Greetings to G20 Interfaith Forum participants

May the grace, peace, and LOVE of the Most Holy SUN ABSOLUTE be upon you all and our tiny planet in His vast Universe.

None of you can be unaware of the planetary situation in the fields of the military, politics, science health, jurisdiction, and not least of the Earth’s ecological state. They all have a very negative impact on us and many people intuitively feel that this is a result of the battle between the forces of good and evil, taking place without as well as within us all.

The amazing scientific advances of human intellect have opened the doors to the invisible subatomic worlds of matter, hidden from our senses. That gives us the unprecedented power to create, but also destroy life on our planet and there is an urgent need to examine the intersection of the possible ways of our future existence, where we have to think which way to take and not just for this generation but for the future civilization on this planet. It cannot be decided solely by politically and technocratically superior societies because the most powerful universal force that creates and sustains life on Earth does not recognize our subjective walls or frontiers of any kind. It acts in harmony with the objective laws of Creation, while we evidently go against them and the consequences have become very obvious. Our solutions through the help of technocratic artificial intelligence seem to make things even worse because the intellectual aspect of human nature is not in balance with its emotional aspect as represented by Nature in our two brain hemispheres. And our thoroughly secular approach to science and strict separation of secular power from ecclesiastical power in the governance of a democratic world the imbalance only amplifies.

If we are to change anything in a democratic way on a global scale, be it weather returning back to the hands of Nature, creating an international legally binding agreement to use directed energies solely for peaceful purposes, not for further enslaving of humanity, or allowing genetic engineering only in accordance with the objective laws of nature as stated in the ancient esoteric science, we have to bring the Creator of all life into the minds of every citizen on this planet.

I understand that no one can force anybody to believe in GOD, but two hundred years ago we forced ourselves to believe that we came into existence by natural evolution. We humans can believe literally anything that is suggested to us as we see right now on the international political scene.

So why is there such an outcry regarding the idea of the CREATOR of the entire Universe when our science found out that every matter is just a vibration of a certain density, hence there must be a „Central reference system“ from which all vibrations originate?

Since 2003 we have had results of the publicly funded Human Genome Project that proved the subjective theory of natural evolution outdated. It gave us our exact genetic formula so we can reproduce ourselves artificially, which we of course do for very questionable purposes. How come the public has not been officially notified? Why do you not use this scientific proof of the real existence of the Creator (whoever it might be) in your arguments with the secular world?

Would you not realize that the highest degree of science, religious science, should have its place in decision-making processes of existential character on our planet at this crucial time of human history? We are pursuing dangerous, unsustainable transhumanistic aims without realizing, that incomparably better and lasting results are obtainable by religious practices.

But the secular world is very powerful, it has become a global ‘spy’, a „great accuser“ without mercy and religions need to speak one common language of science of the 21 century in order to communicate the message of the „Cosmic music“ of LOVE of the CREATOR of all existing to the masses.

We experience the Babylonian times in a reversal way, we know there is no limit to what we can do, provided it would be in accordance with the objective laws of the CREATOR. Were we not created in His image?

Two days are not long enough to solve anything but they should generate enough energy to unite you all in understanding that we stand on the unconscious road leading to death and ahead of us is a conscious road, leading to eternity.

I was told in the esoteric school that if I really understand, I cannot disagree with others. It took me a long time to understand it, but you know what needs to be changed, what is not vital, and what can be dealt with later. There is a Greek word ‘metanoia’,. It is used extensively in the Greek New Testament, we translate it as ‘repent’ but it can be understood as a new way of thinking. On my sinful path I discovered, that knowledge has been placed into every religion I came across, that each of them has its unique essence that helps to understand certain veiled symbols

in the others and vice versa. They do not contradict each other, they complement each other.

The language of the written word, art, and music used to be a powerful messenger of GOD on Earth. We learn about past civilizations through them, not through the army generals.

There has been a lot of resentment against the churches and esoteric schools, against their accumulated wealth, hidden knowledge, and secretive practices that have been misunderstood by outsiders, but the most beautiful art we cherish so much was created with their support, in the East as well as in the West.

In the 21st century, we stand before the unknown, virtual world with no conceptual framework for how to deal with it, and revival of the art of the Muses might be the easiest and the most beautiful means to melt the snowdrifts of virtual differences between religions and show us the Way.

The previous generations were explorers of the external world of creation, we are supposed to be explorers of the internal world. How could we do it without you all?

„Must we barely arrive at this beginning of us?…“ (W.W.)

We cannot obtain heavenly bliss through our strength alone,

but with the assistance of divine grace,

and man, despite all his follies and errors,

being led by a higher hand,

reaches some happy goal at last. (J.W.vG)

With the most profound respect,

D. Palmerova
Prague 12.12. 2022

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