GOD under martial law?

You are interested in the past, I am concerned with the future. We meet at the present.
The court case of Mr. J. Assange has become a symbol of the historical transition of humanity from the old epoch of materialism into the new one that the East defines as the age of electricities.
As a matter of fact, scientifically we have progressed according to the Universal plan, but psychologically we have not moved an inch from the old times and in such an unbalanced ratio between the spiritual and materialistic comprehension of human existence we can be hardly surprised by the present military, technocratic, ecological, political, health and social circumstances, affecting the whole planet.
Our reactions to it reflect the same pattern of thinking.
For catching up with scientific progress and not torturing ourselves through it certain facts of scientific, religious, philosophical and psychological nature have to be brought up in order to explain, where the problem is and how to approach it with the least denying or even destructive force.

It will not solve the imminent dangers and sufferings, but however dramatic they seem to be, they are just the consequences of the mentioned causes. With human intelligence, they can be reversed.
So what can be done today? Well in such times the journalists have a very important and binding role to get the new information in the right context to the people of our planet. That is an enormous obligation because there are 7.8 million people and we all have different opinions and levels of understanding, and cannot agree with each other even within one common field of expertize like Christianity.
But we can manage, provided journalists, activists, academics, and all who “know” or want to know, have access to the knowledge, want to play a decent role in this transformation, and are not under the existential threat, fearful to be jailed or even executed for their reporting, which they have always been, but not on such a scale in democratic systems, as they are now. We are all waiting for the decision regarding Mr. Julian Assange. If extradited, technically it will create precedents for the future cases, but psychologically it will be a matter of that old Dark Ages thinking, that has created all current problems in the first place.
So who is going to report to the world that it is not atheistic and that we were created originally for very, very noble purposes that are certainly worth being rediscovered because none of our futuristic plans seem to surpass them in any way, no matter how hard we are trying to compete with our CREATOR,?

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