Damaging Alex Jones texts mistakenly sent to Sandy Hook family’s lawyers


When I thought that 9/11 was most likely a hoax and said it to my teacher, he replied something like: you are probably right but if you told anyone, they would think you are completely mad.
I also thought that it was none of my business but that of America.
All available video recordings under the light of investigators strongly suggest that Sandy Hook or Christchurch are the hoaxes as well. How come the police are not able to explain to the courts and to the public the video evidence? How come Mr. Jones has been sued for reporting the hoax? Is it because he also reports the issues of global importance like directed energies, weather control, and inoculations?
If the society of the 21st century demands all details of the life of every bag of potatoes and has the means to obtain it, why does it not demand the satellite details of Sandy Hook?
And why am I not allowed to answer the questions the world still has after 13 years of days of my life so that we can move on to deal with the hot topics of biblical proportions?

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