Opinion poll

Nowadays, it would be good to “zoom-out” and think about whether “we know what we want”?

Do we want illegal, publicly transmitted, remotely controlled slave electronic sex for the purpose of sadistic abuse, personality degradation, energy, and financial gain that demoralizes the entire planet?

Do we want a total loss of freedom through the digitization of our bodies?
Do we want to give scientists and states total dominance over our minds, bodies, and thus our lives through invisible, remotely controlled radiation?
Do we want to go to the end of the technocratic street of transhumanism, which is blind?
Do we want to introduce 5G despite thousands of scientific and medical studies warning humanity of its devastating effects on all living organisms?
Do we want to have our genetic codes altered by synthetic DNA / RNA or redesign them by crossing other species without thinking about Noah’s ark?
Do we want to be synchronized with Quantum AI or with the resonance of the whole universe?
Do we want to become immortal even after achieving everything we wanted?
If so, why do we invest in science on the horizontal line of Makropulos – time, and not on the vertical line of infinity?

How can we become immortal on the vertical line of infinity?
Who are we and why do we exist?
Why can’t we officially know that planets are stars and that life on them does not arise according to natural evolution when we all already know that?
Why can’t we scientifically prove that all religions talk about the same thing in different ways?
Why can’t we understand, even after millennia, that wars and murders are not in the plan of the Universe, that it is just a remnant of a very primitive feature of the civilization of our planet, which can be disposed of by the trinary, not binary, leadership of humanity?
Why do we not know that the population of our planet is not random, but inversely proportional to the qualitative way of life we ​​lead, in other words, as it declines, nature must compensate for it with increasing population and vice versa? (The historically extreme stature conspicuously corresponds to the time when we realized that we were not created, but evolved naturally by selection.)

Do we want publishers and journalists who have the courage to inform humanity about these topics to be imprisoned?

Who will be responsible for the historical exposure of the population of the planet to 5G and the mandatory vaccination ID due to a false pandemic?

Questions for everyone on our planet, regardless of race, religion, social systems, and geography, but especially for those who invest in and manage our future.

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