A question for the SRF

rises regarding sadistic sexual electronic torture, that has been remotely performed on perhaps millions of people (70% women/30% men) around the world by millions of other people, who have been given such opportunity kindly by the highest defense departments of the Five eyes and Nato members.
There is a prevailing assumption that by such beastly acts human souls might be created and so the neo-gladiators’ games were resurrected and the suffering of others has become the source of the most attractive satiation of people’s sadistic drives and at the same time the easiest source of income in the known history.
That is one side of the story, the other is that when such sexual torture takes place, it is practically impossible to sit down and go inside oneself to find peace, When the intensity rises, the human targets start to scream or cry. If exposed to it almost 20 hours a day with 4 hours of sleep, suicides, madness or even crimes can happen.
And if such “military training” takes place, what is the sufferer supposed to do? He cannot possibly meditate or concentrate on anything, he/she has to run, his intelligence drops down to zero, and the energy needed for self-awareness is extracted from him/her.
How come, that nothing of that kind described Paramahansa Yogananda or Sri Yukteswar? Or other religions? This is a very dangerous situation, I have mentioned it so many times over the 13 years, I wrote so many letters to the authorities, with only one result. It has increased in numbers and intensity.
The fathers of the churches must know that it is attracting an enormous amount of negative force that cannot but bring a major disaster to our planet.
So it must be, unfortunately, a part of the plan, in a similar way as the pandemic……

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