Out of our Western democracies only two states are against the killer robots: Holy See and Austria

So we, the results of the Conscious CREATION  of the Absolute, aimed for specific Holy Cosmic purposes, are creating original  bio/brass copycats of ourselves with enhanced features so that they can kill & eat our bodies. With our reduced IQ we can hardly make sure it will be up to us to decide who will be the “TI”.
China does not mind the cause but is against the effect. I do not know what that means, that they are willing to make them for us but will not use them themselves? If I can believe that, it would mean that the western world is ready to dominate the planet with copycats, probably indistinguishable from us; what will we be doing with them when not used for killing? Where will they stay? Who will be responsible for them karmically as well as socially? I mean these questions should be asked by any government on this planet before you even consider such insane idea.
Country Views on Killer Robots
21 August 2019
The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots monitors the positions of countries on the call to ban fully autonomous weapons.https://www.stopkillerrobots.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/KRC_CountryViews21Aug2019.pdf
Who wants to ban killer robots?
Twenty-nine countries are calling for a prohibition on fully autonomous weapons:
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Military Roulette with the Solar System

Directed Energy Weapons – from Indian perspective 20 years ago.

This article is almost 20 years old but it gives a shortcut to what is happening above our heads and the amount of electricity such “games” consume. No wonder that humanity’s mental capacities have been steadily reduced over the last two decades considering the fact  that electricity is a sacred substance of our atmosphere, participating in creation and maintenance of all species. Is there anyone sane and woken up to the extend to  be able to grasp the essence of such knowledge among the highest planetary ranks? If yes, why  the state of international affairs does not reflect that?

What puzzles me at this stage – India is a cradle of ancient knowledge of electricities as the Holy Science of Sri Jukteswar presented to us Westerners.  Dwapara yuga  science in hands of the military with obviously Kali yuga mind is a recipe for a planetary disaster so why do not Indians mobilize their Wise and learn, how to stop us, mad Westerners instead of being afraid of our evidently insane misuse of science? There is spiritual knowledge high enough to crack down even the most powerful military psychotronic system of the planet. Seek it, please.

Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons and the National Defense Strategy

Dear strategists, please could you wake up to what you are actually saying?