Global risks

That is an approximate characterization of the current planetary situation that was predicted a long time ago on the basis of long-standing observations of realistic human behaviour.
One can expect the standard means and procedures that will be used to deal with the consequences. Not a single word turns our attention to the causes of all this mess. Standard procedures have standard characteristics and standard collateral damages.
There are safer, non-standard ways of dealing with the causes but they are unfamiliar and require first new knowledge and understanding. So far, that has been denied to the public therefore one can hardly disbelieve that the top planetary management does not want to deal with the causes but consequences.
Should not they be told that it is not the best idea? If we know already that not just our actions but also our thoughts and psychological behaviour have a direct impact on the processes of Nature, would not we need at least some spiritual teachers in the leading positions?
It reminds me Osho who was once explaining his position in the world. “The invisible gravitational force pulls me down and the inevitable opposite force pulls me up towards the sky”.
We have this grand web of global risks representing the gravity force pulling us down and nothing to lift us up.
“So it¨s like the weather”.

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