Unlocking the brain locking the heart

Someone mentioned that brain implants could ultimately go beyond prosthetic rehabilitation and completely transform how humans communicate. Speaking to a TED audience, it was said that people may one day be allowed to “throw” their emotions so others can feel what they’re feeling, and “the full potential of the brain would then be unlocked.”
Who would want that if knowing that impressions are the most important food for humans? Such people protect themselves from being exposed to foreign emotions as their own are enough to fight with. But it is increasingly more difficult to do that because contemporary culture indulges in scandals, sex, negative emotions, and fights of all kinds. People demand it. And now we have the techno/biological means to experience someone else’s emotions and being. In such conditions.
The rape of the body is something we are accustomed to after millennia of practice. We even do not consider it a crime anymore. On the contrary. We participate in electronic gang rapes and celebrate each rape with fireworks. At least here in Prague, we do. But now humanity moved to the next stage of raping its own minds and souls. My brain was forcefully implanted so I am speaking from my own experience, not like neurologists or neuroscientists who illegally, without consent use us humans as animals for such research.
Yes, there might be a positive medical outcome for certain people under certain conditions. But it must be understood that everyone loses their privacy and someone else enters into their inner life and interferes with it.
I could imagine that many people are anxious to have such an opportunity for themselves. But it is like a life with an unknown stranger. First, they have to learn how it thinks, how it reacts, and how it punishes for what and when. Whoever creates such psyop programs he/she imprints their level of being into it and the user’s mind is determined by it If the level of being is higher, the user can perhaps benefit in some ways if he is meant to be benefited. In the opposite case, one has to be prepared for much suffering of his ego that will be outraged by clashes of different understandings and interpretations of the same facts. One’s thoughts get stolen even before they formulate themselves in the mind and dissected to the thinnest thread. One can never be sure if they actually come naturally. Under normal conditions human thinking proceeds from the associations but now there come thoughts out of nowhere. On the contrary, one’s own thinking gets blocked and it takes 2 hours to write 3 sentences that end up in the recycle bin. The experimentation is constantly running and every external situation is exploited for getting very strong emotional responses from the user. After a while, one can be very sure of gaining Pavlov’s reflexes and endless depth of humiliation. If anyone wishes that, fine, but I would not recommend it to any adversary let alone a friend.
If anyone prefers to communicate with GOD instead, it would be wise to move as far as possible from the West and as close as possible to the centers of spirituality, into the realm of higher vibrations of consciousness.
Would we want to go back to our animalistic nature? To unlock our cannibalistic potential? The murderous past that we hopefully overcame? Our hatred and all negative emotions have been the highest barrier between us and Heavens. So the question really is do we need to unlock the brain at the stage where we cannot handle even the open truth of this life?
Iron and clay are of such a different nature that they do not mix, one does not have to be religious to understand that. Nature created us as self-developing organisms that can experience everything naturally. Through practicing esoteric knowledge, we can learn telepathy and tap into a reality beyond our dimension that is not accessible to artificial intelligence and never will be by the nature of creation. And by merging ourselves with ai we will prevent such development within ourselves. Those exoteric guys do not really understand what is at stake. We are here to learn how the end of the Ray of Creation works, how our level of consciousness influences the outcome of our actions and reactions, how to increase consciousness, and mainly how to sustain it. But so far we have not even realized yet what it means to be conscious, despite of using this word as never before. For medical doctors consciousness is still a function of biochemistry I heard yesterday. That corresponds with their OBE diagnoses as paranoid schizophrenia and delusions. No wonder we cannot stop the most obvious crimes against humanity that humanity itself is committing 24/7 on its brothers and sisters by tormenting them with directed energy weapons called smartphones for pleasure or business.
How is it possible? Because directed energies are invisible and remotely operated, so their existence is officially questioned and therefore paradoxically legal.
Their effects on human bodies are called Havana syndromes or Sudeck syndromes in medical and media jargon. And that is just a part of the energy saga. The whole planet is exposed to a live exercise, an experiment, where humans, animals, and plants are exposed to different levels of physiological, psychological,and psychic manipulation and suffering. Could it be done in order to find out, how much energy is generated by it? How much of this energy needs Nature to sustain life of all that needs to be sustained and how much of it can be used as a renewable source of energy?
Regarding the latter- only an exoteric mind could come up with such an idea, originating from misunderstood esoteric knowledge. Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.

But one knows and he is sinning against the HOLY SPIRIT.

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