From the Ray of Creation point of view

Already established findings:

The Ray of Creation originating from the Absolute was more or less proved by finding out that everything was a  vibration of some kind so there must be the central source of it.

By following the esoteric science one can personally verify that physical form contains the psychic form of subtler energy and the latter can exist without the first, while the first cannot without the latter. Consciousness is not bound to the physical brain but to the subtle energy form so it can exist separately from the physical form.

The physical forms of all living species were designed for specific cosmic  purposes of transforming the energies  coming to our planet from the Universe.  We humans as the only species on earth have been aimed by the CREATOR to develop within our physical bodies not just further offsprings, but also  under certain conditions several other forms of bodies of subtle energies of higher sacred orders, which allow us to exist in other dimensions after leaving the physical bodies and eventually return home- back to the Absolute.

Those conditions have been passed to us via different religions and are closely connected with the levels of consciousness accessible to us at the given periods of time. By personal observation each of us can verify what our ancestors found out long ago- that humanity is asleep. Meaning our ordinary level of consciousness should, but does not, divide attention between ourselves, our bodies and the object of our attention. It is a very simple and basic trick of all spiritual practices, which has been overlooked by psychologists and  psychiatrists, but finally proved by several quantum physicists.

By following certain practices one can increase his/her level of consciousness and it is apparent, that we reached the period of time in the history of mankind, where its increase is actually expected of us on a massive scale.  Of course it is connected with the spiritual advancement, leaving behind millenia of mutual killing; that is fairly obvious when observing the current advances in technologies of electromagnetic fields. If we do not switch our patterns of behaviour, we will be destroyed by them.

So coming from this scheme of things, the main planetary issues, which obviously interfere with the Universal plan are:

  1. The extraction of electricity from the planet and its  atmosphere, concentrated in a strict proportion within the earth as well as between the other planets  and needed for sacred purposes of Creation of higher being bodies

2. The global military psychotronic systems, interfering with the Earth’s                    electromagnetic fields and the above electricities and other sacred substances, unknown to the militaries; Wi-fi technologies including 5G

3. Clandestine remote DE controls  intercept with the levels of consciousness

4. The weather control and biowarfare, polluting the air containing sacred precious substances for us and the whole planet, our living Mother

5. Degrading human bodies by pharmaceuticals, ie  antibiotics and vaccinations and by targeting them with directed energy weapons

6. Reducing the possibility of Creation within the human bodies down to procreation by their genetic modifications, out of the current ignorance of objective knowledge

7. Reducing  the possibility of Creation down to procreation by genetic modifications of the food supply, out of the current ignorance of objective knowledge

8. Totally unnecessary political, religious and racial hatred which creates an immense burden for the whole planet.  Withholding the truth about the starry origin of the earth and its original destiny at this stage of scientific discoveries, without any spiritual guidance, only leads to  the self-evident, raw exploitation of the most basic universal rights of all living  creatures. The introduction of self-consciously regulated system deviated into the social credit system, imposed involuntarily from without and so serving only as policemen.  Very far from increasing  consciousness indeed.









NY Times are you serious? You should apologise to RT America

General public trusts whatever the ‘respected’  press or media present them so I would expect an obligation to do at least the basic research to eliminate the most screaming incongruities before publicly dismissing  all opposing research as invalid. That applies not just for 5 G but for the other taboo topics as well. When only  politics is concerned, one could not to give a damn, but if lives of all planetary species get affected, it is an entirely different story and misleading the public should be against the law for its possible global negative impact.  But obviously it is not, on the contrary, those who do not mislead the public are ostracised. So I urge everyone to put  these political US/RU slogans aside and read the following journal, which suggests, that Russian and American scientists have been exchanging their research for decades independently of politics and explains, how 5G will penetrate deep into your body via Brillouin precursors:

via 2.

via 1.

5G Telecommunications Science

Russian study 1977 – Biological effects of millimeter-wavelengths,  declassified by Cia in 2012:                                                        




Why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves and humanity?

Vibrations have been inseparable part of the esoteric science of consciousness and the first thing one is taught is that he/she is asleep and their ordinary level of consciousness is only on a mechanical level, mostly daydreaming, far below that of a real Man.  The whole work starts with self-observations to verify for oneself such a strong statement, but it can be deduced from Q physics.

The following graphs  indicate the differences between various states of consciousness:  Theta wave(4-7Hz)  differs very little from Delta wave(0.1-3 Hz), that of disconnected centers at night. It is named waking consciousness and majority of accidents happen exactly on this level, when we switch ourselves on “autopilot”, folks call it  ‘nobody home’. Alpha wave(8-15Hz) is getting slightly better, but Beta(16-30) and mainly Gamma(31-100Hz) are generally the waves of self- rememberings/self-realizations/self-awareness…

One wonders, what is the purpose of exposing the earth to the unusual 4Hz frequency, which  was detected by several institutions over the past decades. In the light of the article , which talks about  the “sync up” phenomenon applicable to different systems,  it is not hard to think in terms of convenience having humanity synchronized on the lowest conscious level, where its psychological manipulation can be performed with the best results possible.  “Islands of predictability in a sea of chaotic unpredictability.”


“Gamma oscillations are short-lived and typically emerge from the coordinated interaction of excitation and inhibition, which can be detected as local field potentials”

Anyone undertaking the battle with ‘sleep’ realizes that without attention, knowledge,  self-determination and help this  monster is hard to combat, so why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves?  Besides what are the vibrations of their Ai and how do they contribute and fit  to the reciprocal maintenance of the Universe?