Hello beautiful Sydney,

The case of Mr. Julian Assange most likely will not be dealt with separately from my case, unfortunately, and my case will not be dealt with separately from the planetary war of consciousness vs unconsciousness.
The mainstream media are not allowed to tell the truth and even you have to use the symbols for certain issues, and not everyone knows everything, and not everyone understands all symbols that have been used and dealt with, thus we have this confusion of tongues of so many different opinions in every field of human activity, that our forces get fragmented. Even within the same camp of people who really work hard to bring the long-awaited change that is ahead of us. There is a reason for that, psychological warfare is used on all of us to delay, deny, deceive, divide, and … and we react, that‘s human.
I see it every day in myself as well as on social sites, how a psychological trick of Mr. Gurdjieff described in Fritz Peters‘s book has been used over and over again on us.

I do not want to mention the human rights issues, you are all doing wonderful work on this, but there is a need to upgrade our thinking that would correspond with the degree of science that is available to us. So far we are using it to rape Nature, to rape ourselves, to torture our bodies physiologically, psychologically, and psychically, and all that legally, because we have no laws that would prohibit it. Or at least I do not see any, I only hear targeted people testify about continuous tortures.
When walking down the streets I see people with swollen legs or obese bodies that seem to be just part of our new advances in medicine as I have never seen anything like that when I was their age.
And we even use scientific advances for harvesting human energy, that energy which our ancestors used for the creation of the higher spiritual bodies and we are so smartly enlightened that we use electronic rape to charge our cars with it, and think that by raping our fellow human beings we create our spiritual bodies.

New thinking needs to be introduced to the world and Australia with its spiritual ancestors is at least geographically one of the leading forces on the planet.
Perhaps even its politicians might realize it after 14 years and let the higher mind govern the path of man.

Dagmar Palmerova

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