The higher states of consciousness require conscious efforts

“It has been explained before that in ordinary conditions of life we do not remember ourselves; we do not remember, that is, we do not feel ourselves, are not aware of ourselves at the moment of perception, of an emotion, of a thought or of an action. If a man understands this and tries to remember himself, every impression he receives while remembering himself will, so to speak, be doubled. In an ordinary psychic state, I simply look at a street. But if I remember myself, I do not simply look at the street; I feel that I am looking, as though saying to myself: ‘I am looking.’ Instead of one impression of the street, there are two impressions, one of the street and another of myself looking at it. (divided attention). This second impression, produced by the fact of my remembering myself, is the ‘additional shock.’ Moreover, it very often happens that the additional sensation connected with self-remembering brings with it an element of emotion,”

Efforts to remember oneself, observation of oneself at the moment of receiving an impression, observation of one’s impressions at the moment of receiving them, registering, so to speak, the reception of impressions and the simultaneous defining of the impressions received, all this taken together doubles the intensity of the impressions….”

……the highest matter can be “produced by the organism from air, that is, from the second kind of food. This, however, is obtained only by making a conscious effort* at the moment an impression is received. …. “It is necessary to understand what this means. We all breathe the same air. Apart from the elements known to our science, the air contains a great number of substances unknown to science, indefinable for it, and inaccessible to its observation. But exact analysis is possible both of the air inhaled and of the air exhaled.
This exact analysis shows that although the air inhaled by different people is exactly the same, the air exhaled is quite different. Let us suppose that the air we breathe is composed of twenty different elements unknown to our science. A certain number of these elements are absorbed by every man when he breathes. Let us suppose that five of these elements are always absorbed. Consequently, the air exhaled by every man is composed of fifteen elements; five of them have gone to feeding the organism. But some people exhale not fifteen but only ten elements, that is to say, they absorb five elements more. These five elements are higher ‘hydrogens.’ These higher ‘hydrogens’ are present in every small particle of air we inhale. By inhaling air we introduce these higher ‘hydrogens’ into ourselves, but if our organism does not know how to extract them out of the particles of air, and retain them, they are exhaled back into the air. If the organism is able to extract and retain them, they remain in it. In this way, we all breathe the same air but we extract different substances from it. Some extract more, others less. “In order to extract more, it is necessary to have in our organism a certain quantity of corresponding fine substances. Then the fine substances contained in the organism act like a magnet on the fine substances contained in the inhaled air. We come again to the old alchemical law: ‘In order to make gold, it is first of all necessary to have a certain quantity of real gold.’ ‘If no gold whatever is possessed, there is no means whatever of making it.’ “The whole of alchemy is nothing but an allegorical description of the human factory and its work of transforming base metals (coarse substances) into precious ones (fine substances).”
Excerpts from P.D. Ouspensky ISOM

*Conscious effort to divide attention between what we do (the object of our attention) and our physical body at the same time, to bring attention to it as well (like noticing my own breathing). The car’s autopilot (e.g. daydreaming) can be switched off, I may take control of driving, concentrate attention fully on speeding, be in the moment, yet identifying with it, not being aware of my physical body behind the wheel, only one-way attention.

The effort to control one’s emotions to save the expenditure of energy needed for conscious effort:
the practice of not expressing unpleasant or negative emotions, doubt, fear, anger, irritation, self-pity, etc….
of not ‘identifying’ with every nonsense, of not considering inwardly (what others think of me) but externally (what needs to be done) …..










‘A sound we can feel’

“…if the Lord’ Prayer is tied up with fasting, why does it say ‘give us this day our daily bread’?”
“You’ve got it wrong. It isn’t with the Lord’s Prayer that fasting is tied up, but with the discovery of the note on which such prayers should be chanted. Without fasting you can’t discover the Name”
“What Name”
“Well, when you say ‘hallowed be thy Name’, what do you mean?”
I had to confess I had never thought about it.
“In your church, nobody does think about it. They beg the question by saying it is the name of God and leave it at that. Yet the key is in your scriptures: ‘In the beginning was the Name and the Name was with God and the name was God'”
“In the beginning was the Word, not Name”.
Logos if you want to bicker” he retorted. “The point is that when there wasn’t yet any language there can’t have been any words and there can’t have been any names in the ordinary sense.
“Then what was the logos?”
“A sound. The first sound. The deepest sound.What you might call the world’s tonic note.”
“A sound we can hear?”
“Feel. Not hear in the ordinary sense.
The most penetrating sound is inaudible, just as the most penetrating light is invisible. But by training, you can produce an audible echo of the sound because every octave is a replica at a different level of every other octave, as everybody knows.
The function of prayer is not to beg or to extol but to attune.”
“To attune what?”
“The body. Or the soul, if you prefer the metaphor.
You are a musical instrument as a piano is and you need to be kept in tune. That’s where fasting and other exercises come in; you cannot possibly reflect finer vibrations when your body -or soul if you prefer -is loaded with a lot of food in the stomach or while the blood makes a din chasing about in the veins and arteries.”
“The blood? Making a din?”
“Like a cascade. You can’t hear it when you are always listening outwards. You have to listen inwards – and that alone is an art in itself…”
“….and needs to be studied systematically, not in an amateurish or haphazard way.”

excerpts from On a single breath S.P.Dukes
(so who does teach that nowadays, over a hundred years later?)


We are at the threshold of Revelations

so rather than passing on the subjective thoughts which seem to get nowhere I exchange them for the conscious ones, which ought to be pondered by all militaries, ‘leaders’ and scientists:  If they were, we might be somewhere else:

“Although you were created for the purpose of the common-cosmic existence on planets, and although you were created also as “a-field-of-hope” for the future expectations of our COMMON ALL-GRACIOUS CREATOR – that is to say, created with the possibilities of coating in your presence that “Higher-Sacred” for the possible arising of which the whole of our now existing World was just created – and in spite of the said possibilities given to you, that is to say, in spite of your having been created three-brained with possibilities of a logical mentation, yet you do not use this sacred property of yours for the purpose for which it was foreordained, but manifest it as “cunning” towards HIS other creations, as, for instance, towards your own-donkey.

“Apart from the possibilities present in you of consciously coating in your presence the mentioned ‘Higher-Sacred’, this donkey of yours is of the same value for the common-cosmic process and consequently for our COMMON CREATOR, as you yourself, since each of you is predestined for some definite purpose, and these distinct definite purposes, in their totality, actualize the sense of Everything Existing.’
‘The difference between you and your own-donkey is merely in the form and quality of functioning of the internal and external organization of your common presences.

“Such a distribution of forces and strength, which at first sight appears unjust, on the part of our MOST JUST CREATOR was made by Great Nature, simply because the surplus of cosmic substances foreseeingly given you by the CREATOR and by Nature to use for the purpose of your personal self-perfecting, is not given to your donkey, but in place of this, Great Nature Herself transforms the same surplus of cosmic substances in your donkey’s presence for the power and strength of certain of its organs for its present existence only, but of course without the personal cognition of the donkey itself, thus enabling it to manifest the said power incomparably better than you.
And these variously powered manifestations of beings of diverse forms actualize in their totality just those exterior conditions in which alone it is possible for those similar to you – that is, for three-brained beings – consciously to perfect the “germ-of-Reason” placed in their presences, to the necessary gradation of Pure Objective Reason.
“I repeat, all beings, of all brain systems, without exception, large and small, arising and existing on the Earth or within the Earth, in the air or beneath the waters, are all equally necessary for our COMMON CREATOR, for the common harmony of the existence of Everything Existing.
“‘And as all the enumerated forms of beings actualize all together the form of the process required by our CREATOR for the existence of Everything Existing, the essences of all beings are to Him equally valuable and dear.
‘For our COMMON CREATOR, all beings are only parts of the existence of a whole essence spiritualized by HIMSELF.

“‘But what do we see here now?
“One form of beings created by HIM, in whose presences HE has placed all HIS hopes and expectations for the future welfare of Everything Existing, taking advantage of their superiorities lord it over other forms and destroy their existence right and left and, what is more, they do so presumably “in HIS name.”

“‘The whole terror of it is that although such phenomenal anti-god acts take place here in every house and on every square, nevertheless it never enters the head of any of these unfortunates that these beings whose existence I or we are now destroying, are equally dear to that ONE, Who has created them, and that if HE created these other forms of beings as well as ourselves, it must also have been for some purpose.’….

….”I am quite sure that if any one of them should become aware that in destroying another’s existence he is not only committing an evil deed against the true God and every real Saint, but is even causing them, in their essences, sorrow, and grief that there should exist in the great Universe “in-the-likeness-of-God” being-monsters who can manifest towards other creations of our COMMON CREATOR so consciencelessly and pitilessly; I repeat, if any one of them should become aware of this, then certainly not one among them could with all his heart ever again destroy the existence of beings of other forms for Sacrificial-Offerings.

“Then perhaps on the Earth also, would begin to exist the eighteenth personal commandment of our COMMON CREATOR which declared:

“Love everything that breathes.”
“‘It goes without saying, GOD forgives everything – this has even become a law in the World.”
‘But HIS creations – in this case people – must not abuse this All-Gracious and Everywhere-Penetrating Goodness of HIS; they must not only care for but even maintain all HE has created.”

excerpts from BT G.I.G. written 100 years ago

in Czech:
„Přestože jsi byl stvořen pro společné účely vesmírné existence na planetách, a přestože jsi byl stvořen také jako „pole naděje“ pro budoucí očekávání našeho SPOLEČNÉHO-VŠE-MILOSRDNÉHO- TVŮRCE – tedy řečeno stvořen s možnostmi oblékání „Vyššího-Posvátného“ v tvé přítomnosti, právě pro jehož možné vznikání byl celý náš současný Svět  vytvořen – a navzdory zmíněným možnostem, které ti byly dány, jinak řečeno přestože jsi byl stvořen jako tří-mozkový s možnostmi logické mentace, přesto toto své posvátné vlastnictví nevyužíváš k účelu, pro který bylo předem určeno, ale projevuješ ho jako „mazanost“ vůči JEHO jiným stvořením, jako například vůči tvému oslovi.

„Kromě možností vědomého ‘oblékání’ zmíněného Vyššího Nejsvětějšího ve své přítomnosti, které v tobě je, má ten tvůj osel pro společný kosmický proces a následně pro našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE stejnou hodnotu jako ty, protože každý z vás je předurčen k nějakému specifickému účelu a tyto odlišné specifické účely v jejich úplnosti aktualizují smysl Všeho Existujícího. “

„Rozdíl mezi tebou a tvým oslem je pouze ve formě a kvalitě fungování vnitřní a vnější organizace vašich společných přítomností.

“Ty máš například pouze dvě nohy, zatímco osel má až čtyři, z nichž každá je navíc nekonečně silnější než tvoje.”

“Uneseš například na těch svých nohách stejně tolik jako ten osel?”

„Určitě ne, protože tvé nohy jsou ti dány pouze k tomu, abys unesl sám sebe a to málo, co je nezbytné pro normální existenci tří-mozkové bytosti, jak předvídala Příroda.
“Takové rozdělení sil a moci, které se na první pohled jeví jako nespravedlivé bylo ze strany našeho NEJSPRAVEDLIVĚJŠÍHO TVŮRCE  provedeno Velikou Přírodou jednoduše proto, že nadbytek vesmírných substancí, které ti předvídavě poskytli TVŮRCE a Příroda k tvému osobnímu sebe-zdokonalování není dán tvému oslovi, ale namísto toho  Veliká Příroda sama transformuje stejný nadbytek kosmických substancí v přítomnosti tvého osla na sílu a moc některých jeho orgánů pouze pro jeho současnou existenci, ale samozřejmě aniž by si to osel sám osobně uvědomil, což mu umožňuje projevit zmíněnou sílu nesrovnatelně lépe než ty.

„A tyto různě poháněné projevy bytostí rozličných tvarů v jejich souhrnu aktualizují právě ty vnější podmínky, v nichž samotných je možné aby ti, kteří jsou podobni tobě – tedy tří-mozkové bytosti – vědomě zdokonalovaly „zárodek Rozumu“, umístěného v jejich přítomnosti k nezbytné gradaci Čistého Objektivního Rozumu.

“Opakuji, všechny bytosti všech mozkových systémů bez výjimky, velké i malé, vznikající a existující na Zemi nebo uvnitř Země, ve vzduchu nebo pod vodami, jsou pro našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE stejně nezbytné pro společnou harmonii existence Všeho Existujícího.

„A protože všechny vyjmenované formy bytostí  společně aktualizují formu procesu, který náš TVŮRCE vyžaduje pro existenci Všeho Existujícího, esence všech bytostí jsou pro Něho stejně cenné a drahé.
„Pro našeho společného TVŮRCE jsou všechny bytosti pouze částmi Jím zduchovnělé existence celé esence . “Ale co tu teď vidíme?”
„Jednu formu bytostí Jím vytvořených, do jejichž přítomnosti umístil všechny své naděje a očekávání pro budoucí blaho Všeho Existujícího, kteří využívají své nadřazenosti k vládě nad jinými formami a ničí jejich existenci vpravo a vlevo a navíc se domnívají, že v “Jeho jménu“.
„Jsem si docela jistý, že pokud by si někdo z nich měl uvědomit, že ničením existence druhého nečiní jen zlý skutek pravému bohu a každému opravdovému Svatému, ale dokonce způsobuje v jejich esencích zármutek a utrpení tím, že by ve velikém Vesmíru měly existovat bytostní nestvůry v podobnosti Boží“, které se mohou projevovat vůči ostatním stvořením našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE tak nesvědomitě a žalostně; opakuji, kdyby si to měl někdo z nich uvědomit, pak už by rozhodně nikdy ani jeden z nich nemohl kvůli obětním darům  zničit celým svým srdcem existenci bytostí jiných forem.

„Potom by snad také na Zemi začalo existovat osmnácté osobní přikázání našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE, které prohlašuje: „Milujte vše, co dýchá.“

„Je samozřejmé, že BŮH odpouští všechno – to se dokonce stalo na Světě zákonem.

„Ale JEHO tvorstvo – v tomto případě lidé – nesmí JEHO VšeMilosrdné a Vším-Pronikající Dobro zneužívat; musí se nejen starat ale dokonce udržovat vše, co vytvořil.
výňatky z BT G.I.G. 

Today (now) determines tomorrow

Esoteric science:  today is a result of yesterday and tomorrow will be a result of today. (what is done today will be done tomorrow). Any changes can be made only in ‘now’.  (One of the 48 Objective Laws of the Universe, under which humanity, in general, finds itself). So if by any chance anybody wants to change tomorrow, he/she has to do it ‘now’. By changing ‘now’ they will change tomorrow and by changing tomorrow they will change the past.

The esoteric science

is the highest science available to men on Earth. You can do harm even kill with it and heal and give life back, such high knowledge it contains. Who has access to it has also incredible advantages over the rest of the population and so adequate responsibility. If he/she purposefully misuses it against another being, he/she creates a very powerful force against themselves hard to redress, despite of all-forgiveness of our Creator.