A letter to the President of The United States

Dagmar Palmerova

130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic

17.10. 2019

Mr. Donal J. Trump
President of The United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

Mr. President,

Our Most Holy Creator suffers endlessly by the way we conduct our human affairs and every sign signalizes that the warnings we got via scriptures or clairvoyance are not to be ignored.
Your defense departments have access to every information on this planet,  every thought and vibration is knowable to them and so they are aware that the world of so-called mysteries you mentioned in your UN speech is bound by universal objective laws that prevent one from entering its space due to the low level of vibrations.
So at least theoretically there is no reason whatever not to reveal to our world that scientific facts available to humanity do not contradict the ancient knowledge contained in scriptures, on the contrary, the  quantum physics research is amazingly quickly capturing the impact of consciousness on matter and  thus explaining scientifically what all true religions have been telling us for centuries. Mr. President, the global educational system is still deeply rooted in the Dark Ages of gross matter. All current turmoil is an expression of this battle between the old and new, we have at our disposal new technologies for this new world of ‘electricities’ and being totally ignorant of their original sacred purposes due to our ‘ape story’, we turn them against ourselves as our worst enemies like 5G. Our orthodox science even does not know what consciousness is let alone where it comes from. We have not been explained that we are only half-conscious most of the day with very rare exceptions and those exceptions are considered as undesirable, in hands of psychiatrists and psychologists even as delusions and schizophrenia.
The strict compartmenting of scientific research results in many misfortunate outcomes of which human experimentation, control of atmospheric processes and transhumanism have been examples.
I do not know who holds the power to keep the planetary light and heat mystery and our divine origin hidden from the general public, but time has come to reveal it. The fake news environment that distorts the burning planetary issues beyond recognition cannot create anything but angry resistance. Nothing can be solved under such conditions, it breads only negative emotions based on fear and activates the destructive universal force according to Upanishad 1:8. On a scale of 7 billion people, there is every reason to be concerned.
Mr. President your country has a myriad of fine minds who understand that your supposed adversary  Russia has the same access to the mysteries of our planet as the US so they must have come to the conclusion that the military adventures have their exoteric limits and can and will be realistically surpassed by the esoteric approach of the other parties as the external world is only a manifestation of the internal world.   We are all connected on an energetic level, even if you jail all journalists, publishers and whistleblowers, the information is already in the ‘pool of consciousness’. With higher consciousness, democracy certainly will be reality. Maybe not tomorrow but the day will come when we start to contemplate on thoughts of our ancestors:

You are a primary existence.
You are a distinct portion of the essence of God
and contain a certain part of Him in yourself.
Why then are you ignorant of your noble birth?
You carry a God about within you
and know nothing of it.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

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