Distinguishing the artificialy induced dreams from the own, genuine

Those sensitive enough have surely discovered that the Universe is a communicative being and the best teacher one can have.  But with the progress of science Mind control techniques are taking over and artificial dreams  induced on targeted people  make it sometimes difficult to distinguish what is a genuine dream and what a messing manipulation of human psyche by scientific perps under the supervision of  Intel.

I want to give a personal observation to those with similar realization.

All  artificial ones I have had were based on sensual perception, using  any one or more of the senses.

Those significant which I believe were genuine were  of emotional character.

That most significant which was genuine  was purely  behind the highest level of emotion imaginable.

So I would assume, that 01 based technology simply lacks the third universal force and is able to function  only via brain nerves excitation





CIA mind control morphed into psychiatry?

From the Law of Nations or Principles of the Law of Nature   AD1758  :

If every man is, by his very nature, obliged to assist in promoting the perfection of others, much more cogent are the reasons which forbid him to increase their imperfection and that of their condition. The same duties are incumbent on nations (Prelim. §§5, 6). No nation therefore ought to commit any actions tending to impair the perfection of other nations, and that of their condition, or to impede their progress,—in other words, to injure them. This general principle forbids nations to practise any evil manoeuvres tending to create disturbance in another state, to foment discord, to corrupt its citizens, to alienate its allies, to raise enemies against it, to tarnish its glory, and to deprive it of its natural advantages.


Source: CIA mind control morphed into psychiatry?