Petition – Eu: The proposed change to the General Food Law Regulation to end secrecy

The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission


We urge you to enable real transparency in EU food safety decisions by publishing the data received from industry to evaluate the toxicity of their products in full, as soon as the EU receives it, before the products are put on the EU market. This much-needed transparency will finally allow for independent scientific scrutiny of crucial public decisions, putting an end to a secrecy that has allowed dangerous products to stay on the market and has fuelled public mistrust in food safety decisions.


Ai has already been weaponized

The killer robots- the most savage, barbaric, primitive repugnant idea from obviously subhuman, unconscious mind. To pass killing of humans into the hands of machines degrades us far below the level of machines, us, the original hope of our common CREATOR. What a cosmic disgrace.

ause there are far more attractive things to do.