The ppapers

If you want to report on your neighbour, you inform his authorities. If you want to grass on your neighbour you choose someone else and make La baruffe chiozotte.
For me the private letters about private matters were always private, not to be considered civil, under any circumstances.
For such mistake I deeply apologize and take full responsibility for it.

Moulden Anoxia Spectrum Syndrom MASS
When we throw into the cauldron all knowledge, vanity, egoism, lust for power, venoms, the escalating number of chronically ill children across the whole world and steeply arising states’ expenditures to cover the medical and social costs of such pseudo-scientific game, the natural outcome would be waking up from a bad dream.
The problem is, ai cannot wake up nor can a man.

A face

When I met the 4th Way school I had no doubts about the knowledge presented to me. The most important part was the realization that I was asleep all day with few exceptions and so the painstaking process of facing oneself in the most awkward situations and dealing with them became the primary object of the studies for many years and the information like “our sun does not heat nor gives light” woke up my curiosity, but no one seemed to ponder over it so I just kept it in my memory. Only in the last few years, I realized what such a quote really meant, but when I looked a few days ago at the anatomy of a human eye with its Macula Lutea and remembered, that all cosmoses of the entire Universe are created by the same forces and the laws as one within another and so the microcosm must resemble the macrocosm and vice versa, I looked at the anatomy of a human head and its Medula Oblongata and realized, what else it actually most likely means if we apply it to our planetary system. The Earth might also have its own face when even a branch of a tree has it or an iris, of which my Sogetsu teacher made me aware long ago.
So after all the etymology of the Latin word Conspirare might mean just that, con-together, spirare -to breath ….with conspiracy.

Medula oblongata

Sagittal Section Of The Human Brain, Showing Structures Of The Cerebellum, Brainstem, And Cerebral Ventricles. (Photo By Encyclopaedia Britannica/UIG Via Getty Images)

An amazingly beautiful realization of the geniously simple pattern of the Whole Creation took place.

Jit Surveil

Many events have happened since 2020 that are not recorded in it…
But the questionnaire gives a very real map of different situations, that human beings must face over the periods of many years if they become the object of clandestine physiological and psychological operations, either of the alphabet agencies themselves or their contractors.

The terminology

Transcript of the diagnoses of the right eye, with translation into English to the best of my ability. I sent it to the court and to the Police. I expect it to be understood not as an act of cry but as a step to realization, that humanity cannot move forward in an environment, where the global society is literally dictated not to tell the most basic objective truths concerning life on this planet directly, without the cover ups.

Oční klinika The Eye Clinic
Nález 18.8.21
Jméno: Dagmar Palmerová

H171 Jiný centrální rohovkový zákal (other central corneal opacity)
NO: přichází na konsiliární vyšetření, chce předepsat preventivně léky Zovirax mast oční a kortikosteroid gtt aby měla v zásobě, kdyby opar propukl a dále vyšetřit pravé oko, domnívá se, že má v oku mikročip (coming for the prescription of Zovirax and kortikosteroid gtt preventively for the possible occurance of the inflamation of the cornea and also for the examination of the right eye as she thinks there could be a microchip in it)

Oční A: v mládí VOP= VOL, v dětství herpetické keratitis vpravo, perforace rohovky 1967 (1969) in childhood herpetic keratitis on the right, perforation of the cornea 1969
neguje glaukom, strabismus, laser, úraz (negates glaucoma, strabismus, laser, injury)
Oční nález:
Vp.o. 0.025 J.č nečte A NT p.o. 10 mmHg

OP: spojivka klidná, (conjunstiva calm) rohovka s entrální jizvou, (cornea with entral scar) nebarví se fluorescinem (does not colour by fluorescin), přední komora přiměřeně hluboká, čirá, (anterior chamber adequately deep, clear) duhovka klidná, (iris calm) zornice okrouhlá, volná, reaguje (pupil round, free, reacts), čočka se kalí v koře i jádru (lens is getting cloudy at the cortex and nucleus)

Fundus: OP sklivec ablován, (vitreous body ablated), papilla ostře ohraničena (papilla sharply marked off), bez známek městnání (with no signs of congestion), CD 0.2, na cévách angiopatie
vasohyp et skler, přiměřená věku (on blood vessels angiopathy vasohyp et skler, adequate to age),
makuly i sítnice bez ložiskových změn (the maculas and retina without focal changes)
mydriáza OPL – Neosynephrin gtt., Unitropic 1% gtt.

Macula corneae I.dx post keratits herpetica I.dx
Cataracta CN incip bilat

Nález na oku pravém je v naprostém klidu, rohovka se nebarvi fluorescinem a nejsou známky uveitdy, NT je v normě a není třeba tč. žádná medikace (the eye is calm, the cornea does not react to fluorescin, no signs of uveits, the eye pressure is within the norm, no medication required so far).

The True Meaning of Genesis

As a 4th Way learner, I can see the similarities in all religious streams of the West and the East and Sri Jukteswar certainly was aware of the fact that the Western mind was intellectually more than ready to grasp the architectural plan of the Creator of the Universe, provided its soul was woken up. His book ‘The Holy Science’, written in 1894 is one of the leading esoteric sources of scientific knowledge on our planet that I would strongly recommend to all medical fields and psychologists and psychiatrists in particular in order to find a common language by distinguishing the schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders from the processes of awakening one’s ordinary consciousness to its higher levels. And not the least to distinguish them from the physiological and psychological reactions of human bodies to the psychotronic radiations if clandestinely applied to them remotely for whatever reason by whomever and thus confusing their non-psychiatric colleagues’ conscience with the Hippocratic oath.

I am aware that I am combining two totally different fields of human existence, but they actually are interconnected because the intel agencies got their very advanced knowledge from the esoteric schools and such knowledge has been misused for experimentations on humans and subsequently for their physical and psychological enslavement.
And that is just the beginning of a much larger project of the total scientific and economic control of all humanity, where the freedom of choice between yes and no is governed by the planetary social credit system and its binary nature, that is in direct contrast with the trinary universal system, will certainly create deep planetary imbalances as predicted in Revelations.
So the quicker we share certain truths the easier it will be to recognize the true origins of our existence and distinguish between the forces of evolution and involution. The first are for eternal life, the latter for life in time.

JG Bennett Foundation Facebook page

  · “Here is what is the right and wrong of it: those who are wise and understand this,know that this force of dissatisfaction that is developed can be converted into a dissatisfaction with oneself and a wish to change and to work on oneself, and it is the greatest and most powerful force that one can have. It is the realization that only those who have attained to an inner freedom through work can pass safely through this kind of crisis.As was amply proved during the great revolutions like the Russian Revolution and elsewhere, this is the path of wisdom in front of this. Other people project the causes outside of themselves and then you have this sort of tension between races, between generations, between classes, between people who want to change things one way, people who want to preserve things in another way.All these tensions result in people blaming others, and when things go wrong this becomes acute and ultimately threatens violence and disaster. This is happening all over the world, but it is most intense in the United States because the United States is the key to the solution of it all. But this does not mean that the people in power in the United States can do something. In fact, it has now become terrifyingly evident that really no one is in power, that events have taken charge. Neither the president, nor the Senate, nor congress, nor big business, nor wise people, nor leaders of this or that movement, none of them are in charge of the situation. They are all reacting to this state of tension..””For those of you who are in America at the present time, this is a very great opportunity, even if the smallest number of people can manage to preserve a constant state of compassion and abstain from criticism. This does not mean putting away one’s critical faculty which is quite a different thing; it does not mean seeing that mistakes are made. All this we have to do. It is to not criticize people for doing what they can’t help doing; not to find fault where people are being carried along by a stream without any possibility of changing the course of events. If the course of events is to be changed as I believe it will, and I am not a pessimist, not an alarmist about the situation; in fact I am more optimistic than almost anyone can be because I have complete conviction that there is a higher power working in human life at this time, with far greater wisdom and far greater resources than we have any notion of. But this confidence does not mean that I think that human beings can help and put the situation right. And as I have said over and over again in the past year or two, our task is, to my mind perfectly clear: to do everything we can to make ourselves into instruments for the higher wisdom channels through which this wisdom can flow, putting aside our worn wisdom, putting aside any belief in our own powers, to allow the higher power to work through us. Perhaps very wonderful things will happen.” JG Bennett

Proteins as Data Storage Devices

Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Proteins as data storage devices: insights from
computer models

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Volume 2Enzymes, proteins and bioinformatics
Protein and enzyme engineering

That old question comes to one’s mind: what sorts of data do they store…


for men who need fights: the mystery of the war is not the endless external, “without” war that man has to face on his/her planetary journey, but the endless internal war “within” him/her self that the New Testament has spoken about for two thousand years. Perhaps now, due to scientific progress in thoughts from the ape level to the internal, subatomic particles of every matter, the male gender might be able to grasp the idea of an equivalent expression in politics and defense systems?

The state of affairs in silly season in Czech, adapted for English
In English, there is a very convenient word ‘thick’, which has many expressions. One is for people who behave like me when they do not know or understand what is happening around them.
I understand that I am part of a reality show that aims to inform society about what is officially taboo so that the final revelation of the truth is not such a shocking surprise. And it has two sides, one that is related to my life and the other that is related to what is happening on our planet.
So all of you already know my life and its dark sides, but not everyone knows and understands the problems of the planet, which are on the other side, and which I have explored in later years in Sydney.
And here I don’t know what is expected of me. My free lifestyle brought me consequences in the form of an infection that I honestly didn’t know about, and I passed it on to other people if I understand correctly. I’ve been living with it for 30 years and I had not noticed anything, so I look at the thousands of crosses in the Old Town Square with horror and I don’t understand. On that occasion, I note that officially staphylococcus has been a part of life on earth since the 19th century and can be treated naturally, as long as the herbs have not undergone your genetic modification, which is unfortunately common. But perhaps some wild variants can still be discovered. In esoteric sources, herbal treatment was combined with a regular hot dry sauna for similar purposes.
The covid pandemic is an officially live planetary exercise that addresses many concurrent hidden issues that could not be resolved under normal conditions. But for the masses, it is a variant that ought to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which are the result of my immoral approach to life. But this has nothing to do with Covid as such, which is caused by abnormal electromagnetic conditions in a particular environment or atmosphere. Last night you could have seen what it did to my heart.
According to all available scientific materials, solving the situation by means of lock-downs, repeated testing, vaccinations and masks is illogical and automatically raises the question of what lies behind these steps.
Eugenics certainly comes into play first, hand in hand with the digitization of all mankind.

The next – experiments with the human species as such, with their genomes in order to create genetic modifications that would be more resilient and intelligent than our current version. The problem is that genetic change is being passed on to the next generation, and in our current stage of being and knowledge we cannot create anything higher than we are, so we are actually threatening what is created by our CREATOR for purposes we know nothing about.
As I read the history of eugenics, which is essentially a rational endeavor, I searched in vain for information that would explain that in the process of the modern Darwinian approach to world creation, the esoteric essence of the existence of the universe and its life had disappeared.

First of all, we clearly confuse evolution with involution, because we reject the concept of the hierarchy of the universe, where the involution process takes place from ABSOLUTE’s highest vibrations downwards to our stage in the form of solid matter. Evolution is the opposite direction, a return to the highest vibrations of ABSOLUTE, and this is achieved by a psychological process, not by a physiological process. In other words, higher vibrations are achieved by one’s inner work on oneself, gradually increasing the degrees of one’s consciousness, which is always individual and internal work. Schools and teachers are usually necessary for this because the hypnotic power of life is an immense dissenter of evolution, to which the individual himself is subject, with a few exceptions.
This leads to further information, that is lacking in genetics, that the external forms are only the manifestations of the internal forms that determine them. So when we consider a genetic modification, be it of plants, animals or humans, we must take into account that by altering the external forms we must necessarily change the internal forms that determine them, otherwise, we create the imbalance that will sooner or later cause undesirable consequences due to the law of equilibrium.
And our secular science usually knows nothing about it. It does not know or refuses to take into account the fact that there is the matter on one side that arises and disappears – I am dust and I turn to dust and on the other side its inner nature, which does not disappear, only separates at certain time from the physical matter to which it is attached. With the inner qualities it has.
So when I look at eugenics from this point of view and think about sterilization and extermination, I have to look at the matter comprehensively. Let’s say I eliminate half of the people who do not correspond to the desired standard. Dust turns to dust, but those inner essences will be released into the astral sphere and will return back to earth in one form or another. Can the secular person grasp this ancient concept?
So logically we have to conclude that working on the inner nature of man will achieve incomparably better, lasting and qualitative results than gene editing.
In addition, the rule is that when the smallest part of the watch mechanism changes, it will stop working. The human body is not a watch, but a much more complex mechanism, and when secular scientists know nothing about the possibility of the birth of souls from the germ that is given to us by the CREATOR, let alone what parts of the body participate in such process, it can degrade that mechanism to such a level that it will prevent its inner essence from self-realization in the evolutionary process.

And vaccines or inoculations make permanent interventions in our mechanism.
I rely on human common sense. Thanks to him, humanity has survived for millennia and without vaccines. Bur what I see around myself is everything but common sense.

The next- you all know that we have a global problem with psychotronic technologies that can control both humans and planetary weather, and my example clearly shows the results of their application.
You would not want to be in positions of people who are attacked by them for scientific and military research, for police cruelty or just for monetary or psychopathic gains of ordinary human beings.
So I would advise everyone who participates in this activity to stop while there is time. Every atack is registered and you can be blackmailed or loose your position in the society by such conduct years later. My grandmother used to say God’s mills mill slowly but surely.

On a social scale, it is a very serious matter. It concerns many branches of the neuroscience, army, intelligence and police that use them, medical professions, which must hide their undeniable existence under the symbols such as Havana or Sudeck syndrome and the deniable one under delusions and schizophrenia. And the Court system closes its eyes to it because it is a secret technology, so secret that it is making billions of dollars to the military industrial complex and causes the climate changes on our planet.
So a huge number of different disciplines are cooperating here, and revealing such a reality will cause a big bang.

All this unfortunately affects the case of Mr. Julian Assange. The longer it lasts, the more dangerous it is for his life. My court case has been going on for 11 years, about me without me. It seems I will be released to the public not before the ZERO day and before the great reset.
Or when the god’s helmets finally succed to grow big wings on my shouldas and horns on my head.


When I was reading Genesis in Greek-English translation, I did not feel Elohim was GOD himself, why would he talk to HIMSELF? I thought it would have something to do with the Trinity. By searching for Elohim I found this quote:

“Elohim plural, singular Eloah, (Hebrew: God), the God of Israel in the Old Testament. … Thus, in Genesis the words, “In the beginning God (Elohim) created the heavens and the earth,” Elohim is monotheistic in connotation, though its grammatical structure seems polytheistic.”

So I am offering my little explanation to the confusion of polytheism as I understand it from what I learned in the 4th. Way:

GOD or the ABSOLUTE is one independent whole of unity of three forces- active, pasive, and reconciling. (Eloah?). These 3 forces form an indivisible whole and possess one single will and one single consciousness. It is the basis of Trinity, Trimurti etc.

The will of the Absolute (the world of the first order), creates the world of the second order by dividing those three forces (Elohim – polytheistic). But here the three forces do not have one single will as in the Absolute, but separate, independent of the others. The Absolute governs them but does not enter into their creative work of the general plan of the universe., where a mechanical aspect already takes its place. That would explain the dialog I felt from Genesis 1 between GOD and Elohim.

Sacred castor-oil plants genetically modified for lubricants.

Nothing better characterizes the current state of affairs on our planet.
Castor- oil plant is a sacred plant that has many active cosmic substances for specific sacred purposes that our science cannot detect yet at its infant’s level of knowledge, received while climbing the trees. The Egyptians used it for the sacred purposes of embalming the mummies and healing. We destroy it by gm for making lubricants out of it, apart from using it as a fuel. Could someone save the NON gm varieties for the non-barbaric generations of the future, that hopefully re-discover the mysteries of the CREATION with the help of this sacred plant?
Their healing properties must be greatly affected by gm as well. Here I see the opportunity for growing the NON gm variety exactly for that reason. The market and customers even do not know about gm alterations. It is the same story with poppies, cannabis, artemisia, wormwood etc….

Freedom has many forms but there goes “responsibility” with it. If I am told that my knowledge is not sufficient to perform certain acts that can destroy the original works of Nature, I should automatically concentrate on increasing my knowledge in that direction, should not I? Genetics so far is the “science of death”.
A clock stops altogether if a single piece only of the mechanism is out of order

The Bible as our ‘original’ plan

. And there came one of the
seven angels which had the
seven vials, and talked with
me, saying unto me, Come
hither; I will shew unto thee
the judgment of the great
whore that sitteth upon many

With whom the kings of the
earth have committed
fornication, and the inhabitants
of the earth have been made
drunk with the wine of her

So he carried me away in the
spirit into the wilderness: and I
saw a woman sit upon a scarlet
coloured beast, full of names
of blasphemy, having seven
heads and ten horns.

And the woman was arrayed
in purple and scarlet colour,
and decked with gold and
precious stones and pearls,
having a golden cup in her
hand full of abominations and
filthiness of her fornication

And upon her forehead [was]
a name written, MYSTERY,

And I saw the woman
drunken with the blood of the
saints, and with the blood of
the martyrs of Jesus: and when
I saw her, I wondered with
great admiration.

And the angel said unto me,
Wherefore didst thou marvel? I
will tell thee the mystery of the
woman, and of the beast that
carrieth her, which hath the
seven heads and ten horns.

The beast that thou sawest
was, and is not; and shall
ascend out of the bottomless
pit, and go into perdition: and
they that dwell on the earth
shall wonder, whose names
were not written in the book of
life from the foundation of the
world, when they behold the
beast that was, and is not, and
yet is.

And here [is] the mind which
hath wisdom. The seven heads
are seven mountains, on which
the woman sitteth.

And there are seven kings:
five are fallen, and one is,
[and] the other is not yet come;
and when he cometh, he must
continue a short space.

And the beast that was, and
is not, even he is the eighth,
and is of the seven, and goeth
into perdition.

And the ten horns which
thou sawest are ten kings,
which have received no
kingdom as yet; but receive
power as kings one hour with
the beast.

These have one mind, and
shall give their power and
strength unto the beast.

These shall make war with
the Lamb, and the Lamb shall
overcome them: for he is Lord
of lords, and King of kings:
and they that are with him [are]
called, and chosen, and

And he saith unto me, The
waters which thou sawest,
where the whore sitteth, are
peoples, and multitudes, and
nations, and tongues.

And the ten horns which
thou sawest upon the beast,
these shall hate the whore, and
shall make her desolate and
naked, and shall eat her flesh,
and burn her with fire.

For God hath put in their
hearts to fulfil his will, and to
agree, and give their kingdom
unto the beast, until the words
of God shall be fulfilled.

And the woman which thou
sawest is that great city, which
reigneth over the kings of the

How many of you fornicated with me over the last 11 years? Just to keep the right biblical terminology for what you are doing while playing the great accuser.

A letter to the Czech government

There is a strong resistance on my part to deal with the world because I am kept in one way communication and blackmailed by deaths of people either close to me or taking stands for the oppresed and/or the elephants. At the same time I am the universal reality show whore and as if this would not be enough for the confusion of toungues, I have to deal with woke people, who know everything about the sleep of others but cannot make peace with their own adversaries. Yes it is not an easy task, even impossible if one cannot acknowledge a good attempt of the opposite camp without being labeled a prostitute. But if I have on hands more than one hundred years old secrets, inherited from generation to generation, that are not known but to a selected circle of people, I cannot judge objectively who is responsible for the current mess. It is a conglomerate of historical, philosophical, religious scientific and geopolitical conditions at the successive crossroads of time. Much wisdom and objective knowledge is needed to sail this boat.
I am not a sailor, nor have I knowledge and wisdom. But I have my experiences. With those I can orientate myself in the psychopatic landscape of the present time. I wrote a letter to the Czech government asking for the separation of my criminal personal life, subjected to court procedures, from the political aspect of my case, connected with the incorrect use of esoteric science for the secular power games.
With no response.
Covid 19 and vaccinations are the global hypnosis. I cannot help anyone with this, except read the alternative scientific papers and literature on electricity.


26.7. 2021

Úřad vlády ČR
nábřeží Edvarda Beneše 4,
118 01 Praha 1

Milá vládo České republiky,

po 11 letech konstantního dozoru by snad mělo být všem psychologům i Vám zřejmé, že sice mohu vypátrat, co naši předkové zatajili v biblických překladech a co Vy zatajujete lidem, což je někdy lidské a někdy politické, ale nedovedu přijít na to, jaký smysl má pandemické a atmosférické vydírání všech vlád naší planety. Veřejné opakované promítání mojí morálně, zdravotně, právně a duševně členité minulosti na přeskáčku je používáno jako jeden z prostředků vydírání, a tak mám na svědomí 7.8 miliardy lidí, kteří jsou zcela nehorázně nuceni k nošení roušek a k očkovacím sérům nebo lépe řečeno k inokulacím, jejichž složení by se mělo stát předmětem výzkumu všech médií, nezávislých laboratoří, nezávislých vědců-lékařů a kriminální policie. Místo toho slyšíme konstantní „jsou bezpečné a účinné“.
Z informací ze všech možných médií jsem usoudila, že jde o situaci, ve které vlády, zdravotnictví a obyvatelé musí zaujmout doporučené pozice. Pokud odolají, výskyt covidových případů začne eskalovat s následnými úmrtími, což vytvoří tlak veřejnosti, pod kterým politici většinou kapitulují a nastolí zmíněná ‘doporučení‘.
Protože jde o mnohavrstevnou cibuli, kterou málokdo prokoukne až do středu, tak je těžké soudit danou situaci objektivně.
Ale já nejsem politik, takže mohu s čistým svědomím stát za tvrzením vyšší esoterické vědy, potvrzené stále větší částí ortodoxní vědy, že vakcíny jsou v dlouhodobém měřítku zločinem na lidstvu a zvedám svůj hlas proti nim. Dost často posílám vědecké materiály médiím, zdravotnictví i ministerstvu vnitra, aby nikdo nemohl říci po Zero dni, že se o nich nevědělo. Za minulého volebního období jsem poslala dopis na toto téma i všem politickým stranám.

Druhou vrstvou cibule jsou tzv. psychotronické technologie přímo řízených energií, které se skrývají jednak za současnými názvy Havanský a Sudeckův syndrom v rámci stále oficiálně tajené esoterické experimentace s trpěním člověka a jednak za tzv. klimatickými změnami, ve skutečnosti způsobenými umělým řízením počasí „vojenskou alchymií“ jak se vyjádřila Sestra Dr. Roselie Bertell ve své knize Planeta Země: Nejnovější zbraň války již před 20 lety. Zvířeckost – jinak se takový plán nedá charakterizovat – dosáhla takového stupně, že týrat civilní občany anonymně na dálku elektronickou cestou bylo umožněno každému, kdo má smart telefon či počítač.
Když jsem před dvěma roky informovala presidenta Mezinárodní krasobruslařské unie o dálkovém používání těchto technologií na sportovcích při olympijských hrách v Pyeong Chang a Mistrovství v Miláně, tak mě nenapadlo, že byla již naplánovaná strategie vytvoření pandemie, při které se zakáže obecenstvu přístup na sportovní utkání. To sice současné olympioniky chrání před útoky diváků se smart telefony, ale vůbec se tím dlouhodobě neřeší etická a právní otázka oficiálně tajené existence těchto technologií, které jsme využili typicky k zotročení všeho živého pod názvem ‚crowd control weapons‘ – zbraně pro ovládání davu- a každý stát si je přeje, protože jsou dálkově ovladatelné, zdroj je neviditelný a za normálních okolností, bez přístupu k satelitním informacím, neprokazatelný.

Tyto technologie nezmizí. Budou používány více a více nejen státními výkonnými složkami, ale především privátním sektorem. Již nyní existuje armáda vyškolených profesionálů, kteří je perfektně ovládají a používají pod názvem ‚non-lethal crowd control technologies for political control‘, schválené samotnou EU.

Zároveň jsme přišli na jejich mírové využití: odčerpávat jimi lidskou energii z člověka bez jeho vědomí a proměnit ji na burzovní kryptoměny. Tu energii, která by mohla sloužit k duševním cílům bytí.
Jsou připraveni psychiatři, psychologové a lékaři? Policie a armádní složky? Soudy, zákony a soudci? Zatím díky oficiálnímu utajení jsou lékaři povinni podobná sdělení diagnostikovat jako duševně chorá. Tím pádem policie nemusí nic řešit, pouze odvážet problematické případy na
psychiatrické kliniky a soudy jen potvrzují lékařská doporučení.

Z mého případu lze logicky usoudit, že světové veřejnosti je kontrolovaně představována existence těchto energií i jejich aplikace na člověka, přírodu i atmosféru.

Ale v podstatě dochází k porušování toho nejzákladnějšího práva člověka, nároku na soukromí jeho vlastní mysli, která je biblicky chrámovým místem STVOŘITELE k setkání s člověkem, takže člověku de fakto nepatří. Toto právo není ani zahrnuto v žádné mezinárodní listině práv, protože si žádný její tvůrce nedovedl představit, že by člověk ve své bezmezné touze všechno egoisticky ovládat mohl proniknout i do chrámu STVOŘITELE. A novodobé listiny práv jsou tvořeny sekulární společností, která chrámové místo považuje za obrazný mýtus, čímž nevědomě opomíjí objektivní princip stvoření člověka k obrazu BOŽÍMU.
A tady si opět dovoluji protestovat, protože vlastně dochází ke klamání společnosti jak vědou, tak církví v době, kdy se vědecký pokrok ubírá nebezpečným sekulárním směrem.
Naprosto nechápu současnou divadelní hru, kde všichni víte, o co jde, už i děti si ze všeho dělají legraci, ale vše pokračuje naplánovanou technokratickou cestou, ani slovo o duševním principu Stvoření. Protože je můj případ politicky zneužíván pro všechny možné účely, stávám se nedobrovolně jejím účastníkem a na tom odmítám mít jakýkoliv karmický podíl.
Bohužel nevím, jak tuto situaci ukončit, zdá se, že bez soudního procesu jsou všechny dopisy i internetové protesty jen mouchami, které se odeženou mávnutím ruky a politici nemají potřebné informace.
Je tedy třeba se obrátit na vojenské ‚manažery‘ této planety a konfrontovat je jejich účastí na utajování pravdivosti Genesis, na vědomém porušování objektivních kosmických zákonů Paprsku Stvoření, na vpravdě ďábelském zneužívání esoterické vědy pro egoistické, megalomanské cíle technokratického transhumanismu, který přivádí tuto planetu k biblickému Zjevení a na zatajování lidstvu jeho pravý účel existence. Neuvádím nic, co by nepocházelo z publikovaných pramenů esoterického křesťanství, které je ověřené věky. Odtamtud také vím, že planetární vojsko by v 21. století mělo vědět, že je zastupitelem Vojska Nebeského. Předchozím civilizacím to bylo známo.
Jako soukromý občan se k žádnému mezinárodnímu soudu nedostanu bez předchozího procesu ve své vlastní zemi a moje vlastní země se zabývá mou minulostí. To je zákonité, ale moje minulost slouží jako důvod k zakrývání výše uvedených skutečností, které jsou významově srovnatelné s dudy a nebem.
Vzhledem k historickému významu Pádu bych předpokládala, že stát mi přinejmenším oznámí, co musím udělat, abychom mohli můj případ od něho oddělit. Nejsem jediná, která ví, o co jde, lidí s čistým štítem je u nás víc než dost, ti se mohou tohoto řekněme poslání ujmout.

S úctou k odpovědným pozicím Vás všech,

Dagmar Palmerová

Dear Government of the Czech Republic,

after 11 years of constant supervision, perhaps it should be clear to all psychologists and you that I can find out what our ancestors hid in the Bible translations and what you hide from people, which is sometimes human and sometimes political, but I can’t figure out what is the point in pandemic and atmospheric blackmailing of all the governments of our planet. The public re-screening of my morally, medically, legally, and mentally fragmented past is used as a means of blackmail, and so I am responsible for the 7.8 billion people who are blatantly forced to wear masks and get vaccinated, or rather inoculated. The composition of its substances should be the subject of research by all media, independent laboratories, independent scientists-doctors and the criminal police. Instead, we hear constant “they are safe and effective.”
From different media sources, I concluded that this is a situation in which governments, health care, and the population must take the recommended positions. If they resist, the incidence of covid cases will escalate with subsequent deaths, creating public pressure, under which politicians usually surrender and accept the ‘recommendations‘.
Because it is a multi-layered onion, which few people look through into the core, it is difficult to judge the situation objectively.
But I am not a politician, so I can with a clear conscience support the claim of higher esoteric science, confirmed by an increasing body of orthodox science, that vaccines are a crime against humanity in the long run, and I raise my voice against them. Quite often I send scientific materials to the media, health care, and the Ministry of the Interior so that no one can say after Zero Day that they were not known. During the last parliamentary term, I also sent a letter on this subject to all political parties.

The second layer of the onion is the so-called psychotronic technologies of directly controlled energies, which hide behind the current names Havana and Sudeck syndrome in the still officially secret esoteric experimentation with human suffering, and the so-called climate change, actually caused by artificially controling weather with “military alchemy” as Sister Dr. Roselie Bertell called it 20 years ago in her book Planet Earth: The Newest Weapon of War. Bestiality – otherwise such a plan cannot be characterized – has reached such a level that torture of civilians anonymously at a distance by electronic means has been made possible for anyone with a smartphone or computer.
When I informed the President of the International Figure Skating Union two years ago about the remote use of these technologies on athletes at the Pyeong Chang Olympics and the Milan Championships, it never occurred to me that a pandemic strategy was already planned to ban audiences from accessing sports matches. While this protects today’s Olympians from attacks by viewers with smartphones, it does not address the ethical and legal issue of the officially secret existence of these technologies, which we typically used to enslave everything alive under the name ‘crowd control weapons’. Every state wants them because they are remotely controllable, the source is invisible and under normal circumstances, without access to satellite information, unprovable.
These technologies will not disappear. They will be used more and more not only by the state executive but above all by the private sector. There is already an army of trained professionals who mastered their use under the name ‘non-lethal crowd control technologies for political control’, approved by the EU itself.

At the same time, we came up with their peaceful use: to use them to drain human energy from a man without his knowledge and to turn it into stock-market cryptocurrencies. The same energy that could serve to increase the being of man.
Are psychiatrists, psychologists, and doctors ready? Police and military? Courts, laws, and judges? So far, thanks to official secrecy, doctors are obliged to diagnose such messages as mentally ill. Thus, the police do not have to deal with anything, only to take problematic cases to
psychiatric clinics and courts only confirm medical recommendations.

From my case, it is logical to conclude that the world is controlled by the existence of these energies and their application to man, nature, and the atmosphere.

But in essence, there is a violation of the most basic right of man, the right to privacy of his own mind, which is biblically the temple of the CREATOR for meeting with man, so de facto it does not belong even to man, let alone the government bodies. This right is not even included in any international charter of rights, because none of its creators could imagine that man, in his boundless desire to control everything selfishly, could penetrate into the temple of the CREATOR. And modern charters of rights are formed by a secular society, which considers the temple site to be a figurative myth, thus unconsciously neglecting the objective principle of the creation of man in the image of GOD.
And here again, I dare to protest because in fact society is being deceived by both science and the church at a time when scientific progress is moving in a dangerous secular direction.
I do not understand the current theatrical play, where you all know what it is about, even children make fun of everything, but all continue in the planned technocratic way, not a word about the spiritual principle of Creation. Because my case is being politically misused for all possible purposes, I involuntarily become a participant in it and I refuse to have any karmic part in it.
Unfortunately, I do not know how to end this situation, it seems that without a lawsuit, all the letters and internet protests are just flies that are waved away and politicians do not have the necessary information.
It is, therefore, necessary to turn to the military managers of this planet and confront them by their participation in concealing the truth of Genesis, deliberately violating the objective cosmic laws of the Ray of Creation, the truly devilish misuse of esoteric science for selfish, megalomaniacal goals of technocratic transhumanism that lead this planet to biblical Revelation and to conceal from humanity its true purpose of existence. I do not mention anything that does not come from the published sources of esoteric Christianity, verified by ages. From there I also learned that the planetary army is a representative of the Heavenly Army. The previous civilizations knew about it.

As a private citizen, I cannot go to any international court without a prior trial in my own country, and my own country deals with my past. This is lawful, but my past serves as a reason to obscure the above facts, which are semantically comparable to bagpipes and heaven.

Given the historical significance of the Fall, I would assume that the state would at least tell me what I need to do to separate my case from it. I’m not the only one who knows what this is about, there are more than enough professional people with a clean shield who can take on this, say, mission.

With respect to the responsible positions of all of you,

Dagmar Palmerova