To the distinguished participants of Bilderberg meeting in Washington, DC

Dear Sir, Madam,

The templates can be used on both sides of our battlefield, regardless of what elephants have been discussed.
I do not know how many contemporary human beings met the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute as well as the Absolute the Firm and the evil, destructive force of the Universe in order to testify to humanity that we are not the owners of the Earth, although we behave like that. My testimonies do not have any impact, because unless I am backed up by science, they will stay in the domain of belief/disbelief, which cancel each other in the end. The science is available but kept in official secrecy. Why? Is it not illegal when considering the consequences it has had so far for the whole planet? Yes, it could be said it is not of my concern
But the message of the legendary Beelzebub seems to indicate, that someone has to insist on bringing the question of apes and the Eye for an eye to the press of the world in order to avoid the imminent danger of the biblical proportions.
So I am forwarding this burning bush to you all, expecting that you will use your military, political and financial power responsibly, in accordance with the expectations of our CREATOR that with the intelligence he bestowed on us we will be able to recognize, that our human bodies were created for specific spiritual purposes, not for the space market place to win the prize for the best and quickest physiologically and intellectually advanced technocratic hybrids.
I have failed entirely to discern such orientation in the programs of the leading powers. That is the most unsustainable situation of all when mentating over the rest of the unsustainable situations and issues that seem to be propagated with the accelerating speed.
If the most influential think tanks seem to be in the “interval”, the ancient esoteric schools of psychology can help them to overcome it, to bring into the classical pattern of yes and no reactions the third force, to which we all seem to be blind. Why not use them now, before instead of ‘after’? Just a thought.

With kindest regards,

D. Palmerova

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