Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia

There seems to be concern about gene editing experiments with substances, genetically altering people in a selective way based on their ethnic background: 


“Russia was worried about the U.S. military commissioning the collection of genetic materials of people from various regions of Russia, including the North Caucasus, and was unsure of the project’s purpose.”

Russian general says it’s part of a network of U.S. labs near Russia and China, but the Pentagon strongly rejects the claim.

Source: Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia

Genom Editing for Biological Warfare

I was reading this old article and thought that such ‘nuclear’ type of science  was taking us close to our Atlantis ancestors even without the warfare intentions. Out of sheer ignorance. If we did not have available knowledge on hand to guide us  it would be very tristfull but we have it.  The certain governments’ departments have access to it. I consider it highly irresponsible that the planetary affairs are not managed with intelligence, highly needed in this transitional period, so vital for the future of mankind. This game is not about finances and spying at all, it is about the human soul and its original destiny.