The Sacred Aspect of the Planetary Atmosphere

“Astrophysicist and science advocate Carl Sagan (1990) led a group of scientists who made a plea for partnership with religion, writing: “Efforts to safeguard and cherish the environment need to be infused with a vision of the sacred. At the same time, a much wider and deeper understanding of science and technology is needed. If we do not understand the problem, it is unlikely we will be able to fix it. Thus, there is a vital role for religion and science.”” (from Playing God)

The pondering if religion belongs in the climate engineering debate brings to my mind independently one branch of esoteric science which warned humanity against the extraction of electricity from the atmosphere more than 120 years ago. I have been repeatedly passing on the extracts of the texts, not with the intention to create panic but rather to bring attention to knowledge which I truly believe needs to circulate. There is a lot of disinformation based on different often contradictory scientific opinions, I do not want to dispute any of them, but to give the information which could find the interface to all of them.  After reading the Heartmath institute’s global research study of the electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere  suggesting their strong impact on the mental wellbeing of humanity and everything living one cannot but ask a question: if our identification with the mind is causing blindness towards the processes of life and death, closely connected with sacred  cosmic substances omnipresent in the atmosphere  of which orthodox science knows nothing (being based on Darwinistic theories), is it not time to reconsider the validity of such theories in the light of new knowledge, available to us? From such point of view, our different experiments in the atmosphere seem rather like playing with nuclear bombs without knowing what is nuclear.

“the omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh  (electricity), present in our atmosphere and constantly being replenished, is necessary for the common presence of our planet and is the most important factor for every kind of arising and maintenance of existence, and also that the essence of every “relatively independent” intra-planetary and surplanetary formation, as well as the essence of beings of every brain-system and external coating, (fauna/flora),  depends on this substance, and I even proved that the possibility for three-brained beings (humans) to perfect themselves and ultimately to blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively on this substance. ”

” thanks to the common universal equilibrium, this cosmic substance is concentrated in every system in a strictly corresponding proportion, and is also distributed in strictly determined proportions among the atmospheres of all the planets of the given system Consequently, whenever this universal substance is used up in any part of atmospheric space, either by accident or design, it must without fail be replenished to restore the equilibrium of its proportions in the atmosphere, and this takes place by the flowing in of this substance from other places And this balancing transposition of electricity must be effected not only from one place to another in the atmosphere of each planet, but also from the atmosphere of one planet to that of another, if in this other, for some reason, more than its established norm is used up. ”
“They have named the totality and the separate parts of this substance, sacred for them also, differently at different periods, and at the present time they name the result of the blending and reciprocal destruction of two parts of this omnipresent substance (what does it mean???) ‘electricity. ‘ “And indeed, although several times in earlier epochs they had already discovered—of course, thanks always to an accidental chain of circumstances—various means of extracting from the nature of their planet, and using for their various, as I have called them, ‘naively egoistic aims,’ the separate parts of this omnipresent substance, absolutely necessary for normal cosmic processes, yet never have they destroyed so much of it as in recent times “.

“The destruction of electricity in the presence of our planet and of its atmosphere is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all the labors and results of the Most Sacred First Cause of everything that exists”           BT. G.I.G

Does it sound like something lightweight? The sharp rise of neurological disorders across the planet only confirms its validity. And that does not say anything about the fact that the planets are actually living entities with the same possibility to increase their being as we humans have and such process seems to be connected with the natural slow warming of the planet. The Creator creates the universe out of Love so the apocalyptic scenario of humanity brought to extinction by being fried is as far from the truth as saying that carbon dioxide causes climate change.
At this point, I cannot see any other way than science to communicate with religion…



The earth also is growing; not in the sense of size but in the sense of greater consciousness, greater receptivity. The planetary influences which were sufficient for her at one period of her existence become insufficient, she needs the reception of finer influences.

“To ordinary knowledge,” he said, “organic life is a kind of accidental appendage violating the integrity of a mechanical system. Ordinary knowledge does not connect it with anything and draws no conclusions from the fact of its existence. But you should already understand that there is nothing accidental or unnecessary in nature and that there can be nothing; everything has a definite function; everything serves a definite purpose. Thus organic life is an indispensable link in the chain of the worlds which cannot exist without it just as it cannot exist without them. It has been said before that organic life transmits planetary influences of various kinds to the earth and that it serves to feed the moon and to enable it to grow and strengthen. But the earth also is growing; not in the sense of size but in the sense of greater consciousness, greater receptivity. The planetary influences which were sufficient for her at one period of her existence become insufficient, she needs the reception of finer influences. To receive finer influences a finer, more sensitive receptive apparatus is necessary. Organic life, therefore, has to evolve, to adapt itself to the needs of the planets and the earth. Likewise also the moon can be satisfied at one period with the food which is given her by organic life of a certain quality, but afterwards the time comes when she ceases to be satisfied with this food, cannot grow on it, and begins to get hungry. Organic life must be able to satisfy this hunger, otherwise it does not fulfill its function, does not answer its purpose. This means that in order to answer its purpose organic life must evolve and stand on the level of the needs of the planets, the earth, and the moon. “We must remember that the ray of creation, as we have taken it, from the Absolute to the moon, is like a branch of a tree—a growing branch. The end of this branch, the end out of which come new shoots, is the moon. If the moon does not grow, if it neither gives nor promises to give new shoots, it means that either the growth of the whole ray of creation will stop or that it must find another path for its growth, give out some kind of lateral branch.
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Antropologové vědci vysvětlují jak pradávní lidé byli převážně vegani
google translation into Czech:

Existuje mnoho odborníků v oblasti antropologie, biologie a všech ostatních věd, kteří vytvářejí povědomí o skutečnosti, že staří lidé nebyli velkými jedlíky masa, jak bylo vylíčeno hlavním proudem vzdělávání. To vyvolává otázku, odkud tento nápad vzešel? Jistě, ostré kamenné nástroje a špičáky jako ty, které se nacházejí u gorily, která je mimochodem veganská, možná vedly k předpokladům, které přetrvávaly po mnoho let, ale podle mého názoru je odpověď zcela jasná: velký marketing potravin. Continue reading “Antropologové vědci vysvětlují jak pradávní lidé byli převážně vegani”

A Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

The Czech Republic


The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister,

I had lived in Australia for 25 years, most of them connected with  spiritual matters and by following the suggested steps in scriptures I found by accident that there indeed is the Absolute/Creator/Father/God of which  all scriptures speak and therefore I can proclaim with clear conscience to all presidents,  prime ministers, and their governments  that the way of secular science and artificial intelligence  is simply the wrong one to lead humanity on. There are certain realities to be implied from such realization.  If we are of divine origin, Darwin’s theory of evolution must be incorrect and we cannot possibly originate from apes. I know by now that 5 Eyes intelligence can prove it to humanity yet they chose not to, which has devastating consequences for the whole planet and its species. The planetary military psychotronic systems interfere with the sacred processes in the atmosphere the secular scientists know nothing of and they are the real cause of not just the so-called climate change or  destruction of your amazing Great Barrier Reef,  but they also cause the sharp increase of mental disorders of all kinds as our bodies are tuned to the Earth’s magnetic resonance.
The esoteric science has been misused against humanity and your citizen Mr. Julian Assange had enough courage to publish related materials, some of which I collected over the internet in my last years of being in Australia. The mysteries of the Earth  will be revealed one day, but I consider it extremely degrading that such information is withheld from the public in exchange for scandals that have no impact on humanity whatsoever and the publisher and journalist who resisted the emperor’s suit game is kept in prison under such inhuman conditions that he cannot even pronounce his name properly.  What a disgrace of humanity. Mr. Assange is an Australian citizen yet Australian prime ministers have let the superpowers play chess with him and if they seem to object, they are immediately replaced.

Your democratic justice put in jail Cardinal Pell on the bases of an absurd accusation while the true reason was that he stood up in his own way against the climate change fraud. The tape of my life has been circulating across the planet, his tape, if not faked, would prove he is innocent and your courts susceptible to influence the same way the British courts are.
I have loved Australia for its closeness to Nature, for people’s ability to accommodate, tolerate and actually welcome foreigners of different nationalities and religious backgrounds, not every continent is able to do that with such ease. I thought that the country so spirited could spread the light to the rest of the world that got clearly mad. But Golem hypnotizes everybody.  I do not know what is the solution to this situation, I just know from Sydney that LOVE of our Creator indeed ‘moves the stars’ and our conduct of human affairs certainly opposes that, which goes against the universal principle.
I do worry about it and I believe the time has come to change it before it’s too late. It cannot be done by prosecuting the journalists. Please do act on freeing Mr. Assange, otherwise, we all will lose him and he is a symbol of the free press in the mainstream media.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

One copy to Czech Foreign Affairs’ Minister

WHO/IARC Position On Wireless And Health

World Health Organization International Agency for the Research on Cancer’s Position on Wireless and Health The World Health Organization International Agency for the Research on cancer recommends reducing exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) from cell phones. This is stated in the 2011 Press Release. There are also expert advisors of the  World Health Organization who …

Source: WHO/IARC Position On Wireless And Health

For Darwinists of nowadays

“Your nose and the organs connected with it are so adapted that you may take in and transform in yourself those world substances by which there are coated in the three-brained beings similar to yourself both higher–being bodies, on one of which rests the hope of OUR COMMON ALL EMBRACING CREATOR for help in HIS needs, for the purpose of actualizations foreseen by HIM for good of Everything Existing.

You were created also as “a field of hope” for the future expectations of our COMMON  GRACIOUS CREATOR – that is to say, created with the possibilities of coating in your presence that “Higher-Sacred” for the possible arising of which the whole of our now existing World was just created.

The three-brained beings of the planet Earth are not only, as we also are, apparatuses for the transformation of the cosmic substances required for the Most Great Trogoautoegocrat with the qualities of all the three forces of the fundamental common cosmic Triamazikamno  but also, themselves absorbing these substances for transformation from three different sources of independent arising, have all the possibilities of assimilating besides the substances necessary for the maintenance of their own existence, also those substances which go for the coating and perfecting of their own higher being bodies.

All the fine substances necessary for the growth and feeding of the higher bodies must be produced within the physical organism, and the physical organism is able to produce them provided the human factory is working properly and economically.

These favourites of yours, particularly the contemporary, ceased to use these sacred substances inevitably formed in them, consciously for the coating and perfection of their “higher parts” as well as for their being-duty foreseen by Nature herself, which consists in the continuation of their species. “

A&E Bt   Quotations  M.W.Thring

Implying that to our present transhumanistic course with foreign or artificial DNA structures as inseparable parts of contemporary vaccines, lawfully forced to basically every child in a “civilized” world, we can fairly accurately predict, that to successfully ascend to Heavens one must be born in the uncivilized world in a very remote part no one is interested at. And even that will not be the guarantee as our worldwide atmospheric geoengineering activities and psychotronic technologies created by our atheistic scientists probably successfully destroy these “sacred” substances we know nothing of.

Meddling for Okidanokh

“The essence of every relatively independent intraplanetary and surplanetary formation as well as of the beings of every system of brains and external coating depends on this substance, and likewise the possibilities for three-brained beings to perfect themselves and ultimately to blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively also on it.

….the destruction in the presences of the planet and of its atmosphere, of the Omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all the labors and results of the First-Sacred-Cause of everything existing”. BT

Universal strategy vs planetary strategy


US strategy

Russian strategy

EU strategy

Chinese strategy

Robots vs humans from the energetic point of view

It seems to me that the leadership of this planet does not understand the purpose of the existence of the planets and their habitats. Otherwise, they would ask themselves who is going to do the work for which we were created,  the transformation of energies? Certainly not the robots, they just waste the energy to produce stuff no one on ‘Ubi’ will be able to buy. It is becoming so ridiculous, I saw a video about the ceramic artist who designs his vase on the computer and then his 3D printer does the job. Nothing against creativity, only that the whole process is done by using ‘dirty’ electricity.
Electricity -yes I said it hundreds of times – is the most sacred substance of our atmosphere, participating in all life cycles of everything existing. It is allocated in the exact proportions to every planetary system of the Universe and there must be sustained its equilibrium on every level, meaning that the balance must be maintained on every level of microcosmos as well as macrocosmos and the over expenditure of atmospheric electricity in one place must be  replenished from another place, not just within the planet itself but  between the other planets of our Solar system as well.
Now from this point of view everything which uses electricity is a liability and everything which transforms the energies is an asset.
Electricity is used by humans as well as by robots but in what they differ is that the first electricity is clean, the second dirty and then in the ability to transform the energies; robots cannot do that.  The matter has not just chemical and physical properties, but psychic and cosmic as well.
So by our egoistic ignorance, we decided to invest in robotization which overuses the matter and electricity for nothing in return in the cosmic sense and discard humans as “soulless meat”, the meat that within itself contains the very seed of the human soul. The seed we systematically destroy by our psychotronic technologies, genetic science, and pharmaceuticals in the name of technical singularity and transhumanism.

There is nothing metaphysical or pseudoscientific in it, all has been proved by science already. So what is so hard about it to understand?






5G and our planet

I do not understand the positions of governments on 5G globally. From the scientific and military point of view, it certainly presents clear threat at least to the planet Earth if not to the entire Solar System, judging by her reactions to the already prevailing wireless technologies. The western nations have been realizing that but I do not see any signs of that in the eastern part of the globe and precisely from there will the main production of 5G originate.
I thought that the East has always been tuned to Nature’s laws far more than we in the West, it is quite clearly expressed in the art, literature and landscapes since the ancient times. Chinese traditional wholistic approach to human organism reflects the objective principles of the Universe in their medicinal approach so actually, I would expect them to be the leading Asian if not planetary force against 5G technology. The reality seems to be otherwise. What has happened? Is it the consequence of mind control technologies like social credit systems? We cannot have a planet divided into two parts on this and 5G is a NO NO NO option from the existential point of view, anybody with the sane mind, ability to read or hear and with the relevant facts available cannot possibly come to another conclusion.
There are many warnings from the esoteric science that our messing with the electromagnetic forces of the atmosphere at these early stages of our knowledge and understanding could bring a planetary catastrophe. So how come that telecommunication companies have such power over the whole planet? If such a catastrophe happened, would they have resources to cover the expenses? I really wonder about our sanity.
T-Mobile company canceled its installations nationwide, let it be the leading inspirational approach to others while there is still time.

Jak se bránit proti 5G a bezdrátové technologii wi-fi v demokracii, kde jsou informace o jejich vlivu na celou planetu potlačovány

Nedávno skončený internetový 5G summit, na kterém se presentovalo kolem 40 vědců a odborníků, poskytl celkem dost přehledný obraz o pozadí 5G a zcela jasně z něho vyplývá, že směr trilionových investic není tak snadné korigovat. Informovanost občanů v ceských zemích je v tomto směru díky médiím zoufale nízká a protože se jedná nejen o zdraví národa a jeho příštích generací,  o zvýšení budoucích finančních nákladů spojených se statistickým nárůstem nádorových, kardiovaskularních a jiných onemocnění, ale  i o život na celé naší planetě, jsem přesvědčená, že rozum a čas jsou naprosto nezbytné k sednutí si a prostudování poskytovaných vědeckých  materiálů. 5G se zabývá tolik lidí, že si každý může najít takovou prezentaci, která bude odpovídat jeho naturelu. První, od koho bych něco takového očekávala by byli všichni ředitelé a učitelé škol, protože mají v rukou nastupující generace a ty ve školách tráví většinu času. Mnohé evropské země jako Francie mají ve školách zavedený kabelový internet, která naše škola nemá wi-fi?
Když jsem poslouchala prezentaci paní CeCe Doucette, přála jsem si, aby byla k dispozici všem našim školám. Přikládám pro inspiraci, jak si s procesem  záměny wi-fi za kabelové připojení k internetu ve školách poradili v Massachusetts díky její trpělivé angažovanosti. Dosvědčuje, že takový krok je možný i přes ohlušující moc hmotných statků.

Pro ty občany, kteří jsou již informovaní a chtěli by se bránit proti zavádění 5G buněk, organizátoři 5G Summitu vytvořili ve spolupráci s čelním právníkem v této oblasti Raymondem Broomhallem návrh znění právnického upozornění, které by měli zasílat svým voleným zastupitelům a veřejným činitelům v co největším počtu, protože je známo, že jsou zaneprázdněni a musí se věnovat těm tématům, která hýbou společností. Ve srovnání s tímto slonem vypadají všechny jako mouchy, když si člověk uvědomí jejich dosah v celé své celistvosti

Vážený _______,

jste můj zvolený zástupce. Toto právní oznámení o odpovědnosti je určeno k tomu, aby se v případě potřeby používalo jako důkaz u soudu a má v úmyslu Vás poučit a ochránit Vás před možnou občanskoprávní a trestní odpovědností v souvislosti s Vašimi činy nebo opomenutími souvisejícími s používáním technologie 5G ve Vašem volebním obvodu. Malé buňky 4G / LTE tvoří nedílnou součást nasazení 5G. Tato technologie 5G způsobí, že budu se svou rodinou vystaven/a bezdrátovému neionizujícímu elektromagnetickému záření proti své vůli a ve svém bydlišti.

Kontaminace mého domu 5G může způsobit jeho poškození, pokud se pro mě stane zdravotním rizikem, a tím bude můj domov neobyvatelný. Vystavit mě  bezdrátovému neionizujícímu elektromagnetickému záření proti mé vůli by představovalo použití síly proti mé osobě, což by vyvolalo strach ze zranění a mohlo by být klasifikováno jako civilní přestupek a / nebo trestný útok.

Jakýkoli stupeň expozice člověkem vytvořeného neionizujícího elektromagnetického záření může být mým lékařem diagnostikován jako nepříznivý zdravotní účinek podle mezinárodní klasifikace nemocí ICD-10, kód W90 WHO, který činí jakýkoli bezpečnostní limit, stanovený státní bezpečnostní normou zastaralým z hlediska ochrany mého zdraví. Podle potřeby mohu navštívit svého lékaře ohledně rady vztahující se k problému 5G.

Pokud je ve Vašem volebním obvodu nasazena technologie 5G, očekávám, že Vy jako můj zvolený zástupce věnujete náležitou péči tomu, abyste potvrdil/a, že všechny strany, které používají technologie 5G, mají dostatečné pojistné prostředky pro náhradu škod, způsobených emisemi bezdrátového neionizujícího elektromagnetického záření . Vezměte prosím na vědomí, že by to mohl být problém, protože pojišťující společnosti jako např. Lloyds v Londýně takové technologie nepojišťují.

Prosím Vás, jako svou zvolenou autoritu, abyste jednal/a ve veřejném zájmu tím, že se zaměříte na možné kumulativní škody způsobené zhuštěnou sítí (vytlačení malých buněk do omezené oblasti, aby bylo umožněno 5G), a trvám na tom, aby regulační orgány veřejné bezpečnosti musely prokázat, že takové prostorové zahuštění technologie 5G je bezpečné a že jakékoli nasazení 5G, umělé inteligence (AI) a / nebo internetu věcí (IoT) je řádně regulováno, aby se zajistilo, že národní bezpečnost a bezpečnost a soukromí jak mé rodiny tak i veřejnosti nebudou ohroženy.

Musíte chránit veřejnost i před jinými škodlivými bezdrátovými technologiemi, jako je Wi-Fi ve školách, před  „chytrými“ měřiči na obydlích apod. a nahradit tyto technologie bezpečnými a účinnými kabelovými technologiemi, jako jsou Ethernet nebo optická vlákna coby koncové uzly systémů pro doručování internetu do bytů, škol a komerčních budov. Města, která myslí dopředu, to již dělají.

Vyzývám Vás jako svého zvoleného zástupce, abyste jednal/a ve veřejném zájmu tím, že ochráníte veřejnost a mě před přijímáním zákonů, které omezují soudy, výkonné orgány, městské rady a místní samosprávy v přijímání opatření na ochranu veřejnosti před poškozením zdraví a škodami způsobenými 5G a jinými bezdrátovými technologiemi.

Opravdu se zajímám o všeobecné blaho a toto je situace nejvyšší naléhavosti. Studoval/a jsem relevantní fakta, a proto jsem si vědom/a nebezpečí. V důsledku toho se bojím  rizika ublížení a škody.

Abych Vám pomohl/a s rychlejší orientací v tomto mimořádně důležitém tématu, odkazuji Vás na stránku, kde se k tématu 5G vyjadřuje 40 vysoce uznávaných odborníků, včetně vědců, lékařů a právníků z celého světa. Jsou to odborníci, kteří nejsou cenzurováni telekomunikačním průmyslem, ani  vládami ani ovládanými médii. Odborné informace pro  vzdělání jsou k nalezení  v Bioiniciativní zprávě 2012 (aktualizované 2017) – Odůvodnění biologicky založených standardů veřejné expozice pro elektromagnetická pole (ELF a RF) a Lékaři pro bezpečnou technologii – 5G Mobile Communication

Vyzývám Vás jako svého občanského představitele a jako svého zvoleného zástupce, abyste se vzdělávali v tomto důležitém tématu a svými rozhodnutími, činy a nápravami dosvědčili, že podnikáte preventivní kroky k řešení rizika poškození jak celé mé rodiny včetně mě, tak i všech obyvatel našeho volebního obvodu.

Věřím, že zvolený představitel se podílí na zodpovědnosti v případě, že se nepokusí  bránit nebo zabránit vhodnými  opatřeními takovému poškození jednotlivců i veřejnosti.

Informovanost našich občanů roste a žádám Vás, abyste se ujali vedení a stali se bojovníky za zdraví a bezpečnosti nás všech. Pokud tak učiníte, mnoho voličů, zákonodárců i já Vás z celého srdce v kampani podpoříme.

S pozdravem


According to the objective knowledge  the earth is the only planet in the entire universe which wants to have wars as the rest of the universe is in star peace. So actually there is no one to fight with except us.  Isn’t that bizarre? Excluded from the Universal community just by the low  level of vibrations and ignorance. The two superpowers know it by now.
Mr President, your invitation is an act of a wise statesman.

Out of our Western democracies only two states are against the killer robots: Holy See and Austria

So we, the results of the Conscious CREATION  of the Absolute, aimed for specific Holy Cosmic purposes, are creating original  bio/brass copycats of ourselves with enhanced features so that they can kill & eat our bodies. With our reduced IQ we can hardly make sure it will be up to us to decide who will be the “TI”.
China does not mind the cause but is against the effect. I do not know what that means, that they are willing to make them for us but will not use them themselves? If I can believe that, it would mean that the western world is ready to dominate the planet with copycats, probably indistinguishable from us; what will we be doing with them when not used for killing? Where will they stay? Who will be responsible for them karmically as well as socially? I mean these questions should be asked by any government on this planet before you even consider such insane idea.
Country Views on Killer Robots
21 August 2019
The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots monitors the positions of countries on the call to ban fully autonomous weapons.
Who wants to ban killer robots?
Twenty-nine countries are calling for a prohibition on fully autonomous weapons:
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Military Roulette with the Solar System

Directed Energy Weapons – from Indian perspective 20 years ago.

This article is almost 20 years old but it gives a shortcut to what is happening above our heads and the amount of electricity such “games” consume. No wonder that humanity’s mental capacities have been steadily reduced over the last two decades considering the fact  that electricity is a sacred substance of our atmosphere, participating in creation and maintenance of all species. Is there anyone sane and woken up to the extend to  be able to grasp the essence of such knowledge among the highest planetary ranks? If yes, why  the state of international affairs does not reflect that?

What puzzles me at this stage – India is a cradle of ancient knowledge of electricities as the Holy Science of Sri Jukteswar presented to us Westerners.  Dwapara yuga  science in hands of the military with obviously Kali yuga mind is a recipe for a planetary disaster so why do not Indians mobilize their Wise and learn, how to stop us, mad Westerners instead of being afraid of our evidently insane misuse of science? There is spiritual knowledge high enough to crack down even the most powerful military psychotronic system of the planet. Seek it, please.

“What is war?”

“The mass hysteria which takes possession of people at times of war and revolution is the cause and not the consequence of the political event. The mass hysteria itself is a reaction of mankind to an influence which does not arise in human life.”

“It is the result of planetary influences. Somewhere up there, two or three planets have approached too near to each other, tension results. With them it lasts, perhaps second or two. But here, on the earth, people begin to slaughter each other and they go on slaughtering, maybe for several years. It seems to them at the time that they hate one other,  or perhaps that they have to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose, or that the have to defend somebody or something and then it is a very noble thing to do. They fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game.

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Japan has NO vaccine mandates, yet achieves the HEALTHIEST children in the world

American politicians are notorious for spreading mass fear and panic about infectious disease outbreaks, which they routinely blame on unvaccinated people. But what these same Big Pharma puppets conveniently fail to mention is that in places like Japan, where vaccination is entirely optional, childr

Source: Japan has NO vaccine mandates, yet achieves the HEALTHIEST children in the world