“I Say Unto You”

“If you go to the Himalayas and after living few days in the Himalayan freshness you come back to the plain, then you feel dusty, how ugly, how heavy the vibe is. Now you have comparison…………
…only a meditator knows that the world is ill, only a meditator feels that everything is wrong here. And when a meditator moves amidst you, naturally he feels much more dust collecting on himself than you can feel, because you have lost all sensitivity.
You have forgotten you are a mirror! You know that you are just a dust collector. Only a meditator knows that he is a mirror.
So Jesus goes again and again to the mountains.
Jesus went…..
unto the mountains
…..went to the Mount of Olives
And early in the morning, he came again into the temple
and all people came unto him
and he sat down and taught them

Only when you have been to the mountains – and that does not mean that you really have to go to the mountains. It is not an outer phenomenon. The mount is within you. If you can be alone, if you can forget the whole world for a few seconds, you will regain your freshness. And only then can you go to the temple, because only then you are the temple. And only then will your presence in the temple be a real presence; and there will be a harmony between you and the temple. Remember, unless you bring your temple to the temple, there is no temple. If you simply go to the temple, and don’t bring your temple there within you, it is just a house.
When Jesus goes into a house, it becomes a temple. When you go into a temple, it becomes a house.
Because we carry our own temples inside. Wherever Jesus goes it becomes a temple, his presence creates that sacred quality. And only when you bring the temple and the freshness of the mountains, and the virginity of the mountain, only then can you teach. You can teach only then when you have it.
from volume two page 20-23 I say unto you Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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