What? “Experts” negotiating killer robots on the premises of the United Nations??? Do they have windows there?

Seriously, I have been raped by electronic technology 50 times a day for the amusement of the whole planet and I am more or less patiently waiting till you wake up to the horror of what you are doing not just to me but to other millions of people on this planet with full knowledge and blessings of all governments, global defence departments and the famous United Nations. I wrote to all of them and they have done nothing to stop you to this day and you enjoy these bodily massacres with sadistic pleasure, totally ignoring the fact that I am trying to protect you from what your governments are hiding from you. Now they have prepared for you the killer robots, totally unnecessary device to  degrade your humanness to zero and to show you what they think of you.  You could stop this revolting act by  massive protests. But  “they”know you will not. They know you will rather follow me with your smart phones and an aluminium cans which will cause you  Alzheimer  and dispose yourselves of fluids at Charles Bridge.

So good luck in the future.


Our planet


The current situation on this planet is unsustainable. I have no idea what the masters of the house are  waiting for but it does not look good to me at all.

Those who follow my case know that I have one major message for the whole planet:

The Universe is theistic and there is real  HEAVEN. You can cut off my head on this.

The majority of the science is orthodoxly atheistic and I consider it extremely dangerous  in times where the Universal Laws have been broken by the very fact of total ignorance and arrogance of the scientists who do not even suspect their existence. The consequences fall on the heads of all species of the earth, including humans.

The situation is even more complicated by the fact that the military science is way ahead of the orthodox science and of course its main concern is keeping the power over the masses and its adversaries so we got ourselves into the position of being totally enslaved by clandestine psychotronic technologies physically as well as psychologically when a need arises for it, and we have been kept almost one hundred  years in ignorance about the most vital scientific discoveries of our times.

The main stream media empires –  no matter how powerful they seem to be – are just the same puppets as everybody else, they cannot tell the truth and have been used to bring down or even destroy  those who  attempt to architect the changes.

So what can be done under such circumstances?

There are 7 billion people who live in blissful ignorance and my case serves only as some gladiators’ game for masses to keep them occupied while the top is heading us all toward some planetary disaster by the sound of it.

The future is predetermined by the presence so if we lie,, torture and kill today which we do, we cannot expect tomorrow to be different. Just the basic Law of action and reaction.

You know I studied for many years one esoteric system, which proved to be right from its every aspect I explored. For that reason I pay respect to all true religions and other esoteric systems as they contain knowledge the secular science cannot grasp yet, mainly due to its famous vanity.

I learned  there about different densities of matter and vibrations, so when reading the articles about the genetic modifications of species, crossing the natural barriers between them I got so upset. Can you understand that pig, no matter how sweet it can be, has different vibrations to a human being? Wouldn’t you ask a question like what effect will its genes  have on the psychological make up of a human being? Would I want to have transplanted genetically modified heart from a pig? No, because I know I was created as a human being, with a special gift  of The Creator  allowing me to participate in sacred mysteries of creation.  The pig vibrations will halt such processes, as a matter of fact any genetic modifications on this level of knowledge and understanding will have the same effect.

The identical measures apply  to the genetic modifications of plants we eat. People hate to eat fruit and vegetables with seeds and do not understand that by their genetic modifications they lose the very divine substance which serves as one of the food for growing  internal astral bodies in ourselves. Their unmistakable signature is reflected in the loss of taste and scent.

How can this information get into the minds of atheistic scientists? It cannot. So  the common sense of people is needed, who understand that tomato coming from the seed of the creator tastes divinely, while the genetically modified tomato is more suitable for Tomatino.

That esoteric system stated that we do not originate from apes,  that by some planetary  disaster one gender of humanity happened to get geographically isolated and apes are the result of crossing the species, those of humans and animals.

Our genetic science has  already decoded the genom of species  so  some scientists somewhere know exactly what type of animal species had been involved in the ape mystery of  human evolution. We are waiting for correction of  Mr Darwin’s subjective  theory  but that vanity  vanity vanity of scientists….  Those  among them, enlightened  by intelligent design  suffer the usual consequences like professional / character assassinations. But Mr. Darwin is the Achilles’ heel of the whole mess on this planet and is provable by any biological researcher.

The next secret knowledge I learned in my esoteric studies was that the Sun gives no heat nor light to our Earth. This fact must have been proven by the first flight of any racket above the atmosphere of our planet and  taking into the consideration the conspiracies of the Moon and the South Pole, one gets closer picture of what might be the military industrial complexes researching behind the scene of weather warfare and their missile defence shield.

The myth of free energy – that was the first thing I wanted to warn public about and I sent out the whole excerpts from the books to explain, that life on earth was created for a specific purpose of transforming the cosmic  energies. Electricity participates in this transformation and has a specific function in life and death mysteries and in creation. I am not a scientist but I understood that our excess usage of electricity destroys it and precludes the coating of so-called human souls not just in our planetary system but also in the neighbouring systems according to the Law of Equilibrium, existing even  among the inter-planetary formations. We were seriously warned about the consequences of our scientific ignorance which would result in a major planetary disaster.

So apparently the energy is not for free at all as anything in the Universe, including us.

Looking at it with the eyes of the current sacred cow of artificial intelligence, I ask the masters of the planet a question inspired by the Roumanian  conductor Celibidache:

“If everything in the universe is a vibration, it must have the central reference system” Where is our Central Reference System and how does the AI relate to that?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

“ Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your bodies.”

A hidden dog?

I am looking at the picture of quite decent looking men, with a round seal in the middle: the seal has  a classical pyramid on it, with a chopped off top that is  replaced by the SUN ABSOLUTE, illuminating the whole Universe by light and love. In the middle of the SUN is a triangle with a single eye, not the God’s surveilling eye but a single eye of a seeker, who managed to climb up the mountain/pyramid, reach the  highest level of consciousness and see everything at once as a whole, as opposed to being fragmented by thousands of usual  little I’s of ordinary states. That way he/she finally gets home, illuminated by the LOVE of our CREATOR.

Any real student of any real esoteric school will understand that, if not more.
He cannot get there by chopping off people’s heads. It is an internal process.
What I miss in  professional reporting is actual practical knowledge of esotericism as such, which makes it hard for people to realize what is kept hidden from them.
I cannot see how we can get out of this planetary mess without it.  We need to unite and how can we unite when there is no common language and the orthodox science even does not recognize different states of consciousness and people themselves do not know that they are “unconscious” most of the day. The shift of consciousness is not an automatic process, it is a hard work as any adept of this endeavour is aware of.

I’ve just read a thoroughly analyzed subject of psychopathic behaviour

via Psychopaths in Sheep’s Clothing 

and having gone through such situation personally in the last two weeks I might use it as a practical demonstration:

I have been on 24/7 global surveillance since 2010, which includes  live broadcast not just of my physical appearance anywhere I go but also public broadcast of my mind/thoughts, exposure to various psyops as well as to targeting of my body by different directed energy weapons. One of the most favourite features my country fellow-men use is to hunt my body electronically via their smart phones from their cars, passing by 100 km/hour through the street I live in or on the contrary, they  stop their cars, run their motors totally oblivious to “the Climate Change” and wait till my reproductive organs start to respond to the electronic cruelty sometimes hardly distinguishable  from torture.

Our western democracies cannot officially admit the existence of such inhuman practices as it would  bring the whole democratic system to the verge of  total collapse so those people like me (and there are millions of us across the globe) we are left to mercy or to ruthlessness of the global citizens. The Police are quite useless institutions as they join the parties and steal the phones just for fun to anonymously hunt human bodies  via the satellites.

Over the years I have learned to withstand this unheard cruelty but the innovations and degrees of attacking have risen to unprecedented levels so I was pushed over the limits and 3-4 times  when cruelty reached the torture  level I took an axe and went down the street and politely asked the driver either to switch the motor off or to leave, otherwise I would hit his car with the flat part of the axe. I do not have a hammer, if I had, I would use that.

I do not kill even a fly, there is no way I would harm a human being even if he wanted to kill me. But being electronically pushed to rage  with attacks at the most sensitive place in a human body one has the right to protect one self.  Unlike millions of people I do not have a revolver so what is the difference? As a women I could hardly kill anything with the axe, the revolver would be far more sufficient.

By the way isn’t it crime to torture people to such extend that it evokes rage in them?        Isn’t it shocking that we have no laws which would protect us against such technologies in hands of criminal citizens?                                                                                                      Isn’t it revealing the level of bestiality in us that we do such atrocities simply because the global Police and Military got rotten to the core of their souls?

Two weeks ago in the evening I took the axe and went down the street to ask the 2m tall guy to stop the car or leave, threatening him with smashing his car;PDF cerna_040 he threatened me with calling the Police,  I could have left, there was time to do so but I thought about it and agreed, at least there would be a record of him and things could get official, not just the usual street theatre. I was NOT running on the streets with the axe. I stood quietly, waiting for the Police. In a few seconds there were at least 3 police cars, blue lights fleshing, many police members in black uniforms, screaming at me to put the axe down,  the classical example of an exaggerated  over- reactions….   You cannot win in such situations. They took me to the Asylum hospital without my consent,  without notifying my father, without allowing me to take any personal items. I was not allowed to phone him even the next day.

After two weeks of patient behaviour l was released on terms of being diagnosed as delusional because in reality there are no gangstalkers who would follow me and target me with their smart phones to the point of rage, nor could there be the technology able to read my mind to 7 billion people.  I was passed on to the further psychiatric treatment of an appointed psychiatrist while there is  a simultaneous court case proceeding. I was accused of several previous police interventions which is a lie, I was never  stopped by Police, a simple request would reveal that. I was also classified as a dangerous person.

I understand the law is on the side of the 2 m tall, law-abiding citizen who does not trespass any criminal law. God bless his righteousness.

Do I consider myself a victim or a perpetrator? No, just straightening the facts re dumbo feather.

PDF cerna_040