Victory for the Law? Which law are you talking about, Mr Marr?

That reminds me my last evening in Watsons Bay,  passing the Doyles where the Police were celebrating Australian victory over my little nothing.
10 years later the climate control is still climate change, the herd immunity captured the whole nation, Mr Julian Assange is in prison, I am under the 5 Eyes’ 24/7 mind reading surveillance and subjected to clandestine human experimentation with directed energy weapons, Mr. Richard Dawkins is having good laughs  with his Darwinist evolution business and Cardinal Pell is having a hard time with world’s ignorance and hypocrisy. All according to the  monkey’s descendants’ laws.
Objective laws of the Universe and quantum physics unheard of. Otherwise the verdict would have been different.  To elevate masses in the mass your vibrations must be of very high spiritual order and all your energy participates in it. I had visited several of them led by cardinal.  The court proceedings therefore do not make sense to me with all respect to the victims.

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