Julian Assange Sedated by Psychiatric Drugs


If we say it is in God’s hands, Osho will say “God does not have hands, he has to use yours”.
OK, I have hands, but the state of our planetary affairs is so absurd that nothing can be done without the golem; I understand very well that each political system protects itself by all means so when living in the socialist system I had to listen to Free Europe to get the full picture; now I live in free  Europe and have to listen to RT to get the full picture.
Do not you find it ‘arch-preposterous’? I do and that is just the beginning.
Millions of professional people know that our main so-called climate changes are caused by the militarization and commercialization of our atmosphere yet we carry on our carbon dioxide theatre and destroy the lives of all those who dare to oppose or expose it.
The control of the global weather has brought so much pressure on Nature that one must ask a question- why do we spend literally trillions of dollars/ year to control with so devastating consequences ‘something’ that Nature did for free with uncomparably better results?  I would understand if we did it for combatting the devastating fires across the globe by bringing the rain to such areas.  When living in Sydney, I used to take pictures of the skies at different times so I know that we can localize the rain exactly where we need it.
Yet never have there been fires which literally melt the metal in an unprecedented way, explainable only by the application of a special type of directed energy, known to be used in advanced weaponry systems. So what is our agenda?
My case testifies that such new directed energy technologies have been used to manipulate and control not just the climate but the human body and its mental functions as well. The highest military science departments research and experiment with the psychological effects that the electromagnetic properties originating from the space, sun and the moon have on humanity. Such energies have specific purposes as everything else in this mysterious Universe, they seem to be like double-edged saw which can be used consciously or unconsciously. If consciously it helps humanity in the quantum leap to another energy level; if unconsciously we engage in mutual hatred and reciprocal destruction via wars and revolutions. If we were told about it, I am sure we would be able to recognize such psychological states in ourselves and not to get endlessly identified with them.
But the separation and sharp specialization of scientific fields causes discontinuity of knowledge and so very often acts as a barrier to a much-needed progress to seeing the connectedness of everything, where there is no difference between the worm and a galaxy except in number of their centres.

The internet testimonies inform us that many people experience separations of their consciousness from the physical body, Cern and the space militaries can evoke such separations artificially yet the medical establishment issues passports to the asylums for such testimonies. This is absolutely unacceptable as it creates immense suffering on the top of that which arises from non-consensual human experimentation on a massive scale –  clandestine practice to this first day of the year 2020. It cannot possibly contribute to the trustful environment, needed for dealing with the historical issue of reaching the threshold of the new epoch and marching towards the unconscious merger with the subjective enhancement of our intelligence without even knowing about the Ray of Creation, our position on it nor about the real purpose of our existence. I understand that not everybody is interested in it, on the other hand, this time determines what will happen to the future generations and I just see how unawareness of esoteric science in the orthodox scientific community is taking us to transhumanistic projections which jeopardize the realization of our real evolutionary possibilities in the world so far invisible to our ordinary eyes, the world where an eye for an eye does not mean the physical eye of the Old Testament but acquiring the psychological eye of the New Testament.  Where the real understanding between people can take place, based on the common understanding that all existing in its endless varieties, including religions originate from One source and is subdued to the exact Universal Laws.
2000 years overdue.



I can be very very thick!

I’ve just read this among comments on an article and it stopped my breath:

“Australia get off your ass or allow extradition if not he is gonna die in that f king prison.”
Are you, the world, saying that Julian Assange is in prison because Australia is not allowing my extradition from the Czech Republic to the United States while I live in the bay of pigs tortured by them for the planetary mafia business?
You should have told me that spoon feed.  Of course I am ready to go now! What do I have to do?

The human accumulators

Without certain knowledge, it is highly improbable to fully understand what we humans can come up with when such knowledge is available to us. Like for example the question of energy.  You know that your car needs three basic things to run: petrol/electricity, the battery, and water. A human body is similar, we need water, food and the battery. Esoteric science uses the word accumulator. It is said that there are two small accumulators and one large one. Let’s say that certain departments of scientific research being of singularity breed  come up with an idea, that they could harvest a certain amount of energy from the human machines under some specific conditions…..they experiment with it and observe, that frictions either physical or psychological create a very strong amount of energy and that amount increases when they stimulate the nerves of the solar plexus and reproductive organs, somehow connected with the large accumulator. They observe that even better results are obtained when they isolate the protagonists because then the energy is preserved for harvesting instead of spent in idle communications.
I understood that there is a planetary sex trafficking business via smartphones, we have had it live on for 10 years, but only today I realized that apart from that there is a possibility of literally harvesting energy from the accumulators of millions if not billions of people for human egoistic aims, (leaving out the moon). That certainly is so in my case and many other targetted people.
I do not know in whose hands these matters are but I would strongly suggest some authorities to pay attention to it because it must be creating enormous disturbances in the astral world and karmic laws do not distinguish the empires from vassals.   We are not talking about the ‘usual’ killing of civilians but of violating the most fundamental principles of the Universe. Continue reading “The human accumulators”

Scientists unveil search-and-replace genome editing

Researchers have designed a more precise and versatile genome editing system, named prime editing, that harnesses the power of CRISPR-Cas9 in combination with another protein, reverse transcriptase, to directly edit DNA in human cells.

Source: Scientists unveil search-and-replace genome editing

Gene alterations go well with the ape story but not so well with the Ray of Creation.

Notice | Ramola D | November 2, 2019 This World Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons, endorsed by leading human rights advocates in the United States of America and Europe, has been updated and is being reissued worldwide to put all peoples on notice that the use of Anti-Personnel Non-Lethal Weapons […]

via World Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

AS (Article Spotlight) | Ramola D | Oct 25, 2019 Re-posting with the author’s permission, a group of reports highlighting the crimes of terror and torture–including with anti-personnel Non-Lethal Weapons aka DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) aka spectrum Next Generation Technologies–being committed today in the United States of America against political targets of persecution under cover […]

via Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Ongoing Crimes of Persecution in USA Against Political Targets By FBI, Police, Federal Judges — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

“We know you do not want the war but you will get it anyway”. ‘They’ like to joke.

The bad news is that we are the sleeping puppets who can be manipulated by marionettists.
The good news is that those marionettists themselves are too sleeping puppets of the Matrix.
This is something I have been unprofessionally striving to explain to humanity that unless we actually realize that we are half asleep,   I do not see how we could make peacefully the transition ahead of us.  By now you must all understand that it is not a simple aim because the marionettists have unprecedented power to lead not just our bodies but minds and even subconsciousness as well. The other day on the walk there was a dog ahead of me in the middle of the path and it was lifting one leg after another, just like a puppet. With all dogs lawfully chipped it is easily achieved.  I also noticed on my walks that I walk the places where there is some hidden litter waiting for me, so I must assume that I am mentally manipulated to go there. Journalists find it hard to believe what targeted people report about human psyop experimentation and psychiatric drugs.
When I read that Julian Assange could hardly pronounce his name I recalled the time I was forcefully hospitalized and on psychiatric drugs for two weeks, I could not articulate properly, my tongue and mouth were lightly paralyzed and mind fogged and debilitated. The psychiatrists who are aware of the long term consequences of such treatments cannot prescribe them to any human being, their conscience would haunt them at night, they rather leave the profession as I was a witness of once in Sydney.  But who has such conscience nowadays… I do not know if Mr. Assange is under such treatment, if he is, it will destroy his mind and body and would be a brutal treatment from the US/UK authorities to put a person legally illegally into prison and on the top of it to torture him with psychiatric drugs.
It is obviously a political matter that far exceeds the embarrassing cables:
– the Absolute
-the religious/spiritual origins
-the Matrix
-the sun & moon light
-the ape story & transhumanism & artificial intelligence
-the military psychotronic systems around our planet
–weather control vs ‘climate change’
-the genetics & DNA manipulations
-human experimentation
They are all interconnected, so I cannot expect him to be released by the ‘court’ procedures. It is more serious than anybody can imagine (except TIs who have been warning humanity for decades).
The ‘Zero year’ script is all over the place so perhaps we should start to consider Shikasta not as sci-fi after yesterday’s democratic court procedure. To talk about LOVE in the Heavens is one thing and to destroy the bodies and minds of children which that LOVE created is another one.  Those up there have not learned absolutely anything useful beyond the Matrix in the past 10 years. I totally failed.




A letter to the President of The United States

Dagmar Palmerova

130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic

17.10. 2019

Mr. Donal J. Trump
President of The United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

Mr. President,

Our Most Holy Creator suffers endlessly by the way we conduct our human affairs and every sign signalizes that the warnings we got via scriptures or clairvoyance are not to be ignored.
Your defense departments have access to every information on this planet,  every thought and vibration is knowable to them and so they are aware that the world of so-called mysteries you mentioned in your UN speech is bound by universal objective laws that prevent one from entering its space due to the low level of vibrations.
So at least theoretically there is no reason whatever not to reveal to our world that scientific facts available to humanity do not contradict the ancient knowledge contained in scriptures, on the contrary, the  quantum physics research is amazingly quickly capturing the impact of consciousness on matter and  thus explaining scientifically what all true religions have been telling us for centuries. Mr. President, the global educational system is still deeply rooted in the Dark Ages of gross matter. All current turmoil is an expression of this battle between the old and new, we have at our disposal new technologies for this new world of ‘electricities’ and being totally ignorant of their original sacred purposes due to our ‘ape story’, we turn them against ourselves as our worst enemies like 5G. Our orthodox science even does not know what consciousness is let alone where it comes from. We have not been explained that we are only half-conscious most of the day with very rare exceptions and those exceptions are considered as undesirable, in hands of psychiatrists and psychologists even as delusions and schizophrenia.
The strict compartmenting of scientific research results in many misfortunate outcomes of which human experimentation, control of atmospheric processes and transhumanism have been examples.
I do not know who holds the power to keep the planetary light and heat mystery and our divine origin hidden from the general public, but time has come to reveal it. The fake news environment that distorts the burning planetary issues beyond recognition cannot create anything but angry resistance. Nothing can be solved under such conditions, it breads only negative emotions based on fear and activates the destructive universal force according to Upanishad 1:8. On a scale of 7 billion people, there is every reason to be concerned.
Mr. President your country has a myriad of fine minds who understand that your supposed adversary  Russia has the same access to the mysteries of our planet as the US so they must have come to the conclusion that the military adventures have their exoteric limits and can and will be realistically surpassed by the esoteric approach of the other parties as the external world is only a manifestation of the internal world.   We are all connected on an energetic level, even if you jail all journalists, publishers and whistleblowers, the information is already in the ‘pool of consciousness’. With higher consciousness, democracy certainly will be reality. Maybe not tomorrow but the day will come when we start to contemplate on thoughts of our ancestors:

You are a primary existence.
You are a distinct portion of the essence of God
and contain a certain part of Him in yourself.
Why then are you ignorant of your noble birth?
You carry a God about within you
and know nothing of it.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

A letter to Prime Minister Johnson

Dagmar Palmerova

130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic

17.10. 2019

Mr. Boris Johnson
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister,

I would like to draw your attention to the subject of the tabled motion 2746 condemning the on-going mistreatment and imprisonment of Mr. Julian Assange.
Over the 10 years period of my 24/7 public military surveillance comprising of the total control of the body and mind, everyone on this planet could have come to the conclusion that humanity is facing a new epoch of its existence.  Denying officially the obvious facts only creates totally unnecessary negative emotions among the public, undermines the governments’ authority and naturally evokes mistrust and resistance of the independent media. The political and judicial treatment of Mr. Assange corresponds to the Austro-Hungarian empire/ First World War martial law mentality which is in direct contradiction to psychotronic technologies of the third millennium. We have the means to communicate instantly and we are perfectly capable to comprehend the so far hidden world of subatomic particles of which we are composed, provided we have the right knowledge, true information and are not deprived of sovereignty over our own bodies and minds to exercise free choices. These basic human rights have been increasingly denied to us and the governments and those really responsible ought to understand that humanity has not suffered and fought for its freedom from slavery in order to end up enslaved by its own unconscious artificial creation.
Democracy can be explained in many ways throughout history. Socrates, for instance, was put to death by it, last century we produced two world wars and in our century  the fake news environment is so firmly established that majority of people have no means to distinguish lies from truths; we get the ‘minority oppressed by the tyranny of majority’, without any legal protections of individuals or groups.  Adding together the tyranny of majority and tyranny of a ‘shadow’ state that controls media, politicians and the bodies & minds of the public we have a pretty realistic 1984 characteristic of western democracy in 2019 AD.
The imprisonment of Julian Assange is its classical representation, the more so because if anybody I should be the one in prison, not him.
Nevertheless, British judicial independence is guaranteed by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 so there is no technical obstacle to reconsidering Mr. Assange’s case, especially when taking into account the UN’s consistently critique position to UK’s no honoring rights obligations in this instance.
Only the political one.
Please pay attention to this situation of planetary significance and act on it accordingly.

Most respectfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

Český telekomunikační úřad chce spustit aukci 5 G frekvencí v listopadu

Neměl by se český národ začít ptát, jestli mají stávající operátoři zajištěné pojištění pro zdravotní náklady, které s 5 G vzrostou řadou úměrnou? Pojišťovny totiž odmítají wi-fi- technologie pojistit. A neměla by vláda na základě tisíců vědeckých studií propočítat, kolik ji tento civilizační pokrok bude stát a jestli si ho vůbec republika může dovolit? Odměny rozhodujícím autoritám jsou v trilionových rozpočtech jistě štědře zajištěny, ale vzít si na svědomí zdraví nejen této, nýbrž i příštích generací se mi zdá velmi riskantní. Naše cenzura je skvělá, společnost snad neví, že západní státy nepovolují ani wi-fi nižších frekvencí na školách, musejí mít kabelový internet. U nás se to považuje za zpátečnický akt znevýhodňující děti v jejich budoucím vývoji.
Kde jsou naši lékaři se svou ostražitostí, jednoho dne budou čelit otázkám typu “měli jste nás varovat, proč jste to neudělali?”

“World at a Crossroads and a System of International Relations for the Future”


via https://www.globalresearch.ca/lavrov-elaborated-russia-vision-emerging-multipolar-world-order/5689957?utm_campaign=magnet&utm_source=article_page&utm_medium=related_articles

India – no “Pearl” land anymore?


(Javier Zarracina/Vox)

Let’s forget for a moment the topics of the graphs, has anyone noticed that the majority of them look similar? They rise up sharply in the last few decades.
This particular one evokes wonder due to India’s uniqueness as being historically considered a “pearls bearer”  for humankind in every possible meaning, and karmic debts are not foreign to her mind and heart as are in the West.

Universal strategy vs planetary strategy


US strategy


Russian strategy


EU strategy


Chinese strategy


–Posted 9/11/2019 September 6, 2019, U.S Federal Judge rules Terrorist Watchlist IS Unconstitutional posted at Newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/us-federal-judge-rules-terrorist-watchlist-unconstitutional-1457771?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true September 7, 2019, NSA whistle-blower Karen Melton-Stewart responds with an article on Fusion Centers, Citizen Spies and the Debasement of the American Character posted at Activist Post: https://www.activistpost.com/2019/09/fusion-centers-citizen-spies-and-the-debasement-of-the-american-character.html Help Inform Judge Trenga — Written Action to Take Karen […]

via NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart Recommends Sending a Letter to Judges to Abolish Fraud Terrorist Watch List and the Associated Organized Stalking, Harassment, and Electronic Torture — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen


–Posted 8/21/2019 Essential and insightful analysis and information on the worldwide spread via organized crime of non-consensual neuro-experimentation using nanotechnology from Professor David Salinas Flores, MD, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, who also details that the medical Nanomafia is especially operating in Latin American countries like Peru. Terrifyingly, […]

via Professor David Salinas Flores, MD |The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

We urgently need to knock down the Darwin’s theory of evolution otherwise the Revelation will be the experience of this current generation.

Victory for the Law? Which law are you talking about, Mr Marr?

That reminds me my last evening in Watsons Bay,  passing the Doyles where the Police were celebrating Australian victory over my little nothing.
10 years later the climate control is still climate change, the herd immunity captured the whole nation, Mr Julian Assange is in prison, I am under the 5 Eyes’ 24/7 mind reading surveillance and subjected to clandestine human experimentation with directed energy weapons, Mr. Richard Dawkins is having good laughs  with his Darwinist evolution business and Cardinal Pell is having a hard time with world’s ignorance and hypocrisy. All according to the  monkey’s descendants’ laws.
Objective laws of the Universe and quantum physics unheard of. Otherwise the verdict would have been different.  To elevate masses in the mass your vibrations must be of very high spiritual order and all your energy participates in it. I had visited several of them led by cardinal.  The court proceedings therefore do not make sense to me with all respect to the victims.


The US Just Launched a Long-Outlawed Missile. Welcome to the Post-INF World


Reading that the  missile flew more than 500 kilometers, I recall Beelzebub saying 100 years ago:
“In fact, in the last etherogram I received about your favorites I was informed among other things that they had already established with one of these machines a ‘record speed’ of 325 miles an hour. “Of course, the only result of such a ‘record’ will be that the already rather meager size of their ill-fated planet will become completely trifling, even to their bob-tailed being-picturings of reality. “Well, may the Lord Creator be with them, my boy!
“Whatever speed they attain with these ‘machines’ of theirs, all the same, as
long as they remain as they are, neither they themselves nor even their thought will ever go beyond their atmosphere.”
Have we changed?

–Ramola D/Posted August 13, 2019 In a stunning display of imperviousness to fact and law, despite all international efforts to publicize and halt unjustified UK regulatory-board (MHRA) actions against biomedical research scientist Lynda Thyer an employee of Immuno Biotech–whose formulations of GcMAF, a naturally-inherent protein in the human body, have ensured the successful treatment of […]

via Extrajudicial Trafficking to Suppress Powerful Natural Cancer Cure: UK GCMAF Cancer Treatment Scientist Lynda Thyer Criminally Arrested, Extradited to France on Draconian European Arrest Warrant — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

“Electroporation/Electrotransfer, allowing DNA to be introduced into the cell.”

Guys I do not understand you. You are developing organic farming, increasingly refuse GMO food yet your vaccines make YOU genetically modified?????????

Highly efficient introduction of foreign genes into mammalian cells.
After the process the gene expression of over 7000 genes can be affected. Its miniaturisation leads to nanotransfection.