How intelligent the robots actually are?

“The density of vibrations and the density of matter express many other properties of matter. Till now we have said nothing about the intelligence   or the consciousness of matter. Meanwhile the speed of vibrations of a matter shows the degree of intelligence of the given matter. You must remember that there is nothing dead or inanimate in nature. Everything in its own way is alive, everything in its own way is intelligent and conscious. Only this consciousness and intelligence is expressed in a different way on different level of being – that is on different scales. The degree of consciousness corresponds to the degree of density or the speed of vibrations. This means that the denser the matter the less conscious it is, the less intelligent. Continue reading “How intelligent the robots actually are?”

Divided attention

There are thousands of different gurus, who speak about the increase of consciousness and when I started to read about it, I liked it but there was that question: fine, but how I get “there”? Because I knew I was NOT there by intuition. The talks like “you are there already you just have to realize that” meant nothing to me. I went through some great workshops but I had to wait till I met my first teacher Cynthia from FOF to “get it” . In the introductory meeting she said: “you go to the cinema and watch a film. If that film is good, for 2 hours you are lost, nobody home as you are in the story of the film. The film ends, the lights turn on, and for few seconds your awareness comes to your body, you stand up from the chair and walk out through an aisle. Then you lose it because your attention is again taken away by your friends talking about the film or thinking about tomorrow or what happened in the morning or something else.” I instantly knew what she meant because I was in it many times since my childhood, I just did not know it was important.
My beloved friend’s teacher Girard expressed it: “it starts in the morning when you sit on the toilet. “
We do not remember ourselves simply because our attention is almost never divided into two: the awareness of the body at the same time with the “object” of our attention. We get identified with everything, even with a wall. That must have been behind  Andy Warhol’s watching the white wall for hours, trying not to get identified, dividing attention between his body sitting in front of the wall, breathing in and out and seeing the wall in front of him at the same time…and losing one self by identifying with some noticed imperfection on the wall or losing himself and the wall by thinking about the boring party he has to attend next day. Borrowing the scientific discoveries of Quantum physics, nothing really exists unless observed. That is why our ancestors talked about “sleeping” on a psychological level. Divided attention is the first absolutely necessary step to increase the consciousness. No artificial intelligence can do that for us, it could remind us though….but those who design it do not know about it or their aim is to keep us fast asleep which is more likely by seeing all constantly with smart phones. Until we realize that to lose a chess match or a court case to an ai robot has nothing to do with the increase of consciousness either of you or the robot, we are stuck.
That “state” of divided attention is unique to humans, it participates in the psychic process of special nature and for our salvation we are to find that state in ourselves and then try to get into that state as often, as long and as deep as possible. To that help us our CREATOR.

Learn to swim?

I said  I do not question esoteric systems as each has its own rules of conduct for specific purposes outsiders know nothing of. But our planet is in such a mess and getting worse,  and because even economists noticed it is not about money anymore as there is nothing left to buy, it is time to get educated in higher realms of life/death mysteries as those with such knowledge can misuse it shamelessly on the ignorant… just not to forget there are genuine white magicians according to the law of equilibrium  who counterbalance the processes, just cannot use the same means the black can…

The occult myth of Kundalini to keep us asleep

“In so-called ‘occult’ literature you have probably met with the expression ‘Kundalini,’ ‘the fire of Kundalini,’ or the ‘serpent of Kundalini.’ This expression is often used to designate some kind of strange force which is present in man and which can be awakened. But none of the known theories gives the right explanation of the force of Kundalini. Sometimes it is connected with sex, with sex energy, that is with the idea of the possibility of using sex energy for other purposes. This latter is entirely wrong because Kundalini can be in anything. And above all, Kundalini is not anything desirable or useful for man’s development. It is very curious how these occultists have got hold of the word from somewhere but have completely altered its meaning and from a very dangerous and terrible thing have made something to be hoped for and to be awaited as some blessing.
“In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of fantasy, which takes the place of a real function. When a man dreams instead of acting, when his dreams take the place of reality, when a man imagines himself to be an eagle, a lion, or a magician, it is the force of Kundalini acting in him. Kundalini can act in all centers and with its help all the centers can be satisfied with the imaginary instead of the real. A sheep which considers itself a lion or a magician lives under the power of Kundalini.
“Kundalini is a force put into men in order to keep them in their present state. If men could really see their true position and could understand all the horror of it, they would be unable to remain where they are even for one second. They would begin to seek a way out and they would quickly find it, because there is a way out; but men fail to see it simply because they are hypnotized. Kundalini is the force that keeps them in a hypnotic state. ‘To awaken’ for man means to be ‘dehypnotized.’ In this lies the chief difficulty and in this also lies the guarantee of its possibility, for there is no organic reason for sleep and man can awaken.
“Theoretically he can, but practically it is almost impossible because as soon as a man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall asleep begin to act upon him with tenfold energy and he immediately falls asleep again, very often dreaming that he is awake or is awakening.
“There are certain states in ordinary sleep in which a man wants to awaken but cannot. He tells himself that he is awake but, in reality, he continues to sleep—and this can happen several times before he finally awakes. But in ordinary sleep, once he is awake, he is in a different state; in hypnotic sleep the case is otherwise; there are no objective characteristics, at any rate not at the beginning of awakening; a man cannot pinch himself in order to make sure that he is not asleep. And if, which God forbid, a man has heard anything about objective characteristics, Kundalini at once transforms it all into imagination and dreams.”

P.D. Ouspensky In search of the Miraculous

Can I be a wave or a particle?

Revelations are not on the horizon so  I would like to connect few dots between departments of science and spiritual realms for targeted community as there is strong suggestion of close connection between them. Those people involved in esoteric studies will know one way or the other that human body is designed as a generator for creating and transforming  different kinds of energies. Friction and  suffering are part of the process, they generate special substances, necessary for  cosmic and  planetary purposes.  I assume that the global  intel psyops aim for these substances and the experiments are supposed to collect planetary data for determining  how much of them are created, under what precise circumstances, and mainly how much  of them are actually  needed for the mentioned planetary processes, because when you plan  transhumanism, you must know such things, the trans human machines  will hardly create anything of that kind, functioning only on the principle of GMO.

No matter what else is involved in it, one aspect should be kept in mind. When we get angry and suffer, that precious substance is harvested from us, unless we become aware of ourselves in that moment. Then we keep part of  it in us and bit by bit coat our souls with it for eternal purposes.

In Quantum physics experiments proved, that in the world of subtle energies the subject does not exist until it is observed i.e. it behaves as a wave and by observing it as a particle.   I read some  studies,  but none of those I came across  involved observing  of  the observer as well, although the possibility of his importance in the process was suggested by some scientists.

I am not in a position to consult it with them but  by logic I would deduced that if  in the life processes I do not remember myself, that is I do not observe myself, I actually do not exist in the world of subtle energies, which esotericism characterizes as being  “asleep”.

I am probably not making sense but I would like to suggest one thing. The targeted person is under almost constant friction. Sometimes unbearable, but very often bearable. Use it. Use that moment for yourselves. Use it as a reminder of oneself, sort of wake up to the moment, to remember that I am in my body, breath in the air, while picking up the empty bottle  from the street or passing the perps  with dogs and smartphones… I loose myself again and become the wave instead of the particle…. till next friction wakes me up or I evoke the conscious element by intention, which is the aim of all religions……. easier to say than do.

Seeds of Him

Nasa already thinks that all which is written in the Bible is true,  sort of proving  one cannot abuse the universal laws indefinitely, not even the science.

There is a passage from Genesis read over the Easter in the churches about the seeds.       I did not study the sacred scripture as scholars do, but I  learned the esoteric Christianity and with that background my instinct picks up certain vibes which indicate when the texts are probably  mistranslated. So I use the Greek version from  
Scriveners Textus Receptus 1894 Prepared and edited by Dr. Maurice A. Robinson.

OT section

This translation claims to respects the original sources even if they do not make sense.

-and·he-is-saying  Elohim  she-shall-cause-to-vegetate  seed tree-of fruit making fruit to species of him which seed of him on the land and he is becoming so and she is bringing forth the land   herbage sowing herbage sowing seed to species of him and tree making fruit which seed of him to species of him and he is seeing Elohim that good.

and·he-is-saying  Elohim  behold  I-give  to·you every-of  herbage  seeding  seed which  on  the faces-of  all-of  the·earth  and every-of  the·tree  which in·him fruit-of tree  seeding  seed for·you he-is-becoming for·food.

and·for·every-of  animal-of  the·land  and·for·every-of flyer of  the·heavens  and·for·every-of moving  on the·land which in·him soul  living  every-of  green  herbage for·food  and·he-is-becoming so

The sacred texts are written  in parables not to be easily distorted by translations and refer to different states of understanding in men according to their level of consciousness.

Here the most basic meaning tells me that genetic modifications carried out by our science do not belong to our kitchen, they do not have original seeds from the Creator and so do not serve as food for any living soul, be it in flesh or herbage. Here a very important distinction should be made between ‘waters’, the seeding from him means not only the physical  seeding as such but the eternal soul connection between him and us. The gmo seeds do not have this connection and so cannot nourish the higher substances in us, only the physical bodies and  many  analyses suggest even those not indefinitely.

…..just planting the seed of him I found by accident…




The Last Esoteric Message

The Fourth Way

Just as many religions have been introduced during the current cycle of humanity, there have also been esoteric teachings which teach how to do what the exoteric part of religion preaches. Gurdjieff said an esoteric teaching is “preserved in secret in special schools and with its help it is always possible to rectify what has been distorted [in religion] or to restore what has been forgotten.”

All the religious revelations failed to create the New Type of Man needed to fill the enlarging gap. Warned Gurdjieff: “Humanity is at a standstill and from a standstill there is a straight path to downfall and degeneration…. There is nothing that points to evolution proceeding. On the contrary when we compare humanity with a man we quite clearly see a growth of personality at the cost of essence, that is, a growth of the artificial, the unreal, and what is foreign, at the cost of the natural, the real, and what is one’s own…. Contemporary culture requires automatons. And people are undoubtedly losing their acquired habits of independence and turning into automatons, into parts of machines…. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man.” Continue reading “The Last Esoteric Message”

The same through the emotional centre

“Your nose and the organs connected with it are so adapted that you may take in and transform in yourselves those world substances by which there are coated in the three-brained beings, similar to yourself both higher being bodies, on one of which rests the hope of our common all-embracing creator for the help in His needs, for the purpose of actualizations foreseen by Him for the good of Everything Existing.

We were created also as “a field – of-hope” for the future expectations of our common ALL -GRACIOUS CREATOR – that is to say, created with the possibilities of coating in your presence that “Higher Sacred” for the possible arising of which the whole of our now existing World was just created.                                                                    from All & Everything BT1

Can you, scientists, perceive the sheer horror you have created on our planet by your constant refusal to ask first why, and you, clergy forgetting to ask how?

Just about time to change it one would say.




Consciousness as a state

When I think about what has been in the play on our planet, I ask myself what can I do in this situation, being cut off the normal communication with people yet been on  24/7 ….You all seem to expect from me some heroic reactions to what is happening and I understand that, but I do not have any.

The most sensible thing I come to is to repeat what I am thinking and saying all the time as many others do in their own ways:

We are at the threshold of the new history  if we do not partially blow ourselves up, which is quite possible and even probable by the sound of the total disinformation across the whole media spectrum.

Whatever those up there with the access to the psychotronic  technologies are really aiming for is a puzzle to me, so I will keep myself with what I certainly know by my own experience and what I think  should know every human being on this planet, because it is our birthright, it has been confirmed by Quantum Physics and  not knowing it allows those, who do exploit those, who do not in the most outrageous ways.

Our physical bodies are biological machines with the exact hardware to fulfill certain cosmic purposes. This function is not negotiable, if it does not proceed consciously in us it proceeds mechanically in us,  so from that aspect our external endeavour to create new transhumanistic species is quite useless as we would cease to absorb and transfer needed cosmic energies and create interplanetary imbalances, which according to the law of equilibrium would have to be reconciled with dramatic consequences for the planets.

We ourselves, trapped in our physical bodies also have  a purpose, a divine purpose:

While serving  nature we can use our physical bodies not just for procreation, but also for the creation of special – let’s call it astral –  bodies within our physical bodies, which would allow us to get out of the infamous Matrix and move eventually back home.  We do not die, there is no death as such.  I consciously exited from my body so I can join those who say the same thing.   Consciousness is not permanently attached to the brain.

There are many  different ways how to approach this mystery of the Universe. Our ancestors  left us all necessary information in symbols, because the powers, connected with unlocking the mysteries are under  normal conditions beyond our ability to handle them safely. We can clearly see it in different military alphabets’ programs to which targeted people are exposed.

The psychological and spiritual  preparation is necessary. Western religions unfortunately do not teach it directly anymore, that creates enough confusion on its own, but all true  so called secret societies have quite extensive knowledge at hands.

They can be  heavily infiltrated by different  military intelligence and  defense departments, so one has to be careful not to get lost or discouraged in his search.

But all existing ways should bring us to realization we behave like machines and  we are not aware of it most of the time. We are asleep. This statement has been reflected in all ancient scriptures, in art, in poetry, we use it frequently nowadays, we even understand that daydreaming or nobody home has something to do with it, but only a close examination will uncover the horror of the situation:

I am asleep almost all day, except for few seconds or minutes if I make a special effort. And I had been in a school which was waking me up for 20 years!!!!  Quite hopeless. The answer to why we are in such a mess. There are 7 billion sleeping machines. Do you think we would be targeted by the American and Nato alphabets if they were really awake? Of course not. Do you think the hunt around us would exist if the hunters were conscious? Of course not. They would be deeply ashamed.

The real consciousness happens by giving an object the two way attention.

  1. A) I sit in front of a wall. I watch the wall. I see only the wall. Actually there is only a wall, I do not enter into the process, I do not remember myself.
  2. B) I sit in front of a wall. I watch the wall. I see the wall and at the same time I am aware of myself sitting on the chair, breathing in and out. So in this second case there are two of us, me and the wall. In other words, confirmed by the attached study, I do not exist in the world of subtle energies  till I remember myself

I appear and disappear, as my attention of myself comes and goes.

I do not realize I am not conscious of myself till I become aware of it. Consciousness is a state, not a mental process. Each human being experiences that in fleeting moments. Capture those moments to taste them. Once they are recognized,  evoke them as frequently, as long and as deep as possible.

People can ask why is it so important? For many reasons, one of them – when I remember myself  I withdraw certain substances from the air by breathing,  which participate in creation of the mentioned astral body. When I do not remember myself, they stay in the air and I “work” for nothing. . It is called “ being a good star worker”.

This has been the whole trick  to enslave humanity with low level of consciousness .  But as I understand, we have come to the point where its rise  is required from us and survival of humanity depends on it…

For that reason I consider the psychotronic experiments with  our planet, its atmosphere and  civilians utterly irresponsible and jeopardising the very existence of our civilization. The genetic manipulation with species implies the same effect as our atheistic science does not have a clue whatsoever what is doing.  This knowledge has been available to the superpowers since the beginning of last century yet they keep  humanity in darkness till the last moment. In the mean time new generation of atheistic scientists is brought up to engage in transhumanistic visions and harvesting free energy from the air, the very energy our existence depends on.

Further scientific research in Quantum Physics and Holy Science would instead  unveil the wisdom of the internal  universe, hidden behind the external one and take us on a journey to our eternal home  of which all scriptures, myths and fairy tales talk about.

RadinPhysicsEssays2013 secret of humanity to be or not to be

P.D Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous       






The pyramid

To the top of the pyramid

What you have allowed to cause so far is beyond any norms comprehensible to an  ordinary mind.

I do not know the real degrees of your spiritual advancements but what has been manifested on my body and bodies of millions of other people across the globe suggests the highest degree on a descending octave.

If I take the two pillars as the representatives of the creative and destructive forces  which have to be reconciled by the third force according to the law of Equilibrium and look at the state of affairs on the earth, I cannot but conclude that process of reconciliation  is far from happening on any platform connected with the wellbeing of our planet including us human beings. It suggests that reconciling will take some usual form of a self-destructive process on a large planetary scale as we know from the past. Our knowledge in science has reached the point  similar to Atlantis so there is every reason to worry about  such scenario. I was under the impression that you were to introduce to humanity the self-regulating neutralizing principles, without which we have little chance to succeed in the upcoming transformation. Instead you intensify the polarisation of societies and their cultures, militarize the whole planet and use your advanced psychotronic weaponry to create disturbing and harmful frequencies, influencing negatively the emotional states of the individuals as well as the entire populations. Where is your conscience?

The world leaders have their objectives but where is their  accordance with the laws of Nature?

 the striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred ‘Martfotai,’ that is, up to the degree of self-individuality.( Beelzebub’s Tales, pp 385-386).

We still have time….

What is human destiny?

“Let us assume that we do recognize that human experience is different from any other form of experience on this earth. If all experience is associated with some kind of sensitive energy, then all ours is producing energy according to the kind of experience we have – which in turn depends upon the way in which our lives are lived – we shall produce energies of different qualities. Gurdjieff asserts that certain of these are the very something that is required for the orderly evolution of this solar system. A great process of sensitization, or as he calls it, of spiritualisation is proceeding on this earth and throughout the solar system, and we have to make our contribution to it. And we must do so by the way in which we live our lives….G assumes us that the Higher Powers are deeply concerned that man should live otherwise, but that they are dependent upon human understanding for this change to come about. If it is true that we people do not exist on the earth to please ourselves or just by accident, but because we are needed for a purpose that is greater than ourselves, it must follow that, if we totally fail to fulfill this purpose, we shall be removed and replaced by some other form of life. ….There is something seriously missing in our understanding of human destiny…We are not seeing that our lives are required for something. If we provide that something our lives will have fulfilled their purpose and we will be set free from our debt. Our own individual fulfillment will then be made possible. This cannot be in isolation, separately from the rest of mankind.”

Excerpt from John G. Bennett Gurdjieff Today

an observation…

Dr.Maurice Nicoll The Psychological Commentaries vol.2

When did he last observe himself attentively and go over his mind? When did he last view himself over the past few days? When did he last think clearly about this teaching and search for new meaning? When did he block some important staircase or corridor in his house by leaving a litter of stuff that he should have sorted out and put in place, or slam some door by haste or irritation and forget to go back and open it again? You can all see what a mess of one’s house one can make by behaving in sleep for a short time and how easily one can lose something.


Story of Kashi


I am passing on the story, which clearly indicates what normally happens, when we so call die. Intel scientists have already discovered the principle, hidden behind it and being atheistic, the consequences are beyond measure. I encourage everybody to pay attention to matters of life and death to avoid disasters while there is still time, if there is.

Excerpt from the original edition of Autobiography of a Yogi , Paramahansa Yogananda 1947


Kashi, Reborn and Rediscovered

“Please do not go into the water. Let us bathe by dipping our buckets.”

I was addressing the young Ranchi students who were accompanying me on an eight-mile hike to a neighboring hill. The pond before us was inviting, but a distaste for it had arisen in my mind. The group around me followed my example of dipping buckets, but a few lads yielded to the temptation of the cool waters. No sooner had they dived than large water snakes wiggled around them. The boys came out of the pond with comical alacrity.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch after we reached our destination. I sat under a tree, surrounded by a group of students. Finding me in an inspirational mood, they plied me with questions.

“Please tell me, sir,” one youth inquired, “if I shall always stay with you in the path of renunciation.”

“Ah, no,” I replied, “you will be forcibly taken away to your home, and later you will marry.”

Incredulous, he made a vehement protest. “Only if I am dead can I be carried home.” But in a few months, his parents arrived to take him away, in spite of his tearful resistance; some years later, he did marry.

After answering many questions, I was addressed by a lad named Kashi. He was about twelve years old, a brilliant student, and beloved by all.

“Sir,” he said, “what will be my fate?”

“You shall soon be dead.” The reply came from my lips with an irresistible force.

This unexpected disclosure shocked and grieved me as well as everyone present. Silently rebuking myself as an enfant terrible, I refused to answer further questions.

On our return to the school, Kashi came to my room.

“If I die, will you find me when I am reborn, and bring me again to the spiritual path?” He sobbed.

I felt constrained to refuse this difficult occult responsibility. But for weeks afterward, Kashi pressed me doggedly. Seeing him unnerved to the breaking point, I finally consoled him.

“Yes,” I promised. “If the Heavenly Father lends His aid, I will try to find you.”

During the summer vacation, I started on a short trip. Regretting that I could not take Kashi with me, I called him to my room before leaving, and carefully instructed him to remain, against all persuasion, in the spiritual vibrations of the school. Somehow I felt that if he did not go home, he might avoid the impending calamity.

No sooner had I left than Kashi’s father arrived in Ranchi. For fifteen days he tried to break the will of his son, explaining that if Kashi would go to Calcutta for only four days to see his mother, he could then return. Kashi persistently refused. The father finally said he would take the boy away with the help of the police. The threat disturbed Kashi, who was unwilling to be the cause of any unfavorable publicity to the school. He saw no choice but to go.

I returned to Ranchi a few days later. When I heard how Kashi had been removed, I entrained at once for Calcutta. There I engaged a horse cab. Very strangely, as the vehicle passed beyond the Howrah bridge over the Ganges, I beheld Kashi’s father and other relatives in mourning clothes. Shouting to my driver to stop, I rushed out and glared at the unfortunate father.

“Mr. Murderer,” I cried somewhat unreasonably, “you have killed my boy!”

The father had already realized the wrong he had done in forcibly bringing Kashi to Calcutta. During the few days the boy had been there, he had eaten contaminated food, contracted cholera, and passed on.

My love for Kashi, and the pledge to find him after death, night and day haunted me. No matter where I went, his face loomed up before me. I began a memorable search for him, even as long ago I had searched for my lost mother.

I felt that inasmuch as God had given me the faculty of reason, I must utilize it and tax my powers to the utmost in order to discover the subtle laws by which I could know the boy’s astral whereabouts. He was a soul vibrating with unfulfilled desires, I realized—a mass of light floating somewhere amidst millions of luminous souls in the astral regions. How was I to tune in with him, among so many vibrating lights of other souls?

Using a secret yoga technique, I broadcasted my love to Kashi’s soul through the microphone of the spiritual eye, the inner point between the eyebrows. With the antenna of upraised hands and fingers, I often turned myself round and round, trying to locate the direction in which he had been reborn as an embryo. I hoped to receive response from him in the concentration-tuned radio of my heart.1

I intuitively felt that Kashi would soon return to the earth, and that if I kept unceasingly broadcasting my call to him, his soul would reply. I knew that the slightest impulse sent by Kashi would be felt in my fingers, hands, arms, spine, and nerves.

With undiminished zeal, I practiced the yoga method steadily for about six months after Kashi’s death. Walking with a few friends one morning in the crowded Bowbazar section of Calcutta, I lifted my hands in the usual manner. For the first time, there was response. I thrilled to detect electrical impulses trickling down my fingers and palms. These currents translated themselves into one overpowering thought from a deep recess of my consciousness: “I am Kashi; I am Kashi; come to me!”

The thought became almost audible as I concentrated on my heart radio. In the characteristic, slightly hoarse whisper of Kashi,2 I heard his summons again and again. I seized the arm of one of my companions, Prokash Das, 3 and smiled at him joyfully.

“It looks as though I have located Kashi!”

I began to turn round and round, to the undisguised amusement of my friends and the passing throng. The electrical impulses tingled through my fingers only when I faced toward a near-by path, aptly named “Serpentine Lane.” The astral currents disappeared when I turned in other directions.

“Ah,” I exclaimed, “Kashi’s soul must be living in the womb of some mother whose home is in this lane.”

My companions and I approached closer to Serpentine Lane; the vibrations in my upraised hands grew stronger, more pronounced. As if by a magnet, I was pulled toward the right side of the road. Reaching the entrance of a certain house, I was astounded to find myself transfixed. I knocked at the door in a state of intense excitement, holding my very breath. I felt that the successful end had come for my long, arduous, and certainly unusual quest!

The door was opened by a servant, who told me her master was at home. He descended the stairway from the second floor and smiled at me inquiringly. I hardly knew how to frame my question, at once pertinent and impertinent.

“Please tell me, sir, if you and your wife have been expecting a child for about six months?”

“Yes, it is so.” Seeing that I was a swami, a renunciate attired in the traditional orange cloth, he added politely, “Pray inform me how you know my affairs.”

When he heard about Kashi and the promise I had given, the astonished man believed my story.

“A male child of fair complexion will be born to you,” I told him. “He will have a broad face, with a cowlick atop his forehead. His disposition will be notably spiritual.” I felt certain that the coming child would bear these resemblances to Kashi.

Later I visited the child, whose parents had given him his old name of Kashi. Even in infancy he was strikingly similar in appearance to my dear Ranchi student. The child showed me an instantaneous affection; the attraction of the past awoke with redoubled intensity.

Years later the teen-age boy wrote me, during my stay in America. He explained his deep longing to follow the path of a renunciate. I directed him to a Himalayan master who, to this day, guides the reborn Kashi.

1 The will, projected from the point between the eyebrows, is known by yogis as the broadcasting apparatus of thought. When the feeling is calmly concentrated on the heart, it acts as a mental radio, and can receive the messages of others from far or near. In telepathy the fine vibrations of thoughts in one person’s mind are transmitted through the subtle vibrations of astral ether and then through the grosser earthly ether, creating electrical waves which, in turn, translate themselves into thought waves in the mind of the other person.

2 Every soul in its pure state is omniscient. Kashi’s soul remembered all the characteristics of Kashi, the boy, and therefore mimicked his hoarse voice in order to stir my recognition.

3 Prokash Das is the present director of our Yogoda Math (hermitage) at Dakshineswar in Bengal.















Does Man serve as food for some cosmic entity?

Czech version at the end

In one of the following conversations G. again returned to the subject of classification according to cosmic traits.
“There is still another system of classification,”‘ he said, “which you also ought to understand. This is a classification in an altogether different ratio of octaves. The first classification by ‘food,’ ‘air,’ and medium definitely refers to ‘living beings’ as we know them, including plants, that is to say, to individuals. The other classification of which I shall now speak leads us far beyond the limits of what we call ‘living beings’ both upwards, higher than living beings, as well as downwards, lower than living beings, and it deals not with individuals but with classes in a very wide sense. Above all this classification shows that there are no jumps whatever in nature. In nature everything is connected and everything is alive. The diagram of this classification is called the ‘Diagram of Everything Living.’
“According to this diagram every kind of creature, every degree of being, is defined by what serves as food for this kind of creature or being of a given level and for what they themselves serve as food, because in the cosmic order each class of creature feeds on a definite class of lower creature and is food for a definite class of higher creatures.” Continue reading “Does Man serve as food for some cosmic entity?”

Hypnotic sleep The magician and the sheep

Chapter Eleven  P.D.Ouspensky In Search of The Miraculous

“I AM often asked questions in connection with various texts, parables,and so on, from the Gospels,” said G., on one occasion. “In my opinion the time has not yet come for us to speak about the Gospels. This requires much more knowledge. But from time to time we will take certain Gospel texts as points of departure for our discussions. This will teach you to treat them in the right way, and, above all, to realize that in the texts known to us the most essential points are usually missing. Continue reading “Hypnotic sleep The magician and the sheep”

To the spiritual centres across the planet


His Holiness The Pope The Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City

Your Holiness,

I have decided to contact major spiritual centres across the planet  regarding certain taboos, which should be addressed to all the people but are not so.

As an old person  who finally  understands there are two purposes of life, one to serve nature and the other one to raise above it which is our birthright,  I want to express my worry that we, in our state full of arrogance and  vanity, are on the way to destroy that possibility not just for ourselves but for the future generations as well, if we do not change the planned course of  life.

Do you know the science has come to the point of recognizing there is no death as such? Continue reading “To the spiritual centres across the planet”

Five Being Obligolnian-Strivings for Humanity

All the beings of this planet then began to work in order to have in their consciousness this Divine function of genuine conscience, and for this purpose, as everywhere in the Universe, they transubstantiated in themselves what are called the ‘being-obligolnian-strivings’ which consist of the following five, namely:

“The first striving: to have in their ordinary being existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body.

“The second striving: to have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being.

“The third: the conscious striving to know ever more and more concern the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.

“The fourth: the striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly as possible, in order afterwards to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our common father.

“And the fifth: the striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred ‘Martfotai,’ that is, up to the degree of self-individuality.( Beelzebub’s Tales, pp 385-386).

Who is actually a real Christian?

“The majority of those present here call themselves Christians. Practically all are Christians in quotation marks. Let us examine this question like grown-up men.
Dr. X., are you a Christian? What do you think, should one love one’s neighbor or hate him? Who can love like a Christian? It follows that to be a Christian is impossible. Christianity includes many things; we have taken only one of them, to serve as an example. Can you love or hate someone to order?
Yet Christianity says precisely this, to love all men. But this is impossible. At the same time it is quite true that it is neces- sary to love. First one must be able, only then can one love. Unfortunately, with time, modern Christians have adopted the second half, to love, and lost view of the first, the religion which should have preceded it.

It would be very silly for God to demand from man what he cannot give.
Half of the world is Christian, the other half has other religions. For me, a sensible man, this makes no difference; they are the same as the Christian. Therefore it is possible to say that the whole world is Christian, the difference is only in name. And it has been Christian not only for one year but for thousands of years. There were Christians long before the ad- vent of Christianity. So common sense says to me: “For so many years men have been Christians—how can they be so foolish as to demand the impossible?”
But it is not like that. Things have not always been as they are now. Only recently have people forgotten the first half, and because of that have lost the capacity for being able. And so it became indeed impossible.
Let every one ask himself, simply and openly, whether he can love all men. If he has had a cup of coffee, he loves; if not, he does not love. How can that be called Christianity?

In the past not all men were called Christians. Some members of the same family were called Christians, others preChristians, still others were called non-Christians. So in one and the same family there could be the first, the second and the third. But now all call themselves Christians. It is naive, dishonest, unwise and despicable to wear this name without justification.

A Christian is a man who is able to fulfill the Commandments.
A man who is able to do all that is demanded of a Christian, both with his mind and his essence, is called a Christian without quotation marks.

A man who, in his mind, wishes to do all that is demanded of a Christian, but can do so only with his mind and not with his essence, is called pre-Christian.

And a man who can do nothing, even with his mind, is called a non- Christian.
Try to understand what I wish to convey by all this. Let your understanding be deeper and broader….”

From “Views from the Real World” G.I.Gurdjieff

The Arch-absurd

to the atheistic minds to remind them, that there are 80% of people on this planet, who aspire to realms, which orthodox science cannot reach by its current means apparently without destroying lives and the atmosphere of our planet… it was written for future time with intention to put off every possible reader….

from Beelzebub’s Tales, Volume I  G.I. Gurdjieff                                                              “But you yourself, my boy, do you know how and why there are produced in the atmosphere of certain planets during trogoautoegocratic processes the phenomena of ‘kshtatsavakht,’ ‘kldatsakhti,’ ‘tainolair,’ ‘paischakir,’ and others, which your favorites call ‘daylight,’ ‘darkness,’ ‘heat,’ ‘cold,’ and so on? If you do not understand this clearly, I will tell you a little more about it. Continue reading “The Arch-absurd”

Chief being-duties

From “The Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson”  G.I Gurdjieff


“At that period, the processes I have mentioned were flowing more often than ever on that continent.

“Some of these processes took place between different communities and

some within the borders of a single community, these latter processes

afterward came to be called ‘civil wars.’

“One of the chief causes of these terrible processes, both between and

within communities on the continent of Asia,

was a religion only recently formed and based, fantastically, on the teaching of a genuine Messenger of our Endlessness, Saint Muhammad.


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Can energy be really free?

“Beelzebub’s tales”  Chapter On electricity   G.I Gurdjieff  Feb 21 2017

” ‘And it was at that period of my existence that I noticed more than once
that on certain days the force and level of my active mentation were
perceptibly lower.
” ‘This discovery aroused in me a subjective interest that engendered in my
presence the urgent impulse to acquire a thorough cognizance of the cause of
this fact.

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Occult Man and his search for his true nature

Outside the Reality Machine

Occult Man and his search for his true nature

by Jon Rappoport

February 15, 2017

The word “occult” is frequently associated with a secret society, and it is given a negative twist by pitting it against organized “clean” religion or “totally rational” science.

But the Latin root of the word comes from the verb, “to hide.” That’s all.

Occult Man means man who is hiding something. And it really means man who is hiding something from himself. What would that be?

Occult man is hiding his true nature from himself.

In order to discover what that true nature is, he would already need to be free from the belief that he owes his time, energy, and life to another person or an idea. He would need to be free from the self-debasing concept of spiritual debt—regardless of how fashionable it might be to incur (or pretend to incur) such a…

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