Global risks

That is an approximate characterization of the current planetary situation that was predicted a long time ago on the basis of long-standing observations of realistic human behaviour.
One can expect the standard means and procedures that will be used to deal with the consequences. Not a single word turns our attention to the causes of all this mess. Standard procedures have standard characteristics and standard collateral damages.
There are safer, non-standard ways of dealing with the causes but they are unfamiliar and require first new knowledge and understanding. So far, that has been denied to the public therefore one can hardly disbelieve that the top planetary management does not want to deal with the causes but consequences.
Should not they be told that it is not the best idea? If we know already that not just our actions but also our thoughts and psychological behaviour have a direct impact on the processes of Nature, would not we need at least some spiritual teachers in the leading positions?
It reminds me Osho who was once explaining his position in the world. “The invisible gravitational force pulls me down and the inevitable opposite force pulls me up towards the sky”.
We have this grand web of global risks representing the gravity force pulling us down and nothing to lift us up.
“So it¨s like the weather”.


When I observe how directed energy weapons for personal use have been tuned to the smallest nerve impulses of a woman’s body, obviously meant to be sold across the whole planet for fun, apart from the biblical projections comes to my mind Burbank’s thoughts and then by association Shaw’s societal joke.

One source

To eliminate confusion as much as possible, I am firmly grounded in the 4th Way esoteric Christianity, (Haida yoga), to which I was directed through Osho’s school. and which bares close similarity with Kriya yoga. This esoteric school does not use sexual torture nor any other torture of physiological, psychological or psychic nature.
I have deep respect for all religions, esoteric schools, and systems that aim in their essence to increase human consciousness provided it is done without torture and evil practices of any kind, on the basis of mutual agreements and consent.
That is not so in my case and it is happening against my will, so the results evidently do not correspond in any direction to such a noble aim and will eventually negatively affect human society.
I am quite horrified that such practices can openly take place in the “democratic” world and not only on spiritually orientated people but on worldly people as well and blame Russia for it. Could not Washington DC understand better their fore forefathers?


Imagination is perhaps not understood in the right way. It is based on the external impressions of all possible kinds and emotional reactions to them, experienced by an individual, that can be recombined into something entirely different, regardless of the state of consciousness. And that applies to the past, present, and future lives. But there are so-called conscious dreams, that you cannot imagine as they come from beyond. For example, you cannot imagine the density of LOVE in Heavens, nor the density of hatred, present in our atmosphere, nor the density of Nothingness. That has to be experienced.

Privátní myšlenky

Nevím, jakou nebezpečnou hru všichni hrajete, ale i ten nejhorší vězeň má nejzákladnější lidská práva a k těm zjisté patří svobodně myslet, když tím nikoho neohrožujeme. To, že bylo bachařům dáno BOŽÍ privilegium je číst neznamená, že mohou vězňě psychologicky týrat, když se jim nelíbí. Vy už jste si všichni automaticky přivlastnili to, co je tak neslýchané, že proti tomu ani nebyly nikdy v minulosti vytvořeny zákony.
Radila bych vám je vytvořit, jinak se tu všichni jednoho dne zblázníte.

Greetings to G20 Interfaith Forum participants,

May the grace, peace, and LOVE of the Most Holy SUN ABSOLUTE be upon you all and our tiny planet in His vast Universe.

None of you can be unaware of the planetary situation in the fields of the military, politics, science health, jurisdiction, and not least of the Earth’s ecological state. They all have a very negative impact on us and many people intuitively feel that this is a result of the battle between the forces of good and evil, taking place without as well as within us all.

The amazing scientific advances of human intellect have opened the doors to the invisible subatomic worlds of matter, hidden from our senses. That gives us the unprecedented power to create, but also destroy life on our planet and there is an urgent need to examine the intersection of the possible ways of our future existence, where we have to think which way to take and not just for this generation but for the future civilization on this planet. It cannot be decided solely by politically and technocratically superior societies because the most powerful universal force that creates and sustains life on Earth does not recognize our subjective walls or frontiers of any kind. It acts in harmony with the objective laws of Creation, while we evidently go against them and the consequences have become very obvious. Our solutions through the help of technocratic artificial intelligence seem to make things even worse because the intellectual aspect of human nature is not in balance with its emotional aspect as represented by Nature in our two brain hemispheres. And our thoroughly secular approach to science and strict separation of secular power from ecclesiastical power in the governance of a democratic world the imbalance only amplifies.

If we are to change anything in a democratic way on a global scale, be it weather returning back to the hands of Nature, creating an international legally binding agreement to use directed energies solely for peaceful purposes, not for further enslaving of humanity, or allowing genetic engineering only in accordance with the objective laws of nature as stated in the ancient esoteric science, we have to bring the Creator of all life into the minds of every citizen on this planet.

I understand that no one can force anybody to believe in GOD, but two hundred years ago we forced ourselves to believe that we came into existence by natural evolution. We humans can believe literally anything that is suggested to us as we see right now on the international political scene.

So why is there such an outcry regarding the idea of the CREATOR of the entire Universe when our science found out that every matter is just a vibration of a certain density, hence there must be a „Central reference system“ from which all vibrations originate?

Since 2003 we have had results of the publicly funded Human Genome Project that proved the subjective theory of natural evolution outdated. It gave us our exact genetic formula so we can reproduce ourselves artificially, which we of course do for very questionable purposes. How come the public has not been officially notified? Why do you not use this scientific proof of the real existence of the Creator (whoever it might be) in your arguments with the secular world?

Would you not realize that the highest degree of science, religious science, should have its place in decision-making processes of existential character on our planet at this crucial time of human history? We are pursuing dangerous, unsustainable transhumanistic aims without realizing, that incomparably better and lasting results are obtainable by religious practices.

But the secular world is very powerful, it has become a global ‘spy’, a „great accuser“ without mercy and religions need to speak one common language of science of the 21 century in order to communicate the message of the „Cosmic music“ of LOVE of the CREATOR of all existing to the masses.

We experience the Babylonian times in a reversal way, we know there is no limit to what we can do, provided it would be in accordance with the objective laws of the CREATOR. Were we not created in His image?

Two days are not long enough to solve anything but they should generate enough energy to unite you all in understanding that we stand on the unconscious road leading to death and ahead of us is a conscious road, leading to eternity.

I was told in the esoteric school that if I really understand, I cannot disagree with others. It took me a long time to understand it, but you know what needs to be changed, what is not vital, and what can be dealt with later. There is a Greek word ‘metanoia’,. It is used extensively in the Greek New Testament, we translate it as ‘repent’ but it can be understood as a new way of thinking. On my sinful path I discovered, that knowledge has been placed into every religion I came across, that each of them has its unique essence that helps to understand certain veiled symbols

in the others and vice versa. They do not contradict each other, they complement each other.

The language of the written word, art, and music used to be a powerful messenger of GOD on Earth. We learn about past civilizations through them, not through the army generals.

There has been a lot of resentment against the churches and esoteric schools, against their accumulated wealth, hidden knowledge, and secretive practices that have been misunderstood by outsiders, but the most beautiful art we cherish so much was created with their support, in the East as well as in the West.

In the 21st century, we stand before the unknown, virtual world with no conceptual framework for how to deal with it, and revival of the art of the Muses might be the easiest and the most beautiful means to melt the snowdrifts of virtual differences between religions and show us the Way.

The previous generations were explorers of the external world of creation, we are supposed to be explorers of the internal world. How could we do it without you all?

„Must we barely arrive at this beginning of us?…“ (W.W.)

We cannot obtain heavenly bliss through our strength alone,

but with the assistance of divine grace,

and man, despite all his follies and errors,

being led by a higher hand,

reaches some happy goal at last. (J.W.vG)

With the most profound respect,

D. Palmerova
Prague 12.12. 2022

To the smart:

careful no to steal veiled things in a men tal way, or
to parody them mystically, or to try to apprehend
them in an occult manner. Such a Gnosis is not
intended for you; so if you seize it nevertheless,
then it will turn out to be a heavy burden and
indigestible fare for you.”

G20 Bali Summit

16.11. 2022

Dear G20 Summit Leaders,

You all gathered in Bali this year to discuss the most problematic political and economic issues of all times that affect existentially not only the developed nations but all citizens and habitats of our planet. You could not choose a better place, that is called for its beauty the island of Gods. Not just for its beauty, but also for its cosmological system Tri Hita Karana, which advises people always to maintain a harmonious relationship between Man and God, Man and fellow humans, and between Man and Nature in one’s daily life.

Around 80% of the world population considers the Universe to be a sacred space that is governed by the objective laws of Nature and knows that disrespecting them creates individual, collective, and planetary dramas while respecting them brings heaven on earth.

Science itself leads us to this realization. It has been discovered that the whole of Nature is a biological internet, where everything living, organic and inorganic is mutually connected and constantly interacting with the entire universe through the solar GPS within our planet.

The sages of the east and the west have been using such communication since ancient times.

The question arises why do we invest trillions of dollars into the smart artificial technologies that lead humanity on the path of physiological, mental, and spiritual slavery and have negative health effects on the Natural environment as well as on people when there are fully natural ways, opening to us new, unimaginably better realms of cosmic dimensions?

We are not the first civilization to be in such a position. The scriptures of the East as well as the West explicitly advice us not to go that way. My case should serve as the biggest warning to all humanity, but just the opposite seems to be true.

The current global theatre with lies and symbols replacing the prohibited truths prevents you all from reaching any agreement on anything except your position on Russia.

Yet Russia/Ukraine issue is in reality almost exclusively the US and Nato problem.

Human trafficking is an excellent example of what it means when there are no laws in the West that would admit and prohibit the use of smart directed energy technologies on people.

I deeply regret that my frequent reminding of the necessity to prohibit their wide application through personal smart technologies goes unnoticed despite the horrendous effects it has on human bodies..

Perhaps society needs to see the karmic laws manifesting themselves first before we decide to act on them.

Many of you have stopped on your way to Bali in Egypt at the current Cop 27. Traditionally none of the participants is allowed to talk about the fact that fossil fuels however strong pollutants they may be do not cause climate change. The military’s directed energy manipulations and weather geoengineering in the atmosphere do.

We took the weather control of the entire planet from Nature’s hands and turned its natural processes into weapons against ourselves and call their military, political, economic, and social exploitation as climate change.

This is a subject that constantly divides the opinions of scientists as well as the public for several reasons so that nothing can be really solved as we see every year.

A simple revelation of an ancient secret that the planets have the suns within themselves would bring human intelligence to the discussion with all participating parties, mainly the United States and Russia. Russia I believe is ready to present it to the world, but the US is not. Perhaps because that ancient secret contains within itself yet another esoteric concealment, the Most Holy SUN ABSOLUTE of which all religions, esoteric schools, and fairytales of the world speak about.
It is not a myth, it is the real Highest place in Heaven, from where the Ray of Creation originates and every human being on this planet without exception should know that it is our true home to where we all return back one day. I would not dare to speak about it were it not to shake up the world from its hypnoses and make people realize that the so-called opium of humanity is a very poor substitute for happiness and LOVE of our Creator up in Heaven.

There are precise scientific explanations of how to get there to be able to verify what I have personally witnessed. With an absolutely clear conscience, I am convinced that humanity has to be introduced to the most basic esoteric knowledge in order to harmonize life on earth with the universal objective laws and thus install lasting peace on the planet.

It is not a utopia but a realistic vision. The 4th Way esoteric school taught me that it is a living body, that is energetically connected with the center of the Universe. Its single branches on all continents are like its body organs and each student is a living cell with a specific, unique purpose for the proper functioning of the whole organism. It was quite natural to eventually extend this concept to the whole world.

I wish you consider such a concept if only as an experiment in the beautiful vibrations of Bali and bring it back to your countries as an inspiration for dealing with the seemingly unsurmountable tasks of your worldly positions.

Yours faithfully

Dagmar Palmerová

Moje babička

říkávala “nesuďte abyste nebyli souzeni”. Když si to kvůli okolnostem a tlaku veřejnosti nemůžeme odpustit, alespoň bychom měli adresovat své soudy na hlavy “těch, které soudíme”, ne na zástupné symboly jiných, veřejně činných lidí a především ne hlav států. Jinak vstupujeme do oblasti křivých svědectví, což potom může vést k jaderným válečným konfliktům.
A to se netýká jen subjektivních soudů osob, ale i kolektivních procesů jako řízení počasí pod názvem klimatické změny. Za takových podmínek je naprosto vyloučené se vzájemně domluvit,, jak je názorně demonstrováno na historii Conference of the parties (Cop) od roku 1995.
Praktický příklad- když chcete soudit mě, používejte jméno Dagmar Palmerová. Potom bude vše všem jasné a nemůže dojít k mýlce a obviňování nevinných lidí. Pokud je používání mého jména zakázáno Spojenými státy americkými a 5 Eyes, což může být odůvodněno pouze podezřením z nebo důkazy o terorismu, použijte tento dlouhý popis: osoba, kterou nesmíme jmenovat kvůli podezření z terorismu pod stanným právem vojenských anglo-saských uskupení.

This is so absurd. For the last 200 hundred years we have been willing to put up basically with every stupidity, haven’t we?

I found this on one book website when looking for info about the herbs:

What the EU has banned us from
According to the current EU legislation for herbs and herbal products, we may not provide more detailed information that could give us the impression of a health or healing effect of the herbs – even though those herbs have been used for hundreds of years and have helped millions of people. We are no longer allowed to mention even the effects of herbs proven by scientific research unless it is a drug registered by a pharmaceutical company.

Kvalita nad kvantitou

Naprosto klasická ukázka toho, jak fungovala Babylonská věž. Po 13 letech bych očekávala, že přinejmenším ta nejzákladnější informace z podstatných se dostane do všeobecného podvědomí světa včetně té části, která “runs the show”. Ne. Naivita solárů. Je to opice a vybledlá vlajka.
První krok, který mě napadá, když čtu o vojenských průmyslových komplexech, vládnoucích celému světu by byl, že bych si nechala vyčíslit přibližnou cenu planetárního řízení počasí. To znamená letadla 24/7, letce, letištní zabezpečení, mzdy personálu, ceny substancí, které jsou vypouštěny do ovzduší (chemtrails/geoengineering) a pohonné hmoty letadel, které jsou k tomu potřeba. Zejména pohonné hmoty, které bych potom srovnala se spotřebou domácností a pozemních průmyslů. Určitě budeme mluvit v triliónech dolarů, které by nám byly k dispozici, kdybychom přenechali řízení počasí opět planetě, dokud si nevšimneme, že ho vlastně řídíme sami svým psychologickým chováním. V ten moment by skončily klimatické změny jako takové. Devastující škody, které musíme platit formou stále dražších pojištění by se zajisté zredukovaly, banky by snížily svá rizika a ceny energií pro domácnosti a průmysl by se mohly stabilizovat. V ten moment by bylo možné předstoupit před lidstvo a začít mu konečně vědecky vysvětlovat, v jaké jsme pozici, že nám bylo z vyšších instancí vesmíru sděleno, že naše expansivní existence až donedávna ohrožovala pouze nás, takže jsme byli zanecháváni svému osudu podle objektivní spravedlnosti – tedy válkám a míru. Ale s rozvojem intelektu jsme odhalili subatomický svět, který animuje materialistické formy Universu a bez pochopení jeho existence a pravého účelu jsme se stali nebezpečnými nejen sami sobě a celé planetě, ale i naší sluneční soustavě a dokonce celému Paprsku stvoření. A bylo nám řečeno, že planeta se dostala vývojově do vyššího řádu, který vyžaduje vyšší stupeň vědomí člověka a naše materialistické myšlení způsobuje, že příroda musí nahrazovat kvalitu kvantitou, aby pokryla nové požadavky Sluneční soustavy. Očekávají od nás změnu po dobrém. Ale problém tkví v tom, že v celém Universu je vše vyvážené, tedy i kvantita s kvalitou. A zcela bez obalu řečeno, když od nás příroda potřebuje určitý druh potravy pro Paprsek stvoření a my ho neumíme poskytnout kvalitou vedení svého života, tak si ho vezme kvantitativně zvýšením počtu lidí v koloběhu života a smrti. Tady ovšem leží další háček. Od nás už se nechce kvantita, ale kvalita. Ne smrt, ale vědomý život. A my jako lidstvo jsme mašina na kvantitu. V rukou supervelmoci, která chce vládnout železnou rukou, aniž by si uvědomila, že jsme sice materialisticky ze železa venku, ale ne myšlením. Psychologicky jsme stále v době temna, jak je zcela evidentní.
Kdo začne lidem vysvětlovat, jak změnit kvantitu na kvalitu?
Snížit spotřebu energie zvýšením životních nákladů a sehrát kvůli tomu černé vojensko-geopolitické divadlo s death rays se mi nezdá jako nejosvícenější způsob dát lidem najevo, že je beru jako ovce k večeři.
Pro začátek všem, kdo v politice a militaristickém světě na toto téma tápají:

První usilování: „Mít ve své běžné bytostné existenci vše uspokojující a skutečně nezbytné pro jejich planetární tělo.“

Druhé usilování: „Mít neustálou a neutuchající instinktivní potřebu sebezdokonalování ve smyslu bytí.“

Třetí usilování: „Vědomá snaha poznávat stále více a více o zákonech stvoření světa a spravování světa.“

Čtvrté usilování: „Snaha od počátku jejich existence zaplatit za svůj vznik a svou individualitu co nejrychleji, aby poté mohli co nejvíce zmírnit Smutek našeho společného otce.“

Páté usilování: „Snaha vždy napomáhat co nejrychlejšímu zdokonalování ostatních bytostí, jak těch, které jsou nám podobné, tak bytostí jiných forem, až do stupně posvátné Martfotai, tedy až do stupně sebeindividuálnosti.“ upravený Google překlad z anglického originálu G.I.Gurdjieff

Five obligonian strivings:
First Striving: “To have in their ordinary being-existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body.”
Second Striving: “To have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being.”
Third Striving: “The conscious striving to know ever more and more concerning the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.”
Fourth Striving: “The striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly possible, in order afterwards to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our Common Father.”
Fifth Striving: “The striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred Martfotai, that is, up to the degree of self-individuality.”

22th World Congress of Psychiatry 3-6 August 2022

In 2019 I wrote a letter to the president of WCP regarding the position of psychiatry on the phenomenon of directed energies, used in many different ways clandestinely on civilians. If the consequences do not leave visible marks, psychiatry classifies the descriptions of targeted people as schizophrenic and delusional. Since then we have progressed to admitting the Havana syndrome and the medical doctors out of sheer despair came up with many other syndromes in order to diagnose the visible consequences of directed energy weapons. Yes, we can call them weapons as they are used to inflict often very serious injuries and pains to different parts of human (and animal’s and plant’s?) bodies and cause immense suffering, not just physiological but psychological and existential in general as people concerned have no means to take care of themselves in a society that labeled them as insane and excluded them out of its circles.
There is another aspect to our new discoveries in the field of neuroscience. We realized that our bodies produce energies that get exchanged with the environment. Some economically very enlightened minds came up with an idea to collect such energies from the bodies of 7.8 billion people as a free renewable source of electricity.
This year’s theme of WCP Congress is ‘the need for empathy and action’.
I wonder what is meant by action. That such an illegal source of energy has to be legalized and taxed?
Or that we finally realize that walking concentration camps will not help us to get up to the mountain and we use human intelligence to create protection against ourselves?


Professor Helen Herrman

WPA President

Dear professor Herrman,

The upcoming World Congress of Psychiatry will bring together the most prominent academics from different parts of the world and so it is an excellent opportunity to address the topics of human experimentation and mind control. They have been officially avoided for decades and increasingly demand the attention of psychiatrists, doctors, neuroscientists and psychologists, because these very professions on the military levels have been responsible for such often illegal scientific research.

It goes back more than 120 years, when certain esoteric societies had access to the very sophisticated, high knowledge of the power of the sound vibrations (being traced back to the Wall of Jericho), with which they were able to affect any part of a human body to the point of an inflammation for instance and then heal it instantly. The knowledge was uncompromisingly guarded against its exploitation by the highest ethical and moral standards of those who possessed it. The intelligence agencies of the main superpowers eventually acquired some of it and their defense departments have developed over the century so called ‘directed energy weapons’ systems, using remotely applied hypersonic, electromagnetic, microwave or other radiation to totally control not just the global weather climate, but also physical bodies and minds of any living organisms they choose, including humans. Decades long clandestine human experimentation programs involving unwitting civilians had served as their research bases.

With the latest development of psychotronic technologies we entered into the next phase of still partially

clandestine experimentation with different states of consciousness.

To this date, the orthodox psychiatry and psychology diagnose the testimonies of such experimentation as delusional, schizophrenic, and treat the targeted people with heavy psychiatric drugs which indeed is another torture of its own. It concerns millions of people across the globe, it violates the most basic human rights and it really seems unbelievable that the orthodox medicine would not be aware of such reality. From my own experience I can confirm that there is a close cooperation between the police and psychiatric clinics.

I consider it very dangerous because due to DEW’s secrecy, its invisibility and being remotely controlled one cannot locate their source without the satellite data and no protection is available. Our ethical and moral standards vary extensively so a considerable amount of people cannot resist the opportunity to satiate their primitive drives by electronic hunting and inflicting pain on their fellow human beings if granted free of penalty by the authorities. As the authorities do not admit their existence and neither does the medical and juridical establishment, we have a planetary situation, where crime flourishes without any legal constrains. By disbelieving and incorrect diagnoses psychiatry actually prevents jurisdiction from creating the law, which would acknowledge the existence of directed energy weapons (already subjects to global trade) and protect civilians at least legally against their misuse. Psychotronic technologies have already entered the public sector in the form of mind reading machines as for instance Facebook already announced and millions of Chinese, being subjected to social credit system, only support the concerns that humanity has not been on the most enlightened path. Professor, you must acknowledge that under such circumstances it is absolutely unacceptable for WPA not to react in a proactive way.

There has been an enormous amount of suffering created by this unfortunate exploitation of human mind, lives of many doctors, scientists, government’s employees and activists have been destroyed when trying to stop this utter misuse of the natural capacity of mind to inquire the unknown. Traditionally it is a ‘private sphere to which no one but the owner has access’.

The theme of external mind control has to be addressed internationally by the United Nations and as the militaries and the governments obsessed by global control and usurping the science for their egoistic aims are not under the oath as your profession is, your influence should be superior.

This issue is connected with another aspect of esoteric science, which teaches that the planetary atmosphere is composed of electricity that participates in the processes of creation and maintenance of life on the earth and mental wellbeing of humanity depends on it. The extraction of electricity from the atmosphere directly affects our minds, reduces our ability to mentate and happens to be the main cause of psychotic disorders. This information was passed to us 120 years ago, around the time of Tesla’s discoveries when our atmosphere and space exploration were at the very early stages. Directed energy weapons systems surrounding our planet today consume enormous amounts of electricity. At the same time the profits from the prescriptions of the psychiatric drugs grow exponentially.

The same esoteric science explains to general humanity of the third millennium an unknown trick of different states of consciousness, which has been overlooked both by orthodox psychiatry and psychology. What we call consciousness is only its second state out of the total four. In this state we cannot remember ourselves for more than few minutes at a time. The rest of the day humanity spends in the identification with everything it does without being aware of its body at the same time, which is the characteristic of the third state of consciousness. The expressions ‘being asleep’, ‘to be or not to be’ etc. point exactly to this phenomenon.

Any sincere self-observation will prove the clear distinction between the second and third state of consciousness. If psychiatry knew about it, it could actually restore the mental balance of their patients with lasting effects without chemicals.

It also needs to discover that consciousness is not created by the brain, only resides there and can be separated from the body entirely and nowadays even artificially as some of your colleagues from defense departments will most likely know. The field of Quantum Physics clearly suggests the same.

I would like to bring your attention to the mentioned esoteric science because it is the most comprehensive Universally objective psychological system humanity has at its disposal and it proved to be correct at every step undertaken. One of its pupils a Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Maurice Nicoll published a collection of his lectures called Psychological Commentaries on Gurdjieff & Ouspensky.

In the name of all people, suffering either because of human experimentation or because they cannot cope with their life circumstances, I am passing you this information in hope that it will one day revolutionize psychiatry and psychology for their benefit and those of future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

Revelation 22: 18, 19

For I testify unto every man
that heareth the words of the
prophecy of this book, If any
man shall add unto these
things, God shall add unto him
the plagues that are written in
this book:

And if any man shall take
away from the words of the
book of this prophecy, God
shall take away his part out of
the book of life, and out of the
holy city, and [from] the things
which are written in this book.

Když je život jen náhoda

Dagmar Palmerová
130 00 Praha 3

14.7. 2022

Prof. PhDr. Petr Fiala
předseda vlády České republiky
Úřad vlády České republiky

nábřeží Edwarda Beneše 4
118 01 Praha 1

Vážený pane premiére,

13 let vidí celý svět v přímém přenosu, kam až dospěla věda v oblasti výzkumu subatomického světa, skrytého lidským smyslům. Můžeme dálkově ovládat veškeré fyziologické, psychologické a dokonce psychické funkce lidského těla, můžeme odčerpávat jeho energii a zcela legálně s ní obchodovat na burzách.
Na mém případu je vidět, že k tomu dochází u mnoha občanů po celém světě, bez jejich svolení, formou anonymního elektronického a psychologického týrání, ze kterého nelze odhadnout, jestli je prováděno samotnými vojenskými či výzvědnými službami, kontraktory, kteří jsou pro tuto vysloveně sadistickou činnost najímáni, výzkumnými pracovišti neurologického zaměření, mafiánskými spolky, které dostaly od obranných složek států povolení si z toho zřídit výnosné mezinárodní turistické prostituce a sportovní byznysy, nebo lokálními občany, kteří si tím zvyšují své měsíční příjmy.

Z právního hlediska jde o absurdní situaci, jejíž řešení všichni svorně oddalujete z roku na rok, vlastně již ze století na století, a tím se všichni dostáváme do kolize se zákony Přírody.

Mluvíme o jaderných energiích tohoto století, což jsou ve skutečnosti přímo řízené energie, které pan dr. Rejdák pojmenoval nadčasově jako psychotronické. Jsou dálkově ovládané, neviditelné, lze jimi doslova vypařit jakýkoliv biologický objekt včetně lidského těla, roztavit kovové objekty všech velikosti, a to bez zničujícího účinku na okolí. Nejvyšší mocnosti planety je zároveň používají k militarizaci nadplanetárního prostoru, ke globálnímu řízení počasí, k řízení atmosférických i geologických procesů s následky, které nazýváme klimatickými změnami/CO2 a dále také ke kontrole jedinců i mas (d.e.w. directed energy weapons for crowd control).
Všechny vlády o tom vědí a všechny vlády si je kupují, tedy přinejmenším některé z nich podle svých finančních možností. Jinými slovy jde o tajené přestupování lidských práv ze strany vojských sil, výzvědných služeb, policie, vědců, lékařů, soudců, politiků, obyvatelstva i médií. Kdo z Vás si uvědomuje, že v masovém měřítku tím dochází k porušování rovnováhy kosmické justice a ta bude automaticky spouštět mechanismy k jejímu vyrovnání? Není co-vid dostatečným důkazem?
Dovoluji si Vás proto žádat o adresování otázky psychotronických technologií na půdě Evropské Unie v době našeho předsednictví.
Bez ohledu na moji minulost jsme v situaci, kdy neexistují žádné zákony, které by ochránily lidstvo před jejich ničivými aplikacemi.
V širším měřítu jde o novou etapu lidstva, kdy externí život obyvatel planety je s pomocí satelitů a drónů již dokonale zmapován a nyní dochází mnohými způsoby jako např. očkováním, inokulacemi či s pomocí dálkových neurotechnologií k interní invazi lidských těl a jejich nervového systému. Čtení a ovlivňování myšlenek bylo v minulosti úzce spjato s vysoce rozvinutými duševními procesy jedinců, kteří byli vázáni etickými a morálními kodexy. Nyní lze pomocí neurotechnologií veřejně sledovat myšlenky člověka a manipulovat s nimi způsobem, který daleko přesahuje práva, udělená lidstvu jeho nejmilosrdnějším Stvořitelem. Biblické texty nám zcela jasně naznačují, jak takové situace zákonitě končí.
Jsme natolik mentálně zablokovaní, že jim nerozumíme?

Z vlastní zkušenosti vím, že mikročipy v lidských tělech jde aktivovat i deaktivovat a dočetla jsem se, že jsou ve vlastnictví vojenských uskupení jako Nato či Five Eyes. Jedinec nemá žádnou možnost k jejich odstranění, protože samotné lékařské diagnózy jejich existenci přímo nepotvrzují. Jakýmsi vodítkem mohou být jedině Havana syndromy, Sudeckovy syndromy, Covidy apod.
Bylo by zajímavé si nechat vyčíslit zdravotními pojišťovnami výše nákladů na jejich léčení a jejich další celospolečenské dopady, stejně jako u celoživotních nákladů na chronické nemoci, jež jsou způsobovány naším téměř posvátným očkováním, jak lze usuzovat z nezávislých srovnávacích studií např. Kochova institutu či přímo z laboratorních rozborů samotných vakcín.
Takže jde o 4 oblasti se společným jmenovatelem přímo řízených energií:
-dálkové ovládání lidského těla i lidské mysli i ostatních tvorů odlišných externích forem
-očkování/inokulace k dopravení senzorových, komunikačních a digitalizujících substancí do těla

– řízení počasí a přírodních procesů v atmosféře i na zemském povrchu
– militarizace atmosféry a meziplanetárního prostoru,

K jejich řešení je třeba odkrýt symboly, za kterými se skrývají, jinak budete všichni jezdit z kyota do kyota až do vyčerpání trpělivosti naší Matky Přírody. Když se účastníme světových gladiátorských her na Prométhea, neměla by to být Česká republika, která je na půdě EU odkryje?
Otázka aut přestane být aktuální, protože moje role brzy skončí a lidé nebudou mít ani na pivo.

Můj případ, který je symbolicky jako vše v současnosti spojen s chystaným vydáním pana Juliana Assange do rukou demokratické justice Spojených států je zahalen do černohnědočervených barev právě proto, že se dotýká všech zmíněných témat. Všechny mé pokusy přimět národní i mezinárodní instituce k oddělení mé minulosti od případu vydavatele a novináře, který se postavil za lidská práva tam, kde jsou nejvíce ohrožena selhaly.
Spojené státy americké nejsou vázány žádnými mezinárodními konvencemi a jejich Ústava se vztahuje pouze na americké občany, což ani jeden z nás není. Ale svoboda slova je mezinárodně uznávané právo a výsada novinářské profese. V době, kdy ji sama přestane vykonávat, zcela zákonitě se objeví někdo jako pan Julian Assange, kdo ji převezme.
A ta je nyní jeho chystanou extradikcí vážně ohrožena, stejně jako život na této planetě. Současná politická tragikomedie učinila z pravdy nepravdu a tím automaticky aktivujeme destruktivní síly Universu, které se musí vrátit do původu své aktivace.
To mě opravdu fascinuje, jak nejlepší mozky světa dovedou rozluštit přírodní i technické záhady, ale nedovedou pochopit jádro nejzákladnějších zákonů, na jejichž principu je sestrojen celý vesmír včetně nás. Druhá kapitola slunce a měsíce.
Uvažovala jsem kvůli tomu o poslání svého případu k Evropskému soudu, ale připadá mi to extrémně nesolidní obracet se na mezinárodní soudy proti své vlastní zemi, když se zdá, že jde ve skutečnosti o problémy Spojených států, schovaných za můj co vid, který koluje na naší planetě od nepaměti.
Ovšem taktéž je nepřijatelné, aby byl nevinný člověk vláčen vězeními a soudními procesy jen kvůli tomu, že se stal zastáncem lidských práv a uveřejňoval informace v zájmu společnosti.
Žádné subjektivní protišpionážní zákony nemohou zrušit objektivní nadčasový zákon akce a reakce, jak inteligentně pochopil pan James Madison. Tehdy ještě neobcházelo strašidlo opičího viru.
Nemohli bychom se tedy zapsat do dějin předsednictví Evropské unie tím, že se postavíme proti vydání pana Juliana Assange do rukou americké justice, která se v současnosti zdá být v retromódě vyznávání historického „Sedition act“?

S úctou,


(otevřený dopis)

That problem

First of all, this is a political issue. When the states face a crisis of such magnitude that shakes their foundations, they need to divert the attention of the masses away from the real issues and for that, some emotional theme is chosen. So classically, drug legalization, gender issues, abortions, and capital punishment are the favorite.
Abortions and capital punishments are the best examples of the hypocrisy of man’s mind. On one side he prohibits the cessation of life at the stage where the physiological form has not taken its full form yet and on the other, he legally premeditates the murder of one that had. The powerful military industries make fortunes by killing children and women across the whole globe.
And when a child gets born, he/she is welcome by the deadly cocktail of so many vaccines that if swallowed it would kill them. How many of them get tragically affected or sterilized by vaccines later on? The depopulation policies are so obvious on all sides of the political spectrum, that even the simplest logic comes to a conclusion, that abortion is a political matter. The religious aspect does not make sense in it either, the church is against birth control by any means except celibacy, while nature has its own processes and the results eventually turn against the church itself in the often quite unfair way.
Wanted/Unwanted pregnancy is an ancient issue that will not go away by any man’s laws. Nature with its powerful forces of attraction and repulsion will always play its dominant role here.
Generally, women do not terminate a pregnancy when they are in love, let alone in a loving relationship. Ideally, a child should be the outcome of that love between two opposite forces, that brings harmony to the world.
But the realities of life are often different and it is the girl or a woman, who bears full responsibility for something that was probably beyond her control at that moment.
If she is not ready for such responsibility, especially when she is still too young to support herself and a child emotionally, psychologically, and financially, in a disproving social environment, who has a right to judge her decision? When you prohibit abortion, she will do everything possible to terminate the pregnancy anyway. And that means you move abortions to the illegal, uncontrolled backyards, with unavoidable death cases not just for the embryo but for the pregnant girl/woman possibly as well.
In the 21st century? That is a hardly wise decision, dealing typically with consequences, not causes.
Instead of taking away the legal, controlled procedure by the hands of professionals,
why not introducing to humanity the Ray of Creation, explaining to us that we were born for specific purposes and we are under a certain number of objective laws, that need to be respected, otherwise we bring disturbances into the Universal, harmoniously created system?
Why the churches do not use their knowledge and do not confront the militaries with the scientific facts that Genesis is correct, after all those two hundred years of climbing the trees? Why do not they inform their sheep and the mainstream media about the scientific facts?
Why do doctors insist on the atheistic approach to the human body when psychiatry and psychology are literally “soul healing” disciplines?
Why are children not taught about their bodies being temples of the Holy Spirit, not belonging to them nor to any government’s institutions but to their loving CREATOR to be glorified? Why are they not informed about the rainbow as the existing covenant between HIM and them and all living creatures, why do not we teach them the most elemental knowledge of the Creation and its art and beauty, that would prepare their essences for Love to come in her multitudes so that they would not be often just wondering barks in a wild ocean?
Then that problem would mostly take care of itself…

Zemědělskou půdu v Česku vlastní tři miliony lidí. Je v moci každého z nich svůj díl ozdravit, říká expertka

“Mohu mluvit s každým člověkem, který umí udělat chléb” řekl Mr. Gurdjieff.
Myslel tím člověka, který ví, že k dosažení čehokoliv je zapotřebí lásky, touhy, myšlenky, plánu ji uskutečnit, prostředků k uskutečnění, vědění jak ji uskutečnit, překonávání překážek na cestě, objevování neznámého, získávání zkušeností až je produkt na světě.

Cesta chleba začíná právě u půdy a zrní, které pochází ze zrní originálního, od Stvořitele, jak je popsáno v prvním Mojžíšově, uzpůsobené k přežití věků i nepřízně počasí. Článek mě potěšil aktivitou mladých a jejich snahou navázat komunikaci s majiteli bohatství země. Církev samotná má jedinečnou příležitost se stát vůdčí silou v uskutečňování Genese v té nejpraktičtější rovině, kam by se lidé mohli chodit inspirovat jak materiálně, tak duševně a přiložit ruku k dílu.
Rozhodně lze přinejmenším navazovat na dávné tradice klášterních zahrad, na pradávné výuky ohledně bylinných vlastností a léčitelství, studijní pobyty, které by kombinovaly praktickou práci s půdou, s prostudováváním starých klášterních textů, obsahujících mnohdy dávno zapomenuté moudrosti našich předků. Před pár lety jsem na pár hodin pročítala jeden takový a na konci kapitoly byla přímo výslovně řečená odměna za strávený čas a zájem v podobě významu obalu kaštanu – jeho ostny slouží jako antény, kterými se nabíjí elektrickou energií z atmosféry kaštan uvnitř.
Nevím, jestli jeho moderní, geneticky modifikovaní příbuzní tuto schopnost již neztratili, ale i to může být předmětem výzkumů….hlavně je třeba co nejdříve objevit mechanismy, kterými budete schopni detekovat aktivní substance , o jejichž existenci ještě nevíte, ale které jsou známy esoterickým školám…
Ohromná budoucnost se otvírá přímo před vašima očima!!!!

Na konec ještě ta omílaná připomínka o koloběhu přírody a vzájemné podpoře, na jejímž principu je vystavěn celý Vesmír. V obcích mají lidé vlastní komposty, ale ve městech házíme všechny odřezky ovoce a zeleniny do směsného odpadu a ten činí víc jak 50%.
Tady existuje obrovská rezerva přírodního materiálu, který by se měl vrátit zpět do oběhu. Už za něj bylo zaplaceno spotřebitelem, takže je zadarmo, sám spotřebitel ho zadarmo vytřídí jako to dělá s papírem, plastikou, sklem a kovem, takže ho je třeba pouze zkolektovat, organicky zpracovat a vrátit na pole. Příroda je tak ohromná, že si ho dokonce sama zpracuje, když se přímo zakope tak, jak je…. Sběr jednou dvakrát týdně v určitou hodinu v určité čtvrti by zabránil tlení a sabotérství v popelnicích a značně by snížil sběr směsného odpadu. Dříve nebo později k tomu stejně bude muste dojít, proč ne hned? Proč čekat na výstavbu nových zařízení na zpracování? Šlo by vyčlenit experimentálně oblasti, kde by byli lidé ochotni se projektu zůčastnit, zapojit zemědělské školy a university k získání rad a dát prostor přírodě….když to funguje tady na louce, tak to musí fungovat i někde víc nahoře….Univerzální zákon!

A question for the SRF

rises regarding sadistic sexual electronic torture, that has been remotely performed on perhaps millions of people (70% women/30% men) around the world by millions of other people, who have been given such opportunity kindly by the highest defense departments of the Five eyes and Nato members.
There is a prevailing assumption that by such beastly acts human souls might be created and so the neo-gladiators’ games were resurrected and the suffering of others has become the source of the most attractive satiation of people’s sadistic drives and at the same time the easiest source of income in the known history.
That is one side of the story, the other is that when such sexual torture takes place, it is practically impossible to sit down and go inside oneself to find peace, When the intensity rises, the human targets start to scream or cry. If exposed to it almost 20 hours a day with 4 hours of sleep, suicides, madness or even crimes can happen.
And if such “military training” takes place, what is the sufferer supposed to do? He cannot possibly meditate or concentrate on anything, he/she has to run, his intelligence drops down to zero, and the energy needed for self-awareness is extracted from him/her.
How come, that nothing of that kind described Paramahansa Yogananda or Sri Yukteswar? Or other religions? This is a very dangerous situation, I have mentioned it so many times over the 13 years, I wrote so many letters to the authorities, with only one result. It has increased in numbers and intensity.
The fathers of the churches must know that it is attracting an enormous amount of negative force that cannot but bring a major disaster to our planet.
So it must be, unfortunately, a part of the plan, in a similar way as the pandemic……

The globalist food chain

I follow the food chain dramas very closely because of the esoteric aspect and impacts of such planetary moves. I will repeat again that the atmosphere contains certain amounts of active substances our science knows nothing about as it has no means yet to detect them. But the plants have the apparatuses that do detect them, absorb them, and thus pass them to us as nourishment not only to the physical bodies but also to the spiritual bodies. Through genetic modifications, even through the majority of drafting, the plants lose this ability and that is one of the aspects of how the spiritual degeneration of humanity proceeds. Quite tragic because totally unnecessary, just the lack of esoteric knowledge and a total misunderstanding of how the Universe operates, on almost every level of our civilization. To grow food on such a major scale in environmentally controlled conditions, that need electricity to operate them, without the “reflection” of the sun’s rays, we will gradually stop fulfilling our cosmic obligations and then we will end as in the Universe 25 experiment. That is why I try to persuade everyone including the major players who invest in such technologies that we need to bring back the CREATOR into the picture. On scientific verifiable bases. Let’s not forget one thing, the globalists are on the same ship as the rest of us. With the right knowledge, we can turn the ship in the right direction. How little faith we have in the LOVE of our CREATOR…..

An open letter to the President of the US

Dear Mr. President,

I do not speak the political language of the superpower, but I understand to a certain point the language of GOD. And the language of GOD is telling me, that the whole universe was built according to HIS architectural plan in such a way that it can be deduced from both the macrocosm as well as the microcosm by every external three-brain form of life, to which we humans belong.
So if the most powerful militaries of the world decide to make fools out of humanity by insisting on the ape story, they can do it by keeping the scientific discoveries about Genesis secret, but they cannot prevent people from reading those so-called conspiracy secrets in the anatomies of their own bodies right down to the subatomic level and apply them to the planetary and sur/sub planetary designs.
And those who can read it understand straight away that they cannot possibly rely fully on msm, defense departments, financial or political structures nor on scientific or educational institutions regarding their worldly existence as a preparation for the beyond that follows.

My life can be seen as a horror or as an example, that with the right knowledge every person on this planet can tune to its natural resonance and thus to the pulse of the CREATOR.
But what have we done in the meantime?
We have altered this natural resonance, we are breaking every barrier between the species of the Architect’s plan and thus opening the door to the suffering that GOD would have never inflicted upon HIS Creation in the first place, the same way as a normal earthly father would want to protect his child from it.
That is the tragedy of incomprehension of the Creation, that goes back to the mistranslations of the Biblical texts, to the confusion regarding voluntary and involuntary suffering, to the original plan of the Universe that we misunderstood and reduced down to the ‘god’s helmets’ shameful planetary business, forcing incredible, involuntary suffering on millions of people.
Mr. President, what can diplomacy do in such a state of planetary affairs? Stonewalling stonewalling stonewalling and continuing with ‘business as usual until the higher forces teach you a lesson as they did Joshua? I thought we were already intelligent enough to ‘meet the force of circumstances in a different way but we are not even attempting to try it. Very precise teaching lesson about the theory of natural evolution. How many billions of years would we need yet not to keep journalists in detention centres for doing their work?
Could not instead the good Bible be a wiser guideline?
 “…If this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.” —Acts 5:38–39

Most respectfully,

D. Palmerova

To the distinguished participants of Bilderberg meeting in Washington, DC

Dear Sir, Madam,

The templates can be used on both sides of our battlefield, regardless of what elephants have been discussed.
I do not know how many contemporary human beings met the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute as well as the Absolute the Firm and the evil, destructive force of the Universe in order to testify to humanity that we are not the owners of the Earth, although we behave like that. My testimonies do not have any impact, because unless I am backed up by science, they will stay in the domain of belief/disbelief, which cancel each other in the end. The science is available but kept in official secrecy. Why? Is it not illegal when considering the consequences it has had so far for the whole planet? Yes, it could be said it is not of my concern
But the message of the legendary Beelzebub seems to indicate, that someone has to insist on bringing the question of apes and the Eye for an eye to the press of the world in order to avoid the imminent danger of the biblical proportions.
So I am forwarding this burning bush to you all, expecting that you will use your military, political and financial power responsibly, in accordance with the expectations of our CREATOR that with the intelligence he bestowed on us we will be able to recognize, that our human bodies were created for specific spiritual purposes, not for the space market place to win the prize for the best and quickest physiologically and intellectually advanced technocratic hybrids.
I have failed entirely to discern such orientation in the programs of the leading powers. That is the most unsustainable situation of all when mentating over the rest of the unsustainable situations and issues that seem to be propagated with the accelerating speed.
If the most influential think tanks seem to be in the “interval”, the ancient esoteric schools of psychology can help them to overcome it, to bring into the classical pattern of yes and no reactions the third force, to which we all seem to be blind. Why not use them now, before instead of ‘after’? Just a thought.

With kindest regards,

D. Palmerova

GOD under martial law?

You are interested in the past, I am concerned with the future. We meet at the present.
The court case of Mr. J. Assange has become a symbol of the historical transition of humanity from the old epoch of materialism into the new one that the East defines as the age of electricities.
As a matter of fact, scientifically we have progressed according to the Universal plan, but psychologically we have not moved an inch from the old times and in such an unbalanced ratio between the spiritual and materialistic comprehension of human existence we can be hardly surprised by the present military, technocratic, ecological, political, health and social circumstances, affecting the whole planet.
Our reactions to it reflect the same pattern of thinking.
For catching up with scientific progress and not torturing ourselves through it certain facts of scientific, religious, philosophical and psychological nature have to be brought up in order to explain, where the problem is and how to approach it with the least denying or even destructive force.

It will not solve the imminent dangers and sufferings, but however dramatic they seem to be, they are just the consequences of the mentioned causes. With human intelligence, they can be reversed.
So what can be done today? Well in such times the journalists have a very important and binding role to get the new information in the right context to the people of our planet. That is an enormous obligation because there are 7.8 million people and we all have different opinions and levels of understanding, and cannot agree with each other even within one common field of expertize like Christianity.
But we can manage, provided journalists, activists, academics, and all who “know” or want to know, have access to the knowledge, want to play a decent role in this transformation, and are not under the existential threat, fearful to be jailed or even executed for their reporting, which they have always been, but not on such a scale in democratic systems, as they are now. We are all waiting for the decision regarding Mr. Julian Assange. If extradited, technically it will create precedents for the future cases, but psychologically it will be a matter of that old Dark Ages thinking, that has created all current problems in the first place.
So who is going to report to the world that it is not atheistic and that we were created originally for very, very noble purposes that are certainly worth being rediscovered because none of our futuristic plans seem to surpass them in any way, no matter how hard we are trying to compete with our CREATOR,?

The accidental childhood’s discovery of Nature.

I used the word rape yesterday because it has been stated in the court documents and analyzed so many times in so many details over the 13 years with the video coverage of it, that it became just a formatory description of something that technically speaking did not take place. All media know it as it was the first thing to be analyzed in details for the obvious reasons. I was sort of ironic yesterday and today the echo sounds as if we were back in 2010.

So with a clear conscience, I am saying that no rape as such took place. Close childhood friends of that age do not know the anatomy and when the outer nature manifests accidentally in one of them, they might want to share it out of curiosity, unless they are properly explained not just the technical reasons for such discovered processes, but also their dangers and their higher purposes, reaching far beyond the ordinary life. Not always is such an explanation available, unfortunately.
When that gets exposed to the world in the right circumstances and details 50 years later, we get covid.
I beg for forgiveness from my beloved friend.

The European Journal of International Law on The far-reaching US proposals to amend the International Health Regulations at the upcoming 75th World Health Assembly: A call for attention

Global health talks clouded by conspiracy theories about pandemic treaty

and the conspiracy theories from the European Journal of International Law say:

My non-political position on the most political issue

My name …
I am not a public person, but non publicly I am de facto a green card criminal, and a dangerous person who is suspected of terrorism and therefore has been kept under the 24/7 public residential surveillance since 2010.

Apart from stealing, sexual offenses, fraud, betraying, and other serious offenses against the 10 commandments, I supposedly committed espionage acts against the United States of America. That is laughable as I have never been there and I did not enter into any agreement with any government, company, criminal organization, or independent operation to collect information for them. It would have to be called personal espionage in the interest of the international public. If the militaries of the world act against humanity and want to keep it hidden from the public, you can hardly call the revelation of it espionage and that applies to the case of Mr. Julian Assange as well as mine.

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The Bible as the safest Light House for finances

Rev. M. R. Watkinson,
Minister of the Gospel from Ridleyville, Pennsylvania,
November 13, 1861
to Secretary Chase

Dear Sir: You are about to submit your annual report to the Congress respecting the affairs of the national finances.One fact touching our currency has hitherto been seriously overlooked. I mean the recognition of the Almighty God in some form on our coins.

You are probably a Christian. What if our Republic were not shattered beyond reconstruction? Would not the antiquaries of succeeding centuries rightly reason from our past that we were a heathen nation? What I propose is that instead of the goddess of liberty we shall have next inside the 13 stars a ring inscribed with the words PERPETUAL UNION; within the ring the allseeing eye, crowned with a halo; beneath this eye the American flag, bearing in its field stars equal to the number of the States united; in the folds of the bars the words GOD, LIBERTY, LAW.

This would make a beautiful coin, to which no possible citizen could object. This would relieve us from the ignominy of heathenism. This would place us openly under the Divine protection we have personally claimed. From my hearth I have felt our national shame in disowning God as not the least of our present national disasters.

To you first I address a subject that must be agitated.

As a result, Secretary Chase instructed James Pollock, Director of the Mint at Philadelphia, to prepare a motto, in a letter dated November 20, 1861:

Dear Sir: No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.

You will cause a device to be prepared without unnecessary delay with a motto expressing in the fewest and tersest words possible this national recognition.,by%20the%2084th%20Congre

How beautifully written…could we think in such ways nowadays, with digital currencies just about to take over the history of mankind? We have quite humorous features, first, we get rid of GOD (as if we could really get rid of gravity) in one part of the world, then the second part gets inspired and becomes communistic, in the meantime, the first one brings GOD back in the design of its currency. After a while, the second one realizes that it cannot get rid of gravity and that ALMIGHTY had been in its cultural heritage for centuries so it re-installs it in its constitution while the first one is getting rid of HIM for the second time, by going digital, inspiring the third part of the world.
We still have that insignificant problem with gravity but I am sure we will conquer that with covid vaccine.

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Defense Production Act (DPA) Contract of $138 Million in Support of a Joint Federal Agency Accelerated Build-out of Domestic Surge Capacity for a High-Sp

“The World Health Organization is due to Attempt a Power Grab” – This May 22-28, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, “a sophisticated diversion to confuse people and get them to ignore the AMENDMENTS to the INTERNATIONAL HEALTH REGULATIONS” (emphasis added),q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
“The Pandemic treaty does not yet exist yet. It is being drafted and negotiated right now. Discussions regarding the Pandemic treaty are important but they are also part of a sophisticated diversion to confuse people and get them to ignore the immediate concern which is the Amendments to the IHR being considered by the World Health Assembly this May 22-28.
They are very likely to pass” unless the are strong protests of the public from all countries concerned.

A letter was sent to the Secretary of State for the Home Department

Dagmar Palmerova
130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic


The Secretary of State for the Home Department
The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP
Home Office
2 Marsham Street
via the UK Embassy in Prague

Dear Home Secretary,

When politics start to predominate over the constitutions, created under the guidance of conscious beings who were able to foresee the whirligig of time, we get the opportunity to see what needs to be corrected to make them function as they were intended for the benefits of mankind.

The case of Mr. Julian Assange is at the moment in your hands and I believe that the enormous external political pressure gives you a very limited choice for your decision, if any at all.

As my case is closely related to Mr. Assange’s and I should be the one to face the US power structures, I would like to explain to you, that I am not a journalist nor a publisher, but he is and using the symbolic language that confuses both contributes to many negative forces that politically influence his court processes. The national security issues of our times cannot have precedence over free speech when serious breaches of human rights take place across the world. He represents that speech to the mainstream media who can communicate the truth only in symbols but are allowed to mention his name. The Royal Coat of Arms on the UK website reminded me of the ancient esoteric meaning ‘As Above So Below’. They are interconnected and any imbalances in one evoke the reactions in the other.

Never before have people had such a need for the universal wisdom as we have today. Mr. Assange published among others a collection of Intelligence documents from which the jargon of the esoteric domain could be detected. When the esoteric knowledge gets into the hands holding scientific power, that very power gets multiplied beyond comparison and if not guarded, it can literally enslave the whole of mankind.

We have reached such a point. Is it righteous and ethical want to keep the knowledge secret and inflict unspeakable suffering with it even on its own people, all that for the sake of national security?

Here the Royal Coat of Arms shall be a reminder to us of the world Above us. Perhaps that might be the role of women in the 21st century on Earth…?

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

Y.T. Wee Darwin’s Universe: Survival for Nothing Review

Darwin’s Universe: From Nothing, By Nothing and For Nothing. It’s Survival For Nothing! Evolution can only offer humans a meaningless existence.

Darwinists hope to bury God in an avalanche of a causeless universe and a godless evolution.

However, instead of liberating us, they plunge us into a cosmic depression. We are reduced to: From Nothing, By Nothing, For Nothing – an accidental leftover from the Big Bang, evolved by a lucky chance, and here for no ultimate purpose

We are just walking molecules, birthed through a cosmic accident, dancing to the music of our DNA, and destined to disappear in a cosmic blink – nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

And when we look to science and evolution for answers, all we get is a blank look. Life has no real purpose, dude – it is about the survival of the genes in us – feeding, fending, fleeting and fathering – just live through it and get it over with. Our final destination is the hole in the ground.

But is it true?

Perhaps we are: From Someone, By Someone, For Someone. Perhaps there is an unexplored and awesome universe beyond the Darwinian world of survival for nothing.

Science encourages us to think critically and lets us place Darwinism in the crosshairs and examine it in the light of empirical science – is it observable and repeatable? If not, it is not experimental science. And, as we shall see, Darwinism is an unobservable and unreproducible pseudo-science.

This book will walk us through cosmology, biology, philosophy and end with theology, the queen of the sciences. Empirical science buries Darwinism and resurrects Creationism. We are more than cosmic orphans lost in an accidental, uncaring and dying Universe; we are living souls, made in the image of God, and designed to have a wonderful relationship with an awesome Creator.

Yan T Wee, the founding Pastor of Shalom Baptist Church, Singapore, writes from his fascinating research into the latest skirmish between speculative Darwinism and deducible Creationism. He concludes that Darwinism, when viewed in its entirety, is not only disingenuous, but a guaranteed, one-way ticket into the universe of ultimate meaninglessness and despair:

Do actually militaries have the right to withhold the scientific information from humanity, that has been obtained by the publicly funded international Human Genome Project, in which participated many leading universities?
The consequences of such conduct are beyond the scope of their power. They have been asked many times to reveal this information, with no results. Yet this very information is necessary to any meaningful debates about how to conduct life on our planet and thus solve peacefully the burning issues.
So has not the time come to present the request to the international court?
Or have we reached the point where even the international court is just an extended arm of the military?

Reading the news…

To read the news and think about what has been said can be very puzzling for ordinary people. Whoever uses just simple logic, that simple logic connects the speeches of different kinds and makes certain conclusions, hard to change.
The announcement of the Nato’s Secretary-General about the years of fighting Russia (on our Slavic territories) while at the same time “building a global surveillance system” (words of their think tanks) with the data collected from the already operational Chinese social credit system evokes the serious pondering about their plans for humanity in the 21. century.
What is happening right now is certainly not normal. The transitional period from our materialistic comprehension of the external universe to the understanding of the finer matters of the internal universe that are essentially one, requires some leadership that will create a supportive political, financial and social environment on the planetary level as the cosmic forces reaching our planet have different objectives, void of our geopolitical agendas. People need to be explained by scientific means the not mysterious mysteries of the planet, otherwise, we will never be able to solve the military-directed weather drama, ruining nature to the point of mass extinction of its living species.
We need to discuss what is known about our existence, what is not known, what needs to be discovered, what is expected of us, how to achieve it, and supply people with metanoia, a new way of thinking.
But nothing of such kind is happening on the political scene. That is even more puzzling than ever before. Approximately two years back Mr. Pompeo publicly stated that there is a live exercise going on. He did not specify what he meant by that and the US president, standing next to him said “you should have told us”.
I do not concentrate on politics but was this ‘etude’ designed to tell us that the US president is not the first person to be told what his alphabet agencies pro-create under his leadership?
We have not been explained to this day who and what exercise exercises us, but one would assume that we, the GOD’s Creation, were passed on to the hands of our ai creation, and apart from the other layers of the onion the pandemics, Ukraine and 5/6G implementation serve as the means for data collection for the upcoming digital dictatorship. Russia would hardly want to be a part of it. Anyone who looks at me and has not completely lost his/her self-preservation drive would have to come to the same realization. Could their “special operation” be a response to the seemingly everlasting “live exercise”?
Besides, were we not informed that there was established a direct communication line between the two militaries in order to avoid the possible misunderstandings, evoked by the media?
Then we have some world war files declassification, which might change the airflow at some places…and
the old, obsolete military equipment of Ukraine’s western neighbours could serve different purposes….perhaps to be melted by dew and transformed into something more peaceful….

Do you really need a problem to unify the world? Don’t you just need to realize that the whole universe has always been unified by the nature of its CREATOR? The moment your ego admits HIS existence, already scientifically proven, and lets the whole planet and humanity re-synchronize with HIS vibrations, the basic knowledge of esoteric science and money, allocated to fight the “problem” will be sufficient to get us out of this sheer madness.

We need a problem big enough to unify the world.”

I missed this article when it was released but it is certainly a topic that needs to be kept in mind when the planet is literally under martial law in many directions.
There are double standards when the two do the same yet do not have the same political/military/media power as is very clearly seen in the case of the US and the UK. A hundred years ago the UK’s decisions would most likely be different from those made nowadays.
It is very regrettable not to teach children the most basic universal laws of the effects that work on personal as well as on the nation’s, even continental levels, and free of restrictions in time and expression. When the children pass on the figurative torch to their children, it might well be the very torch with little else. Is it really so hard to grasp?
What is the point for man to learn something from the esoteric domain and discard the teaching itself to become the dragon himself as Mr. Bennett pointed out?

The prospective students’ meetings

would often dryly end – “and no sex”
rather the Jesus prayer in a repetitive form would be suggested.
It is impossible to go wrong with that. One has nothing to lose, only to gain.
With the opposite approach, you can get to the fourth room, but there is no guarantee it is not empty.
If I were you, I would use the Bible as the most basic manual even with the sometimes incorrect translations and even passages. Look what the last 13 years have done to the whole planet since you were given my Pandora’s box.
Purity of heart is required above all, that is quite obvious to all who met the Iron hand.

Who is a Christian

“If instead of religion in general we take Christianity, then again there exists a
Christianity number one, that is to say, paganism in the guise of Christianity.
Christianity number two is an emotional religion, sometimes very pure but without
force, sometimes full of bloodshed and horror leading to the Inquisition, to religious
wars. Christianity number three, instances of which are afforded by various forms of
Protestantism, is based upon dialectic, argument, theories, and so forth. Then there is
Christianity number four, of which men number one, number two, and number three
have no conception whatever.
“In actual fact Christianity number one, number two, and number three is simply
external imitation. Only man number four strives to be a Christian and only man
number five can actually be a Christian. For to be a Christian means to have the being
of a Christian, that is, to live in accordance with Christ’s precepts.
“Man number one, number two, and number three cannot live in accordance with
Christ’s precepts because with them everything ‘happens.’ Today it is one thing and
tomorrow it is quite another thing. Today they are ready to give away their last shirt
and tomorrow to tear a man to pieces because he refuses to give up his shirt to them.
They are swayed by every chance event. They are not masters of themselves and
therefore they cannot decide to be Christians and really be Christians.
“Science, philosophy, and all manifestations of man’s life and activity can be
divided in exactly the same way into seven categories. But the ordinary language in
which people speak is very far from any such divisions, and this is why it is so
difficult for people to understand one another.” (ISOM p.81 in pdf”

The Institute (GIG for HDM) can give very little. The program of the Institute, the power of the Institute, the aim of the Institute, the possibilities of the Institute can be expressed in few words: the
Institute can help one to be able to be a Christian. Simple!
That is all! It can do so only if a man has this desire, and a
man will have this desire only if he has a place where constant
desire is present. Before being able, one must wish.
Thus there are three periods: to wish, to be able, and to be.
The Institute is the means. Outside the Institute it is possible to wish and to be; but here, to be able.
The majority of those present here call themselves Christians. Practically all are Christians in quotation marks. Let us examine this question like grown-up men.
—Dr. X., are you a Christian? What do you think, should one love one’s neighbor or hate him? Who can love like a Christian?
It follows that to be a Christian is impossible. Christianity includes many things; we have taken only one of them,
to serve as an example.
Can you love or hate someone to order?
Yet Christianity says precisely this, to love all men. But this is impossible. At the same time it is quite true that it is necessary to love.
First one must be able, only then can one love.
Unfortunately, with time, modern Christians have adopted the
second half, to love, and lost view of the first, the religion
which should have preceded it.
It would be very silly for God to demand from man what he
cannot give.
Half of the world is Christian, the other half has other religions. For me, a sensible man, this makes no difference; they
are the same as the Christian. Therefore it is possible to say
that the whole world is Christian, the difference is only in name. And it has been Christian not only for one year but for thousands of years. There were Christians long before the advent of Christianity. So common sense says to me:
“For so many years men have been Christians—how can they be so foolish as to demand the impossible?”
But it is not like that. Things have not always been as they
are now. Only recently have people forgotten the first half,
and because of that have lost the capacity for being able. And
so it became indeed impossible.
Let every one ask himself, simply and openly, whether he
can love all men. If he has had a cup of coffee, he loves; if not,
he does not love. How can that be called Christianity?
In the past not all men were called Christians. Some members of the same family were called Christians, others pre-Christians, still others were called non-Christians. So in one
and the same family there could be the first, the second and
the third. But now all call themselves Christians. It is naive,
dishonest, unwise and despicable to wear this name without
A Christian is a man who is able to fulfill the Commandments.
A man who is able to do all that is demanded of a Christian,
both with his mind and his essence, is called a Christian without quotation marks. A man who, in his mind, wishes to do all
that is demanded of a Christian, but can do so only with his
mind and not with his essence, is called pre-Christian. And a
man who can do nothing, even with his mind, is called a non-Christian.
Try to understand what I wish to convey by all this. Let
your understanding be deeper and broader.
(VRW page 120 pdf, 153 the book)

Question: Was Christ a teacher with a school preparation, or
was he an accidental genius?
Answer: Without knowledge he could not have been what he
was, nor could he have done what he did. It is known that
where he was there was knowledge.
Views from the Real World G.I.Gurdjieff page 72

Question: Did Christ teach dances?
Answer: I was not there to see. It is necessary to distinguish
between dances and gymnastics—they are different things. We
do not know whether his disciples danced, but we do know
that where Christ got his training they certainly taught “sacred gymnastics.”
Question: Is there any value in Catholic ceremonies and
Answer: I have not studied Catholic ritual, but I know the
rituals of the Greek Church well, and there, underlying the
form and ceremony, there is real meaning. Every ceremony, if
it continues to be practiced without change, has value. Ritual
is like ancient dances which were guidebooks where truth was
written down. But to understand one must have a key.
Old country dances also have meaning—some even contain
such things as recipes for making jam.
A ceremony is a book in which much is written. Anyone
who understands can read it. In one ceremony more is contained than in a hundred books. Usually everything changes,
but customs and ceremonies can remain unchanged.
Views from the Real World G.I.Gurdjieff page 72

“Life exercise” of war?

This is like a dream. The Western alliance is prepared for the seemingly unending “life exercise” of War? Again on the European continent? Do not you have on your shoulders a global reset either to dismantle or to explain it to 7.8 billion people so that they could decide if they want to pursue such a path or to choose a different direction? I cannot believe this is happening for real. We do not live in the 20th century.
Every genuine student of the real esoteric school knows, how the western alliance got its superior scientific knowledge. What has it done with it? That superior knowledge was gathered over the years from European, Middle Eastern, Russian, Asian and Eastern territories and presented to the West via Armenian and Russian seekers. Not the least sign of gratitude. It has been shamelessly misused against humanity and therefore against GOD. Do not you know that such knowledge has to be passed down to people? Otherwise, it will be taken away from you, says the objective law.
You became GOD’s enemy, leading the planet that way and it cannot but bring some form of a disaster on the whole planet. Russia knows that.

Time as an enemy and a friend

Dagmar Palmerova
Czech Republic

The Honorable Merrick GarlandAssociate Attorney General 
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

There are millions of people across the world waiting 11 years for the United States Department of Justice to reconsider its position on Mr. Julian Assange’s case. Everything has been said and written so many times that only the thunderous power of utter silence would surpass that.

When zooming out of opinions and generalizations of pros and against, of powers versus human rights, we can see the classical play of polarized forces of good and evil.

By studying the domain of esoterics anyone can see that superpowers have acquired their dominations over the masses through the classified development of the publicly accessible esoteric science, which has always been far ahead of the orthodox stream.

The impact of the application of such science surpasses the sovereign territories of all countries and it can destroy the whole planet, so far legally, because there are no laws that would protect us against it. The general public does not know about such science, not even the medical industry. From such a point of view, the use of espionage laws of the Dark Ages in the 21st century, where the whole planet shares information in a split of a second simply does not correspond with the enlarged visions of the majority of contemporary humans.

We need to be informed and trained to deal with the new horizons of life on our planet as an inseparable part of the entire Universe. „Safe and effective“ level of communication from such an angle of view is very unsafe and ineffective in the long run.

I am not a judge, rather a subject to be judged and not only in the case of Mr. Julian Assange and Wikileaks,

But to take free information from the public domain, experiment with it freely and secretly in the public domain, make the results states’ secrets, and jail the persons that bring it back to the public domain is called subjective justice.

Apart from this subjective, geographical role justice has also the objective role, superior to the first, to ensure that human conduct is in accordance with the objective laws of the Universe, encoded in the original plan for the GOOD of the whole CREATION. To reconcile both is a difficult and responsible role, for which I wish you all help of the MOST HOLY ABSOLUTE.

Respectfully yours,

Dagmar Palmerova

One copy sent to the US Embassy in Prague and to the Czech foreign minister

Otázka Ukrajiny a Ruska 3.4.2022

Uveřejněná výměna názorů české a ruské diplomacie na problém Ukrajiny mě nutí analyzovat několik velice nejasných okolností, se kterými má moje logika i svědomí problém v návaznosti na všechny planetární procesy, které probíhají pod rouškou s ničím nesrovnatelné cenzury. V době fašistické diktatury a studené války sice docházelo k tragickým vyústěním psychopatických procesů myšlení vedoucích činitelů, ale černá byla černá a bílá bílá, protože lidé ještě nebyli tak zhypnotizovaní médii a jejich těla a mysli nebyly vystaveny elektromagnetickým či sonickým frekvencím, které jimi mohou manipulovat podle politických či militaritních potřeb.
K tomu začalo docházet až v padesátých letech a lidskými experimentacemi se postupně zjišťovalo, kolik jsou toho naše orgány schopny vydržet. Výsledkem jsou monstrózní technologie tzv přímo řízených energií, které prostřednictvím svých smart telefonů můžete zaměřovat na těla svých spoluobčanů a týrat je podle nabízeného menu, navíc ještě za finanční odměnu či ukájení tělesného chtíče.
V militaritním měřítku s nimi ovládáme počasí, přírodní procesy jako jsou zemětřesení, zakládáme lesní požáry, sucha, záplavy a nazýváme je klimatickými změnami a svádíme to na kysličník uhličitý.
V politické oblasti jimi týráme, mučíme, nebo likvidujeme aktivisty či nepohodlné konkurenty, necháváme vypařit letadla a lodi, spadnout domy, roztavit auta a tváříme se, jako by šlo o nevysvětlitelné mystérie.
To je lidské, ale když použijeme divadelní a cirkusové prostředky a zmanipulujeme normálního člověka pravdivými I nepravdivými zprávami o někom v podobě symbolů zvířat či veřejně známých osob, aby nabyl dojmu, že ví, o co jde a cítil se společensky a morálně nadřazen nad osudy lidí, kteří jsou někdy virtuálně hozeni do býčí a prasečí arény jako v době gladiátorské, a zničí tak psychicky I fyzicky nejen je ale i jejich rodiny a při tom všem sám neví, jak hluboce je podveden v té hře na pravdu, tak to považuji za naprosto bestiální plán. A když se tomu nasadí státní koruna a ten samý vzorec hry se použije na nejvyšší státní úrovni na protivníka, tak můžete opravdu vyvolat světovou válku.
Tak se nyní zamyslete nad současnou situací a oddělte svou mnohdy již organickou nenávist proti Rusku od reality – že nesmíte ve své demokracii říci pravdu, že dochází ke snaze ovládnout těmito technologiemi svět. A rozhodně to není Rusko, které v tom hraje hlavní roli, už jenom podle jejich vojenského rozpočtu.
Jadernou válku zcela jistě nikdo nevyvolá, to je podobně zažitý symbol jako klimatické změny. Podle vojska se nová válka nikdy nevede stejnými prostředky jako ta minulá. Svrhli jsme už dvě bomby a zamořili část planety.
Teď by se vedla elektromagnetickými a hypersonickými zbraněmi, které zničí přesně své cíle a okolí nechávají netknuté a které demokratický západ stále tají. Rusko přiznalo jejich existenci v článku 6 federálního zákona o civilních zbraních již v roce 2001 a zakázalo jejich používání na civilistech, i když k němu podle tamních svědectví zdá se také dochází. Ale my jsme zatím našimi soudy za svědectví o jejich existenci stále odsuzováni k povinnému psychiatrickému léčení.
Je boj na Ukrajině zároveň symbolem lidí, kteří se stali po celém světě cílem při vývoji a používání těchto technologií a zbraní? Jestli ano, v tom případě byste si měli uvědomit, že pácháte křivé svědectví proti Rusku a to je hřích.
A co když Rusko současnou situací háže rukavici planetárnímu státu, který pro vás zcela evidentně plánuje technokratické mraveniště, zatím prostřednictvím 5 a 6G?

A letter

130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

28.2. 2022

Dear planetary leaders,

Using the hierarchical structure of the entire Universe, implanted into my mind and the psyche by studying the Ray of Creation I would like to bring light to several aspects of the current planetary “live exercise” in which we are all participating. Mr. Pompeo did not specify what type of exercise he had in his mind but we can see its results across the whole globe and that brought me to question the level of esoteric command to which everyone is exposed, mostly unwittingly. The question for you leaders is: how can you expect humanity to behave the way which would be sustainable and not harmful to the ecology without explaining to us the essence and the depth of the whole situation humanity faces?

The growth of the population happens when humanity stops respecting the objective laws of the Universe and does not transform the cosmic energies in a qualitative way. But there is no one who would teach such things in the schools!

For more than a century the general public has been denied access to the sacred scientific knowledge of the biblical proportions about the formation of the planets and their sources of light and heat. Do not we deserve to know the truth?

In a similar way, humanity has been taught the theory of natural evolution as the way we came into existence. It is true that religious themes cannot be imposed on the public forcefully, but the origins of the primates have been kept in the textbooks for almost two centuries, despite being proved incorrect 20 years ago by the international, publicly funded project Human Genome.

So we know unofficially that the Universe has a CREATOR,
we know unofficially that consciousness is primary to matter and
we know unofficially that Genesis is correct.

Is it under such circumstances sapient to submit our future solely to the dictates of the atheistic scientists, whose position is quite clear and official:

“If we do not play God who will. “

Would not be more appropriate the approach Albert Einstein held? When he reflected on how GOD created this universe he maintained that “the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research”.

The planetary technocratic plans of the 4th industrial revolution that are ahead of us do not contain a single word about the philosophical nature of human existence, let alone a thought about higher consciousness, the CREATOR, the cosmic hierarchy, and our position in it. Instead, we are told to be digitalized, genetically re-engineered, and be merged with synthetic biology as a fact, not an option.
The ultimate goal of our science is being able to “manipulate, patent and program at will the biological processes of all life”, without knowing its real purpose.

Do you not see that such a vision is a product of the binary system of thinking while humanity was designed as a ‘three-brain’ trinary system? Artificial intelligence is rooted in the line of time, human intelligence resides in the line of eternity.

So far we sin against the Holy Ghost according to Joseph Smith and

we make the new generations immune to the spiritual side of their nature by forceful vaccinations, exactly as Rudolf Steiner predicted to us a hundred years ago.

We do not miss any opportunity to misuse scientific discoveries.

The governments all prioritize clandestine psychotronic technologies, developed on the bases of previously protected knowledge of the esoteric schools. Our patterns of thinking, still deeply rooted in the dark ages of wars and violence, turned them into the profitable directed energy’s industry, that facilitates military control over the entire planetary atmosphere, including the weather control and all nature’s processes. Under the name of climate change.
The overwhelming part of the world does not have access to such technologies and so it is totally at the mercy of the few who have, which is unsustainable by the objective universal laws.

Their application as directed energy weapons for crowd control and clandestine human experimentation rhyme with the concentration camps issues of the last century. The Havana syndrome is hardly a way to deal with something so monstrous that an outsider does not even believe in its existence. We seem to worry about the karmic debts of people’s past lives, yet at the same time we totally ignore the unspeakable suffering and life terminations that we cause to ourselves by these technologies in the present. We are mounting very negative forces from that around our planet.

Then there is the underlying issue of electricity which has not been explained to the public in the right contexts. You know that majority of people take electricity as a utility and only very few as a sacred substance, on which our own life depends. You also know it is not for free at all, it is allocated to the atmosphere in precise quantities and its level has to be constantly replenished from the other places of the Earth, and even from the other planets.

And you know we were warned already a century ago against its overconsumption. How much electricity consume all your military space and land adventures?

The internet of things and the internet of people are estimated to increase electricity demand by one-third.
Robotization on a large scale will consume the electricity without transforming the cosmic energies as humans do, therefore it will increase the occurrence of the external forms that are useless from the Ray of Creation’s point of view, built on the principle of the reciprocal maintenance.

So far the world economy, social order, and future of humanity has been formed on the idea of attaching ourselves to the eventually immortal technocratic materialistic mind when we were already designed as a part of ‘the Universal mind’ that joints us to the universal galaxy, created by the most powerful force of LOVE? We are not alone in the Universe, although we behave like that.

There seems to be a deep misunderstanding about the power of this conscious force of LOVE. It can create the stars and galaxies and equally, it can destroy them, it depends on who the force uses and how.

Paul’s message in I. Corinthians is quite explicit about it:

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

I do not have access to the information systems you have nor have I scientific knowledge and ethical foundations that would validate my objections against what I see, hear and feel. But the Universe is theistic, it has a central reference system and I strongly believe that your responsibility is to pass this knowledge to the people at the crossroad of time, where intellectually we reach the stars yet on the psychological level we still want to colonise them.

Grace and peace from GOD be to you as a guide.

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

The New Age of Faith

consortiumnews dot com/2022/03/22/the-new-age-of-faith/

Ephesians 2:8-9 “All things are possible for one who believes. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Electromagnetic weapons

The word “nuclear” has been used as a means to create fear in the public. In times when the truth cannot be stated directly one has to look at everything as if it were a symbol for something else, perhaps the truth? Or to mislead him/her even further from the truth?
The military experts say that the next war never uses the same order of weaponry. So if nuclear weaponry were already used 70 years ago, it would not be the leading means in the next one. Besides, why would you use the nuclear means that destroy not just the chosen targets but the whole territories for centuries to come, when you have the invisible, remotely controlled directed energy technology of psychotronic nature that destroys only what you want? It has been kept officially in darkness, despite generating billions of dollars on the world’s market stage. It is invisible, electronically controllable, and able to either just manipulate or completely incapacitate, even evaporate any object it chooses. Its source can be land-based, using cell towers, wi-fi technologies, satellites, etc. An ordinary person cannot hide from it anywhere on earth. They have been passed down to the private sector and Gladio armies’ style public and we use them indirectly via smartphones in so far legal, sadistic show-business that generates substantial wealth to many globally based companies and their customers.
In 2001 State Duma adopted Article 6 of the Federal Law of Russia on weapons by forbidding to circulate civil and service weapons and other items, “that have a damaging effect based on the use of electromagnetic, light, thermal, infrasound radiation….”
How we want but mainly can deal with it is a real puzzle to me. Maybe we do not? Perhaps that would be that hidden meaning of the word “nuclear”?

A few years back, when I first read the discussions of the scientists at the Asilomar conference, I became aware of the dangers ahead of humanity, but I had no idea, how deep and vast this scientific issue is. It opened the door to the media world and the public started to be more informed about genetic engineering. This morning a word Asilomar came into my mind out of nowhere- meaning without the association –
Looking back at it from today’s pandemic’s perspective and iot and iop and the 4th industrial revolution, , it seems to stand as a huge advertisement for them, don’t you think so?

Looking back at Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA

The Plan to Turn You Into a Genetically Edited Human Cyborg

Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

Metanoia – To speak the truth is the most difficult thing in the world

The word truth is also like an onion, with many layers and the following excerpt obviously refers to the deeper ones.
SRF explains the scientific background of the sound and its vibration and in what happens when we say the truth or a lie. I have been pointing it out often to make people understand that if the citizens of this planet are forced to lie or are lied to by the martial laws , it must have sooner or later lawfully destructive impact on the whole planet. We do not have to materialize the Revelations, no one forces us to do so, yet we do, unbelievly, and by hiding it under the lies, not only we can do nothing to change it but we are directly attracting upon us that universal force of destruction and so fulfilling the actual prophecies,

Have you noticed how everyone now is talking about the
war? Everyone has his own plan, his own theory. Everyone finds that nothing is being
done in the way it ought to be done. Actually everything is being done in the only way
it can be done. If one thing could be different everything could be different. And then perhaps there would have been no war.
“Try to understand what I am saying: everything is dependent on everything else,
everything is connected, nothing is separate. Therefore everything is going in the only
way it can go. If people were different everything would be different. They are what
they are, so everything is as it is.”
This was very difficult to swallow.
“Is there nothing, absolutely nothing, that can be done?” I asked.
“Absolutely nothing.”
“And can nobody do anything?”
“That is another question. In order to do it is necessary to be. And it is necessary
first to understand what to be means. If we continue our talks you will see that we use
a special language and that, in order to talk with us, it is necessary to learn this
language. It is not worth while talking in ordinary language because, in that language,
it is impossible to understand one another. This also, at the moment, seems strange to
you. But it is true. In order to understand it is necessary to learn another language. In
the language which people speak, they cannot understand one another. You will see
later on why this is so.
Then one must learn to speak the truth. This also appears strange to you. You do
not realize that one has to learn to speak the truth. It seems to you that it is enough to
wish or to decide to do so. And I tell you that people comparatively rarely tell a
deliberate lie. In most cases, they think they speak the truth. And yet they lie all the
time, both when they wish to lie and when they wish to speak the truth. They lie all the
time, both to themselves and to others. Therefore nobody ever understands either
himself or anyone else. Think—could there be such discord, such deep
misunderstanding, and such hatred towards the views and opinions of others, if people
were able to understand one another? But they cannot understand because they cannot
help lying. To speak the truth is the most difficult thing in the world, and one must
study a great deal and for a long time in order to be able to speak the truth. The wish
alone is not enough. To speak the truth one must know what the truth is and what a lie
is, and first of all in oneself. And this nobody wants to know.”

P.D. Ouspensky ISOM p.28/29

The Aum vibration that reverberates throughout the Universe (the “Word” or voice of many waters of the Bible) has 3 manifestations or gunas, those of creation, preservation, and destruction (Taittiriya Upanishad I:8). Each time a man utters a word, he puts into operation one of the three qualities of Aum. This is the lawful reason behind the injunction of all scriptures that man should speak the truth.
Autobiography of a Yogi, SRF note p.22

Can you blame a country for taking care of itself when the rest of the world hungers for its territory? Traditionally.
Russia has a religious leader.
The US has a materialistic leader
The Universe is religious
The one-world government is materialistic and technotronic, a doomsday machinery