Targeting the Human With Directed Energy Weapons – Perfect Crimes

These articles were written 20 years ago, their truthfulness has been documented for 10 years in live version through my ‘case’, millions of victims have been attacked by hundreds of millions of criminals by these ‘weapons’ for pleasure, filth, mammon, and vendetta yet up to date no official recognition.
This planet is ready to explode soon unless you all wake up.

The Sacred Aspect of the Planetary Atmosphere

“Astrophysicist and science advocate Carl Sagan (1990) led a group of scientists who made a plea for partnership with religion, writing: “Efforts to safeguard and cherish the environment need to be infused with a vision of the sacred. At the same time, a much wider and deeper understanding of science and technology is needed. If we do not understand the problem, it is unlikely we will be able to fix it. Thus, there is a vital role for religion and science.”” (from Playing God)

The pondering if religion belongs in the climate engineering debate brings to my mind independently one branch of esoteric science which warned humanity against the extraction of electricity from the atmosphere more than 120 years ago. I have been repeatedly passing on the extracts of the texts, not with the intention to create panic but rather to bring attention to knowledge which I truly believe needs to circulate. There is a lot of disinformation based on different often contradictory scientific opinions, I do not want to dispute any of them, but to give the information which could find the interface to all of them.  After reading the Heartmath institute’s global research study of the electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere  suggesting their strong impact on the mental wellbeing of humanity and everything living one cannot but ask a question: if our identification with the mind is causing blindness towards the processes of life and death, closely connected with sacred  cosmic substances omnipresent in the atmosphere  of which orthodox science knows nothing (being based on Darwinistic theories), is it not time to reconsider the validity of such theories in the light of new knowledge, available to us? From such point of view, our different experiments in the atmosphere seem rather like playing with nuclear bombs without knowing what is nuclear.

“the omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh  (electricity), present in our atmosphere and constantly being replenished, is necessary for the common presence of our planet and is the most important factor for every kind of arising and maintenance of existence, and also that the essence of every “relatively independent” intra-planetary and surplanetary formation, as well as the essence of beings of every brain-system and external coating, (fauna/flora),  depends on this substance, and I even proved that the possibility for three-brained beings (humans) to perfect themselves and ultimately to blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively on this substance. ”

” thanks to the common universal equilibrium, this cosmic substance is concentrated in every system in a strictly corresponding proportion, and is also distributed in strictly determined proportions among the atmospheres of all the planets of the given system Consequently, whenever this universal substance is used up in any part of atmospheric space, either by accident or design, it must without fail be replenished to restore the equilibrium of its proportions in the atmosphere, and this takes place by the flowing in of this substance from other places And this balancing transposition of electricity must be effected not only from one place to another in the atmosphere of each planet, but also from the atmosphere of one planet to that of another, if in this other, for some reason, more than its established norm is used up. ”
“They have named the totality and the separate parts of this substance, sacred for them also, differently at different periods, and at the present time they name the result of the blending and reciprocal destruction of two parts of this omnipresent substance (what does it mean???) ‘electricity. ‘ “And indeed, although several times in earlier epochs they had already discovered—of course, thanks always to an accidental chain of circumstances—various means of extracting from the nature of their planet, and using for their various, as I have called them, ‘naively egoistic aims,’ the separate parts of this omnipresent substance, absolutely necessary for normal cosmic processes, yet never have they destroyed so much of it as in recent times “.

“The destruction of electricity in the presence of our planet and of its atmosphere is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all the labors and results of the Most Sacred First Cause of everything that exists”           BT. G.I.G

Does it sound like something lightweight? The sharp rise of neurological disorders across the planet only confirms its validity. And that does not say anything about the fact that the planets are actually living entities with the same possibility to increase their being as we humans have and such process seems to be connected with the natural slow warming of the planet. The Creator creates the universe out of Love so the apocalyptic scenario of humanity brought to extinction by being fried is as far from the truth as saying that carbon dioxide causes climate change.
At this point, I cannot see any other way than science needs to communicate with religion…

The Master’s lesson

“All creation is governed by law,” Sri Yukteswar concluded. “The ones which manifest in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws. But there are subtler laws ruling the realms of consciousness which can be known only through the inner science of yoga. The hidden spiritual planes also have their natural and lawful principles of operation. It is not the physical scientist but the fully self-realized master who comprehends the true nature of matter. Thus Christ was able to restore the servant’s ear after it had been severed by one of the disciples.” 12-11 

Sri Yukteswar was a peerless interpreter of the scriptures. Many of my happiest memories are centered in his discourses. But his jeweled thoughts were not cast into ashes of heedlessness or stupidity. One restless movement of my body, or my slight lapse into absent-mindedness, sufficed to put an abrupt period to Master’s exposition.
“You are not here.” Master interrupted himself one afternoon with this disclosure. As usual, he was keeping track of my attention with a devastating immediacy.
“Guruji!” My tone was a protest. “I have not stirred; my eyelids have not moved; I can repeat each word you have uttered!”
“Nevertheless you were not fully with me. Your objection forces me to remark that in your mental background you were creating three institutions. One was a sylvan retreat on a plain, another on a hilltop, a third by the ocean.”
Those vaguely formulated thoughts had indeed been present almost subconsciously. I glanced at him apologetically.
“What can I do with such a master, who penetrates my random musings?”
“You have given me that right. The subtle truths I am expounding cannot be grasped without your complete concentration. Unless necessary I do not invade the seclusion of others’ minds. Man has the natural privilege of roaming secretly among his thoughts. The unbidden Lord does not enter there; neither do I venture intrusion.”
“You are ever welcome, Master!”
“Your architectural dreams will materialize later. Now is the time for study!”
excerpts from Autobiography of a Yogi


Notice | Ramola D | November 2, 2019 This World Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons, endorsed by leading human rights advocates in the United States of America and Europe, has been updated and is being reissued worldwide to put all peoples on notice that the use of Anti-Personnel Non-Lethal Weapons […]

via World Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Out of our Western democracies only two states are against the killer robots: Holy See and Austria

So we, the results of the Conscious CREATION  of the Absolute, aimed for specific Holy Cosmic purposes, are creating original  bio/brass copycats of ourselves with enhanced features so that they can kill & eat our bodies. With our reduced IQ we can hardly make sure it will be up to us to decide who will be the “TI”.
China does not mind the cause but is against the effect. I do not know what that means, that they are willing to make them for us but will not use them themselves? If I can believe that, it would mean that the western world is ready to dominate the planet with copycats, probably indistinguishable from us; what will we be doing with them when not used for killing? Where will they stay? Who will be responsible for them karmically as well as socially? I mean these questions should be asked by any government on this planet before you even consider such insane idea.
Country Views on Killer Robots
21 August 2019
The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots monitors the positions of countries on the call to ban fully autonomous weapons.
Who wants to ban killer robots?
Twenty-nine countries are calling for a prohibition on fully autonomous weapons:
Alphabetical order Continue reading “Out of our Western democracies only two states are against the killer robots: Holy See and Austria”

Military Roulette with the Solar System

Directed Energy Weapons – from Indian perspective 20 years ago.

This article is almost 20 years old but it gives a shortcut to what is happening above our heads and the amount of electricity such “games” consume. No wonder that humanity’s mental capacities have been steadily reduced over the last two decades considering the fact  that electricity is a sacred substance of our atmosphere, participating in creation and maintenance of all species. Is there anyone sane and woken up to the extend to  be able to grasp the essence of such knowledge among the highest planetary ranks? If yes, why  the state of international affairs does not reflect that?

What puzzles me at this stage – India is a cradle of ancient knowledge of electricities as the Holy Science of Sri Jukteswar presented to us Westerners.  Dwapara yuga  science in hands of the military with obviously Kali yuga mind is a recipe for a planetary disaster so why do not Indians mobilize their Wise and learn, how to stop us, mad Westerners instead of being afraid of our evidently insane misuse of science? There is spiritual knowledge high enough to crack down even the most powerful military psychotronic system of the planet. Seek it, please.

Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons and the National Defense Strategy

Dear strategists, please could you wake up to what you are actually saying?

“What is war?”

“The mass hysteria which takes possession of people at times of war and revolution is the cause and not the consequence of the political event. The mass hysteria itself is a reaction of mankind to an influence which does not arise in human life.”

“It is the result of planetary influences. Somewhere up there, two or three planets have approached too near to each other, tension results. With them it lasts, perhaps second or two. But here, on the earth, people begin to slaughter each other and they go on slaughtering, maybe for several years. It seems to them at the time that they hate one other,  or perhaps that they have to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose, or that the have to defend somebody or something and then it is a very noble thing to do. They fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game.

Talks on B. Tales J.G.Bennett

The military and weather and climate intervention

86 million barrels/year 2016 for operational purposes means over 4 trillion dollars. If we add the cost/hour of hiring the military airplanes for the global coverage, a half of the approximate number of unregistered global flights, salaries of all pilots, insurances, the wages of the craft personnel, you will get an astronomical cost for something Nature was doing for free, with far less extreems and without polluting the planet, its atmosphere and habitat.

Globally:  A primer on weather and climate intervention for economists: 

To refresh the history- the UN opened The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques for signature in May 1977..the UN made it clear that
intending to harm others through deliberate manipulation of the environmental processes by any state was an
unacceptable and inappropriate use of these emerging technologies.

That was 40 years ago.

Climatic Science in the hands of humans

Last year I wrote few words about the military background of our famous climate change

It is a complicated and confusing issue for anybody, who wants to actually understand, what is really going on, yet the quickest and most sensible thing would be to turn one’s eyes up the sky and make one’s own observations. Unfortunately, it is still not the case, despite clearly visible geoengineering air activities across the whole globe.

We live in the scientific age and no one will dispute its validity, but there is a science which is based on the objective laws of the universe and science which is subjective and discovers the objective laws accidentally.

Climate change science is an example of the latter,  half of the scientists insist there is a change, the other half denies it, that itself excludes objectivity. ‘How can that be?’ should be the most basic question to be asked by all media and the public.

There is an available approach to look at it  from the opposite side of  the Ray of Creation (excerpt from Ouspensky ISOM):

climate change warming In Search of the Miraculous cut1

“The ‘ray of creation’ seems at the first glance to be a very elementary plan of the universe, but actually, as one studies it further, it becomes clear that with the help of this simple plan it is possible to bring into accord, and to make into a single whole, a multitude of various and conflicting philosophical as well as religious and scientific views of the world. The idea of the ray of creation belongs to ancient knowledge and many of the naive geocentric systems of the universe known to us are actually either incompetent expositions of the idea of the ray of creation or distortions of this idea due to literal understanding.

“It must be observed that the idea of the ray of creation and its growth from the Absolute contradicts some of the modem views, although not really scientific views. Take, for instance, the stage—sun, earth, moon. According to the usual understanding the moon is a cold, dead celestial body which was once like the earth, that is to say, it possessed internal heat and at a still earlier period was a molten mass like the sun. The earth, according to the usual views, was once like the sun, and is also gradually cooling down and, sooner or later, will become a frozen mass like the moon. It is usually supposed that the sun is also cooling down and that it will become, in time, similar to the earth and later on, to the moon.

“First of all, of course, it must be remarked that this view cannot be called ‘scientific’ in the strict sense of the term, because in science, that is, in astronomy, or rather, in astrophysics, there are many different and contradictory hypotheses and theories on the subject, none of which has any serious foundation. But this view is the one most widely spread and one which has become the view of the average man of modem times in regard to the world in which we live.

“The idea of the ray of creation and its growth from the Absolute contradicts these general views of our day.

“According to this idea the moon is still an unborn planet, one that is, so to speak, being born. It is becoming warm gradually and in time (given a favorable development of the ray of creation) it will become like the earth and have a satellite of its own, a new moon. A new link will have been added to the ray of creation. The earth, too, is not getting colder, it is getting warmer, and may in time become like the sun. We observe such a process for instance in the system of Jupiter, which is a sun for its satellites.

“Summing up all that has been said before about the ray of creation, from world 1 down to world 96, it must be added that the figures by which worlds are designated indicate the number of forces, or orders of laws, which govern the worlds in question. In the Absolute there is only one force and only one law—the single and independent will of the Absolute. In the next world there are three forces or three orders of laws. In the next there are six orders of laws; in the following one, twelve; and so on. In our world, that is, the earth, forty-eight orders of laws are operating to which we are subject and by which our whole life is governed. If we lived on the moon we should be subject to ninety-six orders of laws, that is, our life and activity would be still more mechanical and we should not have the possibilities of escape from mechanicalness that we now have.                                                                                                     

If I take this esoteric knowledge as another valid hypothesis, it would mean that warming of our planet is actually destined in the long run and not something to be stopped at the expense of the whole planet. Our Creator is not a sadist who would design the Universe in order to fry all his creatures in it and it is understood that humanity will have developed higher being bodies for such transformation. But we have not yet officially admitted that there is a Creator, which is quite remarkable considering the fact that scientists broke the genome of species and make our replicas, so that will not be accepted. Yet it could reconcile both camps at least on something, that there is a possibility of a naturally occurring warming of the earth.

The rest is not really pleasant at all, the superpowers’ own published materials confirm that they artificially manipulate the climatic processes of Nature and not just for the scientific purposes but for the military, political and economic control of the whole planet. There is no doubt about it at all, we are just in a totally insane situation, where the long list of patents supports the published materials yet the official approach to climate change persists. The presidents’ advisors keep using the carbon dioxide narrative and their successors laugh at it. Nothing can be done as is evident since Kyoto. The ecosystem suffers, the species are disappearing, clandestine directed energy technologies are altering not just life on earth but the space around the planet as well, nobody knows what consequences it will bring yet the silence is imperative.

A while ago I was explaining the map of this situation for quick orientation:  being a climate scientist means the sky is a primary subject of his/her investigation and it is literally impossible for him to miss what is happening up there,, but they are not allowed to talk about it publicly unless they are prepared to lose their positions, grants, families and get ostracised by media and society.

One way out of it is to concentrate on climate change topic (observation of weather patterns over a long period of time), by such way they elegantly avoid the weather change where the real problem resides, and by adding  CO2 pollution which certainly exists but does not cause weather change they succeed in misleading equally politicians and the public.

So it works like this:

A – scientists who say there is climate change-

B- scientists who say there is no climate change

A  is divided again into  A1 and A2:

The  A1  group follows government/military guidelines and strictly adheres to the climate change, sea levels, temperatures and the human influence since Adam.  It comes to the conclusion there is climate change caused by greenhouse gases mainly CO2. Their numerous studies about the climate change over long periods of time are granted by private and public institutions and published in prestigious scientific magazines and newspapers. The  A2 group is really concerned about the weather control and does not pretend the change is caused by Co2 which means they do not get any finances for scientific studies. Their voices are the ones we need to hear to know the truth, but they are not invited to the MSM clubs, one has to find them in the alternative media.

The second group B of NO climate change scientists is also divided into two subgroups B1 and B2.  B1 is an advocate of the coal mine industry and also uses only the historical analyses of climate weather patterns, which get published in scientific magazines, no words about the military and satellite technologies involvements, so actually, they support them  B2 are the scientists who refuse to play the game, who know that the moment global military stops its operations, the planetary weather will get back to ‘pre-weather control’ conditions and simply deny climate change, but by doing so they also deny the weather change.

Ironically B1 group is a strong hidden force which could support A2B2 if people were not so mechanical about the CO2 narrative.  The coal mine industry does create a mess but does not jeopardize globally the existence of species as the Military and satellite technologies do. But they might be solely interested  in money.                                                 I am not saying this is an exact picture of reality, but it helps me to quickly orientate myself in this controversial issue that has such an enormous impact on the planetary ecosystem and all countries be it large or small.

To those who have rather relaxed attitude to the catastrophic prognoses due to the fact they had not happened in the past, I would recommend to actively mentate over this picture and read the following articles. Then perhaps you will start to understand the complexity of the so called climate change, CO2 and 1-5 G technologies.



INF Treaty violations

It is a man’s world not to enter, but when the existence of the planet is jeopardized by it, perhaps we should give a thought:

I googled the crucial  missile system, violating the INF treaty and selected Tass:

-The 9M729 cruise missile is a modernized version of the 9M728 that makes part of the Iskander-M tactical missile system. The new missile was developed by the Yekaterinburg-based Novator experimental design bureau.

-The United States claims that the 9M729 missile has a range capability that exceeds the 500 km limit stipulated by the INF Treaty and demands that Russia eliminates all these missiles, threatening to withdraw from the treaty

-Russia has numerously rejected these claims, saying that the new missile does not violate the INF Treaty with its range capability.

-“Only intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) launched from the Kapustin Yar proving ground had ranges greater than 500 kilometers,” chief of the Russian Missile and Artillery Force Lieutenant-General Mikhail Matveyevsky said.

-The United States suspected that 9M729 missiles had allegedly been launched from Kapustin Yar.

-In 2008-2014 a total of 100 missiles of different types were launched from that proving ground. “All surface-to-surface missiles launched there had ranges below the restrictions imposed by the INF Treaty. The launches of strategic missiles were the sole exception. Notifications of all of them were made to the United States under the 1982 treaty,”  said Matveyevsky.

-On January 15, Russia and the US held inter-agency consultations on the INF Treaty in Geneva. Washington again accused Moscow of breaching the arms control agreement. The US threatens to leave the treaty on February 2 unless Russia destroys its 9M729 missile, which allegedly violates the agreement

-Russia told colleagues that during the Zapad-2017 drills on September 18, 2017 this missile was test-launched at the Kapustin Yar proving ground at its maximum range and it covered less than 480 km.

So that is a Russian version. The American versions are mainly reduced to constating that Russia has clearly violated the treaty.


As a reader I would expect the proof by stating the dates when 9M729 were launched and overreached 500 km. Until then  how do I know where is the truth?







A letter to President of the Isu re Dew

figureskating dew w14.1.2019

The link not functional so the text is pasted  (not formatted)


Mr. Jan Dijkema

President of the ISU

Avenue Juste-Olivier 17

1006 Lausanne


Re: Use of directed energy weapons in figure skating championships

Dear Mr. President,

The upcoming season of 2019 European and World Figure Skating Championships evokes last year’s memories from PyeongChang and Milan. In both events there were remotely operated directed energy weapons used against the figure skaters, which in a fraction of a second can create imbalance in the body, sufficient enough to cause a fall.  It is totally unnoticeable to the audiences, but the skaters themselves know that something was not correct, only do not understand how that could  happen and their coaches  perhaps know, but probably chose not to say anything.  Apart from affecting the body physically they can target the psychological or emotional  state of a competitor.  We are talking about very serious crimes against humanity, which have been happening to the degree of torture for decades, secretly performed on activists, adversaries to the global defence departments and even on selected unsuspecting public. But now it seems to be spreading into all areas of social, cultural and sport activities where global mafia is allowed to stir public emotions and exploit people’s incognisance for entertainment and  financial or political purposes. There have been hundreds of petitions sent to the heads of the states, to the militaries, to Pentagon, to Nato, to EU, asking to stop using directed energy weapons:  utter silence has followed on all sides.

I know this because I have been such a target myself for many years and as a life long admirer of figure skating I perceive many things  which can be overlooked.

I was literally horrified after Milan; to sustain the top level performance one has to devote himself totally to such aim from the beginning of  his childhood and suddenly certain illegitimate  power decides to destroy all, without risking to be exposed as happens in cases of taking drugs.  This is a global issue you cannot solve but there might be some way to protect the sport events by shielding the competitors from the electromagnetic, sonic, microwave and other radiation. I strongly recommend that you- as the organizers-  address this danger to the defence departments of Belorussia and Japan and perhaps to their  technical scientific centres, who have access to the newest scientific gadgets. Please understand that the level of our technology is presently such that the ice skater can be attacked not just from a satellite but even from a smart phone by anybody anywhere at a sport stadium and if that happened successfully before, there is no reason not repeat it again.  Were I a parent, I would wholeheartedly discourage my child from sacrificing his/her life for top sports under such circumstances.

We have entered into an era of human history where (for us new) universal laws are in operation and until we recognize and respect them, our future is not something to look forward to.

The International Skating Union belongs among the oldest sport federations on our planet, please try to  protect the sport from such irresponsibly applied technologies.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

Copies sent to:

Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Belarusian Union of Skaters

Japan Skating Federation

The Belarusia Ambassador to Prague

The China Ambassador to Prague

The Japanese Ambassador to Prague

The Russian Ambassador to Prague

The US Ambassador to Prague

“We are energy inside the physical body”

That was recorded 5 years ago, in the mean time she passed away due to ever clandestine dew, vaccinations have still been compulsory in majority of the world and people in general still have no idea despite the alternative media’s rage, 5G is just about to wrap the whole planet into the radiation field suppressing reproduction cycles of all living irreversibly according to the animal studies (unless we all get yellow vests and say unisono NO which we will not), we still chew the Climate change CO2 bone and the orthodox science is hooked on virtual trips of ai, so really only the top military and b/w magicians know…and they keep silent…and we seem to connect dots in so many different ways that we lose the horizon….

U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences

Source: U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences

Following the sources of the article I wanted to know, how many submarines we are actually talking about:  4 fully operational,  (dispute if all 4 actually  active) and signs of another 4 in construction to achieve the plan of 8. Who else can afford more submarines and who can afford a submarine at all? Besides everything existing, not just organic but inorganic as well  is detectable by sonic technologies and other directed energy facilities. So do we really have to genetically pollute  the planet’s oceans  basically with some form of  Morgellons? Should not those  on the social credits be scientists and the military first of all? Their thinking processes are quite revelational to the aims they have in their minds.

Ai has already been weaponized

The killer robots- the most savage, barbaric, primitive repugnant idea from obviously subhuman, unconscious mind. To pass killing of humans into the hands of machines degrades us far below the level of machines, us, the original hope of our common CREATOR. What a cosmic disgrace.

ause there are far more attractive things to do.



Science against EMR to be supported by the public

Two lists  of scientists against the Electromagnetic Radiation. The first one was initially submitted on May 11, 2015  to

His Excellency Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations;
Honorable Dr.Tedros Adhonom, Director-General of the World Health Organization;
Honorable Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the U.N. Environmental Programme;
U.N. Member Nations  

The second one is International appeal STOP 5G on Earth and in Space addressed to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, EU, Council of Europe and Governments of all Nations. It can be supported and signed  by the public:     


Hypersonics – the ‘latest’ toy for the public

When I read the word “adversaries” I really wonder. In the 21 century are Europeans, Chinese and Russians adversaries? The whole planet as a matter of fact? Or do we have to accept that certain part of humanity needs to fight at any cost to the ecology and habitats of the planet regardless of what the rest of us, 7 billion people, think?

With the hypersonics we are talking about thousands of km/h, if we survive to the next fashion of megahypermagnetics we will still be caught up in the MATRIX. Humanity never learns.

“Whatever speed they may attain with this machine of theirs all the same. If they remain as they are not only they themselves but even their thought will never go any further than their atmosphere”

BT II book p.301 1950







International Appeal and Petition STOP 5G ON EARTH AND IN THE SPACE This needs a planetary response

The Petition:

I read the petition and had tears in my eyes.  If we are moved by somebody wanting to save whales and we get million signatures in a few days, this is a petition created by scientists who want to save not just whales but the whole life on Earth.  The industry has trillions of dollars on hand to push the project through on federal levels.  THIS NEEDS A PLANETARY RESPONSE ON A MASSIVE SCALE.