Bringing balance to the universe: New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos

Why are scientists so attracted to the dark, negative side of the gross form of the Universe? The real UNIVERSE is full of light! Perhaps by trying first to balance ourselves with its laws would give us a clue how to reach that  mastery and mystery of science… But we do everything possible to break them, masses out of ignorance of their existence and science out of vanity and ego.


Safety Code 6 Presentation to the Royal Society of Canada


Public schools of all levels across the whole world, not just in Canada or the US, are exposed to wi-fi radiation, ”unlike the wired and wealthy Silicon Valley’. If you have a choice between the wireless and wired technology and have an access to cross testimonies of their safety, which one will you choose when the performance is actually not an issue after all? And will you not ask yourself a question why is wireless technology pushed on you so vehemently?