G20 health agenda in India?


We in the West are looking at you as the traditional “land of pearls bearers” and count on your support in trying to bring sanity back to this ill-fated planet. The wisdom of the Holy Science of Swami Sri Yukteswar that Paramahansa Yogananda introduced to the west 100 years ago clearly demonstrates that human well-being and health do not depend at all on any digital technology, farmaceuticals, or gene-editing. So why do you bring our “deadly gifts” to your South instead of keeping at least some part of the world uncontaminated? The pandemic treaty, taking its form right now in Who is the first step in the process of transferring the sovereignty of all participating states to a supranational entity with legal binding. During the Covid19 pandemic, the courts’ decisions in different countries were able to reverse the political orders in favour of citizens. With the Pandemic Treaty, it will not be possible. Look at the severe consequences of covid19 vaccines/inoculations, available to us from the given statistics and we do not know yet the long-term after-effects.
When living in accordance with the objective laws of the universe that your ancestors mapped so well for humanity, man can peacefully cohabit even with plaque or cholera, say the scripts.
We need your Vedas to come forward to help the Bible and firmly insist on revealing the scientifically proven facts to the public. Faith cannot be forced on anyone but the scientific explanation of how for instance a Master can be in two different places at once should be a part of the general knowledge of humanity in the age of subatomic particles or dwapara yuga age, where quantum physics has already proved such phenomenon in its field.

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