning the roofs of cathedrals by directed energy weapons and bringing terror to  other sacred places is hardly metanoia, specially in the time of history, when we know by the scientific and so provable way that our planet is a star as the other planets are and that there is a Central Universal Place, from where all affairs are directed, including our insignificant sphere. Only our endless egoism and vanity prevent us from admitting that we are not alone in the universe and that the others are not interested in our “distinguishing mama from papa”  with its  infantile star wars at all when the adult universe needs hands for the real work.

So when will you, analphabets of the Earth, face the music you have been broadcasting for so long? When will you stop teaching new generations that lying, misleading, cruelty and virtual reality is the most profitable way how to approach life, that came to existence only by an accidental coincidence?

Or do we really have to keep participating in these deadly Days of our lives  and listen  to that embarrassing  crap of Russia and North Korea gates till the next elections?



Up till today I still do not know what colour is associated with what political party, I simply do not consider human beings from such angle, it is totally irrelevant to me. I look at them from the point of view of their ability to manage state and worldly affairs in such way that it results in  the wellbeing of their citizens. Historically proven fact says that military endeavours are the most expensive and destructive ways to lead any country. So naturally one must wonder how to deal with this unsustainable situation where the most power seeking nation on earth exercises the infantile bullying methods against its adversaries to evoke frictions and potential war conflicts  on every continent and its representatives do not realize how painful it is to watch that outrageous display of  self-righteousness  which totally disregards the most obvious facts, contradicting  their perception of truth. They evoke in their listeners total confusion about what is true and what is just a despotic abuse. In the previous centuries it was not so critical because our technologies were not jeopardising the existence of life itself but they do now and it makes me angry when I see such an arrogant manifestation of power blackmailing the whole planet simply because the smaller nations do not have access to such scientific advances and cannot protect themselves against such impact on their territories, economies and citizens. It creates an environment of fear, corruption, political  servility, helplessness, anger, rebellion and denial, preventing real prosperity and close communion between the nations of all continents, built on mutual trust, the most natural human impulse we were born with as we can see in little children.

Simply Golem.

Our crossroads

I am not sure what is a socially and morally  correct behaviour under the circumstances our planet is right at the moment,

But my common sense is telling me, that the situation is heading towards the fulfilment of the biblical  prophecies, in agreement with  several more recent predictions. I am not an alarmist at all but what I experience in my body is clearly the breach of the most basic human rights and also a reflection of what is happening to our Mother Earth on a global scale.  The fact that I do not frequently talk  about electromagnetic  and microwave attacks over the  internet does not mean, that I would give my consent to them at all, no, I am bringing attention to the reality of what is happening on this planet on a daily bases,  in front of 7 billion people to millions of other human beings under the military command/ consent and what  the militaries do to our atmosphere and the Earth as well,  by bombarding it with electromagnetic, microwave,  hypersonic  laser or other radiation beams in order to gain total control over the planetary processes which they cannot understand in their complexity for the lack of required scientific knowledge of higher dimensions. Such  knowledge of the higher order and corresponding  objective laws is remarkably missing in the current state of affairs and is reflected on literally every level of planetary management, it is actually frightening in times of  accelerated  speed of new discoveries in every field of science while there is no or very little communication between them… and the earth is sending us  clear messages which nobody can hide anymore, so we are developing the systems of censorships.

I have been pointing it out for nine years from this Czech  bay of pigs to which the US and Nato assigned me 9 years ago, yet everything is getting worse, not better. I am still a dangerous spy and a terrorist  jeopardising the existence of humanity, who under the global martial law cannot be contacted on this topic since 2010, yet is a subject not just to 24/7 public surveillance, mind reading and  military experimentation but also to the global  mafia sex-trafficking,  surely with Nato blessing because such business depends on satellite facilities which are all under the total control of the military. Looking at it from the American point of view it might seem insignificant in comparison with the scale of their worldly power games but disregarding myself there are hundreds of thousands  of other people targeted by directed energy weapons  and  globally it must create such an unprecedented level of negative energy, that it cannot but  manifest sooner or later in one way or the other. I have been saying that we are violating the most powerful force of Nature out of sheer ignorance and there are objective laws operating in the entire universe to which everything living is a subject and we know nothing about them.

This morally degrading game corrupts the souls of every generation and specially the young one  as it trains them in thinking that a human body has no value whatsoever, can be replaced by artificial silikon versions and causing cruelty to another living being can be pleasurable to them. What emotional bases will that create for their future families?  The  psychological games from the most gross to the most subtle  that I and other targeted people across the world notice every day,   suggest  the sadistic nature of the master of the game; it is indeed a game of fun for the crowds and agony for  those  participating with their bodies. I do not know the end but I do not trust it- simply  for that fundamental universal law which says that the effects of a cause must always re-enter the cause.

You all know my history and I am the last person who would want to pretend something or blame others for my failings. But that cannot stop me from addressing the issues that I believe jeopardise fulfilling of the sole purpose of human existence.

There are certain long forgotten mysteries of creation,  forgotten by the Churches in the West or  reduced to procreation,  and we have been left only with fragments of ancient teachings, which deal with life and death phenomena, and with sacred processes of coating  the human souls or so called astral bodies.  I studied them for many years and I  know that the alphabets were spying on such schools  therefore they have a very extensive knowledge in this domain, far exceeding that of the orthodox science. They know how to separate consciousness from the physical body for example,  I was taken  through such process and crossed the time line, so I can confirm with certainty that the physical brain  is not necessary for our consciousness to exist;  apparently the esoteric science calls us ‘three brain beings’, suggesting we could create another two independent bodies of finer energies within us.  The  energy connected with reproductive organs participates in such processes and so does the emotional centre; so what good can come out of the violent dew attacks, when the concerned have no idea what is going on or disagree with it and take  it as torture?  Totally wasted unnecessary suffering that lacks the third force, the sacredness, which is absolutely necessary for the completion of blending of the 3 universal forces. Otherwise the wrong type of crystallization might proceed.   Mr. G used to say- they can get to the third, even to the forth room, and they may find it empty.  I know very little, but over the years of esoteric studies I have not come  across any experimentations with such energies. We were asked to abstain from it if possible  and just  by following the rules I experienced the Heavenly place of the SUN  ABSOLUTE, described in the scriptures including the Bible.  So I rather do not consent to any experimentation of this kind and I am asking the military to stop this non consensual experimentation on all people at once, while there is time as it attracts misfortune to us all and deviates the most sacred impulse of love that indeed moves the stars as Dante rightly expressed.

From the same esoteric materials one can deduce how our so far clandestine directed energy weapons  came into existence.  There are many other scientific discoveries I learned about, which have been kept unofficial for over one hundred years and give the bases for conspiracy theories of the wildest imagination. You would have to have the highest  clearances to have access to them in the military. Here lies the core of the  majority of  fake news, unwillingness to tell  humanity the truth which would make them fall to their knees in front of such Glory and bring finally the Will of the CREATOR on Earth.

As a global citizen I strongly object to it because we have come to the point in history,, where science took the unprecedented position of dictating the direction to humanity without acknowledging that the Universe is spiritual, that we do not originate from apes and that the Genesis is actually scientific description of the Earth mystery, already documentable to humanity for many decades.

By not revealing it –  thousands  of new scientists have been taught the Darwin’s theory of evolution and gotten engaged in transhumanistic plans for the future of humanity, based on artificial intelligence and genetic modifications of species, encouraging enormous financial investments from the public and private sphere without suspecting the existence of the ENDLESSNESS LOVING CREATOR OF EVERYTHING LIVING and the different role HE assigned to us all without any discrimination whatsoever.

Why are we considered so stupid, that we cannot be told what people knew just two hundred years ago? Or is it because we are not willing to say that the emperor is naked?

Well the emperor is naked.