As below so above

Mr Pompeo,

One of the fundamental objective laws of the Universe says As Above So Below. But because our planet is in a state of Arch preposterous it is run according to its opposite- as below, so above and that violates the Objective Universal Law. The planet’s testimony is the most screaming testimony that your defense departments have ever received regarding the superpower’s violation of the most basic human rights. I do not know when it started but its visible signature is at the entrance of the headquarters
of cia. I said many times that whoever ordered embedding of the most secret symbol of the entire universe into the floor he was an Icarus’ cousin, missing the soul matter for the sole matter. That is probably the most grievous manifestation of the Law of 7, the Law of Octaves. What started with your enlightened Constitution created according to  As Above so Below ended up in its total opposite. So if you want to get this right, you need to reverse it first and learn how to lead the historical octaves to their evolutions, not devolutions. You have all means to do that. Their choice determines the results.
Then do your live exercise. It might even occur to you that you would get far worthier results if you told the involuntary participants that silencing their noisy personalities lowers the expenditure of their life energy and gives space to their essences to develop.
But right at the moment, it seems it is done for coldblooded calculating of how much more energy and what kind can be harvested from us and how to introduce id2020 to humanity via vaccination against the corona.  I wish I were wrong and you were indeed getting “this” right.

Your sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

“This is not about retribution,” “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.”

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