A letter

130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

28.2. 2022

Dear planetary leaders,

Using the hierarchical structure of the entire Universe, implanted into my mind and the psyche by studying the Ray of Creation I would like to bring light to several aspects of the current planetary “live exercise” in which we are all participating. Mr. Pompeo did not specify what type of exercise he had in his mind but we can see its results across the whole globe and that brought me to question the level of esoteric command to which everyone is exposed, mostly unwittingly. The question for you leaders is: how can you expect humanity to behave the way which would be sustainable and not harmful to the ecology without explaining to us the essence and the depth of the whole situation humanity faces?

The growth of the population happens when humanity stops respecting the objective laws of the Universe and does not transform the cosmic energies in a qualitative way. But there is no one who would teach such things in the schools!

For more than a century the general public has been denied access to the sacred scientific knowledge of the biblical proportions about the formation of the planets and their sources of light and heat. Do not we deserve to know the truth?

In a similar way, humanity has been taught the theory of natural evolution as the way we came into existence. It is true that religious themes cannot be imposed on the public forcefully, but the origins of the primates have been kept in the textbooks for almost two centuries, despite being proved incorrect 20 years ago by the international, publicly funded project Human Genome.

So we know unofficially that the Universe has a CREATOR,
we know unofficially that consciousness is primary to matter and
we know unofficially that Genesis is correct.

Is it under such circumstances sapient to submit our future solely to the dictates of the atheistic scientists, whose position is quite clear and official:

“If we do not play God who will. “

Would not be more appropriate the approach Albert Einstein held? When he reflected on how GOD created this universe he maintained that “the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research”.

The planetary technocratic plans of the 4th industrial revolution that are ahead of us do not contain a single word about the philosophical nature of human existence, let alone a thought about higher consciousness, the CREATOR, the cosmic hierarchy, and our position in it. Instead, we are told to be digitalized, genetically re-engineered, and be merged with synthetic biology as a fact, not an option.
The ultimate goal of our science is being able to “manipulate, patent and program at will the biological processes of all life”, without knowing its real purpose.

Do you not see that such a vision is a product of the binary system of thinking while humanity was designed as a ‘three-brain’ trinary system? Artificial intelligence is rooted in the line of time, human intelligence resides in the line of eternity.

So far we sin against the Holy Ghost according to Joseph Smith and

we make the new generations immune to the spiritual side of their nature by forceful vaccinations, exactly as Rudolf Steiner predicted to us a hundred years ago.

We do not miss any opportunity to misuse scientific discoveries.

The governments all prioritize clandestine psychotronic technologies, developed on the bases of previously protected knowledge of the esoteric schools. Our patterns of thinking, still deeply rooted in the dark ages of wars and violence, turned them into the profitable directed energy’s industry, that facilitates military control over the entire planetary atmosphere, including the weather control and all nature’s processes. Under the name of climate change.
The overwhelming part of the world does not have access to such technologies and so it is totally at the mercy of the few who have, which is unsustainable by the objective universal laws.

Their application as directed energy weapons for crowd control and clandestine human experimentation rhyme with the concentration camps issues of the last century. The Havana syndrome is hardly a way to deal with something so monstrous that an outsider does not even believe in its existence. We seem to worry about the karmic debts of people’s past lives, yet at the same time we totally ignore the unspeakable suffering and life terminations that we cause to ourselves by these technologies in the present. We are mounting very negative forces from that around our planet.

Then there is the underlying issue of electricity which has not been explained to the public in the right contexts. You know that majority of people take electricity as a utility and only very few as a sacred substance, on which our own life depends. You also know it is not for free at all, it is allocated to the atmosphere in precise quantities and its level has to be constantly replenished from the other places of the Earth, and even from the other planets.

And you know we were warned already a century ago against its overconsumption. How much electricity consume all your military space and land adventures?

The internet of things and the internet of people are estimated to increase electricity demand by one-third.
Robotization on a large scale will consume the electricity without transforming the cosmic energies as humans do, therefore it will increase the occurrence of the external forms that are useless from the Ray of Creation’s point of view, built on the principle of the reciprocal maintenance.

So far the world economy, social order, and future of humanity has been formed on the idea of attaching ourselves to the eventually immortal technocratic materialistic mind when we were already designed as a part of ‘the Universal mind’ that joints us to the universal galaxy, created by the most powerful force of LOVE? We are not alone in the Universe, although we behave like that.

There seems to be a deep misunderstanding about the power of this conscious force of LOVE. It can create the stars and galaxies and equally, it can destroy them, it depends on who the force uses and how.

Paul’s message in I. Corinthians is quite explicit about it:

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

I do not have access to the information systems you have nor have I scientific knowledge and ethical foundations that would validate my objections against what I see, hear and feel. But the Universe is theistic, it has a central reference system and I strongly believe that your responsibility is to pass this knowledge to the people at the crossroad of time, where intellectually we reach the stars yet on the psychological level we still want to colonise them.

Grace and peace from GOD be to you as a guide.

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

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