I missed this article when it was released but it is certainly a topic that needs to be kept in mind when the planet is literally under martial law in many directions.
There are double standards when the two do the same yet do not have the same political/military/media power as is very clearly seen in the case of the US and the UK. A hundred years ago the UK’s decisions would most likely be different from those made nowadays.
It is very regrettable not to teach children the most basic universal laws of the effects that work on personal as well as on the nation’s, even continental levels, and free of restrictions in time and expression. When the children pass on the figurative torch to their children, it might well be the very torch with little else. Is it really so hard to grasp?
What is the point for man to learn something from the esoteric domain and discard the teaching itself to become the dragon himself as Mr. Bennett pointed out?

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