60 GHz Bioweapon?


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Joe E. Ante

I do not know if the above statements would pass the peer reviews, but I personally experienced such a state when one breaths yet at the same time suffocates for the lack of oxygen. It happened in November/December in 2010 after my return from Sydney to Prague, I was the only one affected in the family, sitting at the open window, hoping that fresh air would help. It did not and I was urged to visit a psychiatrist by all around me. At the same time, external pressure on my skull appeared while the inside of the brain felt as if being fried and the rest of the body was shivering. I am very sensitive to the cell-tower radiation when using a mobile so I knew I must have been exposed to similar technologies.
That was the beginning of a long investigation about the use of directed energy weapons not just on civilians but also on the planet and its atmosphere.


European Vision for the 6G

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