The accidental childhood’s discovery of Nature.

I used the word rape yesterday because it has been stated in the court documents and analyzed so many times in so many details over the 13 years with the video coverage of it, that it became just a formatory description of something that technically speaking did not take place. All media know it as it was the first thing to be analyzed in details for the obvious reasons. I was sort of ironic yesterday and today the echo sounds as if we were back in 2010.

So with a clear conscience, I am saying that no rape as such took place. Close childhood friends of that age do not know the anatomy and when the outer nature manifests accidentally in one of them, they might want to share it out of curiosity, unless they are properly explained not just the technical reasons for such discovered processes, but also their dangers and their higher purposes, reaching far beyond the ordinary life. Not always is such an explanation available, unfortunately.
When that gets exposed to the world in the right circumstances and details 50 years later, we get covid.
I beg for forgiveness from my beloved friend.

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