According to the objective knowledge  the earth is the only planet in the entire universe which wants to have wars as the rest of the universe is in star peace. So actually there is no one to fight with except us.  Isn’t that bizarre? Excluded from the Universal community just by the low  level of vibrations and ignorance. The two superpowers know it by now.
Mr President, your invitation is an act of a wise statesman.



Out of our Western democracies only two states are against the killer robots: Holy See and Austria

So we, the results of the Conscious CREATION  of the Absolute, aimed for specific Holy Cosmic purposes, are creating original  bio/brass copycats of ourselves with enhanced features so that they can kill & eat our bodies. With our reduced IQ we can hardly make sure it will be up to us to decide who will be the “TI”.
China does not mind the cause but is against the effect. I do not know what that means, that they are willing to make them for us but will not use them themselves? If I can believe that, it would mean that the western world is ready to dominate the planet with copycats, probably indistinguishable from us; what will we be doing with them when not used for killing? Where will they stay? Who will be responsible for them karmically as well as socially? I mean these questions should be asked by any government on this planet before you even consider such insane idea.
Country Views on Killer Robots
21 August 2019
The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots monitors the positions of countries on the call to ban fully autonomous weapons.https://www.stopkillerrobots.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/KRC_CountryViews21Aug2019.pdf
Who wants to ban killer robots?
Twenty-nine countries are calling for a prohibition on fully autonomous weapons:
Alphabetical order Continue reading “Out of our Western democracies only two states are against the killer robots: Holy See and Austria”

Military Roulette with the Solar System

Directed Energy Weapons – from Indian perspective 20 years ago.

This article is almost 20 years old but it gives a shortcut to what is happening above our heads and the amount of electricity such “games” consume. No wonder that humanity’s mental capacities have been steadily reduced over the last two decades considering the fact  that electricity is a sacred substance of our atmosphere, participating in creation and maintenance of all species. Is there anyone sane and woken up to the extend to  be able to grasp the essence of such knowledge among the highest planetary ranks? If yes, why  the state of international affairs does not reflect that?

What puzzles me at this stage – India is a cradle of ancient knowledge of electricities as the Holy Science of Sri Jukteswar presented to us Westerners.  Dwapara yuga  science in hands of the military with obviously Kali yuga mind is a recipe for a planetary disaster so why do not Indians mobilize their Wise and learn, how to stop us, mad Westerners instead of being afraid of our evidently insane misuse of science? There is spiritual knowledge high enough to crack down even the most powerful military psychotronic system of the planet. Seek it, please.

“What is war?”

“The mass hysteria which takes possession of people at times of war and revolution is the cause and not the consequence of the political event. The mass hysteria itself is a reaction of mankind to an influence which does not arise in human life.”

“It is the result of planetary influences. Somewhere up there, two or three planets have approached too near to each other, tension results. With them it lasts, perhaps second or two. But here, on the earth, people begin to slaughter each other and they go on slaughtering, maybe for several years. It seems to them at the time that they hate one other,  or perhaps that they have to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose, or that the have to defend somebody or something and then it is a very noble thing to do. They fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game.

Talks on B. Tales J.G.Bennett

Japan has NO vaccine mandates, yet achieves the HEALTHIEST children in the world

American politicians are notorious for spreading mass fear and panic about infectious disease outbreaks, which they routinely blame on unvaccinated people. But what these same Big Pharma puppets conveniently fail to mention is that in places like Japan, where vaccination is entirely optional, childr

Source: Japan has NO vaccine mandates, yet achieves the HEALTHIEST children in the world

International Appeal STOP 5G on Earth and in Space in Potemkin’s villages

Politicians  live in Potemkin’s villages, conscience is not allowed to enter directly and here is the role of the public vital.
We have the burning issue of the electromagnetic age for which we are utterly unprepared politically, morally, ethically, jurisdictionally and the worst of all in lack of knowledge about its real existence in the form of  military technologies, able to affect not just all species and the bodies and minds of people, but the weather and natural processes of Nature themselves, the underlying cause of our famous ‘controversial’ climate change.

So it is easy to sell the public anything regarding the fastest connection of everything with everything under wifi 1-5G, especially to the younger, technically orientated  generation.
The alarming research  studies from different fields of science suggest it is the most dangerous path we have undertaken so far regarding our impact on Nature and everything living. Those who know and are really interested in survival of our planet have created International appeal of scientists to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/  which can be signed by any human being.
There are many cities around the world, who’s leaders have listened to scientists and halted the implementation of 5G until its safety is proven, the most influential being Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, yet it is not reflected in the media coverage of the single states nor in their policies. ‘Why not’ is the most obvious question to ask says my logic.  Just recently one article brought attention to the Polish prime ministers signature on the International Appeal. From all available information I deduce that he is a man of conscience and although he, as a politician, might be restricted in expressing it, he is totally free to express it as a global citizen, it is his full right and for that he should be honored and serve as an inspiration for others in his positions.  Otherwise how on earth do we want to get out of this situation while it’s still time?





those  so are fully in hands of the military.


The Appeal – Alarming Decline in Millennials’ Health Federal Lawsuit to 5G



Satellites Launched  •  Lawsuit Filed  •  Donations Needed



Alarming Decline in Millennials’ Health

Millennials — the first generation to grow up using cell phones — are experiencing an unprecedented decline in their health when they reach their late 20s.

On April 24, 2019, the American health insurance association Blue Cross Blue Shield released a report titled “The Health of Millennials.” It showed not only that the health of this generation takes a sharp decline beginning at age 27, but also that the prevalence of many medical conditions rose precipitously among millennials in just three years.

The prevalence of eight of the top ten conditions among all millennials showed a double-digit increase in 2017 as compared with 2014. Major depression increased 31%. Hyperactivity increased 29%. Type II diabetes increased 22%. Hypertension increased 16%. Psychoses increased 15%. High cholesterol increased 12%. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis increased 10%. Substance use disorder increased 10%.

The decline in millennials’ health from 2014 to 2017 was not due to their being three years older. The report also compared the health of millennials who were 34-36 years old in 2017 to the health of Gen Xers who were 34-36 years old in 2014. At the same age, 34- to 36-year-olds in 2017 had 37% more hyperactivity, 19% more diabetes, 18% more major depression, 15% more Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, 12% more substance use disorder, 10% more hypertension, and 7% more high cholesterol than 34- to 36-year-olds had in 2014.

When the researchers looked at all health conditions, they found that 34- to 36-year-olds in 2017 had a 21% increase in cardiovascular conditions, a 15% increase in endocrine conditions, and an 8% increase in other physical conditions compared to 34- to 36-year-olds in 2014.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield report is here: https://www.bcbs.com/the-health-of-america/reports/the-health-of-millennials

The only reasonable explanation for the alarming decline in health of the millennial generation is the life-long irradiation of their brains and bodies from their cell phones.

First Launches of 5G Satellites

On the evening of May 23, 2019, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launched its first 60 “Starlink” satellites into low orbit around the Earth. The satellites were launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a Falcon 9 rocket. Musk announced his intention to carry out six more launches this year, each carrying 60 satellites, and that when the first 420 satellites are in orbit, they will be turned on and will begin providing global 5G service to SpaceX’s first customers. This could happen by the end of 2019.

SpaceX intends for its rockets to carry 120 satellites at a time into orbit beginning in 2020, and to complete its planned fleet of 12,000 satellites within a decade. SpaceX’s license from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission permits each satellite to emit an effective radiated power of up to 5 million watts.

SpaceX’s competitor, OneWeb, is not far behind. OneWeb launched the first 6 of its planned fleet of 4,540 satellites on February 27, 2019. It announced its intention to launch 36 satellites per month and to turn them on as soon as 648 satellites are in orbit. This could happen by the end of 2020.

On April 4, 2019, Amazon announced that it is planning to launch its own fleet of more than 3,000 5G satellites.

5G in Space is a planetary emergency, as outlined in the article of that title that I wrote a year ago: http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/planetary-emergency. It is an emergency not just because of the direct radiation from the satellites, but because of the location of the satellites in the ionosphere. The ionosphere is an integral part of the global electrical circuit that animates all living things. Even a few hundred satellites using the enormous amount of bandwidth that is available in the millimeter wave spectrum is expected to pollute the global electrical circuit — and therefore our bodies — with what building biologists call dirty electricity. This is likely to be catastrophic to all life on Earth.

I am presently involved in an effort to open up lines of communication with the principals of the satellite projects, including Elon Musk. They care about the future of this planet too, and they mistakenly think they are doing good.

Federal Lawsuit to Stop 5G

The Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety filed a lawsuit to stop 5G in U.S. District Court in New Mexico on December 21, 2018. We are asking the court to declare that city, state, and federal laws which deprive citizens of the right to protect themselves from harm, and deprive injured persons of any remedy for their injuries, are unconstitutional and void.

These laws violate the First Amendment rights to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances. These laws violate the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments because they deprive people of life, liberty and property without due process of law, and because they are a taking of property without just compensation. Our First Amended Complaint can be seen here: http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Doc-19-First-Amended-Complaint.pdf.

Appeal Statistics, Appeal Needs

Signatures as of June 6, 2019

These are the approximate numbers of people to date who have signed the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space:

2,000 scientists
1,400 medical doctors
4,000 engineers
2,200 nurses
2,500 psychologists
1,200 organizations
100,000 total individuals and organizations from 187 countries.

Please Circulate the Appeal

It is time to push this Appeal hard. Please send the Appeal (www.5gSpaceAppeal.org), and also forward this email, to everyone you know. Every person on Earth has a stake in our future. We need as many signatures from as many different kinds of people as possible.

While we were working on the website, some people had problems accessing the signature form. That is now fixed, and everybody should be able to sign. Please do not sign more than once. If you sign for the first time now, your name will appear on the website within a few days. If you signed between December and April, your name will be appear on the list within a few weeks. Signatures are now processed automatically, but I still have to review all the submissions before making them live. I am working as fast as I can to keep up.

Donations Are Needed

Donations are needed to support every aspect of this work — the federal lawsuit, the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, a media campaign, lobbyists to present the Appeal to governments, etc. I need a secretary and a bookkeeper. Donations can be made on the Appeal website and are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens:https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/donate.  For large donations or stock transfers, please contact me. A big thank you to those who have already contributed.

This work is also supported by sales of my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (AGB Press 2017). It gives the background history and science that is necessary in order to understand what is happening today. It is the first book ever published that tells the history of electricity from an environmental point of view. It is available for sale here:http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/buy-the-invisible-rainbow. All proceeds go into the effort to stop 5G.

Also a big thank you to Antoinette Janssen and Multerland, who turned my talk in Taos, New Mexico of August 12, 2018 into a superb YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpdJ_t5XMvw

Arthur Firstenberg, Administrator
International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Tel: +1 505-471-0129
Email: spaceappeal@fastmail.fm

Attachments area

Preview YouTube video Arthur Firstenberg – 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity

Arthur Firstenberg – 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity


Forest Bathing – Japanese Practice in West Wellbeing


Further scientific research will prove that our constantly increasing extraction of electricity from the atmosphere results in certain psychotic and neurotic conditions and diminishes our ability to ‘actively mentate’.   (On Electricity-BT, G.I.G.)

Forest bathing might be based on knowing that the trees are the natural storages of electricity* originating from the atmosphere and charge us, humans, overnight with it. I learned that from the book about the clairvoyant priest Frantisek Ferda, who said people in the cities with no trees need twice as much sleep as those near the parks or forests.  It would indeed bring one to the conclusion that if such knowledge reached the fields of psychiatry/psychology, it could lead to the lasting wellbeing of people instead of damaging electroshocks or life long dependence on antipsychotic medication.

* ttps://www.livescience.com/5711-electricity-harvested-trees.html

via Alfred Lambremont Webre



“The point is that during the last few “Ftofoos” I constated very definitely that, among the beings of our planet, the “Noorfooftafaf” * increases each “Ftoftoo” **, and parallel with this, I observed in them a proportional diminishing of the intensity of their potency for the possibility of active mentation.”

*-the expression signifies on this plane something like what is called on the Earth ‘will-lessness’,  at that time named ‘neuroses’ (cca 120-130 years ago)     Willessness nowadays could be found under the medical term ‘abulia’,  the lack of ability to act, to make decisions, characteristic of certain psychotic and neurotic conditions. ** – a time period

The extract comes from the chapter on electricity of BT -G.I.G.





“At the beginning of my responsible  existence I begun to notice more than once, that on certain days the forces and degree of my mentation grew particularly worse. I became convinced that this undesirable state proceeded in me each time, on the day when our large ‘Lifechakan’* was in action.”   * a dynamo

“Since then I became interested in this cosmic substance and proved the fact that the Omnipresent substance ‘Okidanokh’* is a particle of the common presence of every atmosphere as takes part both in the arising of every planetary and surplanetary formation as well as in the maintenance of their existence.”       * electricity 

“This cosmic substance is owing to the common universal equilibrium, concentrated in every system in a strictly definite proportion between the atmosphere of each planet and if used up by accident or design in any one place of atmospheric space, it must without fail be replenished for the equilibrium of its common proportionalness in the atmosphere not only from one space to another in the atmosphere of any planet, but also from the atmosphere of one planet to the atmosphere of another planet.” 

What consequences do have our geoengineering activities in the atmosphere? What impact has the heating of the ionosphere on electricity?

“…the essence of every relatively independent intraplanetary and surplanetary formation as well as of the beings of every system of brains and external coating depends on this substance, and likewise that the possibilities for three brained beings to perfect themselves and ultimately blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively also on it.”

The destruction of electricity in the atmosphere “is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all labors and results of the First-Sacred-Cause of everything that exists.” 

That is a very strong statement that should not be ignored and its essence should find its way to the minds of all of us.







What is the planetary manifesto in 2019 AD?

There has been this question hanging in the space: ‘what are we waiting for?’

The show on the surface moves like a serpent, from the left to the right, from the right to the left, from the sunny to the rainy but underneath is the invisible force hard to understand, but easy to feel when it retaliates, as it has a warlike nature. I went to see a film document in Sydney, about Bobby Sands and the hunger strike. Deeply moving story with a moment standing out of the whole film where there are two rows of prisoners, standing along the corridor and each banging in unison with 2 lids as an expression of their protest.  The sound was overwhelming but it culminated in the instant silence afterward, which surpassed the sound in magnitude.

Once upon a  time, there was a  manifesto  guiding our planet and its leaders:

1.The Five Being Obligolnian Strivings of Ashiata Shiemash (45)

And this took place as follows: “All the beings of that planet then began to work in order to have in their consciousness this Divine function of genuine Conscience, and for this purpose, as everywhere in the Universe, they transubstantiated in themselves what are called the ‘being-obligolnian strivings’ of which there are five, namely:

First Striving: “To have in their ordinary being-existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body.”

Second Striving: “To have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being.”

Third Striving: “The conscious striving to know ever more and more concerning the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.”

Fourth Striving: “The striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly possible, in order afterward to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our Common Father.”

Fifth Striving: “The striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred Martfotai, that is, up to the degree of self-individuality.”


“Each one of these follows from the other, and, taken relatedly, they are axiomatic, self-evident to objective reason. Although the organism may reject these five obligations, the “I” knows this as true.

The effort should be to apply (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) simultaneously, that is, all in any one given action. It is the duty of the I to select, from among a number of possibles, the one which will allow the inclusion of all five. The organism will be determined to select one by past experience. Then I must make the effort to non-identify, select, and actualize the one in which its purpose will be served.”


Climatic Science in the hands of humans

Last year I wrote few words about the military background of our famous climate change https://dagmarpalmerova.com/2018/10/07/the-global-empires-new-clothes-alias-climate-change/#more-3380

It is a complicated and confusing issue for anybody, who wants to actually understand, what is really going on, yet the quickest and most sensible thing would be to turn one’s eyes up the sky and make one’s own observations. Unfortunately, it is still not the case, despite clearly visible geoengineering air activities across the whole globe.

We live in the scientific age and no one will dispute its validity, but there is a science which is based on the objective laws of the universe and science which is subjective and discovers the objective laws accidentally.

Climate change science is an example of the latter,  half of the scientists insist there is a change, the other half denies it, that itself excludes objectivity. ‘How can that be?’ should be the most basic question to be asked by all media and the public.

There is an available approach to look at it  from the opposite side of  the Ray of Creation (excerpt from Ouspensky ISOM):

climate change warming In Search of the Miraculous cut1

“The ‘ray of creation’ seems at the first glance to be a very elementary plan of the universe, but actually, as one studies it further, it becomes clear that with the help of this simple plan it is possible to bring into accord, and to make into a single whole, a multitude of various and conflicting philosophical as well as religious and scientific views of the world. The idea of the ray of creation belongs to ancient knowledge and many of the naive geocentric systems of the universe known to us are actually either incompetent expositions of the idea of the ray of creation or distortions of this idea due to literal understanding.

“It must be observed that the idea of the ray of creation and its growth from the Absolute contradicts some of the modem views, although not really scientific views. Take, for instance, the stage—sun, earth, moon. According to the usual understanding the moon is a cold, dead celestial body which was once like the earth, that is to say, it possessed internal heat and at a still earlier period was a molten mass like the sun. The earth, according to the usual views, was once like the sun, and is also gradually cooling down and, sooner or later, will become a frozen mass like the moon. It is usually supposed that the sun is also cooling down and that it will become, in time, similar to the earth and later on, to the moon.

“First of all, of course, it must be remarked that this view cannot be called ‘scientific’ in the strict sense of the term, because in science, that is, in astronomy, or rather, in astrophysics, there are many different and contradictory hypotheses and theories on the subject, none of which has any serious foundation. But this view is the one most widely spread and one which has become the view of the average man of modem times in regard to the world in which we live.

“The idea of the ray of creation and its growth from the Absolute contradicts these general views of our day.

“According to this idea the moon is still an unborn planet, one that is, so to speak, being born. It is becoming warm gradually and in time (given a favorable development of the ray of creation) it will become like the earth and have a satellite of its own, a new moon. A new link will have been added to the ray of creation. The earth, too, is not getting colder, it is getting warmer, and may in time become like the sun. We observe such a process for instance in the system of Jupiter, which is a sun for its satellites.

“Summing up all that has been said before about the ray of creation, from world 1 down to world 96, it must be added that the figures by which worlds are designated indicate the number of forces, or orders of laws, which govern the worlds in question. In the Absolute there is only one force and only one law—the single and independent will of the Absolute. In the next world there are three forces or three orders of laws. In the next there are six orders of laws; in the following one, twelve; and so on. In our world, that is, the earth, forty-eight orders of laws are operating to which we are subject and by which our whole life is governed. If we lived on the moon we should be subject to ninety-six orders of laws, that is, our life and activity would be still more mechanical and we should not have the possibilities of escape from mechanicalness that we now have.                                                                                                     

If I take this esoteric knowledge as another valid hypothesis, it would mean that warming of our planet is actually destined in the long run and not something to be stopped at the expense of the whole planet. Our Creator is not a sadist who would design the Universe in order to fry all his creatures in it and it is understood that humanity will have developed higher being bodies for such transformation. But we have not yet officially admitted that there is a Creator, which is quite remarkable considering the fact that scientists broke the genome of species and make our replicas, so that will not be accepted. Yet it could reconcile both camps at least on something, that there is a possibility of a naturally occurring warming of the earth.

The rest is not really pleasant at all, the superpowers’ own published materials confirm that they artificially manipulate the climatic processes of Nature and not just for the scientific purposes but for the military, political and economic control of the whole planet. There is no doubt about it at all, we are just in a totally insane situation, where the long list of patents supports the published materials yet the official approach to climate change persists. The presidents’ advisors keep using the carbon dioxide narrative and their successors laugh at it. Nothing can be done as is evident since Kyoto. The ecosystem suffers, the species are disappearing, clandestine directed energy technologies are altering not just life on earth but the space around the planet as well, nobody knows what consequences it will bring yet the silence is imperative.

A while ago I was explaining the map of this situation for quick orientation:  being a climate scientist means the sky is a primary subject of his/her investigation and it is literally impossible for him to miss what is happening up there,, but they are not allowed to talk about it publicly unless they are prepared to lose their positions, grants, families and get ostracised by media and society.

One way out of it is to concentrate on climate change topic (observation of weather patterns over a long period of time), by such way they elegantly avoid the weather change where the real problem resides, and by adding  CO2 pollution which certainly exists but does not cause weather change they succeed in misleading equally politicians and the public.

So it works like this:

A – scientists who say there is climate change-

B- scientists who say there is no climate change

A  is divided again into  A1 and A2:

The  A1  group follows government/military guidelines and strictly adheres to the climate change, sea levels, temperatures and the human influence since Adam.  It comes to the conclusion there is climate change caused by greenhouse gases mainly CO2. Their numerous studies about the climate change over long periods of time are granted by private and public institutions and published in prestigious scientific magazines and newspapers. The  A2 group is really concerned about the weather control and does not pretend the change is caused by Co2 which means they do not get any finances for scientific studies. Their voices are the ones we need to hear to know the truth, but they are not invited to the MSM clubs, one has to find them in the alternative media.

The second group B of NO climate change scientists is also divided into two subgroups B1 and B2.  B1 is an advocate of the coal mine industry and also uses only the historical analyses of climate weather patterns, which get published in scientific magazines, no words about the military and satellite technologies involvements, so actually, they support them  B2 are the scientists who refuse to play the game, who know that the moment global military stops its operations, the planetary weather will get back to ‘pre-weather control’ conditions and simply deny climate change, but by doing so they also deny the weather change.

Ironically B1 group is a strong hidden force which could support A2B2 if people were not so mechanical about the CO2 narrative.  The coal mine industry does create a mess but does not jeopardize globally the existence of species as the Military and satellite technologies do. But they might be solely interested  in money.                                                 I am not saying this is an exact picture of reality, but it helps me to quickly orientate myself in this controversial issue that has such an enormous impact on the planetary ecosystem and all countries be it large or small.

To those who have rather relaxed attitude to the catastrophic prognoses due to the fact they had not happened in the past, I would recommend to actively mentate over this picture and read the following articles. Then perhaps you will start to understand the complexity of the so called climate change, CO2 and 1-5 G technologies.






From the Ray of Creation point of view

Already established findings:

The Ray of Creation originating from the Absolute was more or less proved by finding out that everything was a  vibration of some kind so there must be the central source of it.

By following the esoteric science one can personally verify that physical form contains the psychic form of subtler energy and the latter can exist without the first, while the first cannot without the latter. Consciousness is not bound to the physical brain but to the subtle energy form so it can exist separately from the physical form.

The physical forms of all living species were designed for specific cosmic  purposes of transforming the energies  coming to our planet from the Universe.  We humans as the only species on earth have been aimed by the CREATOR to develop within our physical bodies not just further offsprings, but also  under certain conditions several other forms of bodies of subtle energies of higher sacred orders, which allow us to exist in other dimensions after leaving the physical bodies and eventually return home- back to the Absolute.

Those conditions have been passed to us via different religions and are closely connected with the levels of consciousness accessible to us at the given periods of time. By personal observation each of us can verify what our ancestors found out long ago- that humanity is asleep. Meaning our ordinary level of consciousness should, but does not, divide attention between ourselves, our bodies and the object of our attention. It is a very simple and basic trick of all spiritual practices, which has been overlooked by psychologists and  psychiatrists, but finally proved by several quantum physicists.

By following certain practices one can increase his/her level of consciousness and it is apparent, that we reached the period of time in the history of mankind, where its increase is actually expected of us on a massive scale.  Of course it is connected with the spiritual advancement, leaving behind millenia of mutual killing; that is fairly obvious when observing the current advances in technologies of electromagnetic fields. If we do not switch our patterns of behaviour, we will be destroyed by them.

So coming from this scheme of things, the main planetary issues, which obviously interfere with the Universal plan are:

  1. The extraction of electricity from the planet and its  atmosphere, concentrated in a strict proportion within the earth as well as between the other planets  and needed for sacred purposes of Creation of higher being bodies

2. The global military psychotronic systems, interfering with the Earth’s                    electromagnetic fields and the above electricities and other sacred substances, unknown to the militaries; Wi-fi technologies including 5G

3. Clandestine remote DE controls  intercept with the levels of consciousness

4. The weather control and biowarfare, polluting the air containing sacred precious substances for us and the whole planet, our living Mother

5. Degrading human bodies by pharmaceuticals, ie  antibiotics and vaccinations and by targeting them with directed energy weapons

6. Reducing the possibility of Creation within the human bodies down to procreation by their genetic modifications, out of the current ignorance of objective knowledge

7. Reducing  the possibility of Creation down to procreation by genetic modifications of the food supply, out of the current ignorance of objective knowledge

8. Totally unnecessary political, religious and racial hatred which creates an immense burden for the whole planet.  Withholding the truth about the starry origin of the earth and its original destiny at this stage of scientific discoveries, without any spiritual guidance, only leads to  the self-evident, raw exploitation of the most basic universal rights of all living  creatures. The introduction of self-consciously regulated system deviated into the social credit system, imposed involuntarily from without and so serving only as policemen.  Very far from increasing  consciousness indeed.









NY Times are you serious? You should apologise to RT America

General public trusts whatever the ‘respected’  press or media present them so I would expect an obligation to do at least the basic research to eliminate the most screaming incongruities before publicly dismissing  all opposing research as invalid. That applies not just for 5 G but for the other taboo topics as well. When only  politics is concerned, one could not to give a damn, but if lives of all planetary species get affected, it is an entirely different story and misleading the public should be against the law for its possible global negative impact.  But obviously it is not, on the contrary, those who do not mislead the public are ostracised. So I urge everyone to put  these political US/RU slogans aside and read the following journal, which suggests, that Russian and American scientists have been exchanging their research for decades independently of politics and explains, how 5G will penetrate deep into your body via Brillouin precursors:


via 2. https://scientists4wiredtech.com/what-are-4g-5g/brillouin-precursors/

via 1.https://www.activistpost.com/2019/05/5g-where-does-it-come-in-on-the-emf-spectrum.html

5G Telecommunications Science

Russian study 1977 – Biological effects of millimeter-wavelengths,  declassified by Cia in 2012:                                                                  https://mdsafetech.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/biological-effects-of-millimeter-wavelengths.-zalyubovskaya-declassif-by-cia-1977-biol-eff-mm-waves.pdf




Why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves and humanity?

Vibrations have been inseparable part of the esoteric science of consciousness and the first thing one is taught is that he/she is asleep and their ordinary level of consciousness is only on a mechanical level, mostly daydreaming, far below that of a real Man.  The whole work starts with self-observations to verify for oneself such a strong statement, but it can be deduced from Q physics.

The following graphs  indicate the differences between various states of consciousness:  Theta wave(4-7Hz)  differs very little from Delta wave(0.1-3 Hz), that of disconnected centers at night. It is named waking consciousness and majority of accidents happen exactly on this level, when we switch ourselves on “autopilot”, folks call it  ‘nobody home’. Alpha wave(8-15Hz) is getting slightly better, but Beta(16-30) and mainly Gamma(31-100Hz) are generally the waves of self- rememberings/self-realizations/self-awareness…

One wonders, what is the purpose of exposing the earth to the unusual 4Hz frequency, which  was detected by several institutions over the past decades. In the light of the article https://theconversation.com/could-consciousness-all-come-down-to-the-way-things-vibrate-103070 , which talks about  the “sync up” phenomenon applicable to different systems,  it is not hard to think in terms of convenience having humanity synchronized on the lowest conscious level, where its psychological manipulation can be performed with the best results possible.  “Islands of predictability in a sea of chaotic unpredictability.”


“Gamma oscillations are short-lived and typically emerge from the coordinated interaction of excitation and inhibition, which can be detected as local field potentials”


Anyone undertaking the battle with ‘sleep’ realizes that without attention, knowledge,  self-determination and help this  monster is hard to combat, so why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves?  Besides what are the vibrations of their Ai and how do they contribute and fit  to the reciprocal maintenance of the Universe?

Reciprocal Maintenance as the Objective Law of the Universe

Reciprocal maintenance is one of the objective laws of the Universe. By simple observation of Nature we see that everything is interconnected, feeds and is dependent on something else. Our science has proved that everything living is run by electricity and emits a certain type of vibrations. . The vibrations of fauna and flora are set by Nature, with one exception – homo sapience. Humans have the privilege to change theirs if they want and know how. The vibrations are of quantitative and qualitative character. The qualitative vibrations are expected of humans and required from our planet for higher cosmic purposes at this stage of its evolution. When we do not produce them, Nature has to take different measures and adjust itself to quantitative ones by increasing the number of the population, which is reflected in the current population numbers. Continue reading “Reciprocal Maintenance as the Objective Law of the Universe”

To Save Kresna Gorge in Bulgaria

Certain things do not fit together. We have realized that the way we live is unsustainable in the long run and rather sooner we will have to do something about it like facing finally the purpose of human existence. Once we get that right, there will be urge for silent retreats in places similar to Kresna Gore. not for overpopulated beach resorts. So why to destroy it with highways?




Kitchen stories 2019


The military will keep running this kitchen show no matter what you or I  do or not do,  till the Event,  after which nothing will matter anymore. It is called delay tactics.

But at least  everybody should understand  by now:

that lives of all people on this planet have been recorded by the US since the time they put their first satellites into the orbit which happened in the fifties. By X-raying the planet you get such results.

It implies that all people on this planet are on a permanent 24/7 surveillance. Continue reading “Kitchen stories 2019”