Disneyland cannot fix this. You are the most powerful continent on the planet. Behave like that in spirit please. If our CREATOR had wanted  machines behaving like ants, he would have created robots. But he created us, imperfect, so that we could use our creativity to lift ourselves up among the stars where we belong. And you, deeply asleep, come up with robots and ants and inspire the other obviously sleeping machines. Yes, it is very powerful, powerful enough to keep them under the 96 laws of the Moon. If you practice the herd mentality the same way as herd immunity, we will all end up as ants, exactly as predicted. Including you.I understand your thinking. With the new psychotronic technologies in the public sector and ethically underprivileged masses due to your secular policy of keeping the  lowest denominator it would be impossible to control 7 billion people  as  so obviously demonstrates my case. The problem is that social credit is just a modern version of the Old Testament mentality,  still reigning two thousand years after being introduced to the New Testament and despite the proof of science  that the Universe is spiritual after all.   Each cosmos, although interconnected with others  through the Ray of Creation is designed as a self-regulating system according to the objective laws of the Universe. . The same laws apply to us, human beings. In reality it means that according to the trinary system of the Ray of Creation, we humans, living on the earth, subjected to 48 objective laws,  are the only species who have the privilege of the  possibility to free ourselves  from 42 of them under certain conditions.  And what have we come up with out of sheer egoistic ignorance? To create a binary system of ai, subjected to 96 laws with NO possibility of freeing itself from them  and without asking and discussing it  simply interfaced ourselves with it, let’s see what will happen.  Trinary systems of the SUN ABSOLUTE connected to the binary system of sleeping machines. What an exquisite example of  human intelligence.

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