Global Cancer Statistics 2020 The cancer burden is expected to be 28.4 million cases in 2040, a 47% rise from 2020

Would not such statistics evoke a question of why our global managers pay such significant attention to coronavirus when cancer has far more devastating consequences for our lives and all economies? When we add the ever-increasing number of children with learning disabilities (1 in 5 already) which leads to lifelong dependencies on one form of social support or another, it is not hard to predict the future, regardless of geography.

What is common to all developed countries? EM and other radiation, vaccinations, additives, synthetic biology, genetic modifications of practically anything that comes into our hands or minds, and not least the way we grow our food.
What percentage of food comes from the soil, sees the sun’s reflections, and absorbs the active cosmic elements from the atmosphere? Just to ponder about.

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