Oppose World Health Organization’s Power Grab: Say NO to the “Pandemic Treaty”.


In the age of the internet, where the news can be distributed in seconds across the whole planet, we could stop the current madness in 24 hours. By whom are the governments elected? If they go against the wish of their citizens, they can be voted out.
But such an option will not be available if the pandemic treaty comes into force.
W.h.o. will take charge not only of the pandemic matters but of the prevention processes as well, the states will not have the legal power to oppose their recommendations and there will be an increase of financial contribution from all member states.
Over and above that, it is the first step to establishing social credit system and digitally centralized governance.

The one-click ‘NO’ from humanity would shatter the foundations of planetary power,

Architecture as teamwork


Leaving aside the exoteric, light and electromagnetic energy will dominate our lives for the next two thousand years, so perhaps we should start to take the present more seriously, as something with an esoteric dimension.
I had once a conscious dream in my youth, I stood with my grandma in the countryside, looking at the horizon in the direction of Prague. I saw an amazing view of a glass city in the distance. Only much later I learned that such visions are common.
Science is coming closer and closer to the ‘mystery’ of light, so hopefully we will be guided in that direction, out of the Iron Age

Tuesdays in Atlantis’ times

The architectural reviews on the current Bienalle in Venice seem to reflect the burning issues of our times. They are all so overwhelming and interconnected, that a self-preserving drive makes one open ancient wisdom left to us for instance from Atlantis:

On Tuesdays, namely, on the ‘day-of-architecture,’ the
learned beings belonging to the second group brought
various models for such proposed buildings and constructions

as could endure a very long time.
“And in this case, they set up these buildings not
exactly in accordance with the stability ensuing from the
Law of Sevenfoldness, or as the beings there were mechanically

already accustomed to do, but otherwise.
“For instance, the cupola of a certain construction had,
according to all the data, to rest on four columns of a
certain thickness and definite strength.
“But they placed this said cupola on only three columns; and

the reciprocal thrust, or, as it is also expressed,
the ‘reciprocal resistance,’ ensuing from the Law of Sevenfoldness

for supporting the surplanetary weight, they
took not from the columns alone, but also from other unusual

combinations ensuing from the same Law of Sevenfoldness with
which the mass of the ordinary beings of
that time were also already acquainted; that is to say,
they took the required degree of resistance of the columns
chiefly from the force of the weight of the cupola itself.
“Or still another example; a certain stone, according
to all the data established there both mechanically from
long-centuries practice and also thanks to the fully conscious

calculations of certain beings with Reason there,
ought infallibly to have its definite strength corresponding
to a certain power of resistance; but they infallibly made
and placed this cornerstone so that it did not correspond at
all to the mentioned data; but the strength and power of
resistance for the support of the superimposed weight
required on the basis of the Law of Sevenfoldness they
took from the setting of the lower stones, which in their
turn they did not lay according to the established custom,
but again they based their calculations on the manner of
laying the still lower stones, and so on.
“And it was just in these unusual combinations of the
laying of stones, ensuing from the Law of Sevenfoldness,
that they indicated, also by means of a conventional
‘alphabet,’ the contents of some or other useful information.
“This group of learned members of the club of the
Adherents-of-Legominism further indicated what they
wished in their minia-images or models of proposed constructions,

by utilizing the law called ‘Daivibrizkar,’ that
is the law of the action of the vibrations arising in the
the atmosphere of enclosed spaces.
“This law, which has utterly failed to reach the contemporary

three-brained beings of that planet, was then
quite familiar to the beings there, that is to say, they were
already quite aware that the size and form of enclosed
spaces and also the volume of air enclosed in them influence beings in particular ways.
“Utilizing this law, they indicated their various ideas
in the following way:
“Let us suppose that according to the character and
purpose of some building or other it is required that from
the interiors of the given building, in accordance with
the Law of Sevenfoldness and with the mechanical practice

of centuries, definite sensations must be evoked in a
certain lawful sequence.
“Then utilizing the law of Daivibrizkar they combined
the interiors of this proposed building in such a way that
the required sensations were evoked in the beings who
entered them, not in the anticipated familiar lawful
sequence but in some other order.
“And it was just in these deviations from the lawful
sequence of sensations that they placed whatever they
wished in a certain way.

Excerpts from Beelzebub’s Tales, G.I.Gurdjieff, volume II.

Mr.G wrote his books esoterically. Like in the ancient scriptures, everything has several meanings for different levels of understanding of his readers, and each level must be correct, that is a law. Do I fully understand the most elemental meaning of the above section?
No, I do not. I would love to hear or read some lectures from the 4th Way student architects. Just a thought to switch attention from the external to the internal for a change.

Smlouva s USA

Dvě věci přijdou na mysl v této souvislosti.
První je naše členství v Nato. Proč potřebuje malá země, převážně nedobyvačná, vesměs územně obklopená členskými státy Nata ještě uzavírat vojenskou smlouvu se Spojenými státy americkými? Znamená to, že vojenský pakt Nato není zcela důvěryhodný?
Nebo že Spojené státy americké si chtějí osobně vojensky podmanit co nejvíce států Evropské unie?

Druhý problém je možné vidět v současné politické rovině s příčinou věznění pana Juliana Assange. Wikileaks zveřejnily videový záznam vojenského útoku vojáků USA na bezbranné civilisty mimo území Spojených států a pan Julian Assange čeká ve vězení na vydání do Spojených států, kde se má soudně zpovídat za zveřejnění tajných dokumentů (ve veřejném zájmu lidstva) a ohrožování bezpečnosti státu. Řekněme, že nastane podobná situace u nás a někdo ji zveřejní. Bude tento jedinec vydán Spojeným státům americkým?

So just watch

Awareness cannot exist with duality, and mind cannot exist without duality.
Awareness is non-dual, and mind is dual.
So just watch. I don’t teach you any solutions. I teach you the solution:
Just get back a little and watch.
Create a distance between you and your mind. Osho

A cheer up for the groundhog day 🙂
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Euro v ČR od 2030?

Do sedmi let bude hodně věcí jinak, počkejme si na “great” reseat, učiňme se mezi tím co nejméně závislými na importu (přinejmenším o pár procent), hlavně v soběstačnosti nejzákladnějších potravin rostlinného a mléčného původu. Sázejme na veřejných místech co nejvíce ovocných stromů a ořecháčů, které rostou a rodí prakticky samy a uživí ty sítem propadlé davy, jimž zvýšené příjmy nestačí pokrýt náklady, daně a běžné výdaje, zvýšené o rozpočet vládních dluhů z covidu, geo-politiky apod.

Israel Using Biometric Cameras to Terrorize Palestinians

On one side we have a biblical theme of both Testaments and on the other digital and satellite technologies, that make us see ourselves as human ants in a human anthill. It reminds me of the old movie, Baraka, where the speedy camera, positioned high above the crowds, shows us moving exactly like ants. The film did not judge anything, just mirrored to us the mechanical aspect of our industrialized city living in contrast with the spiritually orientated sacred spaces of our planet. 30 years ago such sequences subconsciously disturbed many viewers, others were very conscious of the contrast, wondering what history will say about the film, hoping it would not get worse.
Perhaps the new generation could look at it as an educational testimony of the human impact on our planet and the possibilities of different paths of living, available to humanity…

As Donetsk civilians live in constant fear of Ukrainian shelling, a reporter on the ground details the terror

Documenting Kiev’s attacks on residential areas is becoming a horrible, tragic routine



Heavy Ukrainian shelling of central Donetsk on April 28 killed 9 civilians, including an 8 year old girl, and injured at least 16 more. Most of the dead were burned alive when the minibus they were in was hit by a shell.

Ukraine’s shelling targeted a hospital, apartment buildings and houses, parks, streets and sidewalks, all civilian, not military, areas.

According to the DPR Representative Office in the JCCC, Ukraine fired high-explosive fragmentation missiles, “produced in Slovakia and transferred to Ukraine by NATO countries.”

Of Ukraine’s first round of shelling yesterday, around 11 am, the JCCC said:

The enemy fired from their positions located in the area of the settlement. Sergeevka near Krasnoarmeysk, from the M142 HIMARS MLRS using M-31 (fragmentation) missiles exclusively in the residential, central quarter of the city, setting the goal of the maximum number of victims among civilians.”

I was outside of Donetsk interviewing refugees from Artyomovsk when both rounds of intense Ukrainian shelling occurred. I returned to see these catastrophic scenes, sadly ones I’ve seen many times over in Donetsk under Ukrainian bombing.

I saw similarly horrific scenes last September, also in central Donetsk, also during prime hours of the day, when Ukraine shelled on and around Artema street, the main boulevard running through the city centre, killing four civilians, among them two people burned alive inside a vehicle. Two days later, Ukrainian shelling of the city killed 16 civilians, the horrific sight of the dead etched in my mind, never reported in Western corporate media. Three days after that, Ukraine shelled next the central market, (near the cathedral which Ukraine shelled just weeks ago during Easter mass) killing six civilians there, including two on a minibus.

The areas Ukraine targeted yesterday are all streets and parks I’ve walked in, including only some days ago. In an instant, they can become sites of carnage, in Ukraine’s nine year war on the civilians of the Donbass.



We do not see such reporting in the mainstream media so our perception of the Ukrainian conflict is rather ‘flat’ and misleading, when we realize that directed energy weapons used in the civilian massacres originate from our own production.
We use them even in our own streets, with no reports of deaths, but we can admit only Havana syndrome victims, so who knows? Walking concentration camps are sort of unprovable and denied by the medical establishment as the products of delusional and schizophrenic minds…unbelievable, but not virtual.

“Zdravý rozum”

Některé myšlenky potřebují rezonovat, jako například ta o zdravém rozumu, jenž většinou souvisí s životní praxí, která člověka přivádí k ‘matce věd – filosofii’.
Dokud bude věda v souladu se zdravým rozumem, pak se nemůže postavit proti nám a je všechno v pořádku. Pokud však začneme mít pocit, že věda jedná v rozporu se zdravým rozumem, musíme se přiklonit na stranu zdravého rozumu a ne na stranu vědy.
dr. Zdeněk Rejdák z knihy Pan páter Ferda

Corbett: Your Guide To 5th Generation Warfare

James Corbett understands Technocracy and Transhumanism, its actors and its enforcers. When TN declared war on Technocracy in 2015, it was in response to this “5th Generation Warfare” that was being prosecuted against the citizens of the world – not against nation-states, but against the citizens of those states.

Source: Corbett: Your Guide To 5th Generation Warfare

Humans are erasing billions of years of data from ancient meteorites

A popular and easy method for validating whether or not a chunk of rock is a meteorite, and what kind of meteorite it is, has been inadvertently erasing invaluable information locked inside.The use of rare-earth magnets such as neodymium erases and overwrites the magnetic record locked inside ferromagnetic minerals in meteorites, scientists from MIT in the US and Paris Cité University in France found.

Source: Humans are erasing billions of years of data from ancient meteorites

Rapes in prisons – a global human rights crisis

Justdetention.org :
There is certainly no doubt that with the available directed energy technologies (used illegally on targeted people) the rapists could be stopped overnight. They are not, so one could say it must be the intentional policy of the governments as an additional, sadistic form of dominance. “No matter what crime someone may have committed, rape is not part of the penalty”.
How many people actually realize that prisons are powerful generators of negative emotions, namely hatred that is reflected or projected back to the whole of humanity? And let’s not forget that the mentioned numbers do not include millions of remotely conducted electronic rapes worldwide that have become a sports game for respected, morally spotless citizens. Our usage of the most powerful force in the entire Universe demonstrates precisely the level of consciousness we have at the present.
I wonder if there is a comparative study from prisons, where spiritual programs like Gangaji Foundation offers have been used:
“I have met with men who are doing life in Folsom Prison, and watched them weep in the fulfillment of their own heart.” – Gangaji
We live in 21. century, not in the dark ages….

Respekt přirozený

člověk získává objektivitou svého posuzování a když má být jeho navigace lodičky plynulá, aby nepropadal mořské nemoci již na řece, tak zjistí, že musí znát nejen pohyb vodních proudů, ale i znalost krajiny kvůli vanoucím větrům, před kterými je lodička chráněna skalami nebo údolími, ale ne již rovinami.
Myšlenka větrolamů je stará jako Metuzalém, ty přírodní si pamatuji z dětství, i s nouzovým přistáním plachtícího čmeláka vedle nich. Vítr jako skály nezastaví, protože jsou nekompaktní a ohebné, ale lámou ho aniž by se samy zlomily.
A tak všechny tyto aspekty je třeba brát v úvahu, než si člověk vyslouží opravdový respekt z řízení své lodičky.

‘We’ve got aliens living on this planet’ – India’s first cosmonaut

“There’s no point in building a far-off hell when you have paradise right here,” he added. “Let’s practice sustainability on Earth before we move out.”

Edgar Mitchell – gazing down at our planet –
“want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a b***h!”

Pravidla správného jednání


Ne každý se dostane na univerzitu, ale na základní školu ano. Jak by bylo logické začlenit tato pravidla do vzdělávacího procesu školství spolu s vesmírně filosofickým přístupem k životu. Vybavit nastupující generace schopností rozlišovat nadčasové, objektivní zákony a principy od subjektivních teorií a principů, podléhajících času.

Will It Never Stop? From Forever War to Eternal War

Source: Will It Never Stop? From Forever War to Eternal War

that already ‘obsolete’ objective law of effects, returning all back to their causes, in time.

In fact, John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesperson, responded to President Xi’s proposal this way: “We don’t support calls for a ceasefire right now.” The Russians, he claimed, would take such an opportunity “to only further entrench their positions in Ukraine… [and] rebuild, refit, and refresh their forces so that they can restart attacks on Ukraine at a time of their choosing.”

Disturbingly, American calls for peace and diplomacy have tended to further embrace the ongoing war. The New York Times editorial board, while plugging future peace diplomacy, suggested that only continued warfare could get us to such a place: “[S]erious diplomacy has a chance only if Russia accepts that it cannot bring Ukraine to its knees. And for that to happen, the United States and its allies cannot waver in their support [of Ukraine].” More war and nothing else, the argument goes, will bring peace. The pressure to provide ever more powerful weapons to Ukraine remains constant on both sides of the aisle. As Robert Wicker, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee put it, “[T]his approach of ‘more, better, faster’ would give the Ukrainians a real shot at victory.”

“You exist in time”

“You exist in time, but you belong to eternity. You are a penetration of eternity into the world of time. You are deathless, living in a body of death. Your consciousness knows no death, no birth. It is only your body that is born and dies. But you are not aware of your consciousness; you are not conscious of your consciousness.

And that is the whole art of meditation: becoming conscious of consciousness itself.”


“..and it never enters his head that even if he were to meet such a teacher as Jesus Christ, taking him as he is described in the Gospels, he would never be able to follow him because it would be necessary to be on the level of an apostle in order to be a pupil of Jesus Christ. Here is a definite law. The higher the teacher, the more difficult for the pupil.” ISOM p.203

Here’s why Human Rights Watch deliberately only scratched the surface in exploring Ukraine’s use of banned ‘petal’ mines


GOD does not get angry but HE is just.
We have the planetary drama that needs to be solved, we obviously need HIM to help us with this mess but first, we need to learn HIS language. And HIS language is saying to us that the effects of the causes must return to the causes. So here we are, in Ukraine, where banned petal mines Pfm-1 have been deployed, on both sides, if I understand correctly?
Wikipedia says that they are of Soviet/Russian production and according to the US military source, were created after reverse-engineering Blu 43 – the so-called Dragontooth mines, used by the US in Vietnam.
So do we still produce them or not? Or is it just that old, out-of-date stock that everyone wants to get rid of because the new directed energy butterflies are far more attractive, invisible in their effects and people who use them have fun and pleasure from the immense suffering they evoke in their living targets? In 2021 Ukraine had 3.3 million Pfm-1 and a year before refused to destroy any.
Guys all of you on all sides, grow up or fly to the moon that is under 96 laws, you can play there, you will be welcome.

G20 health agenda in India?


We in the West are looking at you as the traditional “land of pearls bearers” and count on your support in trying to bring sanity back to this ill-fated planet. The wisdom of the Holy Science of Swami Sri Yukteswar that Paramahansa Yogananda introduced to the west 100 years ago clearly demonstrates that human well-being and health do not depend at all on any digital technology, farmaceuticals, or gene-editing. So why do you bring our “deadly gifts” to your South instead of keeping at least some part of the world uncontaminated? The pandemic treaty, taking its form right now in Who is the first step in the process of transferring the sovereignty of all participating states to a supranational entity with legal binding. During the Covid19 pandemic, the courts’ decisions in different countries were able to reverse the political orders in favour of citizens. With the Pandemic Treaty, it will not be possible. Look at the severe consequences of covid19 vaccines/inoculations, available to us from the given statistics and we do not know yet the long-term after-effects.
When living in accordance with the objective laws of the universe that your ancestors mapped so well for humanity, man can peacefully cohabit even with plaque or cholera, say the scripts.
We need your Vedas to come forward to help the Bible and firmly insist on revealing the scientifically proven facts to the public. Faith cannot be forced on anyone but the scientific explanation of how for instance a Master can be in two different places at once should be a part of the general knowledge of humanity in the age of subatomic particles or dwapara yuga age, where quantum physics has already proved such phenomenon in its field.