An alternative explanation of life and man’s origins and purpose on Earth

Dr. M. Nicoll

Part IV.—To-day we will speak of the small octave between the Sun
and the Moon. This octave created by the Intelligence of the Sun
sounds three notes on the Earth, La, Sol, Fa, which represent the living
machine called Organic Life on Earth, of which Man is a part. At
present we will not speak of the meaning of the different notes of this
small octave. What must be first understood is that Man does not
appear in the great octave of creation but in the little side octave proceeding
from the Sun. Man is a special creation within the Ray. Let
us now try to grasp why Man appears and why the small octave is
The reason why the Intelligence of the Sun creates this small octave
is to fill the gap or place of “missing semi-tone” between Fa and Mi in
the Great Ray, due to the nature of the Law of Seven. Unless something
were created at this point the force passing down the Ray from the
Absolute could not pass freely to the Earth and Moon. A shock is
necessary at this point owing to the nature of the Law of Seven. This Law
governs the order of creation and brings about conditions at certain
points where something must be added in the nature of a shock. The Law
of Seven is therefore sometimes referred to as the Law of the Shocks.
Understand this clearly: certain shocks are required at certain points
in the unfolding or progress or evolution of anything.
The Intelligence of the Earth or the Planets is not great enough to
create anything to act as a shock at this point. The Intelligence of
the Sun is needed. But the Sun, in creating the small octave, has two
objects which it is essential to grasp and distinguish between very clearly.
One object is to create a sensitive transmitting machine between the
great Notes Fa and Mi in the Great Ray to enable the force to pass to the
Earth and Moon at the termination of the Ray. From this point of view
Organic Life, including Man, exists only for the purposes of the Ray
and its creation is due to the nature of the Law of Seven, which causes
certain difficult or narrow places to appear in the order of creation. If
this were the only object Man’s situation would be one in which as a
part of this transmitting machine he must always serve the Ray and its
evolution, which takes place over immense periods of time.
The other object is connected with the Sun itself. In creating the
small octave, the Sun is not merely creating on behalf of the Ray itself
to fill a missing place, but is also acting for itself. The Sun wants something
apart from the needs of the Ray of Creation. It is here that the possibilities
of Man are found. Let us now think of this idea which it is of such
fundamental importance to understand in this Work. The Intelligence of
the Sun wants something for itself in creating Man on Earth, quite apart from
the necessities of the Great Ray. What does it want? It wants Man to
ascend from the level of the Earth to the level of the Sun. For this reason
it creates Man as something incomplete, as an unfinished being. In what
sense incomplete?
In regard to being a part of Organic Life, serving the purposes of
the Ray of Creation he is complete and nothing more is required of him
than the life he ordinarily leads. He is capable of living on Earth as he
is. He is then said (in the Work) to serve Nature. But in regard to his
real origin from the Octave from the Sun he has another destiny locked up
in him. In regard to this destiny Man is unfinished, incomplete, because
the Intelligence of the Sun has created him for another reason and has
put in him, apart from what is necessary to serve Nature, other
powers and possibilities. That is, Man has in him far more than is necessary
for the purposes of serving Nature. In speaking of Nature here what is meant
is all Life on Earth—all that we see around us on the Earth, the life of
plants, animals, trees, fishes, and also the life of mankind, with all its
struggles, all the killing, pain, birth and death, which, all
together, make up this perpetual-motion machine called Organic Life
created by the Sun to transmit influences from the upper to the lower
part of the Ray of Creation.
In regard to the second object of the Sun, Man is created on the
Earth as incomplete in order that he may develop up to the level of
being represented by the Sun. It is in this sense that Man is said in the
Work to be a self-developing organism. Man is thus an experiment of the
Sun, placed on the Earth. He can remain asleep and serve Organic Life:
or he can awake and serve the Sun. If he had been created with the
same being and intelligence as the Sun he would not be on Earth. Man
has therefore two explanations. He is created to serve Nature—that is,
to be part of Organic Life—and in this sense it is not in the interests of
Nature that Man should develop and so cease to serve Nature.

Man is also created to develop himself, until he reaches the level of the
Sun. If you will make the effort to think, if you will really try to understand
the meaning of the Ray of Creation and the Octave from the Sun,
many inexplicable and apparently irreconcilable things will become clear
to your mind. That is, you will be able to begin to think rightly about
life on Earth, and of Man’s situation—that is, of your own situation.
* *

The Vibrations

As the global military holds the reigns over humanity firmly in their hands and people themselves have no common language to understand each other, it is quite frustrating to try to unite an opinion on anything, even on truth, which itself should be more or less opinion less. One of the most confusing subjects is esoteric domain, the more so that not many people who write  or have opinions about it actually practically  studied that “science” (as it is the highest science on earth)  so what I sometimes come across is quite ridiculous. A  particular subject can show, how it relates to the present state of science, which is officially in its complexity kept secret from the public eyes.

This knowledge has been known to the intelligence agencies since the beginning of the last century through several of  their agents who studied the esoteric school with  genuine interests and eventually devoted their lives to it.  What some of their colleagues eventually did with it is another story.

The law of vibrations, around 1900:

‘Every form of life has its own “total” of vibrations proper to it, which represents the totality of all of the vibrations engendered from the various definite organs of the given form of life, and this total varies at different times in each form of life and depends on how intensely these variously caused vibrations are transformed by the corresponding sources or organs.

Now all these heterogenous and variously caused vibrations always blend within the limits of the whole life in the general subjective what is called “chord of vibrations” of the given life.’

Special apparatuses resembling bracelets were attached to the arms of two human beings, and collar-like apparatuses on the necks of one dog, one sheep and one goat. They all had attached vibrometers showing the figures.

The men had each different vibrations, the age and strength played its role.

‘The sum total of the vibrations of the dog is three times greater than that of the sheep and half as much again as that of the goat, and in number of vibrations of his general chord of vibrations, this dog has a trifle less than myself and my friend.’

‘It must be remarked that among the men, especially men of recent times, very many are to be met with who have not even as great a number of vibrations of their common presence as the number shown by the presence of this dog.’

‘This has come about because in most of these people I have just mentioned, one function for instance, and, namely, the function of emotion, which actualizes the main quantity of subjective vibrations, is already almost completely atrophied, and therefore the sum total of vibrations in them proves to be less than in this dog.’

What vibrations come from artificial intelligence? What vibrations come from genetically modified organisms compared to those original ones with ‘seed in itself after his kind’ ?

The answers should be known as there is supposed to be an Us satellite which records all vibrations originating from the whole planet.  Obviously there is a whole world of science we know nothing about and probably will not know for our obsession with virtual reality and ai….




The Bukharian dervish Hadji Asvatz Troov BT G.I.G.

Genesis Hebrew/Greek/En

Which is worse?

The question of A.L.Staveley*:

Which is worse? That esoteric knowledge falls into the hands of those who do not respect it, distort and dilute it; or that it is kept so wrapped up and “protected” that those who could benefit by it and who must be those for whom it was intended and given to us to pass on – never get the opportunity to work on them?  …..When G presented his Movements in France and America, these events were open to anyone interested and, with a single exception, admission was free.      When he was asked  “Why do you open this to all these people?” he answered angrily, “How can you judge?…We  have to let everyone hear. The results do not belong to us.”

Well at that time the  military science had already had an access to the esoteric knowledge through the military intelligence’s personal connections with the esoteric schools, but the technologies had not been available to prove it.

Nowadays we have an entire different situation. The esoteric knowledge was unwrapped and  applied by the global military scientists up to the Matrix level which gives them an unprecedented psychological and psychic power over the individual and the technological means to literally gain power over the masses and manipulate their third states of consciousness. It really is the highest degree of psychic slavery, people fail to understand what is hidden behind the statistics given to us by Facebook – that we are predictable from more than 80%. Google needs only 500 hits on our keyboards to get a pretty accurate psychological portrait of us. No law can protect us from being exploited by such integrated technologies unless we understand the principles of human nature, the purpose of our existence and the laws governing the universe and everything living.

So far these laws have been violated unscrupulously on almost every platform I look at, be it the whole spectrum of science, politics, social values or human rights, either by arrogance or by sheer ignorance.  My case clearly exposes such situation,  whoever denies that is an arrogant hypocrite.  The extend of  violations reached such a massive scale that according to the law of equilibrium there must come a reconciling force which will re-balance the whole planetary system. These forces have an immense destructional power. I have been trying to tell you that for 8 years.

So if the “secrets” have already fallen into the hands of those who stole them, morally unprepared  and therefore  utterly misusing them against their fellow human beings making them highly disadvantaged,  why not to present them to whole humanity? There is so much confusion and intentional distortion around esoteric science on the internet that I consider it actually criminal and totally irresponsible from the highest military to participate and encourage such demonisation of the most sacred and highest science available to men.

As an optimist I am convinced that if such esoteric knowledge even at the basic level was scientifically and humanly presented  to us on a global scale, we ourselves, as “self-regulating systems” could become that reconciling force and thus prevent the destructive impact which would this time affect the whole planet. Actually looking at it from what I know, from a position I was put into, I do not see any other way.