Again. Intelligence of matter according to the 4th Way

“is determined by the creature for whom it can serve as food and the creature that can serve as food for him.”+
The Universe is built as a self-supporting system based on the principle of reciprocal maintenance, not reciprocal destruction.
For whom serves artificial intelligence as the food in the food diagram?
The system also informs us that no man can create anything on a higher level (more intelligent) than he/it is. If we take it hypothetically as correct (derived from all so far already verified hypotheses of the given system), we could assume, with a very high probability of being correct that artificial intelligence cannot surpass the intelligence of man 1.0. But it can destroy him.
And we still have not answered to ourselves who created us. Perhaps we are waiting for black smokers to tell us….

+ P….D.Ouspensky ISOM chapter 16

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