There are few who can tolerate GOD’s presence

“For most people it is better for HIM to be absent…..” Signs of the Unseen The discourses of Rumi

“GOD is aware of HIS friends’ hearts. Among them are some who are not capable of bearing cognizance of HIM at all, so HE employs them in pious acts” Sulami, Tabaqat p.71

“…it is obvious that trembling and the urge to search are necessary to seek out GOD. Anyone who does not have this trembling should serve those who do tremble. Fruit grows, not on untrembling tree trunks, but on trembling branches. Nonetheless, the trunk gives strength to the branches and secures itself by means of the fruit against harm from the axe. Since a trembling tree trunk will wind up against the axe, it is better for it not to tremble. It is the proper job of the trunk to remain stable and serve those who do tremble.
“Adding to perfection is a detraction…..GOD encompasses everything. Any addition you make to HIM is a detraction. One is in all numbers. Without it no number is possible.”
(In medieval reckoning “one” was not a number but a symbol of unity. The first “number” was two.)”
Signs of the Unseen, Rumi, Discourse 61

It would be quite beneficial for the transhumanists to read the books from different shelves…..

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