Dagmar Palmerova
130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic

25.9. 2020

The President of The United States
Mr. Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

In the long history of our civilization humanity has never  faced such difficult problems of existential character as us today. No political parties can deal with them efficiently on the current level of scientific information available to the  general public.

 Your highest military ranks know the whole Universe is run by two fundamental laws – the law of seven of time and the law of three of eternity. The point of their intersection  represents our position,  which can evolve upwards or devolve downwards according to our conduct, on a planetary as well as personal level.
Due to the very advanced psychotronic technologies of 5Eyes  I had the opportunity to experience ‘live exercise’ of the separation of my consciousness from the physical body, so I know that it is not created in the body itself  and can exist independently of the physical form, to which it gets attached.  When other direct experiences are taken into account it can be said with absolute certainty that the Universe has been created according to Genesis by our  CREATOR and your top defense departments as well as those of other worldly powers have  scientific proofs of it. Having such knowledge I am hardly concerned by the obsolete espionage laws but I do worry about breaking the 9th commandment –  “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” because that is exactly what your prosecution is doing at the current extradition hearing for Mr. Assange.
Mr. President, he is a publisher and journalist who has no connection with my sins and trespassing of the laws, yet he has been accused of them and punished for them, which grossly disorientates the international scene. It could result in creating an international  judicial precedent over imprisoning press for performing their duty laid down in states’ constitutions. That seems at least ‘not necessary’ at the threshold of a new era in the history of mankind, where we are already discovering the hidden laws of the subatomic world,  whose manifestations we consider to be miracles.
The separation of all indictments your country has against me from Mr. Assange’s case would prevent that. I trust we can withstand ‘the force of circumstances’ knowing there is an objective justice operating throughout the entire Universe.
But regardless of the outcome, humanity certainly should be told by their commanders-in-chief that  the Universe is spiritual. Withholding such information further in times of the fourth industrial revolution will be judged by history as a crime against humanity and its CREATOR.

Yours very truly

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy sent to the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs

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