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To eliminate confusion as much as possible, I am firmly grounded in the 4th Way esoteric Christianity, (Haida yoga), to which I was directed through Osho’s school. and which bares close similarity with Kriya yoga. This esoteric school does not use sexual torture nor any other torture of physiological, psychological or psychic nature.
I have deep respect for all religions, esoteric schools, and systems that aim in their essence to increase human consciousness provided it is done without torture and evil practices of any kind, on the basis of mutual agreements and consent.
That is not so in my case and it is happening against my will, so the results evidently do not correspond in any direction to such a noble aim and will eventually negatively affect human society.
I am quite horrified that such practices can openly take place in the “democratic” world and not only on spiritually orientated people but on worldly people as well and blame Russia for it. Could not Washington DC understand better their fore forefathers?

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