A letter to Prime Minister Johnson

Dagmar Palmerova

130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic

17.10. 2019

Mr. Boris Johnson
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister,

I would like to draw your attention to the subject of the tabled motion 2746 condemning the on-going mistreatment and imprisonment of Mr. Julian Assange.
Over the 10 years period of my 24/7 public military surveillance comprising of the total control of the body and mind, everyone on this planet could have come to the conclusion that humanity is facing a new epoch of its existence.  Denying officially the obvious facts only creates totally unnecessary negative emotions among the public, undermines the governments’ authority and naturally evokes mistrust and resistance of the independent media. The political and judicial treatment of Mr. Assange corresponds to the Austro-Hungarian empire/ First World War martial law mentality which is in direct contradiction to psychotronic technologies of the third millennium. We have the means to communicate instantly and we are perfectly capable to comprehend the so far hidden world of subatomic particles of which we are composed, provided we have the right knowledge, true information and are not deprived of sovereignty over our own bodies and minds to exercise free choices. These basic human rights have been increasingly denied to us and the governments and those really responsible ought to understand that humanity has not suffered and fought for its freedom from slavery in order to end up enslaved by its own unconscious artificial creation.
Democracy can be explained in many ways throughout history. Socrates, for instance, was put to death by it, last century we produced two world wars and in our century  the fake news environment is so firmly established that majority of people have no means to distinguish lies from truths; we get the ‘minority oppressed by the tyranny of majority’, without any legal protections of individuals or groups.  Adding together the tyranny of majority and tyranny of a ‘shadow’ state that controls media, politicians and the bodies & minds of the public we have a pretty realistic 1984 characteristic of western democracy in 2019 AD.
The imprisonment of Julian Assange is its classical representation, the more so because if anybody I should be the one in prison, not him.
Nevertheless, British judicial independence is guaranteed by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 so there is no technical obstacle to reconsidering Mr. Assange’s case, especially when taking into account the UN’s consistently critique position to UK’s no honoring rights obligations in this instance.
Only the political one.
Please pay attention to this situation of planetary significance and act on it accordingly.

Most respectfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

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