That problem

First of all, this is a political issue. When the states face a crisis of such magnitude that shakes their foundations, they need to divert the attention of the masses away from the real issues and for that, some emotional theme is chosen. So classically, drug legalization, gender issues, abortions, and capital punishment are the favorite.
Abortions and capital punishments are the best examples of the hypocrisy of man’s mind. On one side he prohibits the cessation of life at the stage where the physiological form has not taken its full form yet and on the other, he legally premeditates the murder of one that had. The powerful military industries make fortunes by killing children and women across the whole globe.
And when a child gets born, he/she is welcome by the deadly cocktail of so many vaccines that if swallowed it would kill them. How many of them get tragically affected or sterilized by vaccines later on? The depopulation policies are so obvious on all sides of the political spectrum, that even the simplest logic comes to a conclusion, that abortion is a political matter. The religious aspect does not make sense in it either, the church is against birth control by any means except celibacy, while nature has its own processes and the results eventually turn against the church itself in the often quite unfair way.
Wanted/Unwanted pregnancy is an ancient issue that will not go away by any man’s laws. Nature with its powerful forces of attraction and repulsion will always play its dominant role here.
Generally, women do not terminate a pregnancy when they are in love, let alone in a loving relationship. Ideally, a child should be the outcome of that love between two opposite forces, that brings harmony to the world.
But the realities of life are often different and it is the girl or a woman, who bears full responsibility for something that was probably beyond her control at that moment.
If she is not ready for such responsibility, especially when she is still too young to support herself and a child emotionally, psychologically, and financially, in a disproving social environment, who has a right to judge her decision? When you prohibit abortion, she will do everything possible to terminate the pregnancy anyway. And that means you move abortions to the illegal, uncontrolled backyards, with unavoidable death cases not just for the embryo but for the pregnant girl/woman possibly as well.
In the 21st century? That is a hardly wise decision, dealing typically with consequences, not causes.
Instead of taking away the legal, controlled procedure by the hands of professionals,
why not introducing to humanity the Ray of Creation, explaining to us that we were born for specific purposes and we are under a certain number of objective laws, that need to be respected, otherwise we bring disturbances into the Universal, harmoniously created system?
Why the churches do not use their knowledge and do not confront the militaries with the scientific facts that Genesis is correct, after all those two hundred years of climbing the trees? Why do not they inform their sheep and the mainstream media about the scientific facts?
Why do doctors insist on the atheistic approach to the human body when psychiatry and psychology are literally “soul healing” disciplines?
Why are children not taught about their bodies being temples of the Holy Spirit, not belonging to them nor to any government’s institutions but to their loving CREATOR to be glorified? Why are they not informed about the rainbow as the existing covenant between HIM and them and all living creatures, why do not we teach them the most elemental knowledge of the Creation and its art and beauty, that would prepare their essences for Love to come in her multitudes so that they would not be often just wondering barks in a wild ocean?
Then that problem would mostly take care of itself…

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