GMO fruit

I understand that genetics have become one of the most exciting domains for playing with genes. The drive for creating has been implanted into our DNA make up so I cannot expect but very heavy experimentation in this field. But unfortunately our knowledge seems to be so far very limited and the results are beautifully looking tomatoes and strawberries, yet when I close my eyes, I am not able to distinguish them by taste.
But the taste is not the only side effect of our gene experimentation. I keep mentioning, that Nature has imprinted into the plant kingdom certain particles, which have quite magic healing properties and serve as food for our psychic bodies, which science knows very little about and which has far more serious impact on humanity than we can imagine.
So is it so unwise to ask the scientists to learn first these magic properties, their functions and effects on human bodies and only after that start to change the genom of the plant and animal realms?

GMO behind roundup?

It’s not just about the weedkiller, it’s about GMO getting on our table without being labeled as GMO as these two are correlated.

excerpt from BT:

“These scientists of new formation are, of course, very far from suspecting that, when any surplanetary formation is artificially grafted or manipulated in any such fashion, it is reduced to a state defined by Objective Science as ‘absoizomosa,’ in which it absorbs from its surrounding medium cosmic substances useful only for the coating of what is called its ‘automatically reproducing subjective presence.'”

This work has been around for almost a century, when will you take notice of it in a positive way according to the ascending spiral of humanity, not descending?