The human accumulators

Without certain knowledge, it is highly improbable to fully understand what we humans can come up with when such knowledge is available to us. Like for example the question of energy.  You know that your car needs three basic things to run: petrol/electricity, the battery, and water. A human body is similar, we need water, food and the battery. Esoteric science uses the word accumulator. It is said that there are two small accumulators and one large one. Let’s say that certain departments of scientific research being of singularity breed  come up with an idea, that they could harvest a certain amount of energy from the human machines under some specific conditions…..they experiment with it and observe, that frictions either physical or psychological create a very strong amount of energy and that amount increases when they stimulate the nerves of the solar plexus and reproductive organs, somehow connected with the large accumulator. They observe that even better results are obtained when they isolate the protagonists because then the energy is preserved for harvesting instead of spent in idle communications.
I understood that there is a planetary sex trafficking business via smartphones, we have had it live on for 10 years, but only today I realized that apart from that there is a possibility of literally harvesting energy from the accumulators of millions if not billions of people for human egoistic aims, (leaving out the moon). That certainly is so in my case and many other targetted people.
I do not know in whose hands these matters are but I would strongly suggest some authorities to pay attention to it because it must be creating enormous disturbances in the astral world and karmic laws do not distinguish the empires from vassals.   We are not talking about the ‘usual’ killing of civilians but of violating the most fundamental principles of the Universe. Continue reading “The human accumulators”