Reading the news…

To read the news and think about what has been said can be very puzzling for ordinary people. Whoever uses just simple logic, that simple logic connects the speeches of different kinds and makes certain conclusions, hard to change.
The announcement of the Nato’s Secretary-General about the years of fighting Russia (on our Slavic territories) while at the same time “building a global surveillance system” (words of their think tanks) with the data collected from the already operational Chinese social credit system evokes the serious pondering about their plans for humanity in the 21. century.
What is happening right now is certainly not normal. The transitional period from our materialistic comprehension of the external universe to the understanding of the finer matters of the internal universe that are essentially one, requires some leadership that will create a supportive political, financial and social environment on the planetary level as the cosmic forces reaching our planet have different objectives, void of our geopolitical agendas. People need to be explained by scientific means the not mysterious mysteries of the planet, otherwise, we will never be able to solve the military-directed weather drama, ruining nature to the point of mass extinction of its living species.
We need to discuss what is known about our existence, what is not known, what needs to be discovered, what is expected of us, how to achieve it, and supply people with metanoia, a new way of thinking.
But nothing of such kind is happening on the political scene. That is even more puzzling than ever before. Approximately two years back Mr. Pompeo publicly stated that there is a live exercise going on. He did not specify what he meant by that and the US president, standing next to him said “you should have told us”.
I do not concentrate on politics but was this ‘etude’ designed to tell us that the US president is not the first person to be told what his alphabet agencies pro-create under his leadership?
We have not been explained to this day who and what exercise exercises us, but one would assume that we, the GOD’s Creation, were passed on to the hands of our ai creation, and apart from the other layers of the onion the pandemics, Ukraine and 5/6G implementation serve as the means for data collection for the upcoming digital dictatorship. Russia would hardly want to be a part of it. Anyone who looks at me and has not completely lost his/her self-preservation drive would have to come to the same realization. Could their “special operation” be a response to the seemingly everlasting “live exercise”?
Besides, were we not informed that there was established a direct communication line between the two militaries in order to avoid the possible misunderstandings, evoked by the media?
Then we have some world war files declassification, which might change the airflow at some places…and
the old, obsolete military equipment of Ukraine’s western neighbours could serve different purposes….perhaps to be melted by dew and transformed into something more peaceful….

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