An open letter to the President of the US

Dear Mr. President,

I do not speak the political language of the superpower, but I understand to a certain point the language of GOD. And the language of GOD is telling me, that the whole universe was built according to HIS architectural plan in such a way that it can be deduced from both the macrocosm as well as the microcosm by every external three-brain form of life, to which we humans belong.
So if the most powerful militaries of the world decide to make fools out of humanity by insisting on the ape story, they can do it by keeping the scientific discoveries about Genesis secret, but they cannot prevent people from reading those so-called conspiracy secrets in the anatomies of their own bodies right down to the subatomic level and apply them to the planetary and sur/sub planetary designs.
And those who can read it understand straight away that they cannot possibly rely fully on msm, defense departments, financial or political structures nor on scientific or educational institutions regarding their worldly existence as a preparation for the beyond that follows.

My life can be seen as a horror or as an example, that with the right knowledge every person on this planet can tune to its natural resonance and thus to the pulse of the CREATOR.
But what have we done in the meantime?
We have altered this natural resonance, we are breaking every barrier between the species of the Architect’s plan and thus opening the door to the suffering that GOD would have never inflicted upon HIS Creation in the first place, the same way as a normal earthly father would want to protect his child from it.
That is the tragedy of incomprehension of the Creation, that goes back to the mistranslations of the Biblical texts, to the confusion regarding voluntary and involuntary suffering, to the original plan of the Universe that we misunderstood and reduced down to the ‘god’s helmets’ shameful planetary business, forcing incredible, involuntary suffering on millions of people.
Mr. President, what can diplomacy do in such a state of planetary affairs? Stonewalling stonewalling stonewalling and continuing with ‘business as usual until the higher forces teach you a lesson as they did Joshua? I thought we were already intelligent enough to ‘meet the force of circumstances in a different way but we are not even attempting to try it. Very precise teaching lesson about the theory of natural evolution. How many billions of years would we need yet not to keep journalists in detention centres for doing their work?
Could not instead the good Bible be a wiser guideline?
 “…If this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.” —Acts 5:38–39

Most respectfully,

D. Palmerova

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