G20 Bali Summit

16.11. 2022

Dear G20 Summit Leaders,

You all gathered in Bali this year to discuss the most problematic political and economic issues of all times that affect existentially not only the developed nations but all citizens and habitats of our planet. You could not choose a better place, that is called for its beauty the island of Gods. Not just for its beauty, but also for its cosmological system Tri Hita Karana, which advises people always to maintain a harmonious relationship between Man and God, Man and fellow humans, and between Man and Nature in one’s daily life.

Around 80% of the world population considers the Universe to be a sacred space that is governed by the objective laws of Nature and knows that disrespecting them creates individual, collective, and planetary dramas while respecting them brings heaven on earth.

Science itself leads us to this realization. It has been discovered that the whole of Nature is a biological internet, where everything living, organic and inorganic is mutually connected and constantly interacting with the entire universe through the solar GPS within our planet.

The sages of the east and the west have been using such communication since ancient times.

The question arises why do we invest trillions of dollars into the smart artificial technologies that lead humanity on the path of physiological, mental, and spiritual slavery and have negative health effects on the Natural environment as well as on people when there are fully natural ways, opening to us new, unimaginably better realms of cosmic dimensions?

We are not the first civilization to be in such a position. The scriptures of the East as well as the West explicitly advice us not to go that way. My case should serve as the biggest warning to all humanity, but just the opposite seems to be true.

The current global theatre with lies and symbols replacing the prohibited truths prevents you all from reaching any agreement on anything except your position on Russia.

Yet Russia/Ukraine issue is in reality almost exclusively the US and Nato problem.

Human trafficking is an excellent example of what it means when there are no laws in the West that would admit and prohibit the use of smart directed energy technologies on people.

I deeply regret that my frequent reminding of the necessity to prohibit their wide application through personal smart technologies goes unnoticed despite the horrendous effects it has on human bodies..

Perhaps society needs to see the karmic laws manifesting themselves first before we decide to act on them.

Many of you have stopped on your way to Bali in Egypt at the current Cop 27. Traditionally none of the participants is allowed to talk about the fact that fossil fuels however strong pollutants they may be do not cause climate change. The military’s directed energy manipulations and weather geoengineering in the atmosphere do.

We took the weather control of the entire planet from Nature’s hands and turned its natural processes into weapons against ourselves and call their military, political, economic, and social exploitation as climate change.

This is a subject that constantly divides the opinions of scientists as well as the public for several reasons so that nothing can be really solved as we see every year.

A simple revelation of an ancient secret that the planets have the suns within themselves would bring human intelligence to the discussion with all participating parties, mainly the United States and Russia. Russia I believe is ready to present it to the world, but the US is not. Perhaps because that ancient secret contains within itself yet another esoteric concealment, the Most Holy SUN ABSOLUTE of which all religions, esoteric schools, and fairytales of the world speak about.
It is not a myth, it is the real Highest place in Heaven, from where the Ray of Creation originates and every human being on this planet without exception should know that it is our true home to where we all return back one day. I would not dare to speak about it were it not to shake up the world from its hypnoses and make people realize that the so-called opium of humanity is a very poor substitute for happiness and LOVE of our Creator up in Heaven.

There are precise scientific explanations of how to get there to be able to verify what I have personally witnessed. With an absolutely clear conscience, I am convinced that humanity has to be introduced to the most basic esoteric knowledge in order to harmonize life on earth with the universal objective laws and thus install lasting peace on the planet.

It is not a utopia but a realistic vision. The 4th Way esoteric school taught me that it is a living body, that is energetically connected with the center of the Universe. Its single branches on all continents are like its body organs and each student is a living cell with a specific, unique purpose for the proper functioning of the whole organism. It was quite natural to eventually extend this concept to the whole world.

I wish you consider such a concept if only as an experiment in the beautiful vibrations of Bali and bring it back to your countries as an inspiration for dealing with the seemingly unsurmountable tasks of your worldly positions.

Yours faithfully

Dagmar Palmerová

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