Summarizing of  the few aspects of the existential knowledge available to us from the ancestors as the means to communicate more easily.
Because of the history of violence and hatred, connected with the low level of out vibrations, the question of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith is traditionally brought up to the surface and the 21th century should deal with it on a deeper level  because last century we created physical concentration camps  to hide our atrocities  from the public, but today we have  psychotronic technologies on hands which allow us to place the virtual concentration camps straight into our very  bodies and we can destroy ourselves with one single vibration without even knowing it.
One way would be to look at it from the top, from the available concepts of CREATION because their  metaphysicality of Emptiness/ Nothingness can obstructs the right understanding of the internal world that governs the external.  
The concept of the Tree of Life more or less  unites all religions into one:

The top- Absolute/Sunyata/Emptiness is a place to be clarified.
For that another graph will serve as a useful means:

It is hard to grasp the distinctions between them but in the Food Diagram there is a needed information to it:
The (SUN)ABSOLUTE is on the top and the (HOLY THE FIRM) ABSOLUTE/ NOTHINGNESS  on the bottom.  HOLY THE FIRM  is said to be connected with the SUN ABSOLUTE and it is represented as an incomplete hydrogen 6144, a hydrogen without the HOLY GHOST.
[“Each complete hydrogen is composed of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. Now take the last hydrogen of the third scale, hydrogen 3072. This hydrogen is composed of carbon 512, oxygen 1536 and nitrogen 1024. Now further: nitrogen becomes carbon for the next triad, but there is no oxygen for it and no nitrogen. Therefore by condensation it becomes itself hydrogen 6144, but it is a dead hydrogen without any possibility of passing into anything further, a hydrogen without the HOLY GHOST.”] ISOM.

Further understanding comes through the emotional centres, not through the mental/intellectual centres:

[“After a certain rate of vibration everything in the Universe becomes psychological. Air and light= psychological food. The transmutation of substances.” ] The Unknowable G.

It is vital for all academics of every field to understand, that NOTHINGNESS on the level of the ABSOLUTE is a psychological equivalent to the vacuum in physics. I testify that it  is an ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING space of absolute nothingness of any form perceived by any of our senses,  where  none of the loving emanations of the SUN ABSOLUTE penetrate. It is more merciful to encounter the EVIL. From that I imply that The HOLY GHOST must be the force of LOVE of the ABSOLUTE, the third, reconciling force of the Law of 3.
I strongly suggest the science wakes up or is woken up  to the fact that we are at the threshold of the internal world that can be fully accessed only via the emotional centre as a sole gate to the ‘higher emotional’ and ‘higher intellectual’ centres of man, where the REAL KNOWLEDGE resides but is inaccessible to us by our dreadfully low level of vibrations we operate on. It can be compared to inability to catch certain radio stations in the areas of bad perceptions..
The artificial intelligence is hardly going to increase them, so the utter concentration on the technocratic evolution of the mental/physical faculties of man seems to be a region for  human intelligence’s innovations.  The current level of psychopatic ‘life exercise’ of flooding and coronavirus across the planet would certainly suggest that.

The Universe as response to request

“…….the Universe can be taken as response to request. Man requests,
and the Universe in all its full and total reality, outer and inner, responds
according to the request. In regard to what was said last time, I wish
to draw your attention to this fact: many people are getting responses
to requests which they do not understand they are making. If the
Universe, visible and invisible, material and psychological, gross and
fine, as apprehended externally by the senses and internally by the
mind and heart, is response to request, then you will see how important
it is to realize what kind of requests you are making in order to understand
why you get the response, from any side of life, that you are actually
getting. The Work says: “Your being attracts your life”. Do you see
the connection? Without knowing it, a man or a woman may be making request and so getting a response from the total Universe that he or
she does not like. They see the response but do not see what excites the
response, what it is in themselves that attracts it. People, in other
words, may be asking for trouble without being aware that they are.
They only see the result—that is, the response. They see only effects,
not causes. To think only from effects is one thing. It is how mechanical
people think. To think from causes is another thing. It belongs to more
conscious thinking. Now the level of your being enters into request as
much or more than your knowledge. You may ask intellectually for
happiness but not see how factors that govern your being, as love of
your negative states, your grievances, your secret jealousies, your laziness,
your dislikes, and so on, are asking for something quite different, and that
the Universe is responding to these factors in your being that you are
secretly willing and affirming without seeing that you are. Understand
that full request must contain both thought and will—formulation and
emotional desire. The side of knowledge is the side of thought and a
man can only think from his knowledge. The side of being wills, and a
man only wills what he desires. If you love negative states, then your
will is of this quality. Your love is your will; it will attract the response
belonging to it. Only self-knowledge will make you aware of your state
of being and this begins with self-observation. Enough has been said
here on this subject—namely, that a person may be getting responses he
does not expect or desire, without seeing that he is attracting them
because he is making requests for them that he is not aware of.”
Dr M.Nicoll Commentaries vol.I

I was told by a teacher that my being is not high enough to get the adequate response to “my” request. I agreed, but that did not diminish request which has been for good of the whole of humanity.  So when seeing over and over again the response, I cannot but conclude that my request is actually not the request I am making, so someone else with higher being needs to come forward and do that as  is needed.

The higher states of consciousness require conscious efforts

“It has been explained before that in ordinary conditions of life we do not remember ourselves; we do not remember, that is, we do not feel ourselves, are not aware of ourselves at the moment of perception, of an emotion, of a thought or of an action. If a man understands this and tries to remember himself, every impression he receives while remembering himself will, so to speak, be doubled. In an ordinary psychic state, I simply look at a street. But if I remember myself, I do not simply look at the street; I feel that I am looking, as though saying to myself: ‘I am looking.’ Instead of one impression of the street, there are two impressions, one of the street and another of myself looking at it. (divided attention). This second impression, produced by the fact of my remembering myself, is the ‘additional shock.’ Moreover, it very often happens that the additional sensation connected with self-remembering brings with it an element of emotion,”

Efforts to remember oneself, observation of oneself at the moment of receiving an impression, observation of one’s impressions at the moment of receiving them, registering, so to speak, the reception of impressions and the simultaneous defining of the impressions received, all this taken together doubles the intensity of the impressions….”

……the highest matter can be “produced by the organism from air, that is, from the second kind of food. This, however, is obtained only by making a conscious effort* at the moment an impression is received. …. “It is necessary to understand what this means. We all breathe the same air. Apart from the elements known to our science, the air contains a great number of substances unknown to science, indefinable for it, and inaccessible to its observation. But exact analysis is possible both of the air inhaled and of the air exhaled.
This exact analysis shows that although the air inhaled by different people is exactly the same, the air exhaled is quite different. Let us suppose that the air we breathe is composed of twenty different elements unknown to our science. A certain number of these elements are absorbed by every man when he breathes. Let us suppose that five of these elements are always absorbed. Consequently, the air exhaled by every man is composed of fifteen elements; five of them have gone to feeding the organism. But some people exhale not fifteen but only ten elements, that is to say, they absorb five elements more. These five elements are higher ‘hydrogens.’ These higher ‘hydrogens’ are present in every small particle of air we inhale. By inhaling air we introduce these higher ‘hydrogens’ into ourselves, but if our organism does not know how to extract them out of the particles of air, and retain them, they are exhaled back into the air. If the organism is able to extract and retain them, they remain in it. In this way, we all breathe the same air but we extract different substances from it. Some extract more, others less. “In order to extract more, it is necessary to have in our organism a certain quantity of corresponding fine substances. Then the fine substances contained in the organism act like a magnet on the fine substances contained in the inhaled air. We come again to the old alchemical law: ‘In order to make gold, it is first of all necessary to have a certain quantity of real gold.’ ‘If no gold whatever is possessed, there is no means whatever of making it.’ “The whole of alchemy is nothing but an allegorical description of the human factory and its work of transforming base metals (coarse substances) into precious ones (fine substances).”
Excerpts from P.D. Ouspensky ISOM

*Conscious effort to divide attention between what we do (the object of our attention) and our physical body at the same time, to bring attention to it as well (like noticing my own breathing). The car’s autopilot (e.g. daydreaming) can be switched off, I may take control of driving, concentrate attention fully on speeding, be in the moment, yet identifying with it, not being aware of my physical body behind the wheel, only one-way attention.

The effort to control one’s emotions to save the expenditure of energy needed for conscious effort:
the practice of not expressing unpleasant or negative emotions, doubt, fear, anger, irritation, self-pity, etc….
of not ‘identifying’ with every nonsense, of not considering inwardly (what others think of me) but externally (what needs to be done) …..










‘A sound we can feel’

“…if the Lord’ Prayer is tied up with fasting, why does it say ‘give us this day our daily bread’?”
“You’ve got it wrong. It isn’t with the Lord’s Prayer that fasting is tied up, but with the discovery of the note on which such prayers should be chanted. Without fasting you can’t discover the Name”
“What Name”
“Well, when you say ‘hallowed be thy Name’, what do you mean?”
I had to confess I had never thought about it.
“In your church, nobody does think about it. They beg the question by saying it is the name of God and leave it at that. Yet the key is in your scriptures: ‘In the beginning was the Name and the Name was with God and the name was God'”
“In the beginning was the Word, not Name”.
Logos if you want to bicker” he retorted. “The point is that when there wasn’t yet any language there can’t have been any words and there can’t have been any names in the ordinary sense.
“Then what was the logos?”
“A sound. The first sound. The deepest sound.What you might call the world’s tonic note.”
“A sound we can hear?”
“Feel. Not hear in the ordinary sense.
The most penetrating sound is inaudible, just as the most penetrating light is invisible. But by training, you can produce an audible echo of the sound because every octave is a replica at a different level of every other octave, as everybody knows.
The function of prayer is not to beg or to extol but to attune.”
“To attune what?”
“The body. Or the soul, if you prefer the metaphor.
You are a musical instrument as a piano is and you need to be kept in tune. That’s where fasting and other exercises come in; you cannot possibly reflect finer vibrations when your body -or soul if you prefer -is loaded with a lot of food in the stomach or while the blood makes a din chasing about in the veins and arteries.”
“The blood? Making a din?”
“Like a cascade. You can’t hear it when you are always listening outwards. You have to listen inwards – and that alone is an art in itself…”
“….and needs to be studied systematically, not in an amateurish or haphazard way.”

excerpts from On a single breath S.P.Dukes
(so who does teach that nowadays, over a hundred years later?)


We are at the threshold of Revelations

so rather than passing on the subjective thoughts which seem to get nowhere I exchange them for the conscious ones, which ought to be pondered by all militaries, ‘leaders’ and scientists:  If they were, we might be somewhere else:

“Although you were created for the purpose of the common-cosmic existence on planets, and although you were created also as “a-field-of-hope” for the future expectations of our COMMON ALL-GRACIOUS CREATOR – that is to say, created with the possibilities of coating in your presence that “Higher-Sacred” for the possible arising of which the whole of our now existing World was just created – and in spite of the said possibilities given to you, that is to say, in spite of your having been created three-brained with possibilities of a logical mentation, yet you do not use this sacred property of yours for the purpose for which it was foreordained, but manifest it as “cunning” towards HIS other creations, as, for instance, towards your own-donkey.

“Apart from the possibilities present in you of consciously coating in your presence the mentioned ‘Higher-Sacred’, this donkey of yours is of the same value for the common-cosmic process and consequently for our COMMON CREATOR, as you yourself, since each of you is predestined for some definite purpose, and these distinct definite purposes, in their totality, actualize the sense of Everything Existing.’
‘The difference between you and your own-donkey is merely in the form and quality of functioning of the internal and external organization of your common presences.

“Such a distribution of forces and strength, which at first sight appears unjust, on the part of our MOST JUST CREATOR was made by Great Nature, simply because the surplus of cosmic substances foreseeingly given you by the CREATOR and by Nature to use for the purpose of your personal self-perfecting, is not given to your donkey, but in place of this, Great Nature Herself transforms the same surplus of cosmic substances in your donkey’s presence for the power and strength of certain of its organs for its present existence only, but of course without the personal cognition of the donkey itself, thus enabling it to manifest the said power incomparably better than you.
And these variously powered manifestations of beings of diverse forms actualize in their totality just those exterior conditions in which alone it is possible for those similar to you – that is, for three-brained beings – consciously to perfect the “germ-of-Reason” placed in their presences, to the necessary gradation of Pure Objective Reason.
“I repeat, all beings, of all brain systems, without exception, large and small, arising and existing on the Earth or within the Earth, in the air or beneath the waters, are all equally necessary for our COMMON CREATOR, for the common harmony of the existence of Everything Existing.
“‘And as all the enumerated forms of beings actualize all together the form of the process required by our CREATOR for the existence of Everything Existing, the essences of all beings are to Him equally valuable and dear.
‘For our COMMON CREATOR, all beings are only parts of the existence of a whole essence spiritualized by HIMSELF.

“‘But what do we see here now?
“One form of beings created by HIM, in whose presences HE has placed all HIS hopes and expectations for the future welfare of Everything Existing, taking advantage of their superiorities lord it over other forms and destroy their existence right and left and, what is more, they do so presumably “in HIS name.”

“‘The whole terror of it is that although such phenomenal anti-god acts take place here in every house and on every square, nevertheless it never enters the head of any of these unfortunates that these beings whose existence I or we are now destroying, are equally dear to that ONE, Who has created them, and that if HE created these other forms of beings as well as ourselves, it must also have been for some purpose.’….

….”I am quite sure that if any one of them should become aware that in destroying another’s existence he is not only committing an evil deed against the true God and every real Saint, but is even causing them, in their essences, sorrow, and grief that there should exist in the great Universe “in-the-likeness-of-God” being-monsters who can manifest towards other creations of our COMMON CREATOR so consciencelessly and pitilessly; I repeat, if any one of them should become aware of this, then certainly not one among them could with all his heart ever again destroy the existence of beings of other forms for Sacrificial-Offerings.

“Then perhaps on the Earth also, would begin to exist the eighteenth personal commandment of our COMMON CREATOR which declared:

“Love everything that breathes.”
“‘It goes without saying, GOD forgives everything – this has even become a law in the World.”
‘But HIS creations – in this case people – must not abuse this All-Gracious and Everywhere-Penetrating Goodness of HIS; they must not only care for but even maintain all HE has created.”

excerpts from BT G.I.G. written 100 years ago

in Czech:
„Přestože jsi byl stvořen pro společné účely vesmírné existence na planetách, a přestože jsi byl stvořen také jako „pole naděje“ pro budoucí očekávání našeho SPOLEČNÉHO-VŠE-MILOSRDNÉHO- TVŮRCE – tedy řečeno stvořen s možnostmi oblékání „Vyššího-Posvátného“ v tvé přítomnosti, právě pro jehož možné vznikání byl celý náš současný Svět  vytvořen – a navzdory zmíněným možnostem, které ti byly dány, jinak řečeno přestože jsi byl stvořen jako tří-mozkový s možnostmi logické mentace, přesto toto své posvátné vlastnictví nevyužíváš k účelu, pro který bylo předem určeno, ale projevuješ ho jako „mazanost“ vůči JEHO jiným stvořením, jako například vůči tvému oslovi.

„Kromě možností vědomého ‘oblékání’ zmíněného Vyššího Nejsvětějšího ve své přítomnosti, které v tobě je, má ten tvůj osel pro společný kosmický proces a následně pro našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE stejnou hodnotu jako ty, protože každý z vás je předurčen k nějakému specifickému účelu a tyto odlišné specifické účely v jejich úplnosti aktualizují smysl Všeho Existujícího. “

„Rozdíl mezi tebou a tvým oslem je pouze ve formě a kvalitě fungování vnitřní a vnější organizace vašich společných přítomností.

“Ty máš například pouze dvě nohy, zatímco osel má až čtyři, z nichž každá je navíc nekonečně silnější než tvoje.”

“Uneseš například na těch svých nohách stejně tolik jako ten osel?”

„Určitě ne, protože tvé nohy jsou ti dány pouze k tomu, abys unesl sám sebe a to málo, co je nezbytné pro normální existenci tří-mozkové bytosti, jak předvídala Příroda.
“Takové rozdělení sil a moci, které se na první pohled jeví jako nespravedlivé bylo ze strany našeho NEJSPRAVEDLIVĚJŠÍHO TVŮRCE  provedeno Velikou Přírodou jednoduše proto, že nadbytek vesmírných substancí, které ti předvídavě poskytli TVŮRCE a Příroda k tvému osobnímu sebe-zdokonalování není dán tvému oslovi, ale namísto toho  Veliká Příroda sama transformuje stejný nadbytek kosmických substancí v přítomnosti tvého osla na sílu a moc některých jeho orgánů pouze pro jeho současnou existenci, ale samozřejmě aniž by si to osel sám osobně uvědomil, což mu umožňuje projevit zmíněnou sílu nesrovnatelně lépe než ty.

„A tyto různě poháněné projevy bytostí rozličných tvarů v jejich souhrnu aktualizují právě ty vnější podmínky, v nichž samotných je možné aby ti, kteří jsou podobni tobě – tedy tří-mozkové bytosti – vědomě zdokonalovaly „zárodek Rozumu“, umístěného v jejich přítomnosti k nezbytné gradaci Čistého Objektivního Rozumu.

“Opakuji, všechny bytosti všech mozkových systémů bez výjimky, velké i malé, vznikající a existující na Zemi nebo uvnitř Země, ve vzduchu nebo pod vodami, jsou pro našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE stejně nezbytné pro společnou harmonii existence Všeho Existujícího.

„A protože všechny vyjmenované formy bytostí  společně aktualizují formu procesu, který náš TVŮRCE vyžaduje pro existenci Všeho Existujícího, esence všech bytostí jsou pro Něho stejně cenné a drahé.
„Pro našeho společného TVŮRCE jsou všechny bytosti pouze částmi Jím zduchovnělé existence celé esence . “Ale co tu teď vidíme?”
„Jednu formu bytostí Jím vytvořených, do jejichž přítomnosti umístil všechny své naděje a očekávání pro budoucí blaho Všeho Existujícího, kteří využívají své nadřazenosti k vládě nad jinými formami a ničí jejich existenci vpravo a vlevo a navíc se domnívají, že v “Jeho jménu“.
„Jsem si docela jistý, že pokud by si někdo z nich měl uvědomit, že ničením existence druhého nečiní jen zlý skutek pravému bohu a každému opravdovému Svatému, ale dokonce způsobuje v jejich esencích zármutek a utrpení tím, že by ve velikém Vesmíru měly existovat bytostní nestvůry v podobnosti Boží“, které se mohou projevovat vůči ostatním stvořením našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE tak nesvědomitě a žalostně; opakuji, kdyby si to měl někdo z nich uvědomit, pak už by rozhodně nikdy ani jeden z nich nemohl kvůli obětním darům  zničit celým svým srdcem existenci bytostí jiných forem.

„Potom by snad také na Zemi začalo existovat osmnácté osobní přikázání našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE, které prohlašuje: „Milujte vše, co dýchá.“

„Je samozřejmé, že BŮH odpouští všechno – to se dokonce stalo na Světě zákonem.

„Ale JEHO tvorstvo – v tomto případě lidé – nesmí JEHO VšeMilosrdné a Vším-Pronikající Dobro zneužívat; musí se nejen starat ale dokonce udržovat vše, co vytvořil.
výňatky z BT G.I.G. 

Today (now) determines tomorrow

Esoteric science:  today is a result of yesterday and tomorrow will be a result of today. (what is done today will be done tomorrow). Any changes can be made only in ‘now’.  (One of the 48 Objective Laws of the Universe, under which humanity, in general, finds itself). So if by any chance anybody wants to change tomorrow, he/she has to do it ‘now’. By changing ‘now’ they will change tomorrow and by changing tomorrow they will change the past.

The esoteric science

is the highest science available to men on Earth. You can do harm even kill with it and heal and give life back, such high knowledge it contains. Who has access to it has also incredible advantages over the rest of the population and so adequate responsibility. If he/she purposefully misuses it against another being, he/she creates a very powerful force against themselves hard to redress, despite of all-forgiveness of our Creator.

The earth also is growing; not in the sense of size but in the sense of greater consciousness, greater receptivity. The planetary influences which were sufficient for her at one period of her existence become insufficient, she needs the reception of finer influences.

“To ordinary knowledge,” he said, “organic life is a kind of accidental appendage violating the integrity of a mechanical system. Ordinary knowledge does not connect it with anything and draws no conclusions from the fact of its existence. But you should already understand that there is nothing accidental or unnecessary in nature and that there can be nothing; everything has a definite function; everything serves a definite purpose. Thus organic life is an indispensable link in the chain of the worlds which cannot exist without it just as it cannot exist without them. It has been said before that organic life transmits planetary influences of various kinds to the earth and that it serves to feed the moon and to enable it to grow and strengthen. But the earth also is growing; not in the sense of size but in the sense of greater consciousness, greater receptivity. The planetary influences which were sufficient for her at one period of her existence become insufficient, she needs the reception of finer influences. To receive finer influences a finer, more sensitive receptive apparatus is necessary. Organic life, therefore, has to evolve, to adapt itself to the needs of the planets and the earth. Likewise also the moon can be satisfied at one period with the food which is given her by organic life of a certain quality, but afterwards the time comes when she ceases to be satisfied with this food, cannot grow on it, and begins to get hungry. Organic life must be able to satisfy this hunger, otherwise it does not fulfill its function, does not answer its purpose. This means that in order to answer its purpose organic life must evolve and stand on the level of the needs of the planets, the earth, and the moon. “We must remember that the ray of creation, as we have taken it, from the Absolute to the moon, is like a branch of a tree—a growing branch. The end of this branch, the end out of which come new shoots, is the moon. If the moon does not grow, if it neither gives nor promises to give new shoots, it means that either the growth of the whole ray of creation will stop or that it must find another path for its growth, give out some kind of lateral branch.
….. Continue reading “The earth also is growing; not in the sense of size but in the sense of greater consciousness, greater receptivity. The planetary influences which were sufficient for her at one period of her existence become insufficient, she needs the reception of finer influences.”

The Master’s lesson

“All creation is governed by law,” Sri Yukteswar concluded. “The ones which manifest in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws. But there are subtler laws ruling the realms of consciousness which can be known only through the inner science of yoga. The hidden spiritual planes also have their natural and lawful principles of operation. It is not the physical scientist but the fully self-realized master who comprehends the true nature of matter. Thus Christ was able to restore the servant’s ear after it had been severed by one of the disciples.” 12-11 

Sri Yukteswar was a peerless interpreter of the scriptures. Many of my happiest memories are centered in his discourses. But his jeweled thoughts were not cast into ashes of heedlessness or stupidity. One restless movement of my body, or my slight lapse into absent-mindedness, sufficed to put an abrupt period to Master’s exposition.
“You are not here.” Master interrupted himself one afternoon with this disclosure. As usual, he was keeping track of my attention with a devastating immediacy.
“Guruji!” My tone was a protest. “I have not stirred; my eyelids have not moved; I can repeat each word you have uttered!”
“Nevertheless you were not fully with me. Your objection forces me to remark that in your mental background you were creating three institutions. One was a sylvan retreat on a plain, another on a hilltop, a third by the ocean.”
Those vaguely formulated thoughts had indeed been present almost subconsciously. I glanced at him apologetically.
“What can I do with such a master, who penetrates my random musings?”
“You have given me that right. The subtle truths I am expounding cannot be grasped without your complete concentration. Unless necessary I do not invade the seclusion of others’ minds. Man has the natural privilege of roaming secretly among his thoughts. The unbidden Lord does not enter there; neither do I venture intrusion.”
“You are ever welcome, Master!”
“Your architectural dreams will materialize later. Now is the time for study!”
excerpts from Autobiography of a Yogi


Architecture influences vibrations proceeding in the atmosphere of the place

“I am now carrying out my experiments, namely, those experiments I call “architectural,” and these are making clear to me precisely what kind of interior spaces act harmfully upon people and animals, and to what extent. ‘These “architectural” experiments have already fully convinced me, not only that the size and the general interior form of a place have an enormous influence on people and animals, but also that all interior “curves,” “angles,” “projections,” “breaks” in the walls, and so on, bringing about changes in the vibrations proceeding in the atmosphere of the place, always contribute to improving or worsening the subjective vibrations of the people and animals there. “When he began making his experiments in our presence with this large tent, I noticed among other things that the changing vibrations, acting in response to various surrounding causes, affected the common presence of the three-brained beings who have taken your fancy much more strongly than that of the one-brained and two-brained beings. “Evidently this also is the consequence of the abnormal inner and outer conditions of their ordinary being-existence.
“After these architectural demonstrations, he led us to another small chamber where he carried out many other experiments, through which it could easily be seen and understood precisely which vibrations from various sources act upon the ‘subjective chord of vibrations’ of your favorites, and in what manner. “These experiments also showed the results caused by vibrations issuing from the radiations of three-brained beings of various types or of two-brained and one-brained beings, as well as those caused by the vibrations of their voices and by those from many other sources. “He also demonstrated and explained experiments that proved the harmful action on contemporary terrestrial beings of those supposedly intentional productions which
are found in great quantities, especially in recent times, and which they call ‘works of art.’ “Among them were ‘pictures,’ ‘statues,’ and of course their famous ‘music ‘ “But from all the experiments conducted by this sage, it became evident that the most harmful vibrations for contemporary terrestrial three-brained beings are the ones produced in them by what they call ‘medical remedies.'”                                   BT G.I.G

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation Animal magnetism continues to be a topic of historical research. Here are some articles on the subject published between 2015 and 2019. Alvarado, C.S. (2019). Classic text No. 119: Jules Bernard Luys on magnetic pathology. History of Psychiatry, 30, 359–374. (Available from the author: In the […]

via Animal Magnetism: A Selected Bibliography of Articles, 2015-2019 — Parapsychology

Meddling for Okidanokh

“The essence of every relatively independent intraplanetary and surplanetary formation as well as of the beings of every system of brains and external coating depends on this substance, and likewise the possibilities for three-brained beings to perfect themselves and ultimately to blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively also on it.

….the destruction in the presences of the planet and of its atmosphere, of the Omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all the labors and results of the First-Sacred-Cause of everything existing”. BT

A letter to World Psychiatry Association


Professor Helen Herrman
WPA President

Dear professor Herrman,

The upcoming World Congress of Psychiatry will bring together the most prominent academics from different parts of the world and so it is an excellent opportunity to address the topics of human experimentation and mind control. They have been officially avoided for decades and increasingly demand the attention of psychiatrists, doctors, neuroscientists, and psychologists because these very professions on the military levels have been responsible for such often illegal scientific research.

It goes back more than 120 years when certain esoteric societies had access to the very sophisticated, high knowledge of the power of the sound vibrations (being traced back to the Wall of Jericho), with which they were able to affect any part of a human body to the point of inflammation for instance and then heal it instantly. The knowledge was uncompromisingly guarded against its exploitation by the highest ethical and moral standards of those who possessed it. The intelligence agencies of the main superpowers eventually acquired some of it and their defense departments have developed over the century so-called ‘directed energy weapons systems, using remotely applied hypersonic, electromagnetic, microwave or other radiation to totally control not just the global weather climate, but also physical bodies and minds of any living organisms they choose, including humans. Decades-long clandestine human experimentation programs involving unwitting civilians had served as their research bases.

With the latest development of psychotronic technologies, we entered into the next phase of still partially clandestine experimentation with different states of consciousness. To this date, orthodox psychiatry and psychology diagnose the testimonies of such experimentation as delusional, schizophrenic, and treat the targeted people with heavy psychiatric drugs which indeed is another torture of its own. It concerns millions of people across the globe, it violates the most basic human rights and it really seems unbelievable that orthodox medicine would not be aware of such reality. From my own experience, I can confirm that there is close cooperation between the police and psychiatric clinics.
I consider it very dangerous because due to DEW’s secrecy, its invisibility, and being remotely controlled one cannot locate their source without the satellite data and no protection is available. Our ethical and moral standards vary extensively so a considerable amount of people cannot resist the opportunity to satiate their primitive drives by electronic hunting and inflicting pain on their fellow human beings if granted free of penalty by the authorities. As the authorities do not admit their existence and neither does the medical and juridical establishment, we have a planetary situation, where crime flourishes without any legal constraints. By disbelieving and incorrect diagnoses psychiatry actually prevents jurisdiction from creating the law, which would acknowledge the existence of directed energy weapons (already subjects to global trade) and protect civilians at least legally against their misuse. Psychotronic technologies have already entered the public sector in the form of mind-reading machines as for instance Facebook already announced and millions of Chinese, being subjected to the social credit system, only support the concerns that humanity has not been on the most enlightened path. Professor, you must acknowledge that under such circumstances it is absolutely unacceptable for WPA not to react in a proactive way.

There has been an enormous amount of suffering created by this unfortunate exploitation of the human mind, the lives of many doctors, scientists, government employees, and activists have been destroyed when trying to stop this utter misuse of the natural capacity of the mind to inquire about the unknown. Traditionally it is a private sphere to which no one but the owner has access.

The theme of external mind control has to be addressed internationally by the United Nations and as the militaries and the governments obsessed by global control and usurping the science for their egoistic aims are not under the oath as your profession is, your influence should be superior.

This issue is connected with another aspect of esoteric science, which teaches that the planetary atmosphere is composed of electricity that participates in the processes of creation and maintenance of life on the earth and the mental wellbeing of humanity depends on it. The extraction of electricity from the atmosphere directly affects our minds, reduces our ability to mentate and happens to be the main cause of psychotic disorders. This information was passed to us 120 years ago, around the time of Tesla’s discoveries when our atmosphere and space exploration was at the very early stages. Directed energy weapons systems surrounding our planet today consume enormous amounts of electricity. At the same time, the profits from the prescriptions of psychiatric drugs grow exponentially.

The same esoteric science explains to general humanity of the third millennium an unknown trick of different states of consciousness, which has been overlooked both by orthodox psychiatry and psychology. What we call consciousness is only its second state out of the total four. In this state we cannot remember ourselves for more than few minutes at a time. The rest of the day humanity spends in the identification with everything it does without being aware of its body at the same time, which is the characteristic of the third state of consciousness. The expressions ‘being asleep’, ‘be on autopilot’, ‘to be or not to be’ etc. point exactly to this phenomenon. Any sincere self-observation will prove the clear distinction between the second and third state of consciousness. If psychiatry knew about its impact on life of man, it could actually restore the mental balance of their patients with lasting effects without chemicals.

It also needs to acknowledge that consciousness is not created by the brain, only resides there and can be separated from the body entirely and nowadays even artificially as some of your colleagues from defense departments will most likely know. The field of Quantum Physics clearly suggests the same.

I would like to bring your attention to the mentioned esoteric science because it is the most comprehensive Universally objective psychological system humanity has at its disposal and it proved to be correct at every step undertaken. One of its pupils, a Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Maurice Nicoll, published a collection of his lectures called Psychological Commentaries on Gurdjieff & Ouspensky.

In the name of all people, suffering either because of human experimentation or because they cannot cope with their life circumstances, I am passing you this information in hope that it will one day revolutionize psychiatry and psychology for their benefit and those of future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

God’s energy

“God is consciousness, God is energy. He is ever responding to us.
The vibration of his thoughts, sent forth, requires energy.
The energy manifests as sound (principle of dew)
Talking means vibrating . In the vibration of his cosmic energy He is talking all the time.
He has become the Mother of creation that materializes Herself in terms of visible forms.
What is matter? Nothing but a particular rate of vibration of God’s cosmic energy. No form in the universe is really solid. That which appears so is merely a compact or gross vibration of his  energy. He is talking to us through vibrations.
So how to communicate with him?  The vibrations of different languages originate in the cosmic vibration. What is language? It is a certain vibration. What is vibration? It is a certain energy. And what is energy? It is a certain thought.
God, being the cosmic vibration, knows all languages.”

So where is the problem? Why do we have to be chained to the artificial intelligence computers and the internet of things when our bodies alone are the universal internets, able to communicate with the CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE?

The Science of Consciousness 2019 Conference June 25-28, 2019 Interlaken – Switzerland | Newswise: News for Journalists

The Science of Consciousness (TSC) 2019 is the 26th annual international interdisciplinary conference on fundamental questions and cutting-edge issues connected with conscious experience.

Source: The Science of Consciousness 2019 Conference June 25-28, 2019 Interlaken – Switzerland | Newswise: News for Journalists


Why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves and humanity?

Vibrations have been inseparable part of the esoteric science of consciousness and the first thing one is taught is that he/she is asleep and their ordinary level of consciousness is only on a mechanical level, mostly daydreaming, far below that of a real Man.  The whole work starts with self-observations to verify for oneself such a strong statement, but it can be deduced from Q physics.

The following graphs  indicate the differences between various states of consciousness:  Theta wave(4-7Hz)  differs very little from Delta wave(0.1-3 Hz), that of disconnected centers at night. It is named waking consciousness and majority of accidents happen exactly on this level, when we switch ourselves on “autopilot”, folks call it  ‘nobody home’. Alpha wave(8-15Hz) is getting slightly better, but Beta(16-30) and mainly Gamma(31-100Hz) are generally the waves of self- rememberings/self-realizations/self-awareness…

One wonders, what is the purpose of exposing the earth to the unusual 4Hz frequency, which  was detected by several institutions over the past decades. In the light of the article , which talks about  the “sync up” phenomenon applicable to different systems,  it is not hard to think in terms of convenience having humanity synchronized on the lowest conscious level, where its psychological manipulation can be performed with the best results possible.  “Islands of predictability in a sea of chaotic unpredictability.”


“Gamma oscillations are short-lived and typically emerge from the coordinated interaction of excitation and inhibition, which can be detected as local field potentials”

Anyone undertaking the battle with ‘sleep’ realizes that without attention, knowledge,  self-determination and help this  monster is hard to combat, so why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves?  Besides what are the vibrations of their Ai and how do they contribute and fit  to the reciprocal maintenance of the Universe?

Reincarnation of reincarnation?

There are people who are natural believers. They simply believe and nothing can shake their convictions. So devotion as a prerequisite to Christianity is not a problem for them, on the contrary. I was different, I wanted to understand things. When young, I tried to read the Bible in several attempts and always failed because I was taking it rationally and the Old Testament did not make any sense to me. A lot of knowledge is required to realize that religious scriptures are the highest science on Earth, written in symbols to survive the ravages of time, translations, corrections etc. and the keys are needed in order to understand them. There are different levels of understanding depending on the level of being of a reader or a listener.  It is said that  scriptures have to be true on each of them, meaning that “flood” must have been real flood in the first place. Continue reading “Reincarnation of reincarnation?”

Three lines of Work

People generally have very little understanding what it means to Work on oneself not for self-calming and well-being purposes but for one’s inner development.

There are many schools with many different approaches so that everybody can choose the one corresponding to their “type”. Or it is rather the other way around, they choose us.

But most of them have the Work divided into the three lines of Work so that when life interferes heavily with such aims on one or two of them, the third is available to overcome the intervals of the others.

  1. Work on one self.
  2. Work with other “students”
  3. Work for the School, connected to the HIGHER, for the  good of the future of humanity

With just a little effort we can distinguish the third line of Work from the first.

Princip obětování

Všem, kterým se příčí pojetí krvavé oběti ať  ve formě zvířecí či lidské:

“Když úmyslně zastavím používání své mimořádné síly telepatie a hypnotismu, kterou vlastním, musí potom ve mně být zdrojem sebepamatování”

“Za dávných časů byli skuteční kněží schopni říci, kdy se blížil Solioonensius a svolali lidi dohromady ke speciálním obřadům a rituálům, jejichž pomocí byli schopni použít část napětí pro své vlastní bytí. Byli schopni obětovat negativní nutkání ničit a přeměnit ho v pozitivní úsilí zdokonalit sami sebe.”           Quotations Thring/ Nott p.269

“Q: Pochopil jsem něco nového, ale nejsem schopný to uvést do praxe.

G: Touto cestou nedosáhnete toho, co chcete. Radím vám, abyste si vytvořil spojení mezi tím, čeho chcete dosáhnout a nějakým zvykem. Například kouřením. Začněte sebepřesvědčením. Když si zítra ráno uvědomíte/upamatujete sám sebe (remember yourself), zasloužíte si cigaretu. Když si sám sebe neuvědomíte, nebudete kouřit. Smíte kouřit pouze když si to zasloužíte, pouze když si uvědomíte sám sebe. Až doposud jste neměl žádný plán. Provádějte ho upřímně, jako úkol, splňte ho se ctí, závisí na tom vaše budoucnost. Když se sám od sebe upamatujete, budete schopný změnit svou budoucnost. To je velká věc, jde o velké rozhodnutí z hlediska vašeho cíle. Jste kuřák, takže je to pro vás velká oběť. Pokud ne, vyberte si něco jiného. Musí jít o obětování. Tímto způsobem pochopíte mnohé věci. Budete přinucen si uvědomit, že to je vaše tělo, které chce kouřit. Od toho všechno pochází, tady vše začíná. Jste úplně ve svém těle. Nemáte skutečné Já. Vaše gravitační centrum je ve vašem těle.                                                                                    To co jsem navrhl jemu platí i pro všechny ostatní. Skutečná oběť je nezbytná.”

Quotations Thring 269 DosH str 297-8

Pan G. vždy připomínal naši povinnost sloužit Budoucnosti, ‘připravovat pro lidstvo lepší budoucnost’. Musíme se naučit obětovat se v přítomném čase v zájmu budoucnosti.

Quotations Thring JGB 268

“Když není nic obětováno, nic se nezíská. Je třeba obětovat v daném okamžiku něco vzácného, obětovávat velmi dlouho a obětovávat hojně. ..když je dosaženo krystalizace, odříkání se, strádání či oběti již nejsou nutné. ”          Quotations Thring

“Když člověk na sobě začne pracovat, musí obětovat svá vlastní rozhodnutí, protože jinak nebude vůle člověka, který řídí jeho práci schopná kontrolovat jeho akce. Školy čtvrté cesty vyžadují chápání nade vše ostatní. Samotné uvědomění si své vlastní nicotnosti může zdolat strach z podrobení se vůli někoho jiného. ”          Quotations Thring

V této souvislosti bych podotkla, že člověk, který řídí práci má za úkol řekněme zneškodnit tzv nepravou osobnost, masku studenta, která ochraňuje jeho esenci před světem ale zároveň brání jejímu vývoji   a pomoci studentovi ji postupně nahradit pravou osobností, která vývoj esence umožní. V mezidobí je student velmi zranitelný a vedoucí svou vůlí jeho esenci chrání. Proto je samozřejmě velice důležité rozpoznat pravou školu od nepravé. Ano, svým způsobem jde o vymývání mozků, ale kdo je dnes nevymývá a za jakým účelem, a co stojí za to nevymýt….

odkaz na ‘sebepamatování’:


An alternative explanation of life and man’s origins and purpose on Earth

Dr. M. Nicoll

Part IV.—To-day we will speak of the small octave between the Sun
and the Moon. This octave created by the Intelligence of the Sun
sounds three notes on the Earth, La, Sol, Fa, which represent the living
machine called Organic Life on Earth, of which Man is a part. At
present we will not speak of the meaning of the different notes of this
small octave. What must be first understood is that Man does not
appear in the great octave of creation but in the little side octave proceeding
from the Sun. Man is a special creation within the Ray. Let
us now try to grasp why Man appears and why the small octave is
The reason why the Intelligence of the Sun creates this small octave
is to fill the gap or place of “missing semi-tone” between Fa and Mi in
the Great Ray, due to the nature of the Law of Seven. Unless something
were created at this point the force passing down the Ray from the
Absolute could not pass freely to the Earth and Moon. A shock is
necessary at this point owing to the nature of the Law of Seven. This Law
governs the order of creation and brings about conditions at certain
points where something must be added in the nature of a shock. The Law
of Seven is therefore sometimes referred to as the Law of the Shocks.
Understand this clearly: certain shocks are required at certain points
in the unfolding or progress or evolution of anything.
The Intelligence of the Earth or the Planets is not great enough to
create anything to act as a shock at this point. The Intelligence of
the Sun is needed. But the Sun, in creating the small octave, has two
objects which it is essential to grasp and distinguish between very clearly.
One object is to create a sensitive transmitting machine between the
great Notes Fa and Mi in the Great Ray to enable the force to pass to the
Earth and Moon at the termination of the Ray. From this point of view
Organic Life, including Man, exists only for the purposes of the Ray
and its creation is due to the nature of the Law of Seven, which causes
certain difficult or narrow places to appear in the order of creation. If
this were the only object Man’s situation would be one in which as a
part of this transmitting machine he must always serve the Ray and its
evolution, which takes place over immense periods of time.
The other object is connected with the Sun itself. In creating the
small octave, the Sun is not merely creating on behalf of the Ray itself
to fill a missing place, but is also acting for itself. The Sun wants something
apart from the needs of the Ray of Creation. It is here that the possibilities
of Man are found. Let us now think of this idea which it is of such
fundamental importance to understand in this Work. The Intelligence of
the Sun wants something for itself in creating Man on Earth, quite apart from
the necessities of the Great Ray. What does it want? It wants Man to
ascend from the level of the Earth to the level of the Sun. For this reason
it creates Man as something incomplete, as an unfinished being. In what
sense incomplete?
In regard to being a part of Organic Life, serving the purposes of
the Ray of Creation he is complete and nothing more is required of him
than the life he ordinarily leads. He is capable of living on Earth as he
is. He is then said (in the Work) to serve Nature. But in regard to his
real origin from the Octave from the Sun he has another destiny locked up
in him. In regard to this destiny Man is unfinished, incomplete, because
the Intelligence of the Sun has created him for another reason and has
put in him, apart from what is necessary to serve Nature, other
powers and possibilities. That is, Man has in him far more than is necessary
for the purposes of serving Nature. In speaking of Nature here what is meant
is all Life on Earth—all that we see around us on the Earth, the life of
plants, animals, trees, fishes, and also the life of mankind, with all its
struggles, all the killing, pain, birth and death, which, all
together, make up this perpetual-motion machine called Organic Life
created by the Sun to transmit influences from the upper to the lower
part of the Ray of Creation.
In regard to the second object of the Sun, Man is created on the
Earth as incomplete in order that he may develop up to the level of
being represented by the Sun. It is in this sense that Man is said in the
Work to be a self-developing organism. Man is thus an experiment of the
Sun, placed on the Earth. He can remain asleep and serve Organic Life:
or he can awake and serve the Sun. If he had been created with the
same being and intelligence as the Sun he would not be on Earth. Man
has therefore two explanations. He is created to serve Nature—that is,
to be part of Organic Life—and in this sense it is not in the interests of
Nature that Man should develop and so cease to serve Nature.

Man is also created to develop himself, until he reaches the level of the
Sun. If you will make the effort to think, if you will really try to understand
the meaning of the Ray of Creation and the Octave from the Sun,
many inexplicable and apparently irreconcilable things will become clear
to your mind. That is, you will be able to begin to think rightly about
life on Earth, and of Man’s situation—that is, of your own situation.
* *

The Vibrations

As the global military holds the reigns over humanity firmly in their hands and people themselves have no common language to understand each other, it is quite frustrating to try to unite an opinion on anything, even on truth, which itself should be more or less opinion less. One of the most confusing subjects is esoteric domain, the more so that not many people who write  or have opinions about it actually practically  studied that “science” (as it is the highest science on earth)  so what I sometimes come across is quite ridiculous. A  particular subject can show, how it relates to the present state of science, which is officially in its complexity kept secret from the public eyes.

This knowledge has been known to the intelligence agencies since the beginning of the last century through several of  their agents who studied the esoteric school with  genuine interests and eventually devoted their lives to it.  What some of their colleagues eventually did with it is another story.

The law of vibrations, around 1900:

‘Every form of life has its own “total” of vibrations proper to it, which represents the totality of all of the vibrations engendered from the various definite organs of the given form of life, and this total varies at different times in each form of life and depends on how intensely these variously caused vibrations are transformed by the corresponding sources or organs.

Now all these heterogenous and variously caused vibrations always blend within the limits of the whole life in the general subjective what is called “chord of vibrations” of the given life.’

Special apparatuses resembling bracelets were attached to the arms of two human beings, and collar-like apparatuses on the necks of one dog, one sheep and one goat. They all had attached vibrometers showing the figures.

The men had each different vibrations, the age and strength played its role.

‘The sum total of the vibrations of the dog is three times greater than that of the sheep and half as much again as that of the goat, and in number of vibrations of his general chord of vibrations, this dog has a trifle less than myself and my friend.’

‘It must be remarked that among the men, especially men of recent times, very many are to be met with who have not even as great a number of vibrations of their common presence as the number shown by the presence of this dog.’

‘This has come about because in most of these people I have just mentioned, one function for instance, and, namely, the function of emotion, which actualizes the main quantity of subjective vibrations, is already almost completely atrophied, and therefore the sum total of vibrations in them proves to be less than in this dog.’

What vibrations come from artificial intelligence? What vibrations come from genetically modified organisms compared to those original ones with ‘seed in itself after his kind’ ?

The answers should be known as there is supposed to be an Us satellite which records all vibrations originating from the whole planet.  Obviously there is a whole world of science we know nothing about and probably will not know for our obsession with virtual reality and ai….




The Bukharian dervish Hadji Asvatz Troov BT G.I.G.

Genesis Hebrew/Greek/En

Which is worse?

The question of A.L.Staveley*:

Which is worse? That esoteric knowledge falls into the hands of those who do not respect it, distort and dilute it; or that it is kept so wrapped up and “protected” that those who could benefit by it and who must be those for whom it was intended and given to us to pass on – never get the opportunity to work on them?  …..When G presented his Movements in France and America, these events were open to anyone interested and, with a single exception, admission was free.      When he was asked  “Why do you open this to all these people?” he answered angrily, “How can you judge?…We  have to let everyone hear. The results do not belong to us.”

Well at that time the  military science had already had an access to the esoteric knowledge through the military intelligence’s personal connections with the esoteric schools, but the technologies had not been available to prove it.

Nowadays we have an entire different situation. The esoteric knowledge was unwrapped and  applied by the global military scientists up to the Matrix level which gives them an unprecedented psychological and psychic power over the individual and the technological means to literally gain power over the masses and manipulate their third states of consciousness. It really is the highest degree of psychic slavery, people fail to understand what is hidden behind the statistics given to us by Facebook – that we are predictable from more than 80%. Google needs only 500 hits on our keyboards to get a pretty accurate psychological portrait of us. No law can protect us from being exploited by such integrated technologies unless we understand the principles of human nature, the purpose of our existence and the laws governing the universe and everything living.

So far these laws have been violated unscrupulously on almost every platform I look at, be it the whole spectrum of science, politics, social values or human rights, either by arrogance or by sheer ignorance.  My case clearly exposes such situation,  whoever denies that is an arrogant hypocrite.  The extend of  violations reached such a massive scale that according to the law of equilibrium there must come a reconciling force which will re-balance the whole planetary system. These forces have an immense destructional power. I have been trying to tell you that for 8 years.

So if the “secrets” have already fallen into the hands of those who stole them, morally unprepared  and therefore  utterly misusing them against their fellow human beings making them highly disadvantaged,  why not to present them to whole humanity? There is so much confusion and intentional distortion around esoteric science on the internet that I consider it actually criminal and totally irresponsible from the highest military to participate and encourage such demonisation of the most sacred and highest science available to men.

As an optimist I am convinced that if such esoteric knowledge even at the basic level was scientifically and humanly presented  to us on a global scale, we ourselves, as “self-regulating systems” could become that reconciling force and thus prevent the destructive impact which would this time affect the whole planet. Actually looking at it from what I know, from a position I was put into, I do not see any other way.






The Cosmic Function of Life on the Earth

“The ray of creation begins with the Absolute. The Absolute is the All. The All, possessing full unity, full will, and full consciousness, creates worlds within itself, in this way beginning the descending world octave. The Absolute is the do of this octave. The worlds which the Absolute creates in itself are si. The ‘interval’ between do and si in this case is filled by the will of the Absolute. The process of creation is developed further by the force of the original impulse and an ‘additional shock.’ Si passes into la which for us is our star world, the Milky Way. La passes into sol—our sun, the solar system. Sol passes into fa—the planetary world. And here between the planetary world as a whole and our earth occurs an ‘interval.’ This means that the planetary radiations carrying various influences to the earth are not able to reach it, or, to speak more correctly, they are not received, the earth reflects them. In order to fill the ‘interval’ at this point of the ray of creation a special apparatus is created for receiving and transmitting the influences coming from the planets. This apparatus is organic life on earth. Organic life transmits to the earth all the influences intended for it and makes possible the further development and growth of the earth, mi of the cosmic octave, and then of the moon or re, after which follows another do—Nothing. Between All and Nothing passes the ray of creation.
“You know the prayer ‘Holy God, Holy the Firm, Holy the Immortal’? This prayer comes from ancient knowledge. Holy God means the Absolute or All. Holy the Firm also means the Absolute or Nothing. Holy the Immortal signifies that which is between them, that is, the six notes of the ray of creation, with organic life. All three taken together make one. This is the coexistent and indivisible Trinity.”

Continue reading “The Cosmic Function of Life on the Earth”

The Making of All and Everything

By Paul Beekman Taylor

I have been working with 2 editions lately because of trying to dig out all messages, relevant to this “ill fated planet”  now on its course to transhumanism.  I prefer to use the books from 1973 (Copyright 1950 by G. Gurdjieff), the pdf form is a 1992 version which I use for excerpts.

Most changes I found of cosmetic order, but there is one which to my perception alters the meaning of an important subject:

It is in the chapter 43 Beelzebub’s Opinion of War (3th. book p.294 1950 Copyright)

….the vibrations required by Nature, which have to be formed from the radiations issuing from beings both during their existence as well as from the process of their Rascooarno, have no significance quantitatively, but only qualitatively.

1992 version:

…. the vibrations required by Great Nature that are formed from the emanations issuing from the process of their ‘rascooarno’ have no significance quantitatively, but only qualitatively.

In the first translation my logic reads that not only death but also the way of living create the vibrations required by Nature and it is the way of living which determines the quality of vibrations

In the second translation I read only death creates the vibrations required by Nature.

Perhaps some new people not so familiar with this work and having at their disposal but the last version of BT could come to the conclusion that only wars can satiate the needs of Nature (which seems exactly like what is going on at the moment, with all depopulation talks behind the scenes.

The VERY OPPOSITE message had Beelzebub in his mind for us. He wrote it specifically for the future generations because he predicted we would get ourselves into this mess we are right now.


1931 version has many differences and this additional paragraph was left out in the later versions :

“….As on your planet your favorites begun to dominate and had in themselves corresponding organizations, that is why during the whole time it was so, these vibrations required by Nature were obtained almost through the radiations of your favorites alone. But when Meditation disappeared from among your favorites and the quality of their radiations ceased to correspond to the vibrations required by Nature, then from that time on, Nature begun to replace these vibrations with the vibrations from which consists the essensification as it is called , or the life of the three-centered beings-men of the planet Earth.”

I am not a scholar but I would prefer eugenists to get the 1931 Manuscript into their hands rather than 1992 version. It would be safer for humanity.

After all – garbage in garbage out. Why not start with that?




Nature as the very regulator of our “birth rate”. So no excuses for silent wars. How the “immortal” bodies of ai fit in?

….the conditions of being-existence were especially created for the three-brained beings through the most saintly labors of the essence-loving, Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash.
“During that period, not only did their ‘death rate’ begin to decline, but
what they call their ‘birth rate’ also declined.
“And this was because the three-brained beings there were then existing more or less as is becoming to three-centered beings, and the emanations issuing from them yielded vibrations more akin to the vibrations required from them by Nature, both for the Most Great Common-Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat in general and for the maintenance of the Moon and Anulios in particular. And thereafter, Great Nature did not fail to adapt herself to the diminishing of their birth rate as she has less need of those vibrations that are obtained from the destruction of the existence of beings… the more so as in recent times the need for the said vibrations for the maintenance of the existence of the planet Moon had to be diminished.

“Thereby there was practically demonstrated one of the cosmic laws called
the ‘law of the equilibration of vibrations,’ that is, vibrations arising from the
evolution and involution of the cosmic substances required for the Most Great
Omnicosmic Trogoautoegocrat.

....the vibrations required by Great Nature that are formed from the emanations issuing from beings both during their existence as well as from the process of their ‘Rascooarno’ (point of death) have no significance quantitatively, but only qualitatively.  

Later on….

….on account of the gradual and steady deterioration in the quality of the vibrations emanating from their presence for the needs of Nature, there was a shortening in the duration of their existence and at the same time an increase in their ‘birth rate. ‘   

“Here it is extremely important to note that these terrifying processes (of reciprocal destruction) could never have occurred among the three-brained beings of the planet Earth if those data for engendering the being-impulse of Conscience, which had remained intact in their subconscious—data to which the Most Saintly Ashiata Shiemash was the first to turn his attention, and which he relied upon for the fulfillment of his mission—had taken part in the functioning of that consciousness of theirs which has become habitual for them during their waking state.

Excerpts from:  Beelzebub’s Tales to his grandson G.I.G

The Moon, Anulios & Humans’ Mysteries

“I first learned that the destiny of the three-brained beings (humans)arising on this planet is chiefly to elaborate, by the very process of their existence, the vibrations required by Nature for the maintenance of those former parts of their planet now called ‘Moon’ and ‘Anulios’ ……
“His Conformity then told me that although the movement of the two former parts of the planet Earth had been finally regulated to accord with the movement of the general harmony, and though all apprehension of some surprise or other in the immediate future had vanished, nevertheless, to avoid any possible complications in the distant future it had been categorically decided by the Most High and Most Sacred Individuals to take the necessary measures to insure the formation on the Earth of what is called the sacred ‘askokin,’ so that this sacred cosmic substance, indispensable for the maintenance of the Moon and Anulios, might issue continuously from your planet.
“His Conformity also explained that this cosmic substance, the sacred ‘askokin,’ exists throughout the Universe, generally blended with the sacred substances ‘abrustdonis’ and ‘helkdonis,’ and therefore, in order to have the degree of vivifyingness required for such maintenance, the sacred substance ‘askokin’ must first be freed from the other two substances.
“To tell the truth, my boy, I did not understand at once all that he told me, it all became clear to me only later when, during my studies of the fundamental cosmic laws, I learned that these sacred substances ‘abrustdonis’ and ‘helkdonis’ are precisely those substances which enter into the formation and perfecting of the higher being-bodies of the three-brained beings—that is, the ‘kesdjan body’ and the ‘body of the soul’—and that the separation of the sacred ‘askokin’ from the two other substances proceeds when beings, on whatever planet they may be, transmute these sacred substances in themselves for the forming and perfecting of their higher bodies, by means of conscious labor and intentional suffering.
“And when I became interested in these favorites of yours and began to observe and study their strange psyche, I finally understood why and to what ends Great Nature herself and the Most High and Most Saintly Individuals are always patiently adapting themselves to all things. In this connection, the following personal opinion was formed in me.
“If only these favorites of yours would seriously ponder all this and serve Nature honestly in this respect, their being-self-perfecting might then proceed automatically, even without the participation of their consciousness, and in any case, the poor Nature of this ill-fated planet would not have to ‘puff and blow’ to adapt herself to remain within the common-cosmic harmony.
“But to the misfortune of everything existing in the Megalocosmos, there is no honesty in your favorites in fulfilling their duties, not even toward that Nature to whom, in truth, they owe their very existence.”
……….when it became clear that there had entirely disappeared from the psyche of your favorites the instinctive need for conscious labor and intentional suffering in order to take in and transmute in themselves the sacred substances abrustdonis and helkdonis—thus releasing the sacred askokin for the maintenance of the Moon and Anulios—Great Nature was constrained to adapt herself and to extract this sacred substance by other means, one of them being precisely that periodic terrifying process of reciprocal destruction.

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson  G.I.G.

Inner Octaves and Eastern Music

Gurdjieff International Review                                                                             

By Jeffrey Werbock

A central idea in Gurdjieff’s system of knowledge outlines one of the two fundamental laws governing every process in the universe. According to this idea, the universe is a singular wholeness that divides itself into seven degrees of density. These divisions are in turn divided into seven degrees of density, and so on. By the action of this law, the universe expresses the eternal relationship between its wholeness and its divisions, as well as the relationships between all the divisions. Continue reading “Inner Octaves and Eastern Music”

The other Intelligence

is determined not by the density of matter but by the density of vibrations. The speed of vibrations of a matter indicate the degree of intelligence of the given matter. You must remember that there is nothing dead or inanimate in  nature. Everything in its own way is alive , everything in its own way is intelligent and conscious.  Only this consciousness and intelligence is expressed in a different way on different levels of being, on different scales. The degree of consciousness corresponds to the degree of density or the speed of vibrations. This means that the denser the matter the less conscious it is, the less intelligent. And the denser the vibrations, the more conscious and the more intelligent the matter.

Excerpts from P.D.Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous

Thank you Ms Anderson

First  I was asked to read only  the theory books  as a precaution against subjective distortions. I am not the best follower on earth so I took those with the subjective experiences as well and instantly I was able to perceive the emotional element, which brought understanding to the theoretical  formulas. One of them was Ms M. Anderson’s book The Unknown G. It is a gift to humanity and I was deeply moved by the story of denials she had to put up with.  From what she wrote I understood that she was aware of the immense importance of the teaching  for future generations and wanted to pass it down to them, which is the most genuine impulse one can have. Yet to undertake such task  one needs real courage to conquer first one’s own feeling of inefficacy, personal doubts of all kinds as one is opening the door to his/her essence for the world to enter and the world is the most unforgiving savage. Fortunately her being was high enough to Continue reading “Thank you Ms Anderson”


Nothingness  seems to intrigue the man’s mind, the philosophers ponder about it, the scientists hypothesize, when the debate gets lost in abstraction humour steps in…Listening to such pondering I thought I would bring an experience of reality to it.

When I joined an esoteric school 30 years ago I was told the most important food for us were impressions. We cannot live without them for more than few seconds. I had never heard about it before, so I wanted to know more and one of the senior students was trained in psychology and she explained there were experiments done at research centres, where  the scientists would close themselves into the special bags in cabins, deprived of the external impressions.  There was still sensing of  a touch present, but none could withstand it for more than few minutes.

Years later I had what is called a conscious dream.

I happened to be in a space without any shape, any object, in a total sensory deprivation except the  visual but there was nothing to see, with no access to my memory, just being in the moment. It was a moment of a terror I had never ever experienced before. I decided to run out of it, I was running and running, quicker and quicker, almost loosing the soul as we say in Czech.

I got to the end. There was nothing.

Be all saved from that place. Fortunately I woke up.

This place and its psychological state was  nothingness for me and I truly believe it is in the diagram of classification according to cosmic traits the end called Holy the firm, the hydrogen without the Holy Ghost.

G. Leibniz quotes

Whence it follows that God is absolutely perfect, since perfection is nothing but magnitude of positive reality, in the strict sense, setting aside the limits or bounds in things which are limited.

It follows from what we have just said, that the natural changes of monads come from an internal principle, since an external cause would be unable to influence their inner being.

When a truth is necessary, the reason for it can be found by analysis, that is, by resolving it into simpler ideas and truths until the primary ones are reached.

This is why the ultimate reason of things must lie in a necessary substance, in which the differentiation of the changes only exists eminently as in their source; and this is what we call God.

Men act like brutes in so far as the sequences of their perceptions arise through the principle of memory only, like those empirical physicians who have mere practice without theory.

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