Here’s why Human Rights Watch deliberately only scratched the surface in exploring Ukraine’s use of banned ‘petal’ mines

GOD does not get angry but HE is just.
We have the planetary drama that needs to be solved, we obviously need HIM to help us with this mess but first, we need to learn HIS language. And HIS language is saying to us that the effects of the causes must return to the causes. So here we are, in Ukraine, where banned petal mines Pfm-1 have been deployed, on both sides, if I understand correctly?
Wikipedia says that they are of Soviet/Russian production and according to the US military source, were created after reverse-engineering Blu 43 – the so-called Dragontooth mines, used by the US in Vietnam.
So do we still produce them or not? Or is it just that old, out-of-date stock that everyone wants to get rid of because the new directed energy butterflies are far more attractive, invisible in their effects and people who use them have fun and pleasure from the immense suffering they evoke in their living targets? In 2021 Ukraine had 3.3 million Pfm-1 and a year before refused to destroy any.
Guys all of you on all sides, grow up or fly to the moon that is under 96 laws, you can play there, you will be welcome.

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