The old patterns


I am Dagmar Palmerova. I have been trying for 10 years to explain to the whole world where is the real core of all problems of this planet from the esoteric point of view. But very few people understand it because they have been misled about the word secret. 

I had spent 20 years in a so-called secret society and due to the coronavirus scenario  all of you can see what secrets it represents.  To undertake voluntarily the process of getting to ‘know thy self’ by trying to become conscious of oneself and observe oneself in different circumstances, so that the patterns of one’s own unconscious mechanical behavior can be seen, which is the biggest enemy of everyone’s life.  It is the real  esoteric meaning of the deep state everyone is talking about.
Unless this is understood, the problems of the planetary weather control will hardly  be solved qualitatively.
When we realized that human body is a bunch of energies that can be manipulated with, and directed like weather, out of that very deep state of unconsciousness of ours an idea was born that we can harvest that energy for different egoistic purposes as my case perfectly demonstrates worldwide. There is an army of citizens of different nationalities and geography who have become unwitting targets for the experimentations with psychotronic technologies. Without their brave testimonies, their research of this field and without collecting the extensive scientific evidence it would not have been possible to reach the current level of awareness of this  world of energies. The science knows enough to be able to misuse it and enslave the whole humanity with it but too little to see and fully understand its role and significance in the Creation of the whole Universe.

My past and my coronavirus  have nothing to do with all those people targeted electronically for military, scientific  economic or other graceful purposes except serving as a detour to bring public awareness to it.
We have in our bodies microchips or other types of  sensors which allow the remote targeting of our bodily organs via smart technologies including the smartphones.
With the rapidly developing biological research the nano-sensors found their way to directly access a human body via the mandatory vaccination system so practically we are just about to digitalize ourselves but that is another branch of our  deep unconscious state’s story..

I do not know how I can get out of the kitchen, my esoteric approach to people is interpreted not according to what I feel and know. We are all energetically connected and everything living is a part of myself, including the beasts and murderers. In that sense we are all brothers and sisters on a different scales of time, evolution and vibrations.
Please take that  into your considerations when judging the current state of planetary affairs so that we do not have to follow all history’s steps of the planet Shikasta.


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