The globalist food chain

I follow the food chain dramas very closely because of the esoteric aspect and impacts of such planetary moves. I will repeat again that the atmosphere contains certain amounts of active substances our science knows nothing about as it has no means yet to detect them. But the plants have the apparatuses that do detect them, absorb them, and thus pass them to us as nourishment not only to the physical bodies but also to the spiritual bodies. Through genetic modifications, even through the majority of drafting, the plants lose this ability and that is one of the aspects of how the spiritual degeneration of humanity proceeds. Quite tragic because totally unnecessary, just the lack of esoteric knowledge and a total misunderstanding of how the Universe operates, on almost every level of our civilization. To grow food on such a major scale in environmentally controlled conditions, that need electricity to operate them, without the “reflection” of the sun’s rays, we will gradually stop fulfilling our cosmic obligations and then we will end as in the Universe 25 experiment. That is why I try to persuade everyone including the major players who invest in such technologies that we need to bring back the CREATOR into the picture. On scientific verifiable bases. Let’s not forget one thing, the globalists are on the same ship as the rest of us. With the right knowledge, we can turn the ship in the right direction. How little faith we have in the LOVE of our CREATOR…..

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