The Way

Our planet, which is the mother of all of us, clearly indicates that our current way of life and the system of values ​​we profess is unsustainable because it contradicts the objective laws of the Universe, under which, like the whole universe, we fall. Even with the naked eye, it is possible to observe air pollution by geoengineering operations, which together with military psychtronic systems are used to control the weather on a global scale and interfere with the planet’s natural electromagnetic field, with which all nature, including man, is harmoniously connected. The moment we change it, we disrupt the wellbeing of all living things without realizing the real causes. A detailed study of esoteric sources of the Fourth Way shows that electricity as one of the three sacred substances contained in the atmosphere participates in the endless processes of origin, maintenance and cessation of life on Earth, and the violation of its even distribution throughout the atmosphere nota bene its depletion directly influences psyche of all external forms of life, including man. In such a situation, humanity ceases to fulfill its functions for which it was created and degenerative tendencies occur, both physical and intellecual and mental. With almost 8 billion people choosing the path of life and intelligence in a digital and mechanized way, completely dependent on this sacred substance, maintaining a strictly measured amount of electricity is the main principle that humanity must obey so that it does not have to be lawfully rebalanced not only between continents, but also between the planets of the entire solar system, with which we are interconnected. Let the continent of Atlantis be our point of reference.

Another pitfall is atheistic science, which has already reached the border of the visible and invisible world, still in complete ignorance of the purpose of life on Earth and the true function of man, and the result of its research is the most destructive and enslaving weapons system of directed energies that attack remotely and invisibly man in the most sensitive parts of his body and mind, reserved only for him and his Creator. A quote “one has nowhere to lay one’s head” comes across one’s mind.

The field of genetic biology has become a direct threat to all species, because the decipherment of the genomes of all physiological forms of existence has become the impetus for headless experimentation with them, without knowledge of the laws of the world of electricity and divine magnetism that determine them. The key to the symbol of Noah’s Ark.

The secularization of science as a result of Darwin’s never-confirmed theory of natural evolution affects scientifically, politically, socially, and culturally virtually the entire planet, including countries of the East that are traditionally spiritually oriented, such as India.

Under these conditions, it is completely unpredictable what scientists around the planet will discover and with what form of new destruction they can come up with.

Think tanks, dealing with futuristic perspectives, solve the situation by gradually digitalizing the bodies of humanity of the entire planet, through which it can be totally controlled, as is clear from my case. The social credit, introduced in China, is already functional, the Western world is psychologically preparing for it, so far conditionally in case of sudden necessity.

The problem of electricity & resources some think tanks summed up in the equation 15% depopulation = 10 years 50% of GDP.

However, nowhere is mentioned man’s connection with ABSOLUTE, nor is the Fourth Industrial Revolution opposed by the Fourth Way, which clearly states that the number of humanities on the planet is not random at all, but is controlled by Nature, which is responsible for transforming energies for specific cosmic purposes. Man, as the only creature on this planet, has the privilege of creating vibrations either in a quantitative way just like the rest of nature, or in a qualitative way, given the way of life he leads.
The first – quantitative way – leads to an increase in the planet’s populations, degradation of vibrations from their radiation and shortening of life.
The second – qualitative way – leads to a decrease in the population, to an increase in vibrations from its radiation and to prolong life. The population graph is a good indicator of either way.

It would be very appropriate for planetary eugenics and think tanks to know about this esoteric information. It would then be easier to apply essential knowledge to the life of the entire planet, to introduce to humanity the self-governing system instead of social credit system in order to make the necessary transition from the war mentality of Dark Ages to the Age of peace and friendship, in which we learn to operate the fundamental forces of the Universe non-destructively and direct our scientific resources to the higher dimensions of the cosmic worlds of electricity & magnetism and their laws. about which we do not yet know enough but they are indicated in the Conscious Scriptures of the East and West. (-LUKE 22:51, Quantum field in Vedas)

But for this it is absolutely necessary that the CREATOR be returned to humanity and that the scientific, rational path of the creation of the world be explained to people.

If humanity remains connected to artificial intelligence and strives to achieve immortality on the line of time without being aware of its connection to ABSOLUTE, we cannot miss the predictions from Revelations.

This information, given in the most basic form, is I think necessary for a more comprehensive view of the current situation and for constructive communication between the various ‘true information & knowledge‘ centers that have to be synchronized for common understanding that will allow to unite the opposite forces into one, powerful enough to solve the planetary problems, overreaching the competences of individual states, no matter how powerful they are.



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