.Directed Energy Weapons Sale: $8 billion in 2016 and their existence and use on civilians still denied by governments ???

What I really do not understand is that all these reports confirm what tin foil hats media are literally screaming to the world and the world keeps dismissing  it as conspiracy.  What is wrong with you World? The ecology of the Earth is just about to freak out and you let your politicians covering it up by stupid fights about past elections. As if the political parties had something to do with the global cabal.


 RFID environmental manipulation patent Atmospheric delivery

7645326 – January 12, 2010 – RFID environmental manipulation

Atmospheric delivery system

United States Patent 9,363,954
Davidson ,   et al. June 14, 2016



The invention relates to an apparatus for transporting and dispersing solid particles into the earth’s stratosphere, comprising a conduit connecting a substantially ground level location to an elevated location, a particle transport means, and a deagglomeration means coupled with a dispersal means, wherein the deagglomeration means and dispersal means are located at an elevated location, and to a method of transporting particles of high refractive index into the stratosphere as well as to an aircraft and to a cloud thus formed. Continue reading ” RFID environmental manipulation patent Atmospheric delivery”