22th World Congress of Psychiatry 3-6 August 2022


In 2019 I wrote a letter to the president of WCP regarding the position of psychiatry on the phenomenon of directed energies, used in many different ways clandestinely on civilians. If the consequences do not leave visible marks, psychiatry classifies the descriptions of targeted people as schizophrenic and delusional. Since then we have progressed to admitting the Havana syndrome and the medical doctors out of sheer despair came up with many other syndromes in order to diagnose the visible consequences of directed energy weapons. Yes, we can call them weapons as they are used to inflict often very serious injuries and pains to different parts of human (and animal’s and plant’s?) bodies and cause immense suffering, not just physiological but psychological and existential in general as people concerned have no means to take care of themselves in a society that labeled them as insane and excluded them out of its circles.
There is another aspect to our new discoveries in the field of neuroscience. We realized that our bodies produce energies that get exchanged with the environment. Some economically very enlightened minds came up with an idea to collect such energies from the bodies of 7.8 billion people as a free renewable source of electricity.
This year’s theme of WCP Congress is ‘the need for empathy and action’.
I wonder what is meant by action. That such an illegal source of energy has to be legalized and taxed?
Or that we finally realize that walking concentration camps will not help us to get up to the mountain and we use human intelligence to create protection against ourselves?


Professor Helen Herrman

WPA President

Dear professor Herrman,

The upcoming World Congress of Psychiatry will bring together the most prominent academics from different parts of the world and so it is an excellent opportunity to address the topics of human experimentation and mind control. They have been officially avoided for decades and increasingly demand the attention of psychiatrists, doctors, neuroscientists and psychologists, because these very professions on the military levels have been responsible for such often illegal scientific research.

It goes back more than 120 years, when certain esoteric societies had access to the very sophisticated, high knowledge of the power of the sound vibrations (being traced back to the Wall of Jericho), with which they were able to affect any part of a human body to the point of an inflammation for instance and then heal it instantly. The knowledge was uncompromisingly guarded against its exploitation by the highest ethical and moral standards of those who possessed it. The intelligence agencies of the main superpowers eventually acquired some of it and their defense departments have developed over the century so called ‘directed energy weapons’ systems, using remotely applied hypersonic, electromagnetic, microwave or other radiation to totally control not just the global weather climate, but also physical bodies and minds of any living organisms they choose, including humans. Decades long clandestine human experimentation programs involving unwitting civilians had served as their research bases.

With the latest development of psychotronic technologies we entered into the next phase of still partially

clandestine experimentation with different states of consciousness.

To this date, the orthodox psychiatry and psychology diagnose the testimonies of such experimentation as delusional, schizophrenic, and treat the targeted people with heavy psychiatric drugs which indeed is another torture of its own. It concerns millions of people across the globe, it violates the most basic human rights and it really seems unbelievable that the orthodox medicine would not be aware of such reality. From my own experience I can confirm that there is a close cooperation between the police and psychiatric clinics.

I consider it very dangerous because due to DEW’s secrecy, its invisibility and being remotely controlled one cannot locate their source without the satellite data and no protection is available. Our ethical and moral standards vary extensively so a considerable amount of people cannot resist the opportunity to satiate their primitive drives by electronic hunting and inflicting pain on their fellow human beings if granted free of penalty by the authorities. As the authorities do not admit their existence and neither does the medical and juridical establishment, we have a planetary situation, where crime flourishes without any legal constrains. By disbelieving and incorrect diagnoses psychiatry actually prevents jurisdiction from creating the law, which would acknowledge the existence of directed energy weapons (already subjects to global trade) and protect civilians at least legally against their misuse. Psychotronic technologies have already entered the public sector in the form of mind reading machines as for instance Facebook already announced and millions of Chinese, being subjected to social credit system, only support the concerns that humanity has not been on the most enlightened path. Professor, you must acknowledge that under such circumstances it is absolutely unacceptable for WPA not to react in a proactive way.

There has been an enormous amount of suffering created by this unfortunate exploitation of human mind, lives of many doctors, scientists, government’s employees and activists have been destroyed when trying to stop this utter misuse of the natural capacity of mind to inquire the unknown. Traditionally it is a ‘private sphere to which no one but the owner has access’.

The theme of external mind control has to be addressed internationally by the United Nations and as the militaries and the governments obsessed by global control and usurping the science for their egoistic aims are not under the oath as your profession is, your influence should be superior.

This issue is connected with another aspect of esoteric science, which teaches that the planetary atmosphere is composed of electricity that participates in the processes of creation and maintenance of life on the earth and mental wellbeing of humanity depends on it. The extraction of electricity from the atmosphere directly affects our minds, reduces our ability to mentate and happens to be the main cause of psychotic disorders. This information was passed to us 120 years ago, around the time of Tesla’s discoveries when our atmosphere and space exploration were at the very early stages. Directed energy weapons systems surrounding our planet today consume enormous amounts of electricity. At the same time the profits from the prescriptions of the psychiatric drugs grow exponentially.

The same esoteric science explains to general humanity of the third millennium an unknown trick of different states of consciousness, which has been overlooked both by orthodox psychiatry and psychology. What we call consciousness is only its second state out of the total four. In this state we cannot remember ourselves for more than few minutes at a time. The rest of the day humanity spends in the identification with everything it does without being aware of its body at the same time, which is the characteristic of the third state of consciousness. The expressions ‘being asleep’, ‘to be or not to be’ etc. point exactly to this phenomenon.

Any sincere self-observation will prove the clear distinction between the second and third state of consciousness. If psychiatry knew about it, it could actually restore the mental balance of their patients with lasting effects without chemicals.

It also needs to discover that consciousness is not created by the brain, only resides there and can be separated from the body entirely and nowadays even artificially as some of your colleagues from defense departments will most likely know. The field of Quantum Physics clearly suggests the same.

I would like to bring your attention to the mentioned esoteric science because it is the most comprehensive Universally objective psychological system humanity has at its disposal and it proved to be correct at every step undertaken. One of its pupils a Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Maurice Nicoll published a collection of his lectures called Psychological Commentaries on Gurdjieff & Ouspensky.

In the name of all people, suffering either because of human experimentation or because they cannot cope with their life circumstances, I am passing you this information in hope that it will one day revolutionize psychiatry and psychology for their benefit and those of future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

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