The vaccine that will be

The universe has spiritual dimensions and Noah’s Ark should not be taken only as a myth, but as a warning that the Universe is created on the principle of “The General Cosmic Harmony-of-Reciprocal-Maintenance-of-All- Cosmic-Concentrations'” and if violated, its re-establishment must follow. We are under 48 universal laws, for us mostly clandestine as we cannot see even the parallel between the oceans full of plastic bags and synthetic biology. It is quite amazing. I wonder what the plastic holy grail will do in human bodies….

A possible connection?

First peer reviewed publication on MPRV vaccines (Priorix Tetra)


First peer reviewed publication on MPRV vaccines (Priorix Tetra)

We are finally here, after almost two years the first peer review publication of our analyzes comes out and many others will follow.

Here we try to summarize in these first pages, in a very discursive and non-technical way: what has been published, what validity it has and why it is important for our investigation of vaccines. 

(The following pages to 3 are instead dedicated to a technical in-depth analysis, finally leaving the evaluation of the article itself to the experts in the sector)

What was published in “F1000 Research” 1 is the result of the initial part of the work carried out on behalf of the Corvelva Association by one of the laboratories in charge of the analyzes. We remember – because more than two years have passed since the beginning of this work and many other results have been added to the initial ones – that the first major issue that we found ourselves having to investigate was the abnormal quantity of human DNA found inside of the vaccines analyzed. 

In both quadrivalent MPRV vaccines analyzed, quantities of 1 to 2.7 micrograms / vial were initially found (as per publication in question), and this led us to publicly and immediately denounce this result because, simply, it was not expected that a this amount of DNA was present in a vaccine.

Apart from the considerations and conclusions reached by the work, which are strictly technical and therefore understandable only to those who research in the field of metagenomics, what is observed in the graphs is that the two vaccine samples were found to contain a high percentage of readings of human DNA in addition to those expected of the genome of the varicella virus (Human alphaherpes virus 3), the only one detectable among the four, having been presented in the article a DNA-seq type analysis.
However, we would like to underline that subsequently the quantities of DNA found and confirmed with the same method that is now validated here were even higher: up to 3.7 micrograms per vial, leading to a notable difference between lot and lot.
In fact, in our report released on 22.12.2018 2 the results for further batches analyzed after those discussed in the article were reported , then further confirmed by interlaboratory analyzes which are still being published. 

Therefore, what most interests us about this publication is that it validates the method used , puts an important point on the discussions on the “type” of analyzes carried out, and consequently confirms decisively all the work carried out subsequently with the NGS method. : the in-depth analysis on the type of genetic material contained, the presence of adventitious viruses, the great absence of attenuated viruses that should instead exist and the quantity instead out of control (also because very different from sample to sample) of the human DNA present, the mutant population , phages, DNA deriving from other species, and gradually all the results that you find summarized on our site. 3

Everything that, from the point of view of biological content, we have denounced in recent years, slavishly reporting the results to the control bodies, takes on a more relevant scientific connotation (even if, we repeat again, it was not peer-reviews that had to worry but the data presented, very serious in their content and in their possible implications for human health). However, now that the publication of the method has been done, we will demand to obtain the answers that have not yet arrived.

These results unquestionably confirm the presence of fetal DNA in Priorix tetra vaccines, in variable quantities between the various batches, indicating a poor quality control of these pharmaceutical products. 

We also recall the report on the sequencing of the entire genome of MRC-5 published on the Corvelva website on 27.09.2019 4 in which the profound modification of this DNA is evident also in genes associated with the development of tumor pathologies (another data in progress publication).

The contaminating fetal DNA present in all samples analyzed in variable (therefore uncontrolled) quantities is up to 300 times higher than the limit imposed by the EMA for carcinogenic DNA (10 ng / dose, corresponding to the DNA contained in about 1000 cancer cells, obtained on the basis of a statistical calculation, while the precautionary limit is 100 pg / dose) limit that must necessarily also be applied to the fetal DNA that inevitably contaminates the Priorix Tetra.

It follows that this vaccine must be considered defective and potentially dangerous for human health, in particular of the pediatric population much more vulnerable to genetic and autoimmune damage due to immaturity in shelter systems.

As anticipated, the following is a more “technical” part and difficult to understand for non-experts, therefore we have decided, also for transparency, to attach to this document also the “Dossier EMA – NGS Discussion of the results obtained from the survey on the quality of vaccines “ . We had to extrapolate only the disclosable part, over 50 pages of the dossier compared to the 200 of the NGS, since much of the information contained and registered with the regulatory bodies must remain confidential. The harsh law of science provides that a data can be published in a journal only if unpublished and we, having several other publications in the works, do not want to put them at risk.

 Finally, for the avoidance of doubt, we would like to mention, from the publication, the part of the “Funding Statement”: 

“B1 and B2 metagenomic sequencing was funded by Corvelva (non-profit association, Veneto, Italy), under a service contract with the laboratory. No other contributions were involved in supporting the work. Funders played no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or manuscript preparation. “


In the article “Do you cov me? Effect of coverage reduction on metagenome shotgun sequencing studies “

The authors address the technical-methodological question of whether it is possible to use a parallel massive metagenomics approach with low reading coverage to characterize complex biological matrices. Estimates of diversity and abundance of species are calculated and the ability to reconstruct the metagenome de novo in terms of length and completeness is evaluated, in order to understand how much the decrease in sequencing depth, varied by randomly sub-sampling the sequencing readings, can The results show that the diversity indices of prokaryotic, eukaryotic and viral complex communities can be accurately estimated with 500,000 reads or less, although particularly complex samples may require 1,000,000 reads. In reverse,

Among the various, and very different, complex matrices subjected to massive metagenomic analysis, two biological medicines were included, i.e. two different batches of live attenuated MPRV vaccine used for immunization against measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox in children. DNA was extracted from the vaccines, genomic libraries were then built using standard commercial protocols and massive sequencing was carried out with Illumina technology.

Apart from the considerations and conclusions reached by the work, which are strictly technical and therefore understandable only to those who research in the field of metagenomics, what is observed in the pie charts contained in the ‘Extended data’ ( samples B1 and B2) is that the two vaccine samples were found to contain a high percentage of human DNA readings in addition to those expected from the genome of the varicella virus (Human alphaherpes virus 3), the only detectable among the four, since a DNA-seq type analysis was presented in the article. 

71% of the readings in one lot and 88% in the other are of human origin, presumably from the MRC-5 fetal cell line ( remember that subsequent analyzes confirmed that the line is MRC5 ) in which live attenuated rubella and chickenpox viruses are grown during vaccine preparation. Furthermore, as happened in the different batches of the same MPRV vaccine tested by Corvelva between 2017 and 2019, the amount of DNA extracted is of the order of a microgram. 

In vaccine batches tested with the same protocols and technology reported in the materials and methods of the article, the quantities detected ranged between 1 and almost 3 micrograms per vial, quantities varying from one batch to another, but always significant.

corvelva mprv1


corvelva mprv1


In the report disclosed by Corvelva on 22.12.2018, the following results were reported for further batches analyzed after those discussed in the article , then further confirmed by interlaboratory analysis still being published: 

Priorix Tetra lot. A71CB205A (June 2018) – DNA analysis

corvelva mprv3

Priorix Tetra lot. A71CB256A (December 2018) – DNA analysis

corvelva mprv3

DNA analysis

The measurement of the DNA concentration with QuBit fluorometer showed that lot A71CB205A, contains a quantity of gDNA of 1.7 µg total per 0.5mL dose, calculated as follows: 9.41ng / µl (concentration determined at QuBit) x 45 (volume of resuspension DNA final after extraction, expressed in microliters) x 4 (the starting volume subjected to the extraction procedure is ¼ of the volume of the dose contained in the entire vial equal to 0.5mL).

The measurement of the DNA concentration with QuBit fluorometer showed that lot A71CB256A, contains a quantity of gDNA of 3.7 µg total per 0.5mL dose , calculated as follows: 40.8 ng / µl (concentration determined at QuBit) x 55 (volume of resuspension final DNA after extraction expressed in microliters) x 5/3 (the starting volume subjected to the extraction procedure was 300 µl on 500 µl of suspension).

The human DNA found in this lot is approximately 8 to 1 relative to chickenpox DNA (see results below of the DNA fragment classification-seq, which shows that 88% of the total sequenced DNA fragments are human origin, and 11% are from the varicella virus genome). Considering that NGS is a quantitative technology, the fluorimetric quantification of the total DNA extracted from the vaccine (e.g. lot. A71CB256A = 3.7 micrograms per dose), associated with the relative quantification consideration made above (8: 1), allows us to say that human DNA could be about 2.9 micrograms per dose , compared to about 740 nanograms of chickenpox DNA. It is also plausible thatat least a portion of the high molecular weight DNA that is seen on the gel may be high molecular weight human DNA.

RNA analysis

The quantity of RNA contained in the vial of vaccine lot A71CB256A was found to be about 200ng .

The RIN equal to 8 indicates an excellent quality RNA and an intact eukaryotic RNA, being present both the 18S and 28S peaks typical of eukaryotic RNA.

The answers to our questions forwarded to the regulatory agencies over time are of great importance. Currently, the agencies have not yet answered the questions regarding the results of the full analyzes delivered to the EMA and AIFA.

Extract from the EMA’s answer to our question about the safety of mrc-5 residues in the priorix tetra vaccine (EMA request reference ask-43967 3 august 2018) – “Based on published information, Priorix Tetra contains viral strains produced separately in chicken embryo cells (mumps and measles) or human MRC-5 diploid cells (rubella and chicken pox). The cell lines used for Priorix Tetra include human diploid cell lines that cannot divide continuously. Note that, according to the European Pharmacopoeia, MRC-5 diploid cell lines are not tumorigenic, as demonstrated by decades of use and control, and therefore an upper limit for MRC-5 cell DNA does not apply “

To date we have not been provided with evidence (neither in terms of product quality analysis certificates, nor scientific reference literature for the EMA) of these controls ensuring that it is appropriate not to apply an upper limit.

In the FDA guideline “Guidance for Industry: Characterization and Qualification of Cell Substrates and Other Biological Materials Used in the Production of Viral Vaccines for Infectious Disease Indications” 6 it is reported that:

  • a diploid cell strain should always remain diploid. If these characteristics are not stable, it must be demonstrated that the instability does not adversely affect the production or conformity of the product.
  • for widely used human diploid cell strains, such as MRC-5 and WI-38 cells, measurement of residual DNA may not be necessary because we do not consider residual DNA from these human diploid cells to be a safety concern  
  • residual DNA for non-tumorigenic continuous cells, such as low pass VERO cells, should be limited to less than 10 ng / dose for parenteral inoculation as recommended by WHO

And in the WHO guideline “Annex 3 – Recommendations for the evaluation of animal cell cultures as substrates for the manufacture of biological medicines and for the characterization of cell banks. Replacement of Annex 1 of the WHO technical report series, No. 878 ” 7 is added: (…) considerable experience has been accumulated on the cytogenetics of WI-38 and MRC-5 since the 1960s

and in support of this experience, the following articles are listed:

  • Jacobs JP. Updated results on the karyology of the WI-38, MRC-5 and MRC-9 cell strains. Developments in Biological Standardization, 1976, 37: 155–156.
  • Jacobs JP. et al. Guidelines for the acceptability, management and testing of serially propagated human diploid cells for the production of live virus vaccines for use in man. Journal of Biological Standardization, 1981, 9: 331–342.
  • Petricciani JC et al. Karyology standards for rhesus diploid cell line DBS-FRhL-2. Journal of Biological Standardization, 1976, 4: 43–49.
  • Schollmayer and et al. High resolution analysis and differential condensation in RBA-banded human chromosomes. Human Genetics, 1981, 59: 187–193.
  • Rønne M. Chromosome preparation and high resolution banding techniques: a review. Journal of Dairy Science, 1989, 72: 1363–1377.

It can be clearly observed that the reference literature, to argue that the diploid cells used for the production of vaccines are safe from the point of view of genetic stability, is obsolete . The first genetic anomalies were already found 40 years ago, considered negligible for the safety of vaccines, and from what is reported in the WHO guideline, since then no updates have been made with new sequencing technologies, in particular in NGS, which is also economical. and rapid, with the consequence that in the vaccines administeredfor decades the presence of DNA progressively more and more genetically modified and in uncontrolled quantities has been allowed by agencies. In this regard, see the report on the sequencing of the entire genome of MRC-5 published on the Corvelva website on 27.09.2019 8 in which the profound modification of this DNA is evident also in genes associated with the development of tumor pathologies. (data being published)

Below is an extract from the letter from Dr. T. Deisher, a world expert in the therapeutic use of stem cells and gene therapy, which underlines the concern of the risks associated with the use of vaccines contaminated with residues. of human fetal cells: 

Dr. T. DEISHER (letter to the rulers – April 8, 2019) 9 – (…) injecting our children with human fetal DNA contamination carries the risk of causing two well-established pathologies:

  • insertional mutagenesis: human fetal DNA embeds itself into the baby’s DNA causing mutations. Gene therapy using homologous recombination of small fragments has shown that amounts as small as 1.9 ng / mL of DNA fragments result in genome insertion of stem cells in 100% of injected mice. Levels of human fetal DNA fragments in our children after vaccination with MMR, VARIVAX (varicella) or hepatitis A vaccines reach levels above 1.9 ng / mL.
  • autoimmune disease: fetal human DNA stimulates the immune system’s reaction to attack the body of the boy / girl.

Our results greatly reinforce the experimental observations of Dr. Deisher and above all the fact that the contaminating fetal DNA present in all the samples analyzed in variable (therefore uncontrolled) quantities is up to 300 times higher than the limit imposed by the EMA for Carcinogenic DNA (10 ng / dose, corresponding to the DNA contained in about 1000 cancer cells, obtained on the basis of a statistical calculation, while the precautionary limit is 100 pg / dose) limit that must necessarily also be applied to fetal DNA which inevitably contaminates the Priorix Tetra.

It follows that this vaccine must be considered defective and potentially dangerous for human health, in particular of the pediatric population much more vulnerable to genetic and autoimmune damage due to immaturity in shelter systems.



The U.S. sanctions imposed on the Russian research institutions for Sputnik V

A Russian government spokesperson called the decision “the sanctions theater of the absurd,” Ben Norton reports. 

U.S. Department of Commerce. (Flickr/Ken Lund)

By Ben Norton

Russia won the race to develop the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The United States has responded by slapping sanctions on a Russian research facility involved in creating it.

The U.S. government has blacklisted several Russian scientific institutes, including the Russian Defense Ministry’s 48th Central Research Institute, which has worked with other non-military medical centers to develop and test the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine.

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic and a historic economic crisis, Washington has escalated its global campaign of economic warfareimposing sanctions on foreign adversaries and announcing new punitive measures on a nearly daily basis.

More than one-fourth of people on Earth live in countries that are suffering from U.S. sanctions.

In April, a Russian company sent ventilators to the United States as a form of humanitarian aid, to help overwhelmed hospitals treat coronavirus patients. It was later revealed that this Russian firm had been under U.S. sanctions since 2014.

State-Led Research Beats US Model 

The Russian government announced this August that it had registered the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, called Sputnik V.

Sputnik V was developed by the Russian Health Ministry’s Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. This scientific facility created the vaccine in a joint research project with the Russian Defense Ministry’s 48th Central Research Institute.

On Aug. 27, the U.S. Commerce Department imposed sanctions on Russia’s 48th Central Research Institute, blacklisting the scientific body.

While Russia took a state-led approach to create a coronavirus vaccine, the Trump administration announced a “public-private partnership” in May. The program, called “Operation Warp Speed,” saw the U.S. government dole out billions of tax dollars to Big Pharma companies.

The Trump administration awarded massive contracts to private corporations like NovavaxPfizer, and Moderna, while Trump reportedly offered “large sums of money” for exclusive rights to a vaccine being developed by a German firm so it could be sold for profit.

But the U.S. public-private partnership was unable to develop a vaccine before foreign countries with government-led research efforts did. Besides Russia, a state-owned Chinese company says its vaccine will be ready by the end of 2020, while Cuba is doing clinical trials for a vaccine of its own.

US Blacklists Russian Research Centers 

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security announced a series of new sanctions measures on Russian research centers in the U.S.government’s federal register on Aug. 27.

Washington accused the blacklisted institutes of being associated with Russian chemical and biological weapons programs. The Kremlin denied this, calling the accusation “absolute nonsense.”

Russian research institutions sanctioned by the U.S. government on Aug. 27, 2020.

A spokesperson for the Russian government called the decision “the sanctions theater of the absurd.” A Kremlin press release blasted Washington for being unable to “live without sanctions and without declaring restrictions for anyone every day.”

“Given the scientific research of one of the institutes [which is engaged in developing Russia’s coronavirus vaccine] we cannot rule out that this is another example of uncovered and rampant non-competitive struggle,” said the Russian government spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov.

The U.S. government’s media arm, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), accused these Russian research facilities of developing chemical and biological weapons.

At the same time, RFE/RL acknowledged, “Those targeted by the U.S. Commerce Department include one Russian Defense Ministry facility that is involved in Russia’s attempts to develop the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine.”

RFE/RL explained, “Formally, the move imposes new licensing restrictions on U.S. companies that seek to do business with the blacklisted companies in Russia or elsewhere.”

Russian state media noted that, in addition to being used to conduct clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine, the Defense Ministry’s newly blacklisted 48th Central Research Institute is “where vaccines against Ebola and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), as well as a universal flu vaccine, had been studied and successfully tested.”

The U.S. sanctions were imposed on the following Russian research institutions:

  • 33rd Scientific Research and Testing Institute
  • 48th Central Scientific Research Institute, Kirov
  • 48th Central Scientific Research Institute, Sergiev Posad
  • 48th Central Scientific Research Institute, Yekaterinburg
  • State Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology

As the U.S. Commerce Department blacklisted these Russian research facilities, it imposed additional sanctions on two dozen Chinese institutions — mostly construction, technology, and communications companies — accusing them of “engaging in activities contrary to U.S. national security interests.”

Ben Norton is a journalist and writer. He is a reporter for The Grayzone, and the producer of the “Moderate Rebelspodcast,” which he co-hosts with Max Blumenthal. His website is, and he tweets at @BenjaminNorton.

The 3rd amendment, issued on August 24th, 2020, allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children ages 3-18.

by Wayne Rohde
Health Impact News

While our nation was busy spending a considerable amount of time discussing racial inequalities (as we should) or whether or not public schools and colleges were going to open or start online, or debating the upcoming national political conventions, our federal government, specifically, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued his 3rd amendment to The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP).

The Act was first enacted this year by a declaration from the Secretary of HHS on March 10, 2020. 

The 3rd amendment, issued on August 24th, 2020, allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children ages 3-18. Many states had previously established restrictions on who could administer childhood vaccinations. 

I must admit that this announcement slipped past me last week. I was alerted to it when talking with a parent advocate one evening. I could not believe it and thought it must be just for a specific state.

Later, I searched the internet to find a few articles dated August 19th, 20th and 21st. The Federal Register listed the action on Monday, August 24, 2020. [1]

I remember my dad who was a pharmacist in North Dakota. In the 60’s and 70’s, he mastered the art of compounding pharmacy.

He was very busy preparing prescriptions for his customers, trying to interpret correctly the doctor’s handwriting.

He was very proud of his profession. Yet I doubt that he would enjoy today’s modern pharmacy. I would think that he would say vaccinations are for doctors, not for pharmacists.

This action by the Secretary of HHS allows certain licensed pharmacists to order and administer, and pharmacy interns (who are acting under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist) to administer, any vaccine that the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends to persons ages 3 through 18.

This amendment was prompted by a report from the CDC in which it found a significant decrease in rates of routine childhood vaccinations. [2]

Now with the federal announcement of this declaration, how will this play out in the states? How much weight does this declaration have regarding state law which traditionally regulates the activities of state licensed pharmacists?

So the question now to be answered, does this declaration by the Secretary of HHS supersede state law? 

In the last couple of years, there were many proposed legislative bills introduced to allow pharmacists to administer childhood vaccines that did not go anywhere in state legislatures around the country.

Is this declaration a product of those legislative failures?

Or is this a flare shot high in the air to signal to state health departments to use their rule-making authority to modify statutes to allow pharmacies to enter the childhood vaccination arena?

Even my home state of Minnesota passed legislation in May, 2020 to allow pharmacists to administer any FDA-approved COVID vaccine to children as young as 6 years of age.

This is not a mandate, but rather setting up a horrible scenario for which pharmacists are clearly not trained to handle. The method of passing legislation during a Peacetime Emergency declaration by governors to circumvent public testimony is very troubling.

The PREP Act has been previously amended twice prior to this declaration.

Previous amendments of The PREP Act include:

  • The 1st amendment on April 10th to extend liability immunity to covered countermeasures authorized under the newly passed CARES Act. [3] This declaration provides limited immunity to manufacturers of masks, plastic shields, gloves and other protective equipment.
  • The 2nd amendment on June 4th for the purpose of clarifying that covered countermeasures include qualified countermeasures that limit the harm COVID-19 might otherwise cause. [4] Basically, allowing the use of therapeutics and other measures that were not designed for COVID, to be used if necessary.

Now comes the problem of allowing pharmacists to administer childhood vaccines.

In the Vaccine Court currently, the number one petition filed for compensation is for shoulder injury as the result of a vaccination (SIRVA). Most of the injured persons (adults) received influenza or Tdap vaccinations from their local retail pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid or Target. 

If these retail pharmacies cannot properly administer a vaccine to an adult, why would we allow this for children?

One of the biggest problems when filing a petition claiming shoulder injury is the failure of the retail pharmacies to accurately record in the medical records which arm the vaccine was administered in and who did it. These pharmacies can barely keep up with adults receiving one vaccine at a time.

What happens when a parent brings their child into the business to get several vaccines? Will the pharmacy tech or pharmacist record the date, time, which arm or leg?

Probably not.

Will they be able to obtain and examine a thorough review of medical records prior to administering the vaccine?

Probably not.

Most doctors lack any comprehensive training of what a vaccine injury is or adverse reactions in a child, let alone a pharmacist receiving this type of training.

This has all the makings for a disaster.

But why is our government transferring the responsibility of administering vaccines to retail pharmacies instead of doctors’ offices or clinics? 

It just might be the pushback from doctors who claim it is not profitable or too costly to administer basic vaccinations in their office. From their point of view, it would be more cost effective in a pharmacy setting.

Or is it something more sinister? It does appear that our government, with pressure from Pharma, is trying to “gut” the NVICP and slowly move injury compensation into the CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).

This is clearly the landing spot for the COVID vaccine. And it is the black hole for those who are injured or have perished because of a vaccine.

If the public is withheld case decisions and information about CICP, then vaccine injury claims will no longer exist.

So many agendas by our government agencies and medical community have no regard for the best interest of the people. 

The BIG problem here is The PREP Act being used as a vehicle to circumvent Congress. The real concern is will we see a federal mandate for COVID vaccine at some point in the future via The PREP Act?

They are adopting policy via fiat without proper and necessary public comments and testimony. Will the PREP Act become the vehicle to advance vaccine policy in the United States?

I believe that we will see a few more amendments to The PREP Act if Congress will not address the liability issue for businesses, schools, colleges to open up. There are lawsuits already filed by employees for wrongful death (WalMart) and hospitalizations of employees claiming being infected by COVID while employed.

We must remain vigilant, we must be prepared to act, and we must educate our elected officials on a federal level, state and local level as well.

The PREP Act is in force as declared in March, 2020 until October, 2024 unless revoked by the Secretary of HHS or POTUS, or another health care emergency emerges.

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Wayne Rohde is the author of The Vaccine Court. He has an upcoming Podcast of NVICP, The PREP Act, CounterMeasures Injury Comp Program and COVID vaccine legal issues starting Mid-October.






Covid19 vaccines

Serious talk is definitely needed on a planetary scale, we do not want to burden karma of the next generations, do we?

Dr. A. Kaufman Responds to Reuters Fact Check on Covid 19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

In 1917 Rudolf Steiner foresaw a vaccine that would ‘drive all inclination toward spirituality out of people’s souls’

Source: In 1917 Rudolf Steiner foresaw a vaccine that would ‘drive all inclination toward spirituality out of people’s souls’

The similar, more general conclusion is to be found in BT of G.I.G:

“But from all the experiments conducted by this sage, it became evident that the most harmful vibrations for contemporary terrestrial three-brained beings are the ones produced in them by what they call ‘medical remedies.’

No one worries?

While reading the reports about the vaccine industry I get curious about what priorities the Police have when choosing the subject to spend time on…I mean if vaccines are responsible for 75% of sudden infant deaths and they are compulsory, should not they deserve some serious thinking as well?

Where is the boundary beyond which the science and the states have no power over our bodies? Death?

Just reading the following study was enough to wonder about the abilities of the genetic scientists to mentate on the issues like the origins of the species. If you know that monkeys are half humans and half animals which you cannot know not by now,  then you must assume that viruses of monkeys will be most likely transferrable to humans?

Another shock to the thinking mind comes from the scientific endeavour to tattoo the medical information into the skin of a  human body by microneedles. 
It is a sophisticated version of the last century’s tattooing prisoners’ numbers into their skin at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Monowitz. How come that our scientists do not have in their conscience repulsion to such projects? I would like to remind the habitat of this planet that by not resisting it you are psychologically getting ready for the state of global affairs, described in Revelations. That state contradicts the Universal Plan, therefore, is not sustainable in time so why to proceed with it at all?
The Universe is spiritual, 80% of the global population understands that quite clearly so perhaps that 80 % should get finally informed and assert its rights of the overwhelming majority to stop the invasions of bodily privacies before it’s too late.
Who else can explain to you better, that we were born for specific purposes but physical & psychological slavery is not one of them yet you are voluntarily heading to where I am already by force?

Incomprehensible Logic

“Vaccines are exceptionally safe and effective, saving an estimated 2 million to 3 million lives annually (1)”

“Deaths in the US during 2004-2015:
Due to measles – 0  (source CDC)   Due to measles vaccines – 108 (source VAERS)
(est. only 1% of cases reported)

Does not one find it confusing? These two simple official facts support a very old question: ‘what is the real purpose of vaccinations’?



Immunogenicity and Safety of a Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine Administered as a First Dose to Children Aged 12 to 15 Months: A Phase III, Randomized, Noninferiority, Lot-to-Lot Consistency Study

When compared with the MMR II vaccine (M-M-R-II) currently available in the United States, a first dose of MMR-RIT (Priorix) given to 1-year-old children elicit

Source: Immunogenicity and Safety of a Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine Administered as a First Dose to Children Aged 12 to 15 Months: A Phase III, Randomized, Noninferiority, Lot-to-Lot Consistency Study

Dopis poslancům – zákon o očkování

Vážený pane poslanče, paní poslankyně,

protože máte na programu posuzování případné úpravy zákona o očkování za politické situace ve světě i u nás, kdy jsou informace cenzurovány a veřejnost není hlavními médii ani lékaři předem varována před možnými následky vakcín, (uváděnými dokonce jejich samotnými výrobci),  chtěla bych upozornit na nezávislé investigativní studie italské laboratoře Corvelva, která celkem přehledně podává zprávu o tom, že očkovací látky neslouží výhradně k vytvoření protilátek (dané látky se v nich mnohdy vůbec nenacházejí), zato ale obsahují nekontrolovaná množství různých DNA a RNA včetně lidských, zvířecích i umělých, kovové prvky, kontaminující substance a viry, které do vakcín vůbec nepatří a mnohé z nich nelze ani analyzovat, protože se nevyskytují ve vědecké literatuře.
Čtením těchto studií, které již byly ověřeny dvěma specializovanými labotarořemi v Evropě a USA (oproti těm z roku  2017) si každý uvažující člověk musí klást otázku, jestli spalničkové ‘epidemie‘, které předchozí generace prodělávaly jako běžnou dětskou nemoc jsou pro lidstvo větší hrozbou než zcela evidentní experimenty s modifikací lidského genomu s předvídatelně nebezpečnými následky, o kterých rodiče nemají ve své důvěřivosti k lékařům a zdravotnictví ani ponětí (až na vyjímky, jež se dostávají do rukou soudů). Jako rodič bych se určitě zhrozila, kdybych se dozvěděla, že mé dceři se dává do krve kompletní genom opačného pohlaví, o jehož původu, etnicitě či dědičných vlastnostech nic nevím. Naprosto sdílím zděšení vědců laboratoře a předávám tuto informaci do Vašich rukou, protože jsem přesvědčená,  že zdraví a originální genetická informace člověka má rozhodně přednost před politickými a finančními zájmy států. Sleduji problematiku očkování po desetiletí a od doby epidemie ptačí chřipky, která skončila díky světovým aktivistům, české laboratoři a novinářce Jane Burgermeisterové bez pohrom se dívám na očkovací látky s velkou nedůvěrou, ale zasahovat jimi tajně a bez souhlasu do genetického kódu lidstva a činit z něho pokusná zvířata je podle mého názoru naprosto nepřípustné v době „zlaté horečky“ genetiky. Zejména když se vezme v úvahu, že vědci jsou atheističtí a nevědí, že ‘roubováním‘ sice zlepšit fyziologické charakteristiky lze, ale děje se tak na úkor ‘chutí a vůní‘, čili vnitřních kvalit, které změnit většinou neumí.  Než se dostaneme z opičí historie ven, je velice pravděpodobné, že genom lidstva již bude tak alterován, že těla budou schopná pouze prokreace, nikoliv kreace.  Noemova Archa najednou získává jakýsi realistický nádech.
Vyžadovat za takových okolností zákonem ustanovené povinné očkování a finanční postihy za jejich nedodržování  je vysoce neetické a musí  odporovat  nejzákladnějším právům člověka, daným jeho stvořitelem, pokud by vůbec  nemělo být pozastaveno globálně jako takové. Ale i bez tohoto aspektu se stačí podívat na exponenciálně rostoucí křivky neurologických, rakovinových, diabetických a jiných chronických nemocí. Patříme k zemím s nejtvrdšími zákony o očkování a přesto zaujímáme ve světové statistice zdraví až téměř třicáté místo na rozdíl od Španělska, Švýcarska, Švédska, Japonska, Holandska či Izraele, jež jsou  mezi prvními deseti, ač mají očkování nepovinné.
Prosím prostudujte si přiložené materiály, informujte se o ostatních dostupných nezávislých zdrojích informací  a snažte se je brát v širších souvislostech příštích staletí, v duchu předběžného principu  opatrnosti pro sedm generací.
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