EU Copyright Directive – STOP Dystopian articles 11 and 13

I cannot believe Czech Republic is not among the countries opposing to them, do we want to repeat the history of socialism? Already now I have to go to Sputnik and RT to learn what is going on behind the scenes – what a trist joke! Well it looks like the history will wonder, why there were so many dogs and cats in the first two decades of third millennium….

Campaign: Protect Food Safety in Eu

Unless citizens inform themselves and  rise their voices, the quality of the agricultural products will continue to decline. Hardly any seeds sprout nowadays, including the organic ones. Unheard of just few years back. How many people know about the process of desiccation? It is overwhelmingly used  for the convenience of easier harvesting but it literally kills the whole plant and seeds lose their most precious substances our science knows nothing about yet. It cannot be beneficial to the human organism and neither to the insect bio mass, in Germany it declined of more than 75% according to the scientists.