A letter to President of the Isu re Dew

figureskating dew w14.1.2019

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Mr. Jan Dijkema

President of the ISU

Avenue Juste-Olivier 17

1006 Lausanne


Re: Use of directed energy weapons in figure skating championships

Dear Mr. President,

The upcoming season of 2019 European and World Figure Skating Championships evokes last year’s memories from PyeongChang and Milan. In both events there were remotely operated directed energy weapons used against the figure skaters, which in a fraction of a second can create imbalance in the body, sufficient enough to cause a fall.  It is totally unnoticeable to the audiences, but the skaters themselves know that something was not correct, only do not understand how that could  happen and their coaches  perhaps know, but probably chose not to say anything.  Apart from affecting the body physically they can target the psychological or emotional  state of a competitor.  We are talking about very serious crimes against humanity, which have been happening to the degree of torture for decades, secretly performed on activists, adversaries to the global defence departments and even on selected unsuspecting public. But now it seems to be spreading into all areas of social, cultural and sport activities where global mafia is allowed to stir public emotions and exploit people’s incognisance for entertainment and  financial or political purposes. There have been hundreds of petitions sent to the heads of the states, to the militaries, to Pentagon, to Nato, to EU, asking to stop using directed energy weapons:  utter silence has followed on all sides.

I know this because I have been such a target myself for many years and as a life long admirer of figure skating I perceive many things  which can be overlooked.

I was literally horrified after Milan; to sustain the top level performance one has to devote himself totally to such aim from the beginning of  his childhood and suddenly certain illegitimate  power decides to destroy all, without risking to be exposed as happens in cases of taking drugs.  This is a global issue you cannot solve but there might be some way to protect the sport events by shielding the competitors from the electromagnetic, sonic, microwave and other radiation. I strongly recommend that you- as the organizers-  address this danger to the defence departments of Belorussia and Japan and perhaps to their  technical scientific centres, who have access to the newest scientific gadgets. Please understand that the level of our technology is presently such that the ice skater can be attacked not just from a satellite but even from a smart phone by anybody anywhere at a sport stadium and if that happened successfully before, there is no reason not repeat it again.  Were I a parent, I would wholeheartedly discourage my child from sacrificing his/her life for top sports under such circumstances.

We have entered into an era of human history where (for us new) universal laws are in operation and until we recognize and respect them, our future is not something to look forward to.

The International Skating Union belongs among the oldest sport federations on our planet, please try to  protect the sport from such irresponsibly applied technologies.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

Copies sent to:

Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Belarusian Union of Skaters

Japan Skating Federation

The Belarusia Ambassador to Prague

The China Ambassador to Prague

The Japanese Ambassador to Prague

The Russian Ambassador to Prague

The US Ambassador to Prague

“We are energy inside the physical body”

That was recorded 5 years ago, in the mean time she passed away due to ever clandestine dew, vaccinations have still been compulsory in majority of the world and people in general still have no idea despite the alternative media’s rage, 5G is just about to wrap the whole planet into the radiation field suppressing reproduction cycles of all living irreversibly according to the animal studies (unless we all get yellow vests and say unisono NO which we will not), we still chew the Climate change CO2 bone and the orthodox science is hooked on virtual trips of ai, so really only the top military and b/w magicians know…and they keep silent…and we seem to connect dots in so many different ways that we lose the horizon….

U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences


Source: U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences

Following the sources of the article I wanted to know, how many submarines we are actually talking about:  4 fully operational,  (dispute if all 4 actually  active) and signs of another 4 in construction to achieve the plan of 8. Who else can afford more submarines and who can afford a submarine at all? Besides everything existing, not just organic but inorganic as well  is detectable by sonic technologies and other directed energy facilities. So do we really have to genetically pollute  the planet’s oceans  basically with some form of  Morgellons? Should not those  on the social credits be scientists and the military first of all? Their thinking processes are quite revelational to the aims they have in their minds.

Ai has already been weaponized



The killer robots- the most savage, barbaric, primitive repugnant idea from obviously subhuman, unconscious mind. To pass killing of humans into the hands of machines degrades us far below the level of machines, us, the original hope of our common CREATOR. What a cosmic disgrace.

ause there are far more attractive things to do.



Science against EMR to be supported by the public

Two lists  of scientists against the Electromagnetic Radiation. The first one was initially submitted on May 11, 2015  to

His Excellency Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations;
Honorable Dr.Tedros Adhonom, Director-General of the World Health Organization;
Honorable Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the U.N. Environmental Programme;
U.N. Member Nations          


The second one is International appeal STOP 5G on Earth and in Space addressed to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, EU, Council of Europe and Governments of all Nations. It can be supported and signed  by the public:  


via https://www.activistpost.com/2018/11/5g-epidemic-to-hit-sacramento-also-los-angeles-houston-indianapolis.html

Hypersonics – the ‘latest’ toy for the public


When I read the word “adversaries” I really wonder. In the 21 century are Europeans, Chinese and Russians adversaries? The whole planet as a matter of fact? Or do we have to accept that certain part of humanity needs to fight at any cost to the ecology and habitats of the planet regardless of what the rest of us, 7 billion people, think?

With the hypersonics we are talking about thousands of km/h, if we survive to the next fashion of megahypermagnetics we will still be caught up in the MATRIX. Humanity never learns.

“Whatever speed they may attain with this machine of theirs all the same. If they remain as they are not only they themselves but even their thought will never go any further than their atmosphere”

BT II book p.301 1950







International Appeal and Petition STOP 5G ON EARTH AND IN THE SPACE This needs a planetary response


The Petition:


I read the petition and had tears in my eyes.  If we are moved by somebody wanting to save whales and we get million signatures in a few days, this is a petition created by scientists who want to save not just whales but the whole life on Earth.  The industry has trillions of dollars on hand to push the project through on federal levels.  THIS NEEDS A PLANETARY RESPONSE ON A MASSIVE SCALE.


Psychotronic weapon and crime

Printout of the English text of the interview – https://1drv.ms/w/s!AiyVZbRRuwZmgQSs13R4XadJxgsD

Презентация Ворошилова С.Я., представленная в интервью Галины Лозовицкой – https://1drv.ms/p/s!AiyVZbRRuwZmdTT9t-Jxv-jtIGA
В ВК опубликовано по ссылке: https://vk.com/video358048210_456239105

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Great Barrier Reef

The outer Great Barrier Reef was a  wonderland on Earth for me so I take its dying personally. Last week I found a coral reef in the northern Red Sea, untouched by the rising temperature, so it alerted me to think about the intelligence of Nature, providing all its biological systems with mechanisms to adapt to the fluctuating temperatures. Why are some regions of corals affected and others not?  Global military technologies?

Today I watched the video Murder by Emoji – The Digital Killing Fields and the experiment with the lizard made me look at the military  bases in Queensland.

There are two of them, right next to the Great Barrier Reef:

Hmas in Cairns – Royal Australian Navy base  (all an activity off North Eastern Au            Raaf Base in Townsville- Royal Australian Air Force

Associative thinking.


Fish swim past a reef in the Red Sea in Dahabkk

Image result for map of queensland australia




Letter to the warmachine

Oct 20, 2018, 10:22 PM (4 days ago)
to letterstothewarmachine@gmail.com

Why I oppose the war machine

My letter to the Pentagon

We have been killing each other for millennia but at least we were facing each other when doing that. Now we use our intelligence and psychotronic science to perform the killing tasks secretly, cowardly, using even the planet itself as a weapon so no human law can catch us. There are exceptions–in those cases we chop the bodies into pieces on cameras at the embassies to send the clear message to the whole planet  as a warning– “L’état c’est moi”. Kali yuga mentality.

But the planet moved out of Kali into Dwapara Yuga stage. The stage where humans understand the principle of 5 electricities of which the physical world is composed and will be heading to the next stage of understanding the divine magnetism…

Reciprocal destruction creates the lowest vibrations on our planet and prevents humans from reaching the higher realms of high speed vibrations. What is so difficult to understand? Pure physics.  Even our ancestors knew about it – “ Inter arma silent musae”. War machine is obviously an unconscious, emotional cripple. Do we need you as leaders of this once beautiful planet?


Video: US Nuclear Missiles Deployed in Italy, … against Russia

Source: Video: US Nuclear Missiles Deployed in Italy, … against Russia



What they are basically saying is- forget about the environment, we are in a star war game for which we need to have the atmosphere conductive. Get along with it or we will vaporise you.

The Global Empire’s new clothes alias Climate Change.

Good thing is that there are Government owned scientific  documents clearly stating the existence of Directed Energy Weapons Systems  on a global scale, whose operations are dependent on the specific weather conditions. Control of the weather seems to be  an inseparable part of the US/ Nato military conduct .

Bad thing is that nobody reads such documents so directed energy weapons are still considered the products of delusional minds, despite the fact that every smart phone is a directed energy weapon and is used extensively on millions of civilians by other millions of their fellow piggy beings.  Continue reading “The Global Empire’s new clothes alias Climate Change.”

40 years later in ants hives as predicted

There is a question, implied from the teaching of the 4th Way:

We, humanity have certain cosmic duties to fulfill which are not negotiable.

We have to radiate certain required vibrations for Nature and we can do it in two ways, either by killing each other and everything living as we have been doing so far or by meditating.* In other words by quantity of radiations or by their quality. Reflected in the population levels of the planet.

Which one do you prefer?

*The 1931 Manuscript of BT G.I.G




Nanotechnology and the International Law of Weaponry

via Project Camelot

and there have not been officially disclosed  Directed Energy Weapons yet. Better and better.

The point is, even if you create in the next decades  international laws, how will those laws be implemented?  How will I prove that I was shot with somebody’s smart phone? It was incomprehensible to my mind that the democratic, well educated western society would create a lethal weapon in the form of a mobile phone and give it to the world population with permission to torture and kill. Yes, kill, we are not killed only because of the reduced intensity of a signal. Otherwise majority of hunters would not give it a second thought.

Just a simple look at the military research evokes doubts about the state of their minds. The world is in hands of the scientists, who are competing with each other in who has the sickest and the most evil imagination on the planet and you are financing it, although you know they use civilians as their guinea pigs.  Well nanoweapons have a direct access to the whole body without using smart phones, they are in our food, water, in the air we breath and we have no idea how, when and by what/whom they could be activated.

Again, no international protective laws exist to this day.



Human made barrier

main article image

There’s a Detectable Human-Made Barrier Surrounding Earth

We are changing space itself.

5 APR 2018

In 2017, NASA space probes detected a massive, human-made ‘barrier’ surrounding Earth.

And tests have confirmed that it’s actually having an effect on space weather far beyond our planet’s atmosphere.

But the good news is that unlike our influence on the planet itself, that humongous bubble we created out in space is actually working in our favour.

Back in 2012, NASA launched two space probes to work in tandem with each other as they whizzed through Earth’s Van Allen Belts at speeds of around 3,200 km/h (2,000 mph).

Our planet is surrounded by two such radiation belts (and a temporary third one) – the inner belt stretches from around 640 to 9,600 km (400 to 6,000 miles) above Earth’s surface, while the outer belt occupies an altitude of roughly 13,500 to 58,000 km (8,400 to 36,000 miles).

Continue reading “Human made barrier”

They all speak English yet they do not understand each other.

When addressing the Climate Change, do they have in mind the Weather Market, Weather warfare, Military Plasma Experiments, Scalar technologies, the Weaponized Space Fence, Metal/Bio/Chemical ring around the Equator…? If abolishing all that will we still have the Climate Change? The current msm reporting is utterly useless, just fiddling with time before the EVENT arrives. A gross insult to even the lowest level of human intelligence.

How come? An old “wisdom” – you have to cover only small lies, nobody believes the big ones.

Before long, if you don’t agree with official climate change propaganda, you will be banned from YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter

Back in 2006, The Guardian published an article entitled, “A climate of censorship,” in which Brendan O’Neill warned that government officials in the U.K. were comparing climate change deniers to terrorists and arguing that both should be denied media air time. He warned that many such “deniers” wer

Source: Before long, if you don’t agree with official climate change propaganda, you will be banned from YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter

The US & Nato’s marshal law


Mr. Jens Stoltenberg

Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Nato Headquarters

Leopold III Laan 1110     1130 Evere    Bruxelles   Belgium

Dear Secretary General,

I am sending you a copy of the letter to the White House regarding the global defence departments’ activities of such character that it excludes the possibility of Nato members not participating in them, either directly or indirectly.

As we are talking about the unheard of breaching of  the most basic Universal laws, I would like to bring your attention to the motto of Nato – “Animus in consuledno liber” and remind you that free mind in consultation  means free mind in consultation, not mind  attached remotely to the quantum ai computers and punished by targeting the human body’s internal reproductive organs or the brain  anytime its thought does not comply with the thoughts of the  military/intel’s obviously sadistic mind.

I strongly object to the increase of your military budgets under such circumstances as you misuse them in the most irresponsible way for creating  havoc among the nations and even the main stream media are able to trace all terrorist attacks to the Intel history at some point in time. Your technologies allow you to know everything about everybody, you have the  total control over the populations either physical, psychological and unfortunately psychic as well so  I am sorry but  I do not buy your fear based narratives. I cannot  but come to a conclusion that you deliberately plan in advance  and let execute all terrorist attacks for very dubious reasons of keeping the population in fear and thus promoting to prosperity  the military industrial complex across the whole globe. You have been doing it for hundreds of years but the planetary forces have now changed  and your power will be destroyed unless you adjust your behaviour.

I see the trained civilian youth “army” every moment I leave my place, so does every defence department in the world as my 24/7 surveillance is broadcast live. And I am just one of the million other beings who have such “privilege” granted by global intel/military.

Why such criminal comedy? What horrible psychological effects are you implanting into the psyche of the young generation? That they can freely  hunt a human being  with your blessing and generous financial incentives? You are reducing the temple of GOD to a pigsty. One sincere reaction to my objection: “But there is nothing wrong with it, everybody does that!”

It is not  human anymore, we are talking about the materialization of bestiality in human beings, that have to undertake such  fate because your technologies brought its original animal bearers to extinction. You have been suppressing the scientific truths about the planet Earth and origins of humans for one hundred years, how you can justify that is beyond my imagination, but  keeping Mr. Assange and the whistle-blowers out of official public eyes and the truth of speech prohibited by the global marshal law  can hardly end without a major disaster.

You know that the external visible world is just a physical manifestation of the ruling world behind, composed of finer, subtle energies of electricities and magnetism. You will never ever be able to reach those worlds with military power and illegal human experimentation with suffering unless you stop. The occult will be your limit, you sin against the HOLY SPIRIT.

LORD have mercy on you and all of us.

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy of the WH letter attached

.Directed Energy Weapons Sale: $8 billion in 2016 and their existence and use on civilians still denied by governments ???

What I really do not understand is that all these reports confirm what tin foil hats media are literally screaming to the world and the world keeps dismissing  it as conspiracy.  What is wrong with you World? The ecology of the Earth is just about to freak out and you let your politicians covering it up by stupid fights about past elections. As if the political parties had something to do with the global cabal.


 RFID environmental manipulation patent Atmospheric delivery

7645326 – January 12, 2010 – RFID environmental manipulation

Atmospheric delivery system

United States Patent 9,363,954
Davidson ,   et al. June 14, 2016



The invention relates to an apparatus for transporting and dispersing solid particles into the earth’s stratosphere, comprising a conduit connecting a substantially ground level location to an elevated location, a particle transport means, and a deagglomeration means coupled with a dispersal means, wherein the deagglomeration means and dispersal means are located at an elevated location, and to a method of transporting particles of high refractive index into the stratosphere as well as to an aircraft and to a cloud thus formed. Continue reading ” RFID environmental manipulation patent Atmospheric delivery”