A tale

I must be the biggest sinner on our planet, who’s intimate sexual details of 66 years have been circulating for a decade in one form or another on the internet.

It became a source of all possible inspirations, conspiracies and hoaxes and gave intelligence agencies, scientific centres,  all possible authorities and  main stream media  excuses to experiment on my body and my mind in the most cruel ways anyone of you can imagine.

Not everyday of my life I sinned 24 hours a day but that is kept secret not to alter  the evil image the general public has securely imprinted in its mind of me over the last 9 years.. I will not disturb anybody’s  conscience, I accept the treatments as part of whatever payment has to be made for sinning.

My biggest sin happened when I was a child and by some accident I experienced an orgasm. I have no idea how, it must have been in the bathroom with the shower. It was an overwhelming experience and I wanted to share it with my closest girlfriend, we knew each other since we were 3-4 years old, growing almost together at the country side, I really loved her, we were climbing up our special tree in the forest, playing with other kids,  just normal usual stuff. She was 2 years older, she could have said no. I was not interested in any abuse, I had no idea about the existence of such nature’s force and the adult’s world certainly did not prepare us for it in the right way.  I did not consider it evil as I had no concept of evil till IT visited me at night, right after falling asleep. IT was an evil living force, always coming from the left which penetrated my whole body including the bones and wanted to destroy me.  I was screaming with horror even after I woke up. My girlfriend did not have  such experiences so we stopped. It had absolutely nothing to do with any sado/maso I see around my self all the time. When people watch Amarcord, they laugh, when they watch me, it is a global outcry. Well I understand that with the current technologies you can create pretty strong collages and people like to watch porno, even those morally pure so it is not hard to imagine the impact it has had on you all.

Several years later I lost sight of her as her family moved out of the area and have not seen her till cca 15 years ago on my visit from Au.  We were smiling, she reminded me of that experiment with laughing, I totally forgot about it. We wanted to see  each other again.

Looking at it from now, all I can say is that it is up to her and God to judge me and I accept whatever it takes to pay for it.

All  sexual electronic abuse of the mob that has been following me 24/7 for  nine years I somehow reconcile at the end of each day, hoping that there will come time when you  must get to the point when you realize enough is enough.

So that was just the beginning of my life. Do you understand that it is simply convenient to concentrate on me, because it generates big business worldwide, it keeps masses’ attention exactly were it is needed, it is used for different political and social deeds and the topics, for which I got such unheard of treatment, can be kept under the carpets.

So is that enough to stop at least the most wild imagination of the public? There is so much to do… otherwise  this planet will really  “puff and blow”.

By the way I do not collect nor wear jewelry and I keep certain principles.


Kitchen story thoughts written down last year in the middle of  frantic reactions – cars passing by, slamming doors, breaking and throwing  bottles, the usual  regular stuff:

Calm all down, 40 Hz is pretty high so we all react accordingly….when two planets come closer to each other, temporary tension is created, as with some people, that is transmitted to the Earth and psychologically influences its habitat. Our ancestors knew how to protect humanity against it,  they neutralized the negative vibrations by increasing the level of consciousness and safely overcame the  harmful influences. Our civilization lost such knowledge so we had been left with the periodical reciprocal destruction means of balancing the negative vibrations.

With the progress of science and some discovered esoteric knowledge I believe the top military is conducting covert experiments with artificially induced frequencies and collects data about our behaviour.  I was telling you to check the frequencies we were exposed to before I learned about the Schumann Resonance. The msm media or scientists are not allowed to mention that its normal resonance of 7.8  has more than doubled, sometimes up to 40 which is really high so I assume it must be artificially created.

I have been waiting for  competent authorities to come forward with such knowledge so that we could start to revive the practices of our ancestors, but the old scenarios of military solutions are just deeply rooted in the planetary marshals, as we can see right now…

So the best what can an ordinary person do is not to get identified with the current madness, knowing it is coming from an  external source and to watch its own irritation, anger and other negative emotions, which are played on him/her the same way as on the rest of the world. By turning inwards one realizes the trick which is played on him and negativity can be neutralized, with pure energy as a bonus on hand to be used for soul purposes.. There are 7 billion of us, 80% religious in one form or another, so we could handle such forces without destructive results, could not we?

Social credit – doing “good things for wrong reasons”


I have been following this topic not only because it is just an overture to its world wide application but also being a participant myself in the psyop operations system for at least a decade I know their “mind” very intimately and  I disagree with them wholeheartedly. The Chinese level is perhaps not directly interacting with a human body, just psychologically blackmailing it, but still we are talking about  an external imperative imposed on a free willed person. Yes we do not want to have anarchy and we must have certain rules and laws in order to avoid mutual cruelty or genocide, as we are not capable of withholding such impulses without them, but there has to be freedom of choosing between good and evil in order to pass life lessons for which we were created. The Creative Force of the Universe  is not interested in an ants hive, he could have created us in such a way but he did not. He is interested in human beings who themselves figure out the principles of his objective laws and live in accordance with them so that they could one day helpfully participate in his miraculous creation. Star wars, ai robots and biowarfare are hardly what he had originally in his mind.

By such mechanical control we will be subjected to equally mechanical response, meaning we will automatically start to do the right things for wrong reasons, we will submit to the police power who will be able to terrorise us with no backlash. The good habits will be recorded in the wrong parts of our minds and with the first accidental  “liberation” we will return back to where we were before the application of social credits.

Our emotional centres will stay intact and  “the trustworthy will roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”

Yet it is precisely the emotional centre which could stop me from mechanical wrong/correct doing and HEAVEN make to roam:

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety-nine just persons, which need no repentance.



via https://www.lidovky.cz/svet/miliony-lidi-s-nizkym-skore-nesmi-nasednout-do-vlaku-ci-letadla-cina-zablokovala-23-milionu-listk.A190302_104122_ln_zahranici_zdp

Three lines of Work

People generally have very little understanding what it means to Work on oneself not for self-calming and well-being purposes but for one’s inner development.

There are many schools with many different approaches so that everybody can choose the one corresponding to their “type”. Or it is rather the other way around, they choose us.

But most of them have the Work divided into the three lines of Work so that when life interferes heavily with such aims on one or two of them, the third is available to overcome the intervals of the others.

  1. Work on one self.
  2. Work with other “students”
  3. Work for the School, connected to the HIGHER, for the  good of the future of humanity

With just a little effort we can distinguish the third line of Work from the first.

…so mighty an Earthquake and so great…

Everyone who connects the dots must come to a conclusion that our technologies are going to destroy our civilization as such. The “technocrats” have no understanding of the Grand Cosmic Plan that is based on higher consciousness. To implement forcefully digital morals  is just the unconscious continuation of the Old World Order with the New World Technologies and that is not what is required of us at this stage of development of our Solar System.

With all  high IQs available to humanity we have not figured out that planets with the moon “are living beings, having definite ages, a definite period of life and possibilities of development and transition to other planes of being.”  I will quote from ISOM: “The  Moon is a planet at birth, at initial stages of development, which had not yet reached the degree of intelligence possessed by the Earth. But it is growing and one day possibly will attain the same level as the earth. Then, near it a new moon will appear and the earth will become their sun. At one time the sun was like the earth and the earth like the moon. The intelligence of the sun is divine but the earth can become the same, only of course it is not guaranteed and the earth may die having attained nothing. There is a definite period for a certain thing to be done. If, by a certain time, what ought to be done has not been done, the earth may perish without having attained what it could have attained.”

I followed this system and it proved to be correct in everything I pursued on that line so I have absolutely no reason to doubt about this theory. Especially when I see where some of our contemporary science leads humanity and the whole planet.

Nasa commented few years ago that everything in the Bible is correct. So let’s take the revelations 13 and 16:

13:15   ….and he had power to give spirit unto the image of the beast…..I know from my own experience that our research centres work on and with separating consciousness from the physical body, they use directed energy to activate certain nerves. I went through this process, not knowing then it was artificially induced. Other very strange experiments with transferring consciousness to subhuman entities do happen.

13:17….and he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand… and that no men might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name.  The language does not express the science of 21.century, but cash is unfortunately not a preferred form of payment for the public any more. The same day we abolish it we will expose ourselves to total tyranny or blackmail as the digital technology can close access to our accounts anytime for whatever reason and we will not be able to buy even a piece of bread.

16:18…..and there were voices and thunders and lightnings and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an Earthquake, and so great.  I had a dream few years back, two great masses of clay  collapsed into each other with immense bang and transformed themselves into something resembling a clay cathedral

16:20 …..and every island fled away and the mountains were not found.

The prophecies do not mean to create panic and do not want to be fulfilled, they simply warn and our planetary situation corresponds with some of them so perhaps deep contemplation before deciding on behalf of all humanity and its surrounding  Universe is not such an insane thought…….

Do we understand that it is not a question of  star wars and ai robots vs divine intelligence of the sun,

it is divine intelligence of the sun vs nothing.













I am not a sage but when I see videos and articles about the secret societies, devils of all kinds with horns, sexual torture, pyramids and all-seeing eye on the top, presented in sarcastic, disdainful manner, a testimony of the utter ignorance, I would never get involved in this circus as it has marks of a disaster all over the place. But I am in the middle of it and have no choice of  stepping  out so I will repeat again few basics as they have completely escaped the attention of the masses totally identified by my occasional waist down life in the last century.

That “secret” school I was studying was a psychological school based on ancient Christianity which was only for those people who understood they were asleep and wanted to wake up. And that was precisely what we were doing there. Trying to wake ourselves up as often, as long and as deep as possible. The ALL  seeing eye ordinarily does not enter into the picture on this level as our usual garbage prevents us from reaching higher vibrations needed for the communication with the Higher. But once I happened to stand in front of OUR COMMON CREATOR so I know ALL SEEING EYE may be misused for as many human atrocities as we are capable of, but do not get befouled by anybody about HIS non existence and  were I you I would rather fall to my knees as our conduct on this planet is literally  attracting two most powerful forces of the Universe and your hypersonic systems might not have even time to be mutually activated.