A question about the sacred national security

for the whole planet:

Let’s say that there is a rising empire, spying on the whole planet and finds out that some groups of highly developed  humans are possessors of  ancient  knowledge, highly surpassing the empire’s scientific achievements and guarded by their superior  ethical standards against its possible misuse. The empire steals it and by further decades long intensive scientific research and human experimentation develops the most powerful technology, capable to direct from the distance invisible energies into the bodies and minds of  all humanity and influence their organs’ functions emotional states.  It  is selectively and covertly used on millions of people across the globe and brings much suffering and hatred to our planet and inspires competition in this field among other states as well.

The conscientious press leaks  it out and is jailed and accused of jeopardizing the empire’s national security under the Dark Ages Espionage act.

What do you think  is more beneficial to you in the third millennium,  the leak or the espionage act of the second millennium?

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